"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Monday 1 August 2005

Lab Rats

Lab Rats


WHO* is responsible for half the misery in the 'third world' – and Big Pharma’s handmaiden– the World Health Organization - is a corporate puppet resonsiblefor much grief on the rest of the third world from the Sun. These pharmaceutical monsters are actually chemical companies in sheep’s clothing, disposing of waste by putting it in humans. Your only defence is to look after your own health.

Don't trust the rich self-professed 'professionals' and take responsibility for your own hopes, fears and thoughts - they are what make health or dis-ease, nothing else. These doctoring dogturd prophets of misery are as bad as the complex militant industrialists’ unclear/nuclear industry - disposing of radioactive waste by putting it in guns and bombs and dusting populations with it.

Just trust them when they say that uNclear power is a ‘green solution’ for stopping their own polluting and greenhouse-creating compounds from filling the atmosphere and biosphere. AND the same money-grubbing swine are responsible for both the chemical companies and their uNclear warfare-oriented ‘power’ offshoot.

By the way - did you know that the current Oz PM's surname means 'keeper of the pigs' – ‘Howard’ = Hog Warden? Power is for control freaks. Money is another way of saying ‘mummy’. How does one drive pigs beneath one’s will?

Through fear, of course. The fear of death that ‘religious’ and ‘political’ leaders tell us we have to feel. Why fear illusion? This is the afterbirth, after all. Jefferson said that those willing to give up their freedom/s for security deserve neither. We all need to realise there's LESS violence now than in almost any time in 'civilised' history. The rest is propaganda based on fear of the other.

Have no fear! The 'other' is the beloved! The Cold War is long gone along with the profits it made for the idle rich idols. That's why all this warmongering is happening - to MAKE MONEY! NOW is the time we need have NO FEAR! NOW is the time we are all free and rich and smart enough to make the world into anything we want - or we can succumb to the fear and separation foisted on us by those who have wasted the world's capital on blood, sweat and tears - 24 trillion on warfare since World War 2, all the profits of doom spilling into the pockets of those whose propaganda we’re bombarded with.

It's time for a change, now, while there's a chance. Let's all live life the way we want to at last, explore possibilities and each other and MAKE A GREAT MILLENNIUM!

* The World Health Organisation
-         R. Ayana

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