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Sunday 24 July 2005

College of Knowledge: Know Your Rights

College of Knowledge
Know Your Rights




As some Aboriginal friends say, "edumacation is brainwashing". The pursuit of information can sometimes lead to an appreciation of knowledge, but most education systems in the early third millennium appear to be vocational guidance courses, designed for the pursuit of jobs and profits - not the enrichment of the mind. Most of today’s schools and ‘higher’ education institutions are training centers whose courses are decided by corporate interests to train people for jobs that won’t be there when they graduate.

Students and teachers are also becoming notoriously corrupt; future doctors and lawyers/politicians are cheating their way through, aided and abetted by institutions that turn a blind eye to gain their unholy dollars. Public funding is disappearing, after all.

Consumer = sucker, certainly to corporations and most governments. It's an insult to be branded a "consumer" - people are, after all, also producers of the world's wealth.

Unknown to most, we are signatories to the UN International Bill of Rights, which gives us the right to a phone call, equal pay etc - though we're not told that this is why the government has been so 'kind' to us. On the other hand, as the great American revolutionary said, "Those who are willing to give up their freedoms to guarantee their security deserve neither."

The Oz Constitution like those of most nations is useless as a substitute for a Bill of Rights. It’s just as well the world already has a half-decent one... See http://www.un.org/rights/50/decla.htm  - Know Your Rights as a Human!

Belief is for shmucks, like faith - only morons believe something without proof, or at least credible evidence. There's no point proving to you that other intelligences are here - you'd simply forget the evidence next week anyway. So keep on being factory and office fodder, using your time without imagination while we continue to run your civilization for you - without you even noticing.

The awareness of most domesticated primates is so fractured and temporary - it's only necessary to communicate with the very rare bright ones that pop up from the miasm humanity has developed for a mind.

Keep it up.

-         R. Ayana

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