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Monday, 15 August 2005

The Overseers

The Overseers


The planet Venus, as the erstwhile great wandering rogue comet is now known, did not directly strike Mars but passed close by, destroying its entire biosphere down to bedrock. Ares had been colonised by the pyramid builders who saw themselves as ARtists and ARtesans, who were changing it to be more beneficial to life, much as modern science fiction writers postulate for the future [and certain science factions are doing in this day and age].

Only some of those who lived deep underground could survive the catastrophe of the passage of Icthus/Maldek/Lucifer/Venus. For a very long time they had kept learning to survive on less oxygen, food, water - learning how to burn with the cold blue flame of spirituality that preserved consciousness, but not intensity nor deep emotion. Most waited - and waited.

Some came to Earth via anaesthetised incarnation and some traveled here consciously in non-material bodies. One thing they could no longer do for a long time after the destruction was to travel here physically. Many waited until Venus, which had been thrown out into a long elliptical orbit, interacted with Jupiter before spiraling in to pass Mars again. At this point, an intervention occurred as visitors from outside the system arrived and aided them. Some of the 'gods' of many terrestrial mythologies are those who brought the tall ones here physically when they arrived to transform humanity amid chaos.

For a long time the Earth was in a cooler state than today. When this ended the geographic isolation of many different strains of hominid - including pygmies and 'giants' - ended as well, along with the link between the Areans that lived here and those who survived on Mars. Those who found themselves here found their choices narrowing; they couldn't maintain themselves in their form for long on this planet. Many could and did dominate the shorter people in a number of ways - partly because of the simple hard-wiring in terrestrial primates which places them in a submissive, hypnotised mode when their heads are tilted back - and also because the consciousness of these deeply aware beings was so focused they could bend the wills of those around them who were less focused after the fall. If you like, their consciousness was from a 'higher sphere'.

They also had ways of fixing 'receptive' and submissive traits in the indigenous humans; genetic, surgical - and what would be regarded as magical. The word this race uses for itself - human, homme, hominid, homo sapiens sapiens - derives from the old syllable HM, which means 'male slave' in Egyptian, but derives from the Sanskrit (and Celtic) 'Hu', which has a far more exalted meaning.

We are, almost all of us, the partial offspring of consciousnesses which laid down their own culture, vision and bloodline upon this planet, to try and help preserve it and themselves. It’s a recurring pattern; once enacted this colonialism is re-enacted on many levels. They cared (and care) about what happens here, partly because humans are their descendants. They see/saw themselves as seers with the capacity to give regularity to what they perceived as chaos.

Those already on Earth often viewed them as overseers because the orders appeared to come from them (rather than through them) – and they were tall. Past human history in the solar system is more complex than current local societies realize. Many of these ‘overseers’ arrived via Mars (and Venus, the core of the shattered planet which some call “Icthus”, whose crust and impact debris remains as the asteroid belt today).

Some abided on Mars/Ares; they weren’t indigenous to it, but were hominid stock (rather literally) that had been there for some millennia. Most didn’t often reproduce physically, due to the balance struck when they came to the colony. They explored intellect, mind, spirit, matter and used their (re)generative, creative powers on other levels, also extending their lifespan. They were very different from most of their ancestors, who had come from Earth.

There is more than one way to reproduce – particularly when you are reproducing a societal structure, a hive originating around another Sun. Before the arrival and destruction of the rogue and the fall of Venus there were colonies on many terrestrial-type planets; all were brothers and sisters, genetically related.

Those people who stayed on Ares (now with less than four-tenths Terrestrial gravity but then a little more) grew fairly tall – with large crania, extended skulls, wider hips, greater lung capacity – originating from the same hominid stock as that of Terra, but altered by the characteristics of that smaller sphere. They looked like the one you may know as the Pharaoh Akhnaton – Naphuria. Of course, all this is gobbledygook to modern man, steeped in the illusion of apparent material certitude.

By Uncle Martin

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