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Tuesday, 14 June 2005

They Lived

They Lived


When questioning the incidents of history or regarding them as accidents one must consider what is 'on purpose'? How does it differ from accidental incidence? When YOU are involved, does an accident ever really occur - to you or others?

The alteration of the Earth and its indigenous peoples was done both consciously and not consciously, the result of a feud between the female and male energies which then existed in this planar net. As a result of that primal schism, 'divide and conquer' occurred on a planetary scale.

'Division' is the origin of the word 'devil'; false dichotomy, the illusion of separation.

Those who set up these patriarchal civilizations came from not far away, as these things are counted. They saw themselves as teachers and a repair crew, in some ways. They had the best of intentions by their own lights - they believed the best way to preserve those of Earth was to create a rigidly defined order - a caste system - that they believed could ultimately repair the damage done to the collective psyche during the 'fall'; a close passage of another orb which sundered the Earth and the equanimity of its inhabitants.

That their system was wholly inappropriate to a maternalistic mammalian people occurred to them not at all - at first.

They created enclaves of pyramidal hierarchies based around pyramidal civilization centres, ringing the then equatorial regions of the globe.

The key point to understand is that the solar system was unstable for a long time - catastrophic events occurred and recurred due to interactions with intruders from another system - intruders on a parallel yet far grander scale than that of the reptoid amphibians who infiltrated Tya, as most indigenes knew her.

-         Uncle Martin

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