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Sunday 26 June 2005

Moon Mine: Owning Space

Moon Mine: Owning Space


Until elemental construction methods are introduced, mining outside the ecosphere is certainly preferable to damaging the Earth. It’s technically simple and economically more than competitive.


Overt terrestrial technology has been capable of mining Luna since the 1970s, using magnetic accelerators to overcome the Moon's relatively weaker gravitational field and loft materials that are easily available on or near the surface into orbit, where processing takes place. Low gravity metallurgy makes many unexpected things possible as well.


All this is required for establishing any real foothold in space with any real economy. The products available would be useful not only in space, however, and can be literally dropped – carefully – from Earth orbit to splash down in a predetermined area. Once up and running the efficiencies would virtually close down many Earthly mines, rendering them unnecessary.


Naturally, this could be very dangerous if left in the hands of individuals, individual governments or even purely mechanical systems, particularly considering the unevolved series of multifarious political systems on Earth.

Mining asteroids is only slightly more difficult; a captured body such as Phobos or Deimos (the recently arrived and all-too-temporary moonlets of Ares/Mars) would be simple to mine and would result in an engineered habitat, if the work was carefully planned.

Dinosaur killers could be diverted and put to good use in a best-case scenario.

All pollution from mining - and ultimately from heavy industrial manufacturing as well - can be moved entirely out of Earth's biosphere.

Of course, there are some who might object... But mining the moon and asteroids is a viable way of saving planet Earth's ecosystem/s – and of allowing those who want to leave this paradise planet to do so.

The first thing that's required to make this viable is an end to war and the 'economy' which drives it; otherwise the same magnetic acceleration technology which can fling material economically into Earth orbit from Luna will be used to bombard the globe and human terror will expand to fill the place of peaceable exploration.

            Now that the US has announced its intention to be the sole power of significance in space it’s timely to consider the OTHER uses of ‘defence’ technology - like orbital lasers, particle beams and nuke platforms orbiting the globe; offensive weapons that can terrorise the entire world, burning armies or cities from above, that are certainly already in orbit.

Note that the three quarters of all space shuttle missions were actually carrying secret military payloads all the years they were in operation.  Less than one quarter of the shuttle missions is required to complete the entire International Space Station.

 Remember who profits from all of this? Remember 9/11? It was a terrible catastrophe, though small to the point of insignificance compared with what's happened to the US since.

I'm not surprised that innocent readers cannot believe that a modern western 'government' would be responsible for this; if the education system really taught history then fewer would forget its lessons.

The terms 'plausible deniability', 'collateral damage', credible threat' and 'treating us like mushrooms' have all evolved for very good reasons. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What, after all, can you make of the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush? Are you aware of their histories?

And, of course, the 'media' leads the public down carefully chosen garden paths. Ever hear of Citizen Kane? This is all BUSINESS as usual - trade is war by other means to these all too human Mammon worshipers. Money is an illusion - a very dangerous one which appeals to the insecure every bit as much as the word ‘mummy’.

Let’s live in space in better ways and for better reasons.


-         R. Ayana

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