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Saturday, 25 July 2015

The HyperHuman

The HyperHuman


by Armageddon Conspiracy

"The HyperHuman is a being of supreme creativity, intelligence and spirit. HyperHumans turn their backs forever on the trivia that consumes contemporary humanity. More and more, today's world resembles a global shopping mall. Is that the purpose of life – to shop?"


Meritocracy is a system of governance which resembles the voting process of democracy, but without the automatic right to vote. Both the politicians and the voters must be capable of proving their merit, through relevant academic qualifications and work experience. To assure that everyone gets an equal chance to prove their merit, high quality education must be free to all.

In a meritocratic society every effort is taken to prevent nepotism, cronyism, sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination. Natural talent, not privilege, determines a child's course in life.

Meritocracy favours community, autonomy, application of psychology, and scientific / technological advancement.

The Five Meritocratic Principles

1) It's not who your parents are, it's who you are.

2) It's not what others can do for you, it's what you can do.

3) Sex, race, religion, age, background are irrelevant. Talent is everything.

4) You start from the same point as everyone else, and you go as far as your talents take you.

5) The highest rewards for the highest achievers.


We aspire towards a future condition known as "HyperHumanity", populated by HyperHumans (abbreviated as HHs or H2s). The underlying notion is that as human beings manifest more and more of their inner divinity – as they evolve towards gods – there will be an inevitable, radical and irreversible transformation in human society.


HyperHumans will view current humanity as we view cavemen.

The HyperHuman is a being of supreme creativity, intelligence and spirit. H2s turn their backs forever on the trivia that consumes contemporary humanity. More and more, today's world resembles a global shopping mall. Is that the purpose of life – to shop? Is "retail therapy" the height of human aspiration? Did we evolve from the primordial slime for no other reason than to buy "stuff"? Walk through the main street of any town or city and you will see a shrine to consumerism. So, who can deny that contemporary culture has defined the meaning of life as shopping? If it had defined it as human excellence, main streets would look entirely different. But excellence requires effort on the part of people. Shopping requires only money. Shopping has become so successful because it follows the path of least resistance. You shuffle around from shop to shop like the undead; you exercise your precious "freedom and choice" by going to this shop rather than that shop, by buying this object rather than that one. You fetishise the objects you buy. They are your brand. Your identity is invested in them. If you have purchased "well", you feel happy. You use your iPhone to tell your friends about your new objects. You go on Facebook to post pictures of your objects and to chat about them.

If you define yourselves by objects then you yourself become an object. If your mentality is attuned to buying then you yourself can be bought.


In the Sex and the City movie, the protagonists enter a gargantuan walk-in wardrobe, and practically faint. It is as though they have entered the sanctum sanctorum, the holy of holies, and with their weary, mortal eyes beheld God in all his glory. Women in the cinema audience whoop, shriek and weep tears of joy and envy. They are on the point of multiple orgasm.

Wardrobes have become tabernacles. Shopping malls are our new cathedrals. Money is the Holy Spirit. Sales assistants are priests. Tannoy announcements are the voice of the Oracle. Objects are the sacred host containing the flesh and blood of God.

Life = Shopping. Is that the divine equation? Is that the great secret of human existence? Is that why the gods breathed life into the ancient clay? Is that why Prometheus stole the sacred fire? All so that we could push around shopping trolleys and have coffee at Starbucks?

Have we all gone insane?

What kind of humanity is this? This can't be the real thing. These "humans" are simulacra. The real humanity is somewhere else. Isn't it time to find our missing selves?

This website moves forward on several tracks: religion, philosophy, culture, science, mathematics, history and psychology. We make no apologies for that. There is a concept known as "Renaissance Man", exemplified most particularly by Leonardo da Vinci. Renaissance Man is skilled at everything, interested in everything, buzzing with energy and creativity in all fields. His mind is exploding with ideas. He crackles with potential and possibility. He is practically electric. If you touched him you would receive a shock. He almost glows. Now imagine Renaissance Man magnified a thousand-fold. That is what a HyperHuman will be like.

We want to attract the attention and support of the Renaissance Men and Women of today. We don't want any shoppers. People write to us to say our articles on religions and politics bore them. Why don't we stick to esoteric matters, they say, or philosophy and science? Why don't we "focus" our message? They thus prove that they are not our kind of people. We don't need or want such people. They can be of no use to our agenda.

Humanity cannot be transformed in any meaningful way on a laborious person-by-person basis. To transform humanity, society itself must be transformed. To transform society requires political transformation.

Political, social and psychological thinking has always been critical to us. Any group that seeks to bring about meaningful change must have a sophisticated and integrated understanding of humanity. As for the human spirit, it must be cultivated to its maximum, and that can only happen in a religious context.

Meritocracy is our political platform. Illumination is our religious platform. R >= 0 is our scientific and philosophical platform. We are advocates of a New World Order. We endorse a New Psychology – we want psychology to be at the heart of education, society, economics and the family. We advocate new community-based ways of living. The "nuclear family" in its little, square, anti-social, box-houses is only one way of living. It should never have been allowed to become the fundamental, de facto building block of society. People deserve a choice. Family is fine for some people; others require community i.e. to live in supportive groups with people with whom they have no family ties. Failed families are a catastrophe for all concerned – who picks up the pieces if there is no alternative to the family model?

We particularly advocate that people should have the opportunity to live in calibrated communities of people of similar psychological type – people who are on your wavelength and with whom you are likely to become lifelong friends and allies.

People need effective support networks. For many people, family has failed to provide such networks, so they live in various states of isolation, fragmentation and alienation. When the family "grid" fails you, you have a real problem in a family-based society. Single-parent families struggle in a society based on two-parent families. People who move around a lot may lose touch with their old networks and find it difficult to establish new ones. Highly intelligent and creative people may struggle to find like-minded people in a dumbed-down culture. Radicals may struggle to find other radicals. The exceptional can't fit into a mould suitable for the average. Nietzsche wanted to live in a small commune of geniuses, but society doesn't provide communes for the extraordinary. All of these problems can be avoided with a modicum of thought and a move away from a society based on the monolithic model of the family. The family is a one-size-fits-all concept, but the world is much more complex than that. For some, the family is the greatest thing imaginable, for others it has proved a curse. Shouldn't a sensible society provide alternatives?

Having good friends around you, people you understand and trust, is vital to your personal well being and a well-functioning society. Psychological profiling can match you up with friends for life, and also allow you to understand why you are not on the same wavelength as various others with whom you come into contact. Many conflicts are caused by nothing more than misunderstandings based on how people of different psychological types view the same data. Thinkers, sensers, intuitives and feelers all have a different way of "seeing" the data. Often, they can't comprehend how someone could possibly have viewed a shared event so completely differently. We all lack empathy and sympathy with those who are psychologically different from us. It's no one's fault. No one is more "right" than any other. But we need to find a way to get round the problem because it is a huge problem. Psychology offers the answer. Psychology needs to become embedded in every aspect of life, especially in the workplace and in politics.

The Old World Order are strong supporters of isolated family units that operate according to ruthless self interest, that are in fierce competition with each other over scarce resources such as the best schools, houses and jobs. Divide and rule. It's easy to control families, much harder to control communities. The Old World Order have no interest in using psychology to improve society, just to manipulate it.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5605/15436883029_8b302ea1fe_b.jpg We seek transformation on all fronts. We seek a revaluation of all values, to borrow Nietzsche's immortal phrase. Family values, religious values, social values, educational values and political values all need to be revalued.

At the heart of all of the different strands of our movement is a single, unifying idea – the dialectic. We wish to place the dialectic at the centre of human existence. Everything should be ceaselessly evolving onwards and upwards, guided by the dialectic.

The dialectic harnesses the triad of thesis, antithesis and synthesis in a systematic, scientific manner based on evidence and reason. Psychologically, the dialectic is a tool for exploring the shadow, and resolving all of the issues that hold us back from becoming our higher selves. We become better, superior, higher, by resolving the contradictions that surround us and inhabit us – the resistances, the hurdles, the setbacks, the roadblocks, the objections, the inner demons, the puzzles, the riddles of our lives. Every institution, every organization, every business, every activity, every endeavour, and, most of all, every person, should experience continuous dialectical improvement.

In a practical sense, the dialectic involves embedding "Devil's Advocates" throughout society. Historically, the Devil's Advocate was a learned person appointed by the Catholic Church to oppose a proposition to make someone a saint. He had to build a case for why sainthood should not be conferred. To overcome his strenuous counter-arguments, evidence for sainthood had to be extremely persuasive. Only the strongest candidates would survive the scrutiny of the Devil's Advocate. Now the term is applied to anyone who opposes an argument in order to expose any flaws it may contain. The better the Devil's Advocate (the antithesis), the better the thesis has to be to defeat it.

Every institution that produces a "thesis" (which could be anything: a song, a shoe, a law, a service, a meal, a method of banking, a psychological innovation…whatever) should be matched with a Devil's Advocate institution that seeks to find faults with it, and to suggest refinements, improvements or completely new ideas. These should, in turn, be matched with a third set of institutions known by the term of Tertium Quid (Latin for "third something"). These correspond to the synthesis phase of the dialectic. Their function is to look at what has been produced by the thesis and the antithesis phases and to create a third thing, a better thing, a higher thing (the synthesis), from the two inputs, which then becomes the new thesis (as a prototype). This is then returned to the thesis phase, where the prototype is refined and resubmitted to the antithesis phase, and so on, until the original thesis has arrived at its omega point of completion. In this way, everything can be scientifically, systematically, and continuously improved.

We are organized along these lines. Those who are involved with the thesis are called "Visionaries" (since they have the original creative vision), those with the antithesis phase as the Devil's Advocates, and those with the synthesis phase as Synthesizers (alternatively as Harmonizers).

The Visionaries tend to be INTJ types ("masterminds"), the Devil's Advocates INTP ("scientists"), and the Synthesizers are feeling and sensing types, both introvert and extravert.

The 3-person cell that is responsible for this site comprises one INTJ, one INTP and one INFJ.

This website is by no means dialectically perfect, but if it were refined and improved several times over, it would be as perfect as we could make it. The more complex something is, the more iterations it requires, and the more people should be involved. But, in principle, everything in the world can be handled in exactly the same way – medicine, education, politics, government, law, banking, economics, sport, entertainment, science, anything at all.

Isn't it time for a Scientific Society - for the world to have the scientific method and dialectic at its heart, guiding everything it does, purposely helping it to evolve towards perfection? Can any democrat honestly answer what the objective of democracy is? Where is it leading us? No country on earth has ever stated its objective.

Well, we have no hesitation in stating ours. The purpose of our society is to create a community of gods. We aim to perfect every aspect of human existence through scientific, philosophical and psychological means. The scientific method, the Evolutionary Principle, and the psychological principle of Maximum Self-Actualization, are the mechanisms to drive us to perfection. These are all elements of the dialectic.

What does democracy offer? Greater consumer choice. Big deal. How can that satisfy the greatest aspirations of the human race? That's why democracy is destined to be superseded.

Democracy - so-called "people power" - reaches its end when people are given a vote and shops. What kind of objective is that? Is that it? Is that all? Is that the great vision of "freedom and democracy" for which people gave their lives? Get real.

We want to replace the global shopping mall with a global paradigm for pursuing ever-higher levels of human excellence. The "scientific method" is almost synonymous with the dialectic. Hypotheses are proposed and then tested in the real world. If they fail hopelessly, they are discarded. If they are reasonably successful, they are refined and improved then tested again. Eventually, after many iterations, they will reach their Omega Point of perfection where they are in complete accord with all experimental data and it is impossible to refine and improve them any further. Politics, religion, psychology, the family, institutions, companies, products, and individuals – they can all be radically improved.

Why assume that religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the last word in religion? Clearly they're not since they have all been a dismal failure. But no Christian, Muslim or Jew will ever accept that everything they believe should be tested and, if necessary, rejected. They regard their holy books as infallible, eternal, unchallengeable and perfect, as the unchanging Word of God. Hence religious extremism, fanaticism and hatred of anyone who disagrees with them, is built into these Satanic religions. Holy wars are the inevitable consequence of Holy books. That's why Satan authored them. What better way to create conflict and division?

Democracy believes it is in no need of reform. Constitutions are never updated. Parliaments are never changed in the institutional sense. Why not? Is the 21st century the same as the 18th? Then surely there should be a new constitution to reflect new times? It makes no difference if you change the personnel in Congress and the White House because all politicians are a reflection of the prevailing "system". If you want real change, you don't put a different guy in the White House, you replace the White House and Congress with new institutions i.e. you change the system.

Is capitalism perfect? Are corporations perfect? Are consumer products perfect? Are services perfect? Are families perfect? Are individuals perfect? If not then where are the explicit dialectical mechanisms to ensure that our society is always getting better? Are institutions in the business of hiring extremely critical people who want to highlight all of the flaws that need to be addressed, or do they just want cheerleaders who never argue, never complain and never challenge the powers-that-be? Rebels, whistleblowers, revolutionaries and radicals are all vital for the dialectic and should all be embraced rather than rejected.

In ultra capitalism, everything is left to the mystical "market" – almost a religious concept – to sort out. But a market is not a designed, intelligent, purposeful, teleological process, transparent to all. Instead, a market is a shady entity, massively susceptible to corruption and manipulation by cartels, to "insider knowledge". The Old World Order love markets because they know how to control them for their own selfish purposes, except when the market suddenly falls apart because of unresolved contradictions that have been allowed to build, and Boom dramatically turns to Bust.

The intelligent dialectic can and must replace the dumb market.

The whole world should be an arena dedicated to putting forward "theses" of suggested improvements, "antitheses" to oppose and test the theses, and syntheses to take forward the best of the theses and the antitheses, thus creating new higher theses, from which we can begin all over again, rising higher each time round, until, at last, we can go no higher.

Is that not our real purpose – to go as high as we can, to conquer the highest peaks, to stand with the gods on the summit of Olympus, breathing the rarefied air of divinity? Do you achieve that in a shopping mall?

We are advocates of continual progress, change and evolution. All of us are works-in-progress. We are all unfinished. There should be no sacrosanct ideas beyond challenge, no taboos that cannot be broken, no commandments set in unbreakable stone, no holy texts with changeless words written in fire. Dogmatism is all about establishing laws that are never allowed to be called into question. We reject all dogmas. There are no sacred cows. Everything must justify itself dialectically or be swept aside as irrelevant.

What are the alternatives? To be a Muslim suicide bomber on a martyrdom operation? To be a zombie capitalist consumerist listening to muzak and giving money to the "Man" – the greedy, selfish capitalist super billionaire? To be a Jew permanently waiting for the Messiah who never comes? To be a Christian waiting to be "Raptured"? To be stuck on Facebook forever, posting pictures of yourself getting older and older, sadder and sadder, reflecting your increasingly wasted life? To watch Reality TV wannabes for the rest of your life? To worship sporting stars from your armchair until Doom's Day? Is this all that humanity is capable of?

Control is all about inflexible rules. You MUST obey. In a dialectical society, there are no such rules, so control is transferred from the rules to the people, as it should be. When it comes to rules, cui bono? Always those who set the rules; never those who are subjected to them. The dialectic smashes all of the old systems of control. It smashes the power of the established elites that live by the old rules. The dialectic permits the intelligent revaluation of all values. It analyzes every institution on earth, and provides a mechanism for bringing it to evolutionary, dialectical perfection.

Pho', the Phocilitator, quotes an unknown author who said, "If you're not giving the world the best you have, what world are you saving it for?"

That's what it's all about - everyone giving their best and becoming the best they can possibly be. All the institutions of the world should be geared up for that purpose - maximizing human potential, actualizing all of our greatest possibilities.

Capitalism, the dismal, sterile, idiotic, spiritually dead, imagination-free, prevailing ideology of the Western World sets as its highest goal the consumption of junk in order to enrich the elite who control the manufacture of the junk. The Old World Order have no interest in maximizing your potential, only their own. Capitalism is happy to take the worst from you providing it makes someone a fat buck. Capitalism is about driving people towards imperfection, where they are totally dependent on consumer items to give them fake confidence – the "beauty" industry being the most insidious example. It is really the "ugly" industry, its purpose being to make everyone feel inadequate.

We can't let them hold us back any longer. It's time to sweep them aside. We are a new, superior thesis; a higher stage of evolution. Our sights are set on the stars and the furthest celestial planes, not on shopping malls. We want to hear the Music of the Spheres, not the muzak of the mall.

The Old World Order preach the gospel of self-interest. We preach the gospel of enlightened self-interest i.e. the best possible world is not one where you are a king with unlimited power and the rest of humanity are on their faces in front of you as subjects barely recognizable as human beings (the OWO "vision"), but one where everyone is a god, everyone is performing at their optimal level, at their very best, and, collectively, they are producing paradise on earth. It's impossible for a handful of people to build Golgonooza, the wondrous City of Imagination. It needs everyone, bringing their own unique gifts. All of us are improved by the quality of the people with whom we interact. If they are people of excellence then we will be too. If they are scum, they will drag us down into the sewers with them. So we have to use our intelligence, imagination and psychology to raise people up, not to cast them down.

Their fate is my fate. My quality is defined by their quality. Therefore it is in my interest to help them as much as I can, and to ask them to help me as much as they can. Together, we rise. Apart, we fall. The OWO's agenda is to make us all fall, while they remain insulated in their high tower of privilege. How much longer will we tolerate being their slaves?

In the short term, only a certain type of person can help. Only those who have the "vision thing", the courage to lead from the front, an unquenchable inner drive, those who bring out the best in themselves and in others. If we can bring all such people together under a single banner then we are unstoppable. We will seize the future and never let go.

Where are the people's champions, the great tribunes like the heroic Gracchus brothers? Where are the brave Knights of the Round Table determined to bring down the OWO's pyramid? They are out there. It's time to fulfil their calling, their destiny. The dialectic seeks out those imbued with the spirit of the age.


Are you for the future of against it? Do you believe that the human race is perfect? If you don't, then where is your system for bringing about perfection? Do you think democracy is the answer? Capitalism? Christianity? Are they as good as it gets? Are they our limit, as far as we can go? Can our imaginations and creativity produce nothing better? Will they be around a million years from now? The truth is they have all had their day and they have all failed. They are dinosaurs heading for deserved extinction.

Only we have a system designed to perfect the human race – the universal dialectic. A process of higher and higher accomplishment, until humanity's Omega Point has been attained and we are a community of gods. HyperHumanity, Omega Humanity, Humanity becoming God. Isn't that our sacred quest?


Nietzsche said that if humanity continued on its present trajectory, it would give rise to the "Last Man":

Alas! The time is coming when man will give birth to no more stars. Alas! The time of the most contemptible man is coming, the man who can no longer despise himself.

Behold! I shall show you the Last Man.

‘What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star?’ thus asks the Last Man and blinks.

The earth has become small, and upon it hops the Last Man, who makes everything small. His race is as inexterminable as the flea; the Last Man lives longest.

‘We have discovered happiness,’ say the Last Men and blink.

Nietzsche obviously foresaw the rise of Shopping Mall Man.

We have to find the antidote to the Last Men.

HyperHumanity, Omega Humanity, Ultimate Humanity, Divine Humanity is the answer. The dialectic is the process. Ours is the path leading to perfection. Any other route is a road to nowhere.

Humanity's true nature craves that we should go on the ultimate spiritual journey, not that we should go shopping.

That is our vision. We have the plan. We have the mechanism. That is why our triumph is inevitable. Eventually, all of the most talented, creative, smart and visionary people in the world will come over to our side. And then we cannot be defeated. Our victory is assured because, deep down, everyone is dissatisfied, restless, and unfulfilled. When they are presented with the opportunity to have meaningful lives, they will seize it.

Join our movement, our dialectical adventure, our mission to release humanity's inner divinity. Make your own unique dialectical contribution. It's time for the spiritual renaissance of the human race. We want to illuminate the cosmos with the light of humanity's glittering, glinting, shimmering divine sparks of every conceivable bright colour.

We are marching towards perfection. Reject the past. Reject the Old World Order, the old religions, the old politics, the old rules of society. It's time to begin again. Now, finally, we understand the way forward – as a dialectical progression towards the Omega Point of Omega Humanity.

The time has come to revalue all values.

Original article: Mammon Ascendant

The 'God of Being' and the 'God of Becoming'

Atheists reject the type of God worshipped by Christians, Muslims and Jews: the God of Being. They are right to do so. He is an anti-God, a false God, a God of delusion and lies. This God is no God at all. He is Satan pretending to be God. There is only one True God – the God of Becoming.

Many atheists consider Darwin's theory of evolution the proof that God does not exist. On the contrary, it is the basis of God's existence.

Modern science has led to a complete loss of a religious sensibility in the world. Religious statements increasingly sound crazy and ridiculous. The irony is that religion is ultimately scientific. There is no contradiction between science and religion. It is not religion that is abolished by science but atheism.

God Not Only Exists, He Is Inevitable

Many people are baffled by the difference between the God of Being and the God of Becoming, but the difference could not be starker. The first is impossible and the second certain. Why do so many billions believe in the impossible? First, it suits the agenda of their controllers. Second, slaves want to be controlled because it means that they do not have to take personal responsibility for their own lives. People are passive in relation of the God of Being. Their only task is to submit to him and worship him. Look at a religion like Islam - the very word means "submission". But the God of Becoming has no interest in those who submit. He wants only those who take an active and proactive role in life. Those who submit are damned.


Believers in a God of Being are making the claim that God existed prior to the universe, that he has always existed and that he created the universe out of nothing. The definition of this God means that no one can ask who or what made God, how he came into being, where he came from, what substance he's made of, how he developed intelligence, why he felt the need to create the world. If he is a spiritual being, why did he create matter? If he created all things, why did he create evil? The advocates of this God want to shut down debate, but despite their efforts the awkward questions have never gone away. They can never be credibly answered because there is no such entity as the God of Being. For millennia, billions of people have worshipped a non-existent divinity, a God who cannot have the qualities claimed for him. That is humanity's supreme tragedy.

The God of Becoming is entirely different from the God of Being. He did not precede the universe. The universe precedes all things. The universe has no beginning and no end. God did have a beginning. He did not create the universe. The universe created him. His consciousness, his intelligence, his power: they are all products of evolution. He is the ultimate evolution of which the universe is capable. Any atheist who accepts Darwin's theory of evolution can accept the existence of the God of Becoming because God is nothing other than the final outcome of that process. He is underpinned by science, not faith. The tragedy of atheists is that they have been so disgusted by the absurdity of the God of Being that they have turned their backs on all notions of the divine. Although the God of Being is impossible, that does not mean there is no God.

What are the prerequisites of God? Surpassing intelligence? Awesome power? Ability to control the physical world around him? Ability to transcend death? Ability to engage in astonishing acts of cosmic creativity? The God of Becoming has all of these traits.

Some people might refer to the Illuminati's God of Becoming as merely some sort of super-being or super-intelligence rather than a true God. Yet the God of Becoming is the supreme expression of the potential of existence. Nothing can transcend him except through an act of his own will. Surely the universe's evolutionary summit in terms of consciousness, intelligence and power is the only acceptable definition of God? God is that which cannot be surpassed except by his own choice, and the only entity that could theoretically surpass him is a community of others exactly like him.

The God of Becoming is the one in whose image we are ultimately made. We creatures of evolution are on the same evolutionary trajectory as God himself, but at a much earlier point. That is why it can truly be said that we have the capacity to become divine.

Imagine the earth of billions of years ago: a storm-tossed, primordial chemical soup rent by livid lightning strikes; vast sulphurous clouds, erupting volcanoes, frothing seas; endless tumult and chaos. Look at our planet now. Billions, perhaps trillions, of living forms populate earth's flourishing biosphere.


There are six and half billion intelligent human beings. If humans originated from the chemical soup then it means that implicit all along within that soup were Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Nietzsche, Goethe, Hegel, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Byron, Washington, Weishaupt, Napoleon, Caesar, all the great scientists, artists, geniuses and leaders of history. If these astonishing figures were latent within the chemical soup of earth, what was latent within the chemical soup of the entire universe, the stardust of eternity, the shimmering, perpetual light of the cosmos?

Look at how much knowledge humanity has acquired in the last 2,000 years. The rate has actually been accelerating. The last 100 years have been the most productive of all. Look at what the last few decades have delivered when personal computers and the internet became available. The amount of knowledge at humanity's disposal is simply staggering. Imagine humanity a 1,000 years from now. What about a billion years? Humanity already has god-like powers in relation to other species on this planet. In many billion of years is it not possible that humans might have evolved into actual gods? If that is possible for humans then what makes us think that it has not already happened for an entity or entities that came into existence long before we did?

What is the maximum potential latent within the universe? What is the fullest expression of the possibilities inherent in the universe?


God does not make the universe, he emerges as its inevitable culmination, its dialectical end-point. God evolves. He is a creature of evolution, not of Being. There is every reason why an atheist should reject a God of Being, but none why he should reject a God of Becoming.

Humanity is, currently, the highest expression of earth's potential. Perhaps a greater expression will be found in the future. Dinosaurs dominated earth for many millions of years. Now they are extinct. Neanderthal Man is also extinct. Humans can be classified as the "fifth ape". 


Will there be a sixth? Will humanity become extinct and be replaced by a higher form? Time will tell. If we don't realise who we are and what we are capable of, we will certainly be replaced. That is the law of evolution.

The universe can carry out similar exercises to what has happened on earth, but on a much vaster scale. The universe has astonishing potential, all the potential in existence. Given an eternity, it wasn't just possible that the universe would find its maximum expression but certain. The God of Becoming is that optimal expression. He is as astounding as the God of Being, yet, unlike that false God, he truly exists.

There is no reason why anyone who believes in Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection should not extend exactly the same rationale to the universe as a whole. Existence maximises itself, and God is its maximum expression. God is the final product of evolution, of the dialectic, of natural selection, of logical necessity.

Aristotle used the word "entelechy" to describe something having its end within itself, something striving to fully actualise its inner potential. The universe demonstrates entelechy. God is the supreme actualisation of existence, the ultimate entelechy.

Hans Driesch used "entelechy" to describe a life force that, in organic systems, governs the attainment of their inherent goals. He conceived of this force as psychoid ("mind-like"): non-spatial and qualitative rather than spatial and quantitative. Henri Bergson in his book "Creative Evolution" proposed a vital force that animates life and fundamentally connects mind and body. Julian Huxley said, "Evolution is nothing but matter become conscious of itself."

These ideas might be classed as versions of vitalism, the doctrine that the functions of a living organism are ultimately due to a principle distinct from biochemical reactions. Such thinking points to a level beyond Darwinian natural selection. If a force were operating below the level of genes it would be masked and hence not amenable to study (like the "hidden variables" that some claim exist in the quantum realm).

C. Lloyd Morgan spoke of "emergent evolution". This is the hypothesis that phenomena such as life and consciousness can emerge suddenly from unpredictable rearrangements of entities whose properties would not seem to suggest that they could give rise to such radical transformations (e.g. how can life and mind emerge from particular arrangements of atoms - genes - but not from other arrangements of those same atoms?).

Evolution often seems to proceed by way of abrupt, discontinuous jumps (the punctuated equilibrium theory of evolution) rather than a smooth, gradual process of natural selection. Many fossil records of transitional forms (e.g. between reptiles and mammals) that would be predicted by Darwin's theory have never been found or simply do not exist, while others exist that would not seem to be consistent with Darwin's theory e.g. there are fossils that demonstrate the coexistence of species where it would have been anticipated that one species ought to have preceded the other rather than occurring at the same time. These anomalies might point to the influence of hidden variables as yet unexplored by biological science.

The universe is teleological: it has a purpose. That purpose is to reach its summit, the perfect manifestation of what was buried as gold within its limitlessly fertile soil. Alchemy was never anything other than the search for how gold - the divine - appeared from the dirt (matter), and how we ourselves can find the divine buried within us.


Many evolutionists deny teleology. They say existence has no purpose. But in terms of an infinite and eternal system (the universe), with infinite levels of natural selection being performed within it, the inevitable result must be the highest perfection of which the universe is capable. If it is not forbidden, it is compulsory.

Imagine a process of blind, purposeless evolution taking place, of the type advocated by someone like Richard Dawkins. According to Dawkins, humanity itself is merely a chance product of that random striving. But humanity is conscious, intelligent and purposeful, so even those who agree with Dawkins are faced with the blunt fact that from a blind, purposeless process, a sighted, purposeful species has arisen. This species can not only disturb the biosphere (via global warming, nuclear holocaust, weather manipulation etc), it can actually change its own biological destiny via genetic engineering.

Would you prefer the meaning of life to lie in Dawkins' "selfish genes" or in a divinity that has evolved far beyond the level of genes?

If every secret of genetics yields to science then, in principle, humans could perpetually cure themselves of all diseases and live forever. They could convert themselves into super-beings with enormously enhanced abilities. They could become bionic: part human, part machine. They could start to wield the power of gods, shaping nature, including their own human nature. In other words, even Dawkins' blind version of evolution gives rises in the end to the existence of purpose. Once sufficient purpose and intelligence have evolved, the age of blind, purposeless striving is at an end.

Evolution will, via natural selection, keep generating new life forms, and if those new life forms have no intelligence and no purpose then natural selection will simply keep creating more and different life forms and keep going until highly intelligent life forms evolve. Once these life forms exist they will then assume control of evolution, just as we have.

There are hundreds of millions of people alive today who would be dead if it were not for modern medicine, science and technology. There are humans alive now who began their existence as eggs fertilised in test tubes. In a few decades, clones will be commonplace. Arguably, there is no natural selection going on anymore. There is only unnatural selection. Humans shape evolution: evolution no longer shapes humans.

And if that's true of us, why shouldn't it be true of other intelligent creatures? Eons ago, intelligence and purpose appeared in the universe - in the shape of the God of Becoming - and from that moment the universe became explicitly teleological. Insofar as it was inevitable that natural selection would one day give rise to intelligent, conscious entities and that those entities would then replace blind, purposeless natural selection with direction, control and purpose then it might be concluded that teleology was always latent within Darwinian evolution by natural selection.

Teleology is at the core of the universe. In truth, the universe has always had a purpose, and that purpose was to create the maximum degree of intelligence, self-awareness and freedom. The God of Becoming possesses those qualities. From the outset, the God of Becoming was implicit in the universe, its highest potential waiting to be released, the cosmic entelechy.

The dialectic, entelechy, teleology and evolution by natural selection are all finally the same. They reach their fruition in the God of Becoming. As soon as an atheist perceives this one, single truth, he can acknowledge the God of Becoming without signing up to any of the impossible nonsense preached by the false prophets of the non-existent God of Being. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed - what did they ever preach but incredible lies and fantasies?

The God of Being is dead. We have entered the age of the God of Becoming.

Entelechy - something having its end within itself and striving to actualise that end (Aristotle.)

The Dialectic - the movement via the constant iteration of the fundamental triad of thesis, antithesis and synthesis towards the Absolute, the end of history (Hegel.)

Natural selection - the process of competitively generating entities that are increasingly better adapted to their environment (Darwin.) No scientist ever mentions it, but the implied end of natural selection is an entity that is perfectly adapted to its environment, fully controls it and has mastered all of its competition.

Teleology - the idea that purpose is present in nature. Nature has a specific end that it is endeavouring to achieve. It is not blind, purposeless and meaningless.

Illumination brings entelechy, the dialectic, natural selection and teleology together. The God of Becoming is their mutual end-point.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. If you want to make a world of gods it is absolutely necessary first for you to work in you and uplift yourself at the God Consciousness, and when you will be God you will see that you eat sheet like every politician who wants other peoples backs to uplift himself :D A God don't live in communities, a God is omnipresent omniscient omnipotent :D The post from above is a manifestation of an EGO, a illusion of a illusion.

    1. 1. No dog, no master. You have erected a straw deity and then failed to knock it down. Putting words into the mouth of the author and then vilifying them in a misleading comment is miserable and reprehensible.
      2. F*ck all omnipresent omnipotent sky fairies.
      3. Those who believe they are an island are blind to the commonality of all beneath and beyond the sea of illusion.
      4. Ego is a commonly misrepresented and unnecessarily vilified term.
      5. Cosmic consciousness is easily claimed by minute minds. FInding real solutions to the hideous situation humankind has trapped itself within is harder than making glib comments devoid of any real analysis or constreuctive suggestions, to be sure.

      May the demiurge strike me down this instant if you have anything more meaningful to contribute. ;)

  3. Regarding the dialectic. In attempting to find harmonic resolutions and or solutions to our most basic problems through thesis-anti-thesis and finally a synthesis there must first be a pragmatic way to find a universal consensus of interpretation of all the words used within the specific context of the dialectic of our chosen topic. Without universally accepted word definitions and associations, conflicts and or arguments will become the standard for achieving the highest easily repudiated opinion through our discovery of just one finding of a scientific FACT, we already have the dialectic of diverging opinions! Our observations through the laws of nature must therefore determine the very basis of all social design probabilities in their most energy efficient forms without any form of opinion or philosophy interfering with our science and or know how toward achieving the optimum result!

  4. Hey did anyone ever see the film, "Beautiful Mind." Do you recall a scene in the film where John Nash is sitting with his buddies and he says, "Adam Smith, needs revision?" Adam Smith said, "in competition, individual ambition serves the common good." In other words Adam Smith was saying that the best result will come when everyone in the group does what's best for themselves. Nash, added by saying, that Adam Smith was wrong because the best result will come by everyone in the group doing what's best for themselves and the group. He called this theory governing dynamics! I say that John Nash needed revision because his governing dynamics theory is incomplete because in REALITY the best result will come when everyone in the world does what's best for, for themselves, ALL groups and ALL the natural world through the governing dynamics of FREE AND ABUNDANT ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES AND RESOURCES that are fully utilized for the betterment to ALL without any form of political-price system interference. The application of such a system would indeed demonstrate for us, natures dynamic equilibrium! Anything else seems like BS!

    1. Aye, the nail on the head! If all we consider are the supposed needs and desires of humankind we are doomed by our own narrowed field of vision. The requirements of Earth's biosphere do and MUST trump all other bases for decision making. We need a triple bottom line with a healthy ecosystem as the paramount requirement for any political, educational or moral system we choose to employ. Any other opitions are not solutions but mass death sentences.

  5. We're ALL connected, Illuminator... No one specific field of energy intelligence "trumps" any other, for which is more important, the hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, or stratosphere? Only our easily repudiated opinions dictate a make believe value system that sets up a hierarchy fantasy as we attempt to define a greater or lesser importance to the fallacy of dominance.


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