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Saturday, 4 July 2015

DMT and Life Beyond Death: DMT Being Used To Prolong Life After Clinical Death

DMT and Life Beyond Death
DMT Being Used To Prolong Life After Clinical Death




A team of Hungarian researchers are studying DMT’s unique ability to protect brain cells under high stress situations, such as during clinical death.

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is one of humankind’s biggest conundrums.

Once smoked, DMT elicits an out-of-body experience so extraordinary that afterwards many are never the same. Unimaginable visions of complex geometrical patterns, contact with extra-dimensional beings, and ego-death are among the most commonly described facets of the DMT experience.

But beyond these fantastical visions there exist many more pressing questions about DMT, or the “spirit molecule,” as it is often referred to.

For one, DMT is ever abundant in nature. It is potentially found in all living things, a theory which recently gained credence after it was discovered in the pineal gland of rats.

This naturally occurring, endogenous abundance of DMT is indeed mind-boggling to many. I mean, think about it – the most powerful psychedelic known to man is produced within the bodies of all living things. What purpose does it serve?

But perhaps even more fascinating is exactly how and when our body releases and uses DMT.

Dr. Rick Strassman, the scientist known for his pioneering research into the physiological and mystical properties of the DMT experience, proposed that DMT is released during high-stress situations, such as during a near-death experience or during birth.

Why would our body release a potent psychedelic during these types of events? How would understanding these endogenous processes aid us in our quest for knowledge?

The answer to theses questions are still largely unknown, but many scientists and researchers remain hungry to find them.


Dr. Ede Frecska, author of Inner Paths to Outer Space, is the lead researcher in charge of a new study looking at the neuroprotective effects of DMT.
Dr. Ede Frecska, author of Inner Paths to Outer Space, is the lead researcher in charge of a new study looking at the neuroprotective properties of DMT.


DMT & Its Protective Properties


Currently, a team of researchers based out of Hungary are looking at the unique, protective properties of DMT, particularly during the perplexing period known as clinical death.

During these imperative 5 minutes, our awareness is somewhat “stuck” in a place between life and death. However, clinical death is never final. In fact, it is often reversible thanks to CPR, which offers patients a chance to “come back.”

Nevertheless, when the critical 5 minutes have passed and a person has not yet been resuscitated, second by second the patient exponentially loses the chance to recover, or at least recover to a life worth living.

This is because oxidative stress, the enemy of resuscitation, causes the rapid death of important cells in the body, such as brain cells.

For this reason, even a few more seconds bought by a doctor could be the difference between life and death for a patient.

Remarkably enough, DMT may be the answer.

Dr. Ede Frecska, author of the book Inner Paths To Outer Space, along with colleague Dr. Attila Szabo, are the two lead researchers in charge of the study looking at DMT and its ability to protect cells under high-stress situations.

Our promising findings give us compelling reason to believe that the time frame of clinical death can be extended with the help of DMT,” the team stated in a video posted on their IndieGogo page. “Just imagine how many lives could be saved by an extra few minutes?

Dr. Frecska and Dr. Szabo propose that DMT in fact serves a somato-physiological function within the body, rather than just the psychotomimetic (psychedelic) effect most are aware of.

In their review paper published in the journal Translational Neuroscience, Dr. Frecska and Dr. Szabo detail evidence that points to how, why, and when DMT can be a life saver.


DMT’s Free Pass


DMT protects brain cells from dying during high-stress situations such as clinical death.

 DMT protects brain cells from dying during high-stress situations such as clinical death

Once DMT is in the blood, it is relatively safe from enzymes that normally would break it down immediately.

Oddly enough, DMT enters the brain in a highly facilitated manner, passing through the 3 barriers with the help of active transport mechanisms, suggesting vital “urgency.” Only vital chemicals have this privilege, such as glucose and amino acids.

Then, DMT is stored in synaptic vessels for up to 1 week, where it waits to be released under appropriate circumstances.

Why would our brain selectively allow what is classified as a “toxic drug” into its VIP club?

Another interesting factor to consider is DMT’s effect on Sig-1R receptors.

The sigma-1 receptor (Sig-1R) is located intracellularly between the mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum as part of a safety mechanism against oxidative stress. Surprisingly, DMT is one of the few endogenous stimulants of Sig-1R’s, which, after considering all the latter points, signifies an important physiological role.


How Would This Be Applied?


Dr. Frecska and Dr. Szabo suggest two critical applications of DMT in modern medicine. One would be to administer DMT during the clinical death period, which would mitigate the effects of hypoxia and the damage of brain cells.

Another application would see DMT being used in the polar opposite situation.

A similar protective mechanism might come useful in the perinatal period, especially during delivery. Passing through the birth canal represents high risk of hypoxia brain damage to the newborn, and therefore DMT sourced from the placenta would reduce the chance of brain damage occurring.


Help From Crowdfunding Is Needed


At this point, Frecska and Szabo are still in the primary stages of research. In order to continue their work, they need to raise funds to pay for the laboratory costs associated with their studies.

As a start, they’ve just launched an IndieGogo campaign detailing their mission, in hope of gaining the support of people interested in DMT’s incredible medicinal potential.

Be sure to check out their campaign page HERE for more information!

Want To Experience the Afterlife?

Let’s Talk About the Most Potent Psychedelic Known to Man – Your Brain Produces It Everyday


Art credit: Cameron Gray.

Forget about every other psychedelic for just one minute, because it’s time we have a serious talk about DMT.


It’s time we discuss the absolute profundity of an experience that changes people’s lives forever. In a matter of seconds, everything you know about the world in front of you is ripped away, catapulting your awareness into a dimension of foreign abstraction and pure astonishment.

For most, there are no words accurate enough to describe what happens when you experience the hyper-space reality of a DMT trip. It’s called the “Spirit Molecule” by many of our greatest thinkers, an oxymoron when really considered. This is because DMT is said by many to be the portal to what we know as the ‘afterlife’, a realm built of light fractals and sacred geometry, where time and 3D space merge, and where we are brought into contact with ‘them’.

But what does DMT have to do with you or anything for that matter? Could DMT play a large role in the rapid expansion of human consciousness? Many people believe it to be the case. Let’s explore this right now.



What Makes DMT So Special?


The most fascinating thing about DMT, or N,N-dimethyltryptamine, is that it occurs naturally in the human body, as well as in many other animal and plant species. Think about that one for one second, the most potent psychedelic known to man, and we are born with it in our system.

It is theorized to be produced in the pineal gland, a small marble sized organ in the anatomical center of our brain. DMT is thought to be released from our pineal gland during Near Death Experiences (NDEs), during birth, and when we dream. Structurally, it resembles a common neurotransmitter, serotonin, which is responsible for most of our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Although the brain denies access to most drugs and chemicals, it takes a particular and remarkable fancy to DMT.

DMT has a very simple structure, similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin, the chemical involved in our thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

 DMT has a very simple structure, similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin, the chemical involved in our thoughts, emotions, and reactions.

The brain is a highly sensitive organ, especially susceptible to toxins and metabolic imbalances. A nearly impenetrable shield, the blood-brain barrier, prevents unwelcome agents from leaving the blood and crossing the capillary walls into the brain tissue. Minute nutrients such as amino acids and glucose are among the selection of molecules our brain allows to cross. However, 25 years ago Japanese scientists discovered that DMT is able to cross the blood-brain barrier with ease. Strangely, it’s as if the brain is ‘hungry’ for DMT. But why?


The DMT Study That Changed Everything


Rick Strassman was the head of the most well-known DMT study known today. His volunteers experienced the most profound experiences during the trials, ultimately shifting Strassman's own beliefs about life and our existence in the Universe.

Rick Strassman was the head of the most well-known DMT study known today. His volunteers experienced the most profound experiences during the trials, ultimately shifting Strassman’s own beliefs about life and our existence in the Universe.


Besides the breath-taking visuals experienced during a DMT trip, something else reportedly happens to people who ‘break through’ during more intense experiences.


During Dr. Rick Strassman’s infamous human-DMT studies in the 1990s, about half of all participants reported making contact with strange entities or beings. Some people described them as “helpers”, “guides”, or “aliens”, Terrence McKenna coined them as “machine elves”. Nevertheless, however the participants described these beings, there was a commonality among their experiences. These beings had been ‘waiting’ for the participants, with much to show them in a limited amount of time.

“Many of the volunteers’ encounters with life-forms in these non-material worlds involved the powerful sense of information exchange. “ Rick Strassman, DMT: The Spirit Molecule.

These beings communicate in varying ways, typically sharing information relating to biology, technology, or even consciousness. Strassman goes on to explain his dilemma, the contradictory nature of his scientific mind and profession against the mystical experiences being reported by the volunteers.

“I was baffled and nonplussed by the sheer volume and bizarre nature of these reports. My crude and minimal responses to volunteers’ tales clearly reflect[ed] my quandary. At first I tried to avoid the pitfalls attendant to developing any explanatory model, either for my benefit or for that of the subjects. After a while, however, we all needed to make sense of these types of sessions.”

Strassman said he immediately flocked to the biological explanation, that the brain was firing up some sort of wakeful dream experience. Yet, the participants refused to accept his conjecture.

Many users of DMT have reported contacting foreign beings who have been 'waiting' for them.
Many users of DMT have reported contacting foreign beings who have been ‘waiting’ for them.

“Research subjects tenaciously refused to accept biological explanations because such explanations reduced the enormity, consistency, and undeniability of their enounters.” A point eventually came, Strassman admits, where he decided to suspend his reductionist, materialistic approach, “I decided to act as if the worlds the volunteers visited and the inhabitants of whom they interacted with were real, as real as room 531, as real as the hospital bed.” Doing this was the only way Strassman could try and come to some sort of understanding of what was happening during the volunteers’ experiences.


Could We Really Be Dealing With A Portal To Another Dimension of Existence?


It may be difficult for some to accept the presence of alien beings in these DMT trips as truth, however, shouldn’t we at least consider the hypothesis considering that at this point, there are no other proven explanations? Here are three possible explanations for the DMT experience:

1.    There are no aliens, it is rather a subjective yet extravagant hallucination of the mind.
2.    DMT allows awareness of processes at a cellular level, or even atomic levels, tapping into the neuro-pathways of the brain or even      communication among molecules.
3.    DMT provides our consciousness access to higher planes of existence which are inhabited by foreign entities.

The last theory comes from one of the greatest psychonauts of the last century, Terrence McKenna. His ground breaking theories have challenged even the most out-of-the-box type thinkers. McKenna was a dedicated student who aimed to fully understand psychedelics and the role they played in expanding our consciousness.

Terrence McKennna, a psychedelic researcher who strongly believed DMT to be the key to unlocking the information about our existence.
Terrence McKennna, a psychedelic researcher who strongly believed DMT to be the key to unlocking information about our existence.


McKenna, like many other psychedelic researchers, believed that DMT was a portal to another dimension wherein we gained access to the true nature of reality, a vibratory non-material space of loving energy and unlimited potentiality. This was obviously far from our current model and understanding of our Universe.


However, this theory is not far from what was has already been taught in ancient Eastern religions or Shamanic traditions. Could these ancient, mystical beliefs in fact be based in truth?

Today, infamous activists such as Joe Rogan are quick to reference McKenna’s psychedelic theories in attempts to explain the astonishing events which take place after smoking DMT. Rogan also believes that psychedelics such as DMT are tools meant for man to use in order to completely expand our normal thought patterns.

DMT is also the active psychedelic ingredient in the popular shamanic brew of ayahuasca, a plant medicine that is quickly growing in popularity, especially in the last few years with the advent of wide-reaching documentaries such as Stepping Into The Fire and Vine of The Soul. Ayahuasca has been known to treat today’s most wide-spread ailments, such as depression, addiction, cancer, and the list goes on. Could DMT be what helps to heal our physical and psychological wounds?


Questions We Must Consider About DMT


With that all being said, let’s over-view what we know about DMT:

  • DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic, the only endogenous psychedelic known.
  • Not only is DMT produced within the body, but it also just happens to be the most powerful psychedelic known to man.
  • DMT is readily and efficiently used by our brains, an organ which is very protective of what it lets across the blood-brain barrier to use as fuel.
  • DMT is known to produce astounding, mystical experiences for anyone who has a stronger dose, ultimately changing the life of its user forever.
  • DMT allows its user to come into contact with beings who wish to share pertinent information.
  • DMT is thought to be released during NDEs, child birth, and also when we dream.

Are You Ready For A DMT Experience?


What role does DMT play in our human experience? Is it a tool here for us to use to rapidly expand our consciousness? Why has our government scheduled a natural brain chemical under strict control? Could DMT be the answer to unlocking the truth about reality and existence? These are important questions which must be seriously addressed.

The power of the psychedelic experience, particularly the DMT experience, is simply unmatchable. Psychedelics are here for a reason, and it is up to us to figure out how to properly utilize them. Ultimately, we can judge the DMT or psychedelic experience however we’d like to, but I suggest only doing so after you’ve experienced it first. The psychedelic experience has something to offer everyone.

Art credit: Cameron Gray. Parablevisions.com

So, I ask you the question, do you want to completely change the way you understand life and existence as we know it? If so, have a full-blown DMT experience, then let’s talk.

We want to hear your thoughts on DMT and psychedelics. Share with us in the comment section below!

Editor’s Note: Many people in the comment section have been asking for more information about DMT. One of the best places to get information about DMT is DMT Nexus, a community of people who have much experience and information about the spirit molecule. Be sure to check them out for further reading! 


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Terrence McKenna on DMT

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  1. DMT and or many enlightening psychedelics are created or derived from plants, they are given to "chosen" groups of people. Yes, the "chosen ones, " often hebrew related connections, their insight into the working of the system we find ourselves in gives them a clear advantage over the masses who do not have access to these potent and life altering chemicals that can give one a sort of prophetic sense of knowledge and awareness into specific channels of energy potential.

  2. Aye - the birthright of all, but few hear and follow the shamanic calling; humankind exists at varying stages of maturity, like all time-bound entities.

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