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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Machine That Built the Pyramids and Coral Castle

The Machine That Built the Pyramids and Coral Castle



The pyramids of Egypt and Coral Castle in Florida were built using the same machine (see photo #1 and #2 respectively). It is a simple machine which quarried, trimmed, transported and stacked each stone into its place. This machine was designed by the ancients to replicate earth’s magnetic field. The machine operates on the forgotten ancient laws of magnetism. This machine is so efficient it has no moving parts, is silent when operating and requires no fuel.

    This machine is very basic, it is a box containing three devices. There are two four-sided 5in. squared base pyramids that are 5in. high (see photo #3). The third device is a sphere which is 5in. in diameter (see photo #4). All three devices are made of solid iron and collectively weigh 40lbs. (see photo #5). The box is constructed of solid wood and fastened with wooden pegs and glue (see photo #6). It is 3in. thick on all sides and weighs 60 lbs. Extended from the box are four iron terminals.

    The three devices are installed in the box (see photo #7). The box serves as a frame supporting the three devices in a fixed “bow-tie” configuration. On either side of the iron sphere, the points of the iron pyramids are as close to the sphere as possible without touching (see photo #8).

    To operate the machine, orient the box in a north/south direction (see photo #9). The box is then raised at least 3ft. high or insulated from the earth. Both pyramid terminals are connected to iron cables that extend 50ft. long, laying on the ground. An iron cable buried 8ft. into the ground connects the terminal at the bottom of the sphere to the earth. The terminal at the top of the sphere connects to an iron rod that is mounted on a wooden handle (to insulate the operator). Finally, secure the cover to the box (see photo #10).

See Below

    Now that the machine is set-up, it can be activated. As magnets from the  earth’s magnetic eld are attracted to the 50ft. long iron cables, they collect in the iron pyramids (see diagram A). This continues until both pyramids are saturated and can no longer accept another magnet. As the next magnet enters the pyramid base, a magnet is expelled from the pyramid’s apex or point. This expelled magnet is attracted to the larger iron sphere and begins to orbit the sphere.

    Magnetic power builds as more magnets orbit the sphere (see diagram B). Simultaneously, magnets get expelled from their orbits by centrifugal force. These expelled magnets are “caught” by a magnetically opposite pyramid and rerouted to orbit the sphere again. This allows for a continuous, steady ow of magnetic power orbiting the sphere. This produces enough power to alter the magnetic orientation of any object.

    The magnetic power creates a magnetic eld in and around the iron sphere (see diagram C). The top iron terminal on the sphere becomes the magnetic north pole with a positive charge. The bottom iron terminal on the sphere becomes the magnetic south pole with a negative charge. The iron rod connected to the top iron terminal of the sphere becomes an extension of the sphere‘s magnetic north pole. The power concentrates on the end of the iron rod until contact is made with an object, such as a stone.

    In its natural state, a stone is comprised of equal amounts of both north and south pole individual magnets. When the iron rod makes contact with a stone, the north pole individual magnets (positively charged) ow from the end of the iron rod into the stone (see diagram D). This creates an excess of north pole individual magnets that repel from the ground, because the northern hemisphere of the earth has a positive charge. The south pole individual magnets (negatively charged) are routed through the iron rod and machine, then ow into the earth. The stone is now magnetically altered and can be easily moved (“levitated”).

    The iron rod is used for trimming stones (see photo #11). The wooden handle has other iron attachments; a long at broad iron blade for quarrying and a short iron wire for detailing the stone. To disengage the machine, break the contact between the iron rod and the stone. To relocate the machine, disconnect the 50ft. iron cables from the pyramid terminals. Remove the iron pyramids from the box before removing the sphere. The earth’s magnetic eld will instantly magnetically re-balance the stone to its original magnetic orientation.





Chapter 1



E=M. Where E is energy and M is magnetism. There are two kinds of magnetism, that of God and that of man. God’s magnetism is based on the interaction of three kinds of individual particles. These particles make up and operate all matter and all life in the universe. When God said “Let there be light” (Gen 1:3), these particles came forth from HIS glorified body.After GOD created the sun, these particles emit from the sun in the form of sunbeams. The particles are the individual north pole magnet, the individual south pole magnet, and the neutral particle of matter. Sunbeams strike the earth continuously, delivering a steady supply of these particles. The earth itself does not produce any of these particles.

The core of the earth is a solid iron ball which attracts individual north and south pole magnets that make up the magnetic poles and magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic poles and field are magnetically balanced at all times. This is maintained by an equal number of individual north pole magnets and individual south pole magnets being pulled toward and pushed from the earth’s magnetic field. Some magnets are thrown out of the magnetic field by the centrifugal force, never to return. They are replaced by sunbeams.

The earth is held in place and together by its two magnetic poles. The strength of the magnetic force of both magnetic poles is equal and cancels each other out. “He suspends the earth over nothing” (Job 26:7).


Coral Castle


Chapter 2




Metal and magnetic rock that come from the earth are not magnets, they are magnetic. The substance that circulates through and around the metal and rock is the magnet. The individual north and south pole magnets make up this substance. In all metal magnets, one end is the north pole magnet and the other end is the south pole magnet. Magnets without and end or round, have one side that is the north pole magnet and the other side, the south pole magnet.

Magnetism consists of two separate magnetic forces, that of the north pole magnet and that of the south pole magnet. The north pole magnet is made of individual north pole magnets. The south pole magnet is made up of individual south pole magnets.

The earth itself is a magnet with a north magnetic pole and a south magnetic pole. The core of the earth is a solid iron ball. The individual north and south pole magnets, in equal numbers, continuously maintain the magnetic balance of the earth’s magnetic field. There is nowhere on earth that is magnetically neutral.

Individual north and south pole magnets are indestructible. Matter can be destroyed, but the magnets that make up the matter cannot be destroyed. Magnets are released from the destroyed matter and go back into the general circulation of magnets (the earth’s magnetic field). Individual magnets of the same kind repel each other. Different kinds of individual magnets attract each other.


Chapter 3




The three kinds of individual particles are the individual north pole magnet, the individual south pole magnet and the neutral particle of matter. The individual north pole magnet and the individual south pole magnet have much in common. They have the same characteristics and properties and are unlimited in number. They are indestructible. Both kinds of magnets have perpetual power, but it is very weak. For more power, larger quantities of magnets are necessary.

Individual north pole magnets and the individual south pole magnets come out of both magnetic poles of the earth. They never stop moving. They continuously circulate from one pole to the opposite pole.

Each kind of individual magnet is smaller than a particle of light. Magnets pass through everything. Magnets encounter resistance constantly, which can slow down their movements. Dry open air offers more resistance than matter, such as iron, which offers less. When individual north pole and south pole magnets collect or become too concentrated in a small space, lightning will strike. Only under these conditions will lightning strike. When this occurs, the magnets are dispersed.

The neutral particle of matter is the least understood of the three kinds of individual particles. It is believed to have some characteristics and properties of an individual north or south pole magnet. The neutral particle, however, has no magnetic charge or force, it has no attraction to earth’s iron ball core and is unaffected by centrifugal force.


Chapter 4




A magnetic current is a flow of concentrated individual north and south pole magnets. North pole magnetic current is separate from south pole magnetic current. It takes large quantities of individual north and south pole magnets to create a north or a south pole magnetic current. Neither magnetic current can run on its own without the other magnetic current running opposite.

When these two magnetic currents run against each other, they do so in concentrated streams of individual north and south pole magnets. One concentrated stream weaves itself around the other, without touching. Together these streams spin in a right hand twist at great speed, while moving in straight lines.

In a battery, for example, the individual north and south pole magnets come out of the positive and negative terminals, respectively. The magnets come out when the opposite magnets are attracted to their terminals or when the battery is connected to a device. The magnets accumulate at their respective terminals when the battery is disconnected.


Chapter 5




When one magnetic current runs against the other magnetic current, the individual north and south pole magnets are attracted to each other. When magnets of the same kind align, they are repellant, pushing each other forward in the same direction. The force of the attraction is equal to the force of repulsion of each magnet. The equal magnetic forces cancel each other out as seen in Fig. 5.

Figure 5

Chapter 6




The atom is composed of three kinds of individual particles. Atoms are created when individual north and south pole magnets orbit around a common core. As in Fig. 6.1, the neutral particle of matter is always the common core. The magnets move at great speeds. Centrifugal forces push the magnets outward, while the magnets are pulled inward by the two equal forces of magnetism. These three equal opposing forces cancel each other out, maintaining the atom’s integrity (see Fig 6.2).


All matter is made up of atoms. The size of the atom is determined by the number of magnets orbiting the common core. Small atoms are pulled toward larger atoms. The magnets that orbit the smaller atom strike the magnets orbiting the larger atom. With a flash of light, a single magnet is struck off the larger atom. This continues until the larger atom is depleted of all its magnets and its common core (the neutral particle of matter) is released. A new atom is formed as the smaller atom incorporates all the orbiting magnets (see Fig. 6.4).


Every form of matter is a product of its own unique combination of atoms. The factors of a combination are the number of magnets in the atom, their variable speeds orbiting the common core and their variable speeds of rotation within that orbit (see Fig. 6.3). The number of different combinations is infinite.


Very high pressures and extreme heat in the earth’s interior cause atoms to burst. When an atom bursts, the individual north and south pole magnets that orbit the common core run toward the earth’s surface. The common core (neutral particle of matter) is no longer contained by the orbiting magnets (see Fig. 6.5).

When many atoms burst at the same time in the earth’s interior, the orbiting magnets pull matter toward them. As the magnets move to the earth’s surface, the matter contracts. When the magnets break the earth’s surface, the matter is released. This shifting and disturbance of matter triggers earthquakes.


Chapter 7




The functions of the human body are performed by muscles that contract and release. The individual north and south pole magnets provide the power required for the muscle to perform. All functions of the human body are physical processes.

In the brain, tiny muscles contract and release imperceptibly. The mechanics of thinking, as well as the five senses, are performed by muscles. There are no “mental” munitionsin the brain.

The number of individual north and south pole magnets in the human body is constantly changing. The human body acquires magnets by eating food. When food is digested magnets are released. These magnets travel through the nervous system, which is a raceway to each muscle. Muscles cannot perform their functions without the power of the magnets.


Chapter 8




GOD BASED MAGNETISM began at creation. This knowledge was given by God to man for the benefit of all mankind. Early peoples around the world understood and utilized this knowledge, probably for agricultural and engineering purposes. The great pyramid of Egypt is certainly not the first, but is the best known application of GOD BASED MAGNETISM. During this time, only a handful of cultures understood knowledge. By the middle ages, only a handful of men knew.

In the twentieth century, Edward Leedskalnin finished construction of Coral Castle (Homestead, Florida). He understood much of this “lost” knowledge of magnetism. By manipulating magnets from the earth’s magnetic field, he magnetically altered huge stones and levitated them. A fixed device he used was similar to that used by ancient builders of monolithic monuments.

Leedskalnin wrote four pamphlets on this knowledge. His writings are vague and incomprehensible. He never explained how he acquired this knowledge that he was used in building Coral Castle. He did not understand the origin of this knowledge, nor did he acknowledge that the three kinds of individual particles were created by God. Since his death, what became of this knowledge is a mystery.       2012

From God Based Magnetism @ https://sites.google.com/site/godbasedmagnetismnet/writings/the-pyramids-and-coral-castle and https://sites.google.com/site/godbasedmagnetismnet/writings/god-based-magnetism

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  1. Ed's notes aren't incomprehensible.....I've personally replicated all his experiments and documented all the results.....

    1. Great to hear - do you have a link for us all?

  2. Hello. I am the author of "GOD BASED MAGNETISM". You are taking my writings out of context. I do not agree with your theories or your conspiracies. You don't have any facts and I challenge everything on your website. So back it up with facts, knucklehead.

    1. Hi. Can you provide a link to any web-based material that presents your theories in a manner you prefer?

  3. Hello again, I see that you did not stand corrected or stand down. You still have "GOD BASED MAGNETISM" out of context. You ought to be ashamed for what your website is doing. You won't take my challenge to deal with facts that can be proven. You must be some kind of a jerk living in your mother's basement. I curse you and your website for spewing out crap.

    1. Please note the disclaimer at the end of the article. While we actually don't believe anything of the kind was used in either case we present this material in the interests of fair inquiry. Please respond more politely to the genuine inquiries in the comments below...

  4. Hello Mr. Green, I have read and understand your concepts, findings, and theories. I also am a Christian which sciences like to openly debunk but cannot wrap their enormous brains around the fact that God is real and is the binding factor of all matter at the atomic level. If space is vast and infinite then so must it also be on the atomic level as well. In a conclusion to this ten would ask the question; Why are we trying to find the so called " God particle "? At any rate not to get off subject , but I like your findings and am using them to come up with my own devices. All of my research will be documented and will be available when complete. I wish you well and may God bless you always.


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