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Wednesday 5 October 2011

Oikumene: The Sacred Life of Us

The Sacred Life of Us


We’re all individuals! Humankind is a collective of self-aware cells in a much larger organism. Every individual is a discreet entity composed of biological protoplasm, and simultaneously a being comprised of energy. All apparently real, solid matter is actually energy that’s patterned by standing waves, including the physical body you recognise as ‘yours’.

Everything is intricately and implicately linked at the energetic level of being, just as every cell is part of a series of wholes. Everyone is a sparking flame of inspiration, awareness and aspiration, living and working within the macro mind and collective body of Humanity; the ecumenical ‘Oikumene’, as the concept was named by ancient Greeks – akin to Rupert Sheldrake’s more recent notion of a ‘morphic field’ of the human species.
The human species is comprised of billions of people, and anything contained or perceived by the whole collective mind of Humankind is accessible to every individual who is willing to explore (their) consciousness. Everything you want or need to know is stored within you, always accessible to the dedicated seeker who explores the limitless inner realms of awareness.

Exploring our true motivations and examining our thoughts is the key to real magic and the beginning of enlightenment. Some claim that the Art of magic is achieving varied states of consciousness at will, while others insist it means altering the fabric of reality itself; either viewpoint is a route to reshaping the world towards the fruition of destiny and/or desire. It’s all a matter of mind; all matter is made of mindstuff, circling the core of the cyclone of time and space, the silent centre where the pointless point of awareness indwells.

Many people have been exploring these inner landscapes for a very long time. Some have returned to the workaday surface of the infinite sea of consciousness with insights worth sharing and propagating; various incarnations of Buddhas for example, who spread introspective belief systems that sometimes – rarely – remain uncorrupted by the trappings and dogmas of religion; the unwritten cores of Tao, Tantra, some Vedic teachings and other, less famous, routes to the All .

There is a relatively obscure belief system called ‘Tellurianism’ (from ‘Tellus’, Latin for the planet Earth), which posits that the Earth is a single living organism comprised of many levels of existence. Tellurianists have been around since long before James Lovelock presented his Gaia hypothesis to the modern world. Their version of the planet Earth as a living organism predates Lovelock’s vision and pursues the idea into different directions;

Everything is alive and conscious at every level of existence, from the planetary scale to the microcosm of every cell and singleton electron, and all are parts of greater organs and organisms of conscious organisation. Every animal, plant and rock is aware. The living, activating principles dwelling in all these physical manifestations are subtler fields of energy, and all are conscious and self-aware on their own scales of space and time.
Consciousness at different levels of being functions at different time rates. For communication to be possible between an individual human and a cell or cellular structure – or the planet Earth – one or both parties must alter their perception of time and scale.

Consider the nature of illness and healing. As an injury heals, any visible recovery is a surface manifestation of subtler processes taking place beyond realms apprehensible to mundane perception or instrumentation. A classic illustration of this point from the teachings of Tellurianism;

Imagine that your house is an individual cell and that you have the awareness of a nearby hill looking down upon it from a distance. The physical building is merely a shell for an indwelling entity or entities (who may even exit the cell and return if they wish, like hermit crabs). The hill will never see the dwellers who call the house a home: not even if they stand or lay perfectly still for an entire day. The house/shell/cell will be all the hill would normally ever see.

The hill’s perception of time – its individual consciousness – is moving at a far slower rate than that of the people who live in the house. Let’s imagine that to the mind of the hill, one day is the equivalent to a thirtieth of a second; a little closer to the long-term planetary timescale of Gaia/Tellus than the mayfly time of animal beings.
Now imagine that a large hailstone crashes through the house’s tiled roof, leaving a ragged hole to mark the point of impact. The object that created the hole in the house would not be visible to the hill’s consciousness, which would simply be aware of the noticeable physical damage.

If someone began to repair the house’s roof, the worker/s would be invisible to the hill, which would only see the substrate of beams and battens forming back into place as the beginning of a marvellous healing process. Next the tiles would appear to repair themselves a row at a time. The hill may be fleetingly aware of the workers’ ladder or other equipment, but even these would shift so rapidly that they would probably remain invisible, or entirely mysterious.

In very little time the house/cell would appear to have healed itself and the hill would never be directly aware of the existence of the repair crew – unless it slowed down its perception of time by a goodly factor and carefully focused upon their minute, rapidly fluctuating and transparent-seeming forms.

The living, conscious planet Earth can’t perceive the consciousness and inner activity of its individual cells any more easily than a human being can; to do so requires a great deal of sensitivity and the inclination and ability to tune into an entirely different order of being. Individual humans can have a very hard time gaining the notice of higher order entities. It generally requires a circle of humans to attract the attention of a horizon-spanning awareness such as Gaia’s, but tuning into the minds of larger entities is another matter. Anyone can do it and survive the experience, provided they use common sense; always be sure of the nature of who you’re dealing with and never invite anything inside the inviolate circle of your being.

Grand insights can happen instantaneously (and often dissolve just as rapidly). Yet all is accessible to every individual and enlightenment isn’t even a heartbeat away – it’s right here, right now. It’s all a matter of recognition. Recognition can take practice. Time. The Work. But when it happens it always comes in an instant, right now. If you want to do it – to be it – first learn to stop thinking… to view the world from the silent centre where all is at peace, and then cease to view at all. Stop.

As above, so below

The only place to start to communicate with other levels or species is within, seeking the place where all thought originates. Thoughts aren’t the words that flow through your head in the language of those who have surrounded you since conception. The word-formed ‘heard’ thoughts that pour through your mind are just socialised tokens of domesticated primate life, slow echoes interpreting far clearer, deeper insights that eternally arise from an infinite well of inner inspiration.
Multifaceted thought forms – real, original inspiration – pour into our mind from ‘higher’ realms faster than light, only to be slowed, narrowed and winnowed to treacly sludge by language-based patterns of tribal customisation.

Thoughts are much quicker than we think they are.

Most animals live lives that are far more compressed than a human’s. Their lifespans are shorter, but they experience everything at a faster rate and their livers are a very full lifetime long. Birds and insects live so rapidly that an ‘instantaneous’ trilling call can contain many communicable sentences, compressed into higher frequencies. We move like cloddish snails to their perceptions and our words are scarcely perceivable.

Snails, on the other hand, perceive changes – time – more slowly than humans. Though smaller beings tend to live faster lives than larger ones – smaller forms resonate with smaller wavelengths and faster frequencies – size doesn’t matter as much as innate metabolic rate when it comes to time flow. All species experience life at a different rate to others. With some the difference is small; to others it’s such a major factor it renders very different species invisible to one another – even predators to unwitting prey.

Many living beings are entirely invisible to us, except via their effects; some we perceive as ‘forces of nature’, the powers and presences of elder lore. In fact, everything is alive and all is conscious. As the cosmos is holographic in nature, consciousness permeates everything and communication is actually instantaneous and illimitable in scope.

Original thoughts stream in from the plenum so quickly – far more quickly than even a sparrow’s cry can emulate – that at a fundamental level of consciousness all species of living beings (and patterns we relegate to ‘forces’) can and do commune together.

It’s fairly obvious to anyone here on Earth who’s loved a pet or familiar – who hasn’t been corrupted by the materialistic Descartian or Confucianist claptrap that ‘animals don’t think or feel’ – that awareness is a single spectrum in all animals. We share a common bond of mind. Motivations may differ in flavour and type yet all share the same kind of self-conscious mind. Our consciousnesses have quantitative differences, not qualitative. It’s a fact as plain as the snout on your face – that we all share a common heritage with the animal world (‘alien’ genetic grafts and interventions notwithstanding). We all share the same consciousness, streaming through myriad forms and senses in the body of Gaia and beyond.

To really enter the world of a very different species, or to perceive reality at another order of magnitude (like Gaia’s), we must alter our sense of the flow of time if we’re to gain the perspective of those who dwell there. We must explore the depths of the fourth dimension and make it our own, instead of always scuttling across its surface at a rate predetermined by the height of our waves.

Changing levels – or entering other plenums or universes – is all a question of wavelengths and frequencies. That’s all that separates a thing from anything else in the manifest cosmos. It’s all a matter of mind; meditation on mindfulness and mindlessness; being here now and being nowhere at all. The ability to ascend or transcend is nascent within us; a talent of perception that awaits use and entraining with concentration and focus. It’s an inborn heritage of all – but it can atrophy through disuse.

The younger – the sooner – you start the better.

Recognise that everything is alive. Look through the walls that surround you now; you can see the horizon, all around you. Above and around are the stars, day and night. Tune into the landform around your body – all around you, on every side, to the circling horizon. Feel the texture and life of its shape and substance. See the myriad points of self-aware consciousness glowing like another starfield on the surface of the earth, across the face of Gaia – the minds of all beings who share here.

Not all are animals, or even material. Some of the stronger influences are entirely non-corporeal, or only partly manifest in this world. Everything is permeable.
An old Aboriginal elder in one of Australia’s outback desert regions once tried to tell a renowned non-indigenous translator and writer how he perceived the Dreamtime – the ‘other dimension’ of the Aboriginal people. He pointed to a small plane on a nearby dirt runway and asked the writer to look at the propeller – how it seemed solid and real when it wasn’t moving, and how it blurred into an invisible state when the pilot gunned the engine.

That’s how the spirit world works, he said. It’s vibrating too fast to easily see.
It takes practice. Time. The Work. If you want to do it, first learn to stop thinking… to view the world from the silent centre where all is at peace, and then cease to view at all. Stop.

- By R. Ayana


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