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Friday 21 October 2011

How Vaccines are Made, How they Work, & How they Cause Autism

How Vaccines are Made, How they Work, & How they Cause Autism
...the price that babies pay...


The THREE MAIN KINDS of Vaccines (given to the public):

1) Dead Bacterial Vaccines would be ignored (by the immune system) so they use diphtheria toxin to force the immune system to come out and fight the third deadliest toxin under Tetanus and Botulism - and to keep from killing the recipient add antitoxin, but don't bother to measure how much and only add an average amount into the varying batches grown before shipment to individual manufacturers. Some batches get too much antitoxin and some don't get enough and are TOO TOXIC, stopping hearts and making it hard for babies to breathe.
 Read about Ehrlich's Phenomenon, Minimum Lethal Dose (MLD) and Formaldehyde.
   Look up: "Universal Dose" (0-6 yrs, made for greatest weight).

2) Dead Viral Vaccines contain MERCURY, used to lodge target germ in the body!

 MERCURY - used to lodge virus-capsid particles into body tissue for Slow-Release. Even smallest amount of mercury annihilates budding dendrites, see footage*. Aluminum is often used for suspension material (leave nothing in the syringe), and combo of Mercury and Aluminum causes lethal Synergistic Toxicity!
 * Watch footage of Mercury stripping a neuron, by University of Calgary!

3) Living Viral Vaccines are made of the dangerous germ with its genes modified (GMO vaccines), at first Attenuated to alter genes, today they are ALL Genetically Engineered viruses modified so you don't feel sick.

  They are trying to achieve what Cowpox was to Smallpox, originally by "natural" means growing Polio in monkey kidneys and Measles in eggs (different species), but today ALL are modified through viral or plasmid vectors (etc) to insert viral genes into host genes.

    Read about: TCID & PFU **, Tissue-Culture-Infectious-Dose and Plaque-Forming-Units, describing potency!

   Also, research veterinarian studies on the migration of mutated viruses through the animal kingdom via thousands of living viral vaccines used on animals, since it's taboo to study for real those for humans (the experiment is on-going, the results being ignored, by everyone except the parents of hurt kids)!

    Luckily many Live Vaccines are duds, because they re-animate as they thaw out and start dying with ONLY 30 minutes after being taken out of the freezer! Some brands say to toss them after an hour, others say after 8 hours.

      ** PFU and TCID in vaccine recipes describes their power, the ability of genetically enhanced viruses to infect individual cells. If they get into the brain they will spread like wildfire and kill the myelin on neurons, damaging and destroying them until a child's immature immune system can get them under control.


  All viruses are grown as seed cultures in HeLa Cells (Henrietta Lacks's most cancerous cells on the planet, the same cells still cloning themselves since 1951), and then shipped to individual manufacturer's for their products, some are killed and some are grown in human host cells to create the perfect life-form, technically new species since the genes from multiple and diverse species can combine. Companies will do anything to get those titer levels up, and the bigger the fight, the better the result, hence POISON (diphtheria toxin) is used in the dead bacterial vaccines, and MERCURY is used to lodge the dead viral particles to act as a vaccine, and the living viral ones are GMO - something out of a nighmarish Twilight Zone episode!

Myelin insulation on Axon 
A NEURON showing:
1) A thousand DENDRITES (blue) are the endless ears,
(note: If cell survives, dendrites CAN grow back).
2) The singular AXON (yellow) is the one and only voice!
(note: Axons DO NOT grow back)

  Brain cells are vulnerable because it takes 24 months for their insulation (Myelin) to finish growing for protection, and the insulation allows electrical current for movement, which is why the babies of humans take a year to walk. Thus, the bacterial toxins used in vaccines like HIB and TDaP for whooping cough, can reach the brain and sear the budding tips of dendrites. For the brain cells that survive, their dendrites can grow back, so the victim can always hear; while the axon does not grow back, so the victim can speak inside their head, but have no actual physical voice!

  Autism is developmental brain damage in the Limbic System neurons lost axons (they don't regrow) or the entire "brain cell" died. Thus, there ia a Spectrum of neurological 'disorders' which is cell loss in the foundation of the brain, where cell growth cannot resume. Degrees of damage depend on many factors, but one is the weight and age of the child, which is why under age 2 is the most dangerous time to risk damaging a child through imperfect and dangerous vaccines.

  1) Dead Viral Vaccines (Hep-B, IPV) destroy neurons slowly *, from MERCURY being used as half germ material to lodge the capsid particles into body tissue, and that's the vaccine, slow release as it's excreted. *note: mercury destroys really fast per neuron, but the effects take longer to see.

  2) Dead Bacterial Vaccines (DTaP, HIB) destroy neurons quickly, from TOXINS burning branches, Diphtheria toxin is always added to incite the immune system to fight benign dead non-threatening bacteria pieces. Victims are random because only some batches of bacteria at early stage of process did NOT get enough Anti-toxin added to them, because only an average amount is added to all batches despite a range in toxin production.

  3) Living VIral Vaccines (MMR, Varicella) destroy neurons quickly, from GENETIC ENGINEERED viruses multiplying in Schwann cells wrapped around Neurons as insulation, destroying them via this insulation called Myelin.

    NEURON DAMAGE can occur to varying degrees from any of the 3 main kinds of vaccines given currently to the public. With the toxic vaccines, brands vary in toxicity. Note that weight is not taken into consideration, all children's shots are UNIVERSAL DOSES, for ages 0 to 6 years and geared for the weight of the 6 year old, about 50 lbs.

  Babies are born without insulation on their nervous system and need their mother’s milk for real protection against all kinds of germs. They are vulnerable to permanent brain cell/neuron damage in the Limbic System which cannot grow new "brain cells" like the Cerebral Cortex, the massive library on top can, and does every night to store memories, to give birth to new cells to hold the day's information during deep sleep.

The toxoids, mercury, & living viruses
in the 3 different kinds of vaccines
can all achieve the same levels of destruction
in 3 different ways...

The three deadliest bacteria are: #1)  Botulism, #2) Diphtheria, and #3) Tetanus. We're most familiar with Botulism, because it is Botox, but even adults don't inject it into their bloodstreams. The same logic should apply to babies when it comes to toxins as deadly as Botox. On Television the drug companies spend most of their commercials describing the horrible side effects from the drugs they're selling, but never describe the side effects from vaccines. And babies get so many today, when I was a child in the 1950's there were only 3 vaccines given to us, and autism was unheard of!

(used to make dead viral vaccines)

Mercury is deadly, quick and unstoppable, until excreted from the body, which is done through the liver. Aluminum is often added as the suspension material within the syringe and this will cause Synergistic Toxicity * (the liver gets clogged with aluminum and can't rid mercury from the brain).

WATCH Mercury Destroying Budding Dendrite of Neuron,
by University of Calgary in Canada

Titled: "How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage"

Footage of Mercury Withering Neuron by Univ of Calgary

(WATCH as budding branch of Neuron is Annihilated upon contact with small amount of mercury!

Footage includes great computer graphics to show what just happened.

  Forget Thimerosal, because the Dead Viral Vaccines used Mercury to make them (Hep-B, IPV, Flu, etc), to count capsid fragments, and to lodge in body tissue for slow release. Neuron death is continous and slowly adds up, acting slower than the destructive power of the toxic (Dead Bacteria) and mutant (Live Viral) vaccines.

  *   SYNERGISTIC TOXICITY is when enough mercury to kill 1% of a test group is combined with enough aluminum to kill 1% of a test group... together they cause 100% death rate.

(Anti-toxin is just the Antibody for toxin!)

Note: Toxoids are toxins locked up in formaldehyde and released as toxins once formaldehyde dissipates, used for Time-Release to make such vaccines last.

The method used to figure out how much Antitoxin to add to toxins of Diphtheria and Tetanus is called EHRLICH's PHENOMENON. When batches of these bacteria are grown for vaccines initially, before they are sent off to individual manufacturers, each batch will grow a different amount of toxin, a range between 100 to 900 MLD (Minimum Lethal Dose). The mistake being made at this stage is because they don't bother to measure how much toxin has been produced by each batch and thus have no idea how much anti-toxin to add, and so, they only add an AVERAGE AMOUNT into each batch. But below is proof that there is a formula to add anti-toxin, which are actually antibodies, to keep from killing recipients of the Toxoid/toxic shots.

"Standardization of Toxins and Antitoxins"
Page 238 from "Textbook of Microbiology"
by Ananthanarayan and Paniker

      "The toxin content of culture filtrates varies considerably from batch to batch. As such their standardization or measurement should be with reference to use their biological activity. Ehrlich defined the minimum lethal dose (MLD) of the diphtheria toxin as the least amount of the toxin required to kill a guinea pig weighing 250 g within 96 hours after subcutaneous inoculation. One unit of Antitoxin was defined as the smallest amount of antitoxin required to neutralise 100 MLD of toxin. Keeping a labile substance like the toxin as the standard led to inaccuracies. Toxin undergoes spontaneous denaturation into toxoid which will combine equally well with the antitoxin. Thus, any sample of toxin will contain a variable quantity of toxoid which will vitiate standardisation of antitoxin. The antitoxin, on the other hand, is permanently stable in the freeze-dried state. Therefore, the antitoxin has been adopted as the reference preparation. Ehrlich's original antitoxin is accpeted as the internationl standard. One antitoxin unit (AU) is defined as the amount of antitoxin that has the same total combining capacity, for toxin and toxoid together as one unit of Ehrlich's original and toxoid together as one unit of Ehrlich's original antitoxin.

  Since toxin always contains some toxoid, two other units for measurement of toxin have been introduced, the L0 and L+ doses. The L0 (Limes nul) dose of the diphtheria toxin is the largest amount of toxin that, when mixed with one unit of antitoxin and injected subcutaneously into a 260 g uginea pig, will on the average cause no observable reaction. As 'no reaction' is not a definite end point, in actual practice, the end point is take as minimum local edema. The L+ (Limes rod) dose of diphtheria toxin is the smallest amount of toxin that when mixed with one unit of antitoxin and injected subcutaneously into a 250 g guinea pig will on the average kill the animal within 96 hours. If toxin combines with antitoxin in constant proportions, it would be expected that the difference between the L+ dose and the L0 dose would be equal to 1 MLD. But when the estimations are actually made, it is found to vary from 10-100 MLD or more. This discrepancy is due to the presence in toxin preparations of varying amounts of toxoid and to the ability of the toxin and antitoxin to combine in varying proportions. This is known as the Ehrlich phenomenon.

   The use of death as an end point for the titration of toxin is wasteful of animals. Romer introduced a method of titration employing the erythematous swelling produced by the intradermal injection of toxin, and its neutralization by antitoxin. The minimum reaction dose (MRD) is the least amount of toxin that when injected intradermally in a guinea pig, causes an erythematous flush 5 mm in diameter visible after 36 hours. The Lr dose is the smallests amount of toxin which, after mixing with 1 unit of antitoxin, will produce a minimal skin reaction when injected intradermally into a guinea pig.

  Ramon introduced a test tube method for titrating toxin and antitoxin based of flocculation. The Flocculating of Lf unit of diphtheria toxin is the amount of toxin which flocculates (coagulates) most rapidly with one unit of antitoxin. The 'Lf' (Limes flocculation) has several advantages. It is inexpensive and rapid and does not need animals. It is possible the only method for titration of toxoids. The amount of toxoids in prophylactics is expressed in Lf units."

  - from the "Textbook of Microbiology" by Ananthanarayan and Paniker, page 238.

    The neurological damage seen in Autism is from the destruction of brain cells in the Limbic System, which do not have the capability to regrow like they can in the Neo-cortex (which does so thoughout life). Cells that survive, but are damaged, can grow new dendrites, but not their axons (the voice of a cell).

SIX MAJOR POINTS on Dead Bacterial Vaccines (DtaP, HIB, etc)

1) See a Recipe scanned from the Manufacturer's Notes,
2) Deadly Toxins are used in bacterial vaccines,
3) Anti-toxin must be added, so recipient doesn't die,
4) Genetic Tolerance in a survivors genes,
5) The Aluminum Matrix of bacterial vaccines,
6) These vaccines are designed to cause Allergies to foreign proteins, by default they include the target germ material!

  1) SEE the Pediarix "recipe" (DtaP plus) by the Manufacturer
      Let's start a vaccine recipe, Pediarix, from the booklet, Point 12:

Pedirix recipe from PDR

  2) Diphtheria is second deadliest bacterial Toxin, and dominates DTP shots, and many other bacterial vaccines, (both Diphtheria and Tetanus need Anti-toxin, made by "Limes Flocculation" (Lf), Some Autistic children are the survivors of such poisoning (from bacterial toxins), especially Diphtheria, especially from the DPT/DTaP-DTP shots. Only those that come out unscathed, the most tolerant, will be able to pass on their genes of tolerance. And, while everyone knows Botulism is the deadliest bacteria, few realize that Diphtheria rates second. Dosage levels have increased, and the sub-lethal dosage levels vary, from person to person, adding to the wide range of Spectrum Disorders. The survivors, those with tolerant genes, will have their tolerance increased with each booster.

  Diphtheria and Tetanus are the main focus first, because Pertussis toxins don't have lethal dosage levels, and are so mild, that's the reason they add the Diphtheria in with Pertussis toxin (whooping cough), so the Pertussis will get noticed by the immune system when it starts fighting everything because Diphtheria toxin is present -- that is the immune response, and the immune system attacks every foreign protein including the Pertussis, which is the whole purpose to to using Diphtheria toxin in the bacterial vaccines.

    3) Anti-toxin has to be added to Toxins (Diphtheria & Tetanus), or they will kill the recipient. The mind-boggling practice of calculating how much Anti-toxin to add can be read here, at Ehrlich's Phenomenon! The practice of averaging how much by Minimum Lethal Dosage level makes the whole thing terrifying, yet real.

    SEE Old Brain Damage (limbic system)

  4) Only the genetic survivors, those tolerant to Tetanus and Diphtheria, will live on to pass on their genes of tolerance to those particular poisons. Boosters build that tolerance in survivors of their first introduction to the DTP and the new bacterial vaccines, which are dominated by Diphtheria, causing most of the SIDS and severe to mild Autism. SEE Genetic Tolerance

  5) Most vaccines use Aluminum to suspend the extremely tiny amount of germ material. To give substance to inject most of it. But, Mercury is used in the dead viral vaccines to count the germ particles, because the proteins of the germs bond to mercury. By knowing how many molecules of mercury they have, they can deduce how much germ there is.

    The liver cleans mercury out of the brain and body before a wipe out occurs, but all the aluminum clogs up the liver, preventing it from getting any mercury out, and the second that mercury coats a neuron, like an oil slick... the neuron withers and dies. That is how, when enough aluminum to kill 1 % of a test group is combined with enough mercury to kill 1% of a test group, a phenomenon occurs called Synergistic Toxicity inwhich everyone dies in the test group, it goes from 1% to 100% !

  6) Vaccines cause Allergies - Vaccines are designed to use powerful immune stimulates to force an allergic reaction - a real attack against a disabled germ particle - thus allergic reactions are created for more than just the target germ! The science of Allergic Reactions is what makes dead bacterial vaccines work, by stimulating the immune system with some of the most poisonous toxins ever produced by bacteria! Next to botulism, which is the deadliest! They are designed to make immune systems attack every foreign protein - including the target protein, that's how they work as vaccines!

  Dead Bacterial Vaccines are Allergic Reactions by design. Dead viral and living viral vaccines work differently, because the nature of viruses make them much greater threats to a body. So, the immune system reacts to the "shell" of a viral by itself, but on the other hand, does not react to the "skin" of bacteria.

  The weaker an immune system, the stronger they make them. That's why the DTaP shot for babies is ten times stronger than the one for adults! In the DTP (DTaP), Diphtheria toxin is so shocking and intense to an immature immune system, as it goes to work attacking every foreign protein, in the hope of getting the target germ (a protein), too! So vaccines are inherently designed TO CAUSE Allergies!

Myelin protection take 24 months to finish growing around Nerves/Neurons

  Myelin is the insulation that must grow around neurons,
so there can be electrical current for movement and thought.
That's why a baby takes a year to walk, without insulation there can be no current, just like in an electrical wire. It takes 2 years for Schwann cells to finish wrapping a dozen times around a nerve cell to allow FULL electrical current and thus maximum power, hence the phenomenon called "The Terrible Two's", when a child feels the awesome-ness of FULL power, finally!

singular Schwann Cell
Outside view of Schwann Cell* wrapped around a nerve

side-view of Schwann Cell growing
Inside view of completed Schwann Cell* at 24 months

  *'Schwann Cells' wrap around the nerve fibers, side by side, creating insulation, called, Myelin Sheath.


Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis Toxins listed below,
check to see which brand your doctor uses!

Toxin Levels Vary by Brand

Adacel =
   Pertussis Toxin = 15.5 mcg (ug) = PT (2.5), FHA (5), Pertactin (3), Fimbriae (5).
    Diphtheria Toxin = SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon 2 Lf.
    Tetani Toxin = SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon5 Lf.

Boostrix =
    Pertussis Toxin = 18.5 mcg (ug) = PT (8), FHA (8), Pertactin (2.5).
    Diphtheria Toxin = SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon2.5 Lf.
    Tetani Toxin = 5 Lf.

Daptacel =
  &nsp; Pertussis Toxin = 23 mcg (ug) = PT (10), FHA (5), Pertactin (3), Fimbriae (5).
    Diphtheria Toxin = SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon15 Lf.
    Tetani Toxin = 5 Lf. SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon

Infanrix =
    Pertussis Toxin = 58 mcg (ug) = PT (25), FHA (25), Pertactin (8).
    Diphtheria Toxin =SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon25 Lf.
    Tetani Toxin =SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon10 Lf.

Pediarix =
    Pertussis Toxin = 58 mcg (ug) = PT (25), FHA (25), Pertactin (8).
    Diphtheria Toxin =SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon 25 Lf.
    Tetani Toxin =SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon10 Lf.


Myelin Sheath insulation is made up of
cells that wrap around the nerves,
they take 2 years to complete growing.

Below are sketches of Myelin Sheath...
    Newborns lack Myelin (nerve insulation)
Myelin is made of cells, side by side, that take 24 months to wrap around about 12 times, and complete the insulation for full protection.


Myelin is the insulation needed to protect the nerves, for current, thought, and protection, especially of the spinal column & brain. from dangerous things that attack them. Myelin is needed to allow electric flow, otherwise the wiring would short circuit, so it cannot flow without insulation!

    This is why babies don't move much, only as their insulation grows, so grows their capability to move - insulation allows electrical current. That is why they reach their peak when they hit 2 years old, as they say, the terrible 2's, because children have finished growing their Myelin insulation, and electrical current can now flow at full capacity, as we observe.

  Many animals in nature can get up and walk right after birth, because they have finished growing gestationally and have full Myelin Sheath insulation on their nerves, so their bodies can handle electric current for movement. Humans are born early because their brains have grown too big, bigger than human bones are built for, and so they come through the tight passage early, "gestationally premature". Evolutionary leaps with some draw-backs!

See Gestational Prematurity

Vaccine Information

Bacterial or Viral... living or dead ?
examples in photos

VIRUS   -  Alive (colonizes)

(Herpes virus in envelope)   (generic viral form)   (geometric viral form)   (RNA Helix)

    SEE families of Viral Families at Human Virology from Stanford University.

BACTERIA   -  Dead (complex organisms that can ooze toxins)

(Pertussis splitting into two)               (Tetanus bacteria)

1. Pertussis is so mild, that the body ignores it, so they add Diphtheria!
2. Tetanus, Diphtheria are deadly and need Antitoxin added to their vaccines...


    Some of the viruses for the living viral vaccines (MMR) have been frozen and are in suspended animation, until thawed out by the heat inside the human body. It's a compressed "Plug" of living virus that's been kept refrigerated, that becomes activated by the body's temperature. It's shaken to mix them throughout the medium, ensuring that 1,000 living Measles viruses, 10,000 living Mumps Viruses, and 1,000 living Rubella Viruses make it into the body. They have been bred into superstrains with 50% infection capability. It's called 'TCID' (tissue culture infectious dose). These viruses are not the same as the natural virus, and have been bred to be far more powerful.

    These viruses are designed to play cat and mouse with the immune system for the rest of that person's life (causing problems in the end when immune systems fail because of old age). The reason they wait a year to give this to babies is because their immune systems are too immature to keep the viruses at bay. And part of the reason for the increase in Autism was because they moved up the timing of the MMR from 18 months to 12. But the viruses don't want to kill their host, ultimately they will find those with most tolerant genes, and select them to be their host. Those that don't have the right genes will not be lucky enough to survive and pass on their genes, only tolerant genes are allowed. The virus has been allowed to shape the genes of the human race to suit their survival at the expense of all those people who were not selected by the virus to survive.

    When the Measles virus spread through an indian village or Mission during the colonial period in America... the Europeans survived but the Indians died because the virus had already preened through and altered the genetic make-up of the Europeans for centuries amongst the few who survived amongst them. This is why Measles was a rather benign disease in America, besides having an immuno-globulin (antibody shot) for the disease, the population can live with it, and it was considered a common children illness, much like Chicken Pox.

Measles virus exploding from a cell

TCID: Tissue Culture Infectious Dose. (MMR), describes invasion rate.

PFU: Plaque Forming Units. (Varicella), counts invasion rate

    These are the ways they count how many cells have been infected, or invaded, by a virus. Plaque Forming Units describes how after a virus has burrowed through the outer skin of the cell, the cell will fill in the hole with something like mucus, plaque. It doesn't realize that the enemy is within, and then the virus multiplies and the bursts out of the cell, and then the immune system kills it, but not all of it, because some has escaped to hide in another cell, and start the cycle all over again.

   Because a baby is older (one year) by the time it recieves the first living viral vaccine, the level of Autism will not be as severe. The brain grows a lot of cells and they make alot of connections in the first year.

Viral Vaccines

Measles - grown in Chicken Eggs. Living viruses target the nerves immediately, travel up the spine (mostly), destroying Myelin and brain cells. One of the major causes of autism.

Polio - grown in Monkey Kidneys.

Chicken Pox - grown in Human Embryonic Lung Cells, and Embryonic guinea pig cells. They are GENETICALLY ENGINEERED.
HepB - grown in Yeast (fermented) - purified for surface antigen (protein/DNA) - absorbed onto Aluminum.

The liver doesn't know this viral protein has been cleaved and can respond the same, swelling up, destroying liver cells. This has been bonded to Mercury to lodge in body tissue for slow release (up to 3 yrs).

Bacterial Vaccines

   (Diphtheria toxin, 2nd deadliest under Botulism, is added to force immune response to something dead)

HIB (haemophilus influenzae) - grown in Yeast (fermented yeast) - filtered - Aluminum added.

  Lives naturally in the human body, in the throat, passed from mother to newborn. (polysaccharide vaccine of membrane-sugars)

Pertussis (DTP)- grown in Nutrient Medium - killed with formaldehyde - absorbed onto aluminum phosphate.   (random deadly batches lacking antitoxin for Diphtheria toxin and Tetanus toxin)

(MPSV4) Meningococcal - Lives naturally in the human body. (polysaccharide vaccine)

(PCV) Streptococcus Pneumoniae - Lives naturally in the human body.
  (polysaccaride vaccine)

Diphtheria - grown in Bovine nutrients (cow) - cross-linked protiens by formaldehyde for slow release - absorbed onto aluminum.

  Second most Toxic bacterial toxins. One of major causes of Autism because the amount of Antitoxin added can never cover the range, and is measured by MLD (minimum lethal dosage), SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon

Tetanus - grown in Casein (milk/cheese) - killed with Formaldehyde - absorbed onto aluminum phosphate.

  3rd most Toxic bacterial toxin is added to Whooping Cough vaccines, and is a major cause of SIDS. This paralyzed my 4 year old son for 3 days and took him weeks to walk normally, from his first DPT shot for Whooping Cough in 1984. SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon
    SEE Vaccine Recipes (PDR)

Researchers call Vaccines, "Designer Diseases."


Aluminum is in the same family on the Elemental Table as Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury, and they all behave similarly once injected inside the body, and head for the nervous system and the brain. Aluminum is used in great quantity in the vaccine-making process, for the same reasons mercury was once used:

  1) To suspend the germs evenly, offering substance for full injection.

  2) To count the germs.... x amount of germ paricles bond to each molecule of metal, and don't share them. By knowing how many molecules of heavy metal there are, they can deduce how many particles of germ there are, or for Diphtheria and Tetani, their Lethal Factor (Lf) in each dose.

    Metallic Suspension is used for both bacterial toxins (DTP), or, their polysaccharide skins, (HIB, PCV, Meningitis), to both count and suspend them.

    The bond is strong and exact, which is why all the Toxoid vaccines use them, to count how many germs there are, to calculate per dose. Heavy metals prevent settling. Plus, their toxicity increases by adding mercury and aluminum together. It's called Synergistic Toxicity.

  For comprehension's sake, I call aluminum a 'Heavy Metal' because it's in the same family with lead, mercury, and cadmium, on the periodic table of elements, all are known to destroy brain cells. Metals are heavy in the body, and injections are the next level of contamination in a body. So, neurological metal, bacterial toxins, and living viruses, can all destroy brain cells in different ways,

quote from Lenn Tech
on the Health Effects of Aluminum:

"....The uptake of aluminum can take place through food, through breathing and by skin contact. Long lasting uptakes of significant concentrations of aluminum can lead to serious health effects, such as:

    - Damage to the central nervous system
    - Dementia
    - Loss of memory
    - Listlessness
    - Severe trembling

    Notice, they took out Thimerosal, and didn't replace it with anything, because they didn't need to, because Aluminum has the same preservative properties as any heavy metal. Hep-B needs Mercury to measure germ levels, and is added not to preserve, but to count the germ particles of Hep-B. Heavy metals are used for counting most germ particles (proteins). Hep-B is part of the Pediarix vaccine, which combines three shots in one (polio, hep-B, and DTP)
SEE more on Aluminum and Lead


    The reason that aluminum and mercury combined together cause exponential damage, is because, while the Mercury focuses on the brain, killing brain cells (always there killing), while adding in Aluminum affects the body systemically, preventing the body from cleansing itself of the Mercury, (which is the only option). Aluminum messes up normal functioning of the liver, because it becomes concentrated in those organs whose functions are to cleanse the body of toxins. So, the body cannot cleanse itself at all, and there's a build-up, it's a kind of Neuro-Uptake-Inhibitor in the body, blocking cleansing.

"Mercury on the Mind" QUOTE

    "... Another important factor with regard to mercury on the mind, which officials at the CDC, FDA and the professors in the IOM do not consider, is synergistic toxicity – mercury’s enhanced effect when other poisons are present. A small dose of mercury that kills 1 in 100 rats and a dose of aluminum that will kill 1 in 100 rats, when combined have a striking effect: all the rats die. Doses of mercury that have a 1 percent mortality will have a 100 percent mortality rate if some aluminum is there. Vaccines contain aluminum..."
      ("Mercury on the Mind, by Donald Miller... SEE full article)

EXCERPT: From 'Pediarix' RECIPE
(where they have combined DPT, IPV, and HepB !!!), it says,

"...The diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis antigens are individually 'adsorbed' (fused) onto Aluminum Hydroxide, hepatits B component is 'adsorbed' onto Aluminum Phosphate. All antigens are then diluted and combined to produce the final formulated vaccine."

SEE current Pediarix & Boostrix recipes


    In making the batches of Pertussis bacteria into the DTP (DTaP) vaccine, they grind up the Whole Cells into smaller pieces (thus, the name 'A-Cellular' or "aP", or just 'P' for short), and rinse them with formaldehyde, which is used in every single vaccine as the one chemical that either "stuns" viruses for the living viral vaccines or "kills" bacteria for the dead bacterial vaccines.

    Making the new acellular DTaP vaccine, is done like making Decaffeinated Coffee, done by rinsing out the caffeine, just washing away what they can. This makes it too weak to work anymore as a vaccine... so... they ADD BACK IN double or triple or quadruple the amount of pertussis toxin... to make up for washing it out...

    DTaP brand "Pediarix" is 4 times more toxic than "Adacel" (which is more than twice as toxic as the original DPT.

Toxins increase in DPT (4 u) to DTaP (10 u)
(Old DPT VS the weakest New DTaP)

OLD - Quantities of DPT Ingredients (whole cell)
      Diptheria - 6.7 Lf units
      Tetanus - 5 Lf units
      Pertussis - 4 units
      Aluminum - 0.33 mg (Sanofi Pasteur)
                  0.65 mg (Glaxosmithkline)
      Mercury - 1:10,000

NEW - Quantities of DTaP Ingredients (A-cellular)
      Diptheria - 6.7 Lf units SEE Ehrlich phenomenon
      Tetanus - 5 Lf units SEE Ehrlich phenomenon
      Pertussis - 10 units
      Aluminum - 0.33 mg (Sanofi Pasteur)
                  0.65 mg (Glaxosmithkline)
      Mercury - 1:10,000


There are 15.5 mcg (ug) of Pertussis Toxins in Adacel,
There are 58 mcg (ug) of Pertussis Toxins in Pediarix.
  Which has been given to your child?
  Pediarix has 4 times the TOXIC POWER as Adacel!

A-Cellular VS Whole-Cell (pertussis vaccines)

 The only difference between Whole-Cell (DPT) and A-cellular (DaPT) vaccines are that the whole cells of Pertussis are ground up and filtered enough to rinse out half the toxins. But, the toxins are what they need to make the vaccine work, because immune systems react to them, and without them the vaccine would just be excreted. Since Pertussis toxins are actually weak (unless jacked where they don't belong, even in the natural disease they don't reach the brain), these bacteria need to be given alongside Diptheria DNA gene segments to be noticed. But when they are injected into the bloodstream, direct path to the developing brain, it's a set-up for trouble in anyone under the age of 24 months. This is how long it takes for the Myelin Sheath to grow in and offer full protection against vaccines or other highly invasive diseases. The best immune system to train is in the throat, because this is the entry point for most germs. Future vaccines should follow the success story of the Oral Polio vaccine which safely eradicated polio from the human population.

  Also, there is an Immuno-GLobulin shot (Antibody Shot) for Pertussis (whooping cough), which works perfectly, just like the emergency Tetanus Shot (an immuno-globulin) works perfectly every time you step on a nail, after the fact, when the Tetanus germ has already entered the body. It works every time, and so do the Immuno-Globulins for Pertussis (whooping cough), and Measles!

SEE DPT recipe details

Pertussis Vaccines has always been BANNED (contra-indicated)
by the manufacturers for anyone over the age of 6, since the beginning. What they give today to teenagers and adults, has are 10 times LESS toxic than those for infants and children! SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon

DtaP shots are "BANNED" for adults, anyone over 6 (by manufacturer)

    below, manufacturer notes (from PDR) stating how DPT is banned for adults!
... called, 'Contra-Indictions' (NOT for use according to the maker of the vaccine!).

it says above:

"...Persons 7 years of age and older must NOT be immunized with Pertussis Vaccine."

The DPT and its newer and more dangerous version (hence, the increase), has always been banned from adults (due to brain damage and law suits). This has always been known by the manufacturer, and this has always been their stand. The idea to give this vaccine to adults is NOT in agreement with the manufacturers warnings in the PDR going back half a century. 

  (In the new vaccine schedule, they are giving the DTaP to teenagers... but those whom are sensitive to the toxins in this vaccine, have already been affected, already succumbed, so it's a mute point after the developmental stage - up to 24 months, and beyond).

SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon


  Attenuation is the way to change a target virus by genetically altering it to create a milder version it. Genes that cause symptoms can be deleted, so one doesn't feel sick. Originally, this was achieved by growing the virus inside a DIFFERENT host species for the LIVING VIRAL vaccines (that only exist in humans, ie Measles, Polio, Smallpox), which would naturally modify the genes in an attempt to recreate viruses likr Cowpox was for Smallpox, being the only case in nature inwhich a benign relative (cowpox) of Smallpox worked. Since then, they are all modified in some way. Polio viruses were grown in monkey kidneys and Measles in eggs. But today, ALL living viral vaccines are GENETICALLY ENGINEERED and that is being called Attenuation, even when they are growing mutated versions of viruses for vaccines inside of HUMAN CELLS.

  For example, Varicella viruses are grown in Fetal Human Lung Cells (continuous line from 1960's), and that is, technically, no longer Attenuation when genetically modifying them inside of human cells.

Genes can be inserted into the genome in their host cell through a variety of vectors, like plasmids or viruses, etc. Varicella is Herpes virus that does a great job of this, being it inserts "its self" into the genome of its host (in sensory neurons), and stays FOREVER, kept at bay by the immune system.

    Now the viral genes are edited to take out things, like symptoms, so one doesn’t feel sick with a bug. Thus, the living viral vaccines that they wait a year to give (18 mos in the beginning) because immune systems can't fight them off, are all dangerous because they insert their DNA into someone's personal cells and produce more mutated copies, personal hybrid copies, mixed of human host and laboratory improvements.

  To recap, aside from the old MMR, today all living viral vaccines are Genetically Engineered (gE) in many ways, as Live Recombinants (species mixing), called 'Chimeras', often using Viruses as Vectors to insert themselves (genes) into the genome of host cells. Viruses like Herpes are used as vectors because they exist as mere DNA insertions in the genome of the host cell.


    Bacteria, on the other hand, are creatures too powerful to be attenuated. Formaldehyde is used to release bacterial toxins slowly, diphtheria and tetanus toxins. It cross-links the proteins of toxin into a web (toxoid state), basically, locking up the toxins, until released when the formaldehyde dissipates, which occurs over time from body heat. Formaldehyde facilitates the slow release, the low dose infusions, needed to keep toxin circulating and the immune system fighting; plus, a full dose of toxin can be lethal all at once.

SEE Vaccine Recipes

SEE fascinating 8 photo sequence "Making the Polio vaccine" (a must see, to believe)

Myelin Sheath Development

Schwann Cells (called Oligodendrocytes in the brain) grow on Nerves

A Neuron inside the Brain

Schwann Cells wrap about 12 times to insulate the nerves, called Myelin.

Dendrites are neurons in the brain need to finish growing, and not be burned by poisons!

Schwann Cells wrap in a row along the nerves, together forming Myelin Sheath.

Myelin is the protective insulation needed, because without insulation on the wires (nerves) there can be no electrical current, which is needed for movement. That's why babies can't walk when they're born (unlike other mammals), and that's why they don't walk for a year, nor master their bodies for 2 years.

SEE Gestational Prematurity

Dendrites wrapped in Myelin

Schwann Cells wrap around the PNS nerves, like a sleeve of insulation, so electricity can flow through them.

Dendrites are the arms of neurons in the brain that reach out to make connections with other neurons by sending chemical signals to each other. The tips of these get seared by toxins.

Under 24 months there is not enough Myelin,
to fully insulate and protect the nerves (and brain),
without which there is not full movement, thus, the "terible 2's."

Gestational Prematurity

Human babies are born early, they are born gestationally premature.

This is because, the human race developed brains that were so large.... they no longer fit through their old monkey pelvises.

  Human babies do not run when they are born, like an antelope moments after birth. They can't because they have no Myelin Sheath, thus, electrical current cannot flow through the nerves without insulation, just like in electrical wires. Thus, babies cannot move and do not have enough Myelin for an entire year, until they can walk (unlike many in the animal world, born with theirs developed)!

    The Myelin Sheath completes growing at 2 years, as one can see in the full physical capability famous during the "Terrible-Two's"..... when toddlers have JUST REACHED FULL CAPACITY, finally, full electrical current (full capacity)!


SIDS is caused by the toxins in the dead-bacterial vaccine Pertussis (DTaP)

As it says below by the manufacturer of the vaccine,
"85% of SIDS cases occur at ages 1-6 months, with the peak occurring at 6 weeks- 4 months of age."
This is because they lack Myelin Sheath to protect their nerves and brain from pertussis poisons!

Manufacturer notes on the DPT/DTaP,
correlating peak occurrence with the first DPT shot,
the DPT shot is given starting at 6 weeks of Age,
during that early stage the shot equates to a snake bite,
and without protective insulation on the dendrites and nerves,
they get the full impact and stop breathing. This could be caused by either the Diphtheria or Tetani bacteria, both of which have paralytic properties. They are 2 of the 3 most toxic substances known to man, the 1st and most toxic is Botulism... all of them are PARALYZING TOXINS. Antitoxin must be added to vaccines or the toxoids of Diphtheria used in the DTP and HIB shots will kill their recipients... like a snake bite, antivenom (antitoxin) must be administered. All batches are different, thus the different reactions, some ending in death or destruction because there is more toxoid than antitoxin...a must read: SEE Ehrlich's phenomenon

(pertussis compared to diphtheria or tetanus)

The Pertussis bacteria is weaker, that is, the poisons are less toxic.
Thus, pertussis is too weak to be noticed by the immune system, when by itself, so they add both Diphtheria and Tetanus to make it work as a vaccine. That's why Pertussis is never given alone, it's always with both Diphtheria and Tetanus (Dpt, DTaP).

    Then, the immune system attacks the piggy-backing Pertussis and any other foreign proteins, will ALL be considered as INVADERS, (and any other foreign proteins). This is how allergies are made, vaccinations ARE designed to create allergic reactions to foreign proteins, and thus, create more allergic reactions to lots of invaders.... vaccines work well, too well...!

    All bacterial vaccines wear off, and Diptheria wears off after 10 years (pertussis, 3 yrs), but a child is given enough doses of Diptheria to equal one for every month of his early childhood. This is because Diptheria is used in so many vaccines to create a response to minor threats, that the body would otherwise ignore.


Other side effects from ALL vaccinations can be from the effects following HYPER-stimulation of the immmature immune systems of infants, will be the creation of lots of Allergies to all the things the victim has come into contact with following the hyper-stimulation of their immune system called 'Immunization' by 'Designer Diseases' to create either a temporary response to bacterial vaccines (because they are dead), and a permanent response to viral vaccines (because they are alive, or powerful proteins) creating the modern phenomenon of so many Allergies.

  Allergies are made during the hours following vaccination, when immune systems are launched into full scale response, into such a battle frenzy that EVERY FOREIGN PROTEIN that enters the body will be considered an enemy... confused with the enemy, so by de-facto an enemy.

    There are foreign proteins in dust from dust mites, peanut butter has protein, so does the dairy that we used to raise our children on so well in the past. Thus, the immune system does it's job well, attacking all the foreign proteins, which unfortunately, makes it so that everything, especially common foods, or spores in the air, or microbial colonies in dander, are all forms of proteins that are mistaken as enemies while in the heat of battle against the true enemy within the 'designer disease' of the vaccine... so, pets at home, dust in the air, milk from the cup will be marked as enemies forever, for Allergies are just immune system responses to common things.

Vaccinating immature immune systems creates most of the Allergies that exist today...


Damage can reach the Pineal Gland, which produces Melatonin so the body sleeps at night, at rhythm with the earth's daily cycle. They have less cells to produce it, and cannot finish processing memory functions when they can't sleep. Tasks performed during the day are stored in the Hippocampus, and then sent to the neocortex during sleep. Without sleep, memory cannot be completed. This makes learning possible, because they can update the information stored in the library in the human brain. without the daily update, the Hippocampus wipes clean the slate every day, and refills on a daily cycle, moving data over at night, so it's not lost in the activities of the next day. Without the melatonin produced by the pineal gland, one would not be able to sleep at night, and thus, not be able to store any data gathered on any particular day.

    The pineal gland is part of the Old Brain that we share with our evolutionary ancestors. Since the dawn of time, the cycle of sleep was a necessity to learn, and thus, the brain does not really sleep at night, everything is just the opposite. And sleep involves going into that electrical state of Theta waves! The balance of the electrical functioning of the brain is messed with, when damaging the ancient parts of the brain that developed these functions. (see below)


Study by Efremova TM, Morozov AT, Markin VP

  Correlation between bioelectrical processes of the cortex, thalamus, midbrain reticular formation during formation of a defensive conditioned reflex in rabbits.


They watched the "EEG power spectra of the sensorimotor area of the neocortex, the dorsal hippocampus, midbrain reticular formation and anteroventral thalamic nucleus, as well as corresponding coherence functions and phase spectra,...their functional integration occurs on the basis of theta-rhythm. The execution of a conditioned act requires isorhythmicity of electrical processes within the Theta-range in the studied structures and an adequate level of their excitability, which is manifested in the dominance of the (X Hertz*) frequency."

EEG - beta wave frequency = 13 to 30 Hertz (Hz)*
EEG - alpha wave frequency = 8 to 13 Hertz*
EEG - theta wave frequency = 4 to 7 Hertz*

MRS Scan of Autistic brain (less cells for activity)

(Less Cells to receive Electric Current)

Electricity is always flowing up the spine, and in many boys it's rushing, especially for those with the greatest levels of testosterone. The amount of current does not diminish, and only increases with personal growth, so that when there is a loss of cells to RECIEVE this current then surviving cells are over-burdened with the extra current, and blow out, like a string of Christmas tree lights would blow out from too much current.

  Neurons in the limbic system are destroyed and irreplaceable. The overflow of current into the cerebral cortex, designed to always grow new cells for hold memories (this is done during deep sleep), and the over flow can be visualized like great electrical tsunamis in the brain appear as constant "seizure streams", so to speak. < br>    prenatal testosterone builds up in boys from the womb, surging at 18 days and birth, post-natal too. This is a precursor to the power inherent within men, to be able to generate enough energy to run all day hunting for the women, who did not need to run all day (and thus have 20 times LESS yestosterone than men). Men have to be on high alert all day amongst the dangers that befell them at every moment. This takes a source of virtually inexhaustable power for great lengths of time.


That's why when they map the autistic brain they see so much hypo-perfusion (lack of blood flow) to the middle of their brains. There is nothing wrong with their blood vessels, the problem is there are LESS CELLS to receive the blood, so there is less blood flow seen into that region. Remember when cells are destroyed it's forever, the only difference is that the cerebral cortex is designed to grow NEW cells, but the limbic loss is forever.


Wikipedia says ...     "... The brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain. It evolved hundreds of millions of years ago and is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. For this reason, it is often called the 'reptilian brain'. Various clumps of cells in the brain stem determine the brain's general level of alertness and regulate the vegetative processes of the body such as breathing and heartbeat. It's similar to the brain possessed by the hardy reptiles that preceded mammals, roughly 200 million years ago. It's 'preverbal', but controls life functions such as autonomic brain, breathing, heart rate and the fight or flight mechanism. Lacking language, its impulses are instinctual and ritualistic. It's concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating. It is also found in lower life forms such as lizards, crocodiles and birds. It is at the base of your skull emerging from your spinal column. The basic ruling emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment emanate from this first stage of the brain. Over millions of years of evolution, layers of more sophisticated reasoning have been added upon this foundation...."

The Reptilian Brain.
All three layers can be seen here: Reptilian, Mammalian, and Human.

Reptilian, Mammalian, and Human.

  The 3-tiered approach is a simplification to grasp the three main epochs of evolution, from reptile to mammal and then human. But note that both reptile and mammal contain cerebrums like the human’s cerebral cortex, that stores memories. The only difference is the memory storage in humans is huge comparatively.

    Autism is a state caused by destruction of brain cells in the limbic system, as the main unique problem. Cells that have survived despite losing the axons and dendrites, have a problem because only the dendrites grow back. Axons do not! The ability of the Higher Brain to recover from damage is amazing, since to store thoughts, brain cells must be created. But the foundation of the brain, what I like to describe as the Old Brain, is the old mammal brain and the stem the reptilian brain who formed the first cognitive growth above its nose, to figure out what it was smelling. These brains, one on top of the other, is the foundation of the Human Being, whose massive Neo-Cortex is basically the library of the mind, where research is done. All foundations like instincts are in the Limbic System, like the instinct to imitate others of one's species to know how to behave, and what to do, and how to survive.

Damage from Reptilian Brainstem up through
Mid-Brain & Mammal Limbic.


The limbic system is the mammal part of the brain
(place of emotions, instincts, & memory formation)

The limbic system, or mammalian brain, sits at the top of the brain stem and just below the cerebral cortex, and is at the core. It contains all the natural instincts within the human species, which were honed over millions of years of evolution, providing the inherent understanding to nurture, love, and join others, and also all behavioral mechanisms. When cells are lost in the limbic system, then functions are compromised and we get the bizarre neurological phenomenon seen in classic autistics. The natural instinct to imitate other members of their species is gone, and instead victims are self-absorbed, hence the name ‘Autism’ from ‘Auto’: “Self.” The Pituitary Gland is usually affected to some degree, which means the key chemical that induces sleep called Melatonin is not sufficiently produced to put their minds into deep sleep. And the mind needs to be silenced, so that it can focus of sorting through all the information gathered in the Thalamus that day, and choosing which is important enough to save, and then transfers that information into the cerebral cortex, which makes a new cell to contain that information! That’s why the same lessons need to be repeated for autistics, and that’s why they learn through repetition and how they can master the one specific field of their focus. They have built upon the memories of their focus. Only the familiar is not frightening, because every day can feel like waking up on an alien planet, which is really terrifying!

If deep sleep is not achieved, then victims will lose
everything they learned the day before.
Daily information is lost every night,
when it should be stored forever.


  The brain controls the body through duality, which is fascinating. And the brain and body works the same way. For movement and stillness, the body does a dance of impulse and braking those impulses.

1) When you need to SIT STILL, you must put the brakes on all voluntary movement, everything but the REFLEXES that maintain an upright position.

2) When you need to MOVE, you must put the brakes on Posture-Reflexes, and release the brake on all Voluntary Movement.

The body is so perfectly balanced
that for movement
there must be non-movement!

To Move there must be brakes that work. It is obvious that even small disturbances in the chemistry-electrical fields can throw the whole system off. The deficits tend to fall into one of two categories: the presence of extraneous unwanted movements or an absence or difficulty with intended movements.


 Graphs of diseases in Japan and America show the drastic decline in all diseases for children because of sanitation techniques that spread and worked so effectively. The first vaccine was the DPT in the 1940’s, and the next one was the MMR in 1967, since then, dozens have been added to the schedule for children. The antibody shots for Diphtheria and Tetanus had been made in the late 1800’s and they work better than vaccines in many cases, because they work 100% for being the actual antibodies. Vaccines force the body to make them, and it’s well known that everyone responds differently to them, and up to half are not effective in generating sufficient antibodies. But antibody shots are what they say they are, officially called ‘Immune Globulin’ shots (immunoglobulins), and GIVE the victim antibodies.

  Remember, vaccines are not prophylactics in the real sense of the word, they do not prevent germs from entering the body. What they do is shorten the time that the germ is inside the body, which shortens the time it has to spread to others. That’s all. But that is the way to stop outbreaks, slowing down a germ. What really stops the spread of germs are toilets, septic systems, and clean running water, as we all know. And the only case in which vaccines are really needed is in Third World Countries where they are surrounded by sewage and lack nutrition, that is a unique situation that calls for desperate measures. Vaccination for tetanus would be needed by every mother and child giving birth on a dirt floor in Africa, but not in first world countries.

  Japan realized as sanitation practices were perfected that vaccines were killing more babies than saving them from hypothetical diseases, and they stopped all vaccinations completely in 1975, and then re-instated a voluntary program ONLY for children over 2 years of age, and as you can see in the chart below, the rate of children’s deaths continued to decline drastically because vaccines were contributing to their deaths. Plus, the Japanese made 2 years the mark because they know that’s how long it takes to grow the insulation to protect the nervous system (CNS) of children, and their progeny have far less neurological damage and very little autism.

Japan’s Drastic DECLINE In Disease before Vaccines


    The Flu shots already contained a vaccine for the H1N1 virus (swine flu). A vaccine has been around for decades, and must be grown for vaccines, or kept alive for the living vaccines.

    But the NEW H1N1 vaccine Spray up the nose is the most dangerous method ensuring that when the viruses thaw out and re-animate, and then swim through the openings of the Cribriform Plate, with holes like a salt shaker allowing direct access, the only such location.
  The Nasal Spray is the latest method for drug delivery, and once the viruses insert their genes (Themselves) into the genome of the host cell, they can make more copies of their mutated selves, and stay latent inside the genes of the host forever, especially since these are all bred in labs to be highly infectious and had genes added and deleted so that symptoms are taken out and one does not feel sick with the VERY SAME germ one was supposed to avoid. If you don't want your child to get Chicken Pox, well they're going to get a genetically engineered version that will stay forever, just like Herpes, because it is a Herpes virus.

  Luckily, most injections are duds because doctors let them thaw out too long and the viruses start dying within the vial within the first 30 minutes.


  Once in the brain, viruses make the Schwann cells
(myelin) make copies of them, which destroys the insulation, and play cat and mouse with a healthy immune system for the rest of one's life, until the end when immune systems age and fail. Then, the viruses can spread like wildfire and destroy brain cells/neurons, losing memories rapidly. THis is one of the causes of dementia in first world old people, and one of the causes of Autism in children over 1 year of age, since they wait that long because they know kids immune systems are too immature to keep viruses at bay. That's why parents can really see the difference, and witness horrible reactions that are tantamount to torture. As the viruses ravage through their heads kids often scream for days, or bang their heads for relief and then often go silent and disappear into the world of Autism. But witnesses are disregarded to protect corporate interests and prevent law-suits. But that's why they don't give kids vaccines to adults, and why kids toxic vaccines are stronger, 4 to 10 times more toxic, to force adequate immune responses from babies and small children. On top of that they are UNIVERSAL DOSES (one dose for 0 to 6 yrs) and made for weight of 6 years.

    Here’s a QUOTE from the FDA (fda.gov) about the new ‘monovalent’ flu vaccine,
a nasal spray of living viruses. Notice the symptoms are exactly like having the flu, because it is!
This vaccine GIVES the recipient the H1N1 virus!=

TITLE: What are the expected side effects of the Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent vaccines?

 “The expected side effects will be similar to those of the seasonal vaccine, potentially including a mild fever, body aches, and fatigue for a few days after the vaccine, and soreness at the injection site. The most common side effects seen with administration of the nasal vaccine include runny nose or nasal congestion in recipients of all ages, fever more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit in children two to six years of age, and sore throat in adults. As with any medical product, serious adverse events may occur. People who have a severe (life-threatening) allergy to chicken eggs or to any other substance in the vaccine should not be vaccinated.”  (!)

    The NEW H1N1 VACCINE actually infects people with the flu... inside shots or sprays are frozen viruses that thaw out in the warm blood or at the back of the nasal cavity - against the brain, making this a particularly dangerous place to spray like a fireman's hose, up the nose! The viruses become re-animated and can cross a thin barrier of the skull, and then, these viruses live there for the rest of their lives, like Herpes does, coming out and eating cells, until the immune system can keep them at bay. The viruses are supposed to live there for the rest of a person's life, that's what makes them VACCINES, but unfortunately, the trade off is that all the while the viruses are killing brain cells.

  When these living viruses are given access to the brains of small children whose immune systems are too immature to fight the viruses, so they wait until 12 months, but that's still too soon, and they are often turned autistic.

  When old age comes along, it means a weaker immune system, and the viruses can take over and leave them in a state of dementia. They lose brain cells that contained memories that can never be regained. Once a brain cell is gone, it's gone.

    Viruses need to invade (infect) host cells to survive. After they multiply inside them, they burst out, destroying the cell.


MRI scan of ADHD/autistic Brain (left) and Normal Brain (right)....
On the left, in the vaccine injured brain
there are less cells in the limbic system
to hold up the Neo-cortex, and it falls down.

The white at the top of the skull is a pocket of 'air'

We see hypo-perfusion (less blood flow) to the Limbic System because there are less cells to recieve blood. The cells have been destroyed by either or a combination of poison, living viruses, or mercury. Hence, the limbic system is small and the neo-cortex "falls down".

TALK on our Circular SKin and the Mucus Lining for GERM PROTECTION
by author Jones on SCAN TV, Seattle.

The mucus lining is an interior skin that protects us from germs
entering inside the REAL INSIDE of our bodies!
 Short, sweet, and fascinating Talk!

Do you know what's in a vaccine?
Find out!

For more enlightening information on vaccination see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/vaccination

For further enlightening information enter a word or phrase into the search box @  New Illuminati or click on any label/tag at the bottom of the pagehttp://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com

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  1. Ok, now who do we blame? Do we blame the scientist for creating this poison? Do we blame all the people who profit from the manufacture and distribution of autism causing agents? Do we blame the ignorant masses for acting to have all their children vaccinated? Do we blame the politicians, the educational, and or media institutions? Who do we blame? Well, I blame the PRICE SYSTEM for creating the conditions necessary for all the above to act in concert with each other as we individually and collectively decide to allow our net worth as people to be determined by the mythical PRICE we place over all of our heads. Until we wake up and realize that the real solutions are already here, no problem like the one stated so eloquently here will ever be solved. Until we begin to really utilize what we know about the physical laws for the benefit to ALL, nothing will change in mans inhumanity to his fellow man.

  2. Aye anon - and avoid these poisons (and dogturd 'doctors' in general) like the plague if you want a longer, healthier life. Physician, heal thyself!

  3. So, why do doctors get their kids vaccinated if they know it's poison?

    BTW, Papyrus is a hideous choice of font.


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