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Friday 15 April 2011

From Dolphins to Alien Abduction

From Dolphins to Alien Abduction
Acoustic Visualisation in Intraspecies Communication

Bruce Duensing
Within the relationships between the possibility of extraterrestrial sentient species, ourselves, and ufology in general is the presumption of communication being possible - as well as potentially being a challenge. Many have discussed the phenomenon which may occur or perhaps is occurring now, as a situation wherein we are talking past one another. Or, one species is speaking and the other has an organic inability to comprehend, let alone recognize that this communication is being presented either directly or indirectly to them.

One of the biggest hurdles in acknowledging this potential pitfall is the close minded methodology of traditional science which, for the most part has tied its hands behind its back while putting the cart of proof before the horse.

"Nature became identified with matter and its movement, whereas mind, believing, suffering, perceiving, but not interfering, was conceived as existing apart from the external nature that it observed, described, and measured. Yet to the extent that mind is in nature, it is a product of nature.

“Mind is a quality proceeding from living organisms, and organisms are regarded by mechanist science as arising from the blind interactions of undirected matter; both life and mind become in this view simply the outcome of the random interactions of matter over a vast scale of time.

“Any apparent meaning to this process, any type of evolutionary advancement or value or purpose, is simply a projection of the observer; in itself, nature is intrinsically blind, without purpose, meaning, or value. This was the philosophical paradox that modern science, based on inductive abstraction, led itself into: confronted with a universe both lifeless and devoid of mind, how to explain the apparent intelligibility of nature and the fact of living organisms."

-Terrence McKenna, The Invisible Landscape

What if the intelligent species we came upon had no natural defense against our own animal instincts of exploitation, harvesting, and extermination?

What makes the consideration of this possibility a judgment we make upon ourselves, is that unlike other species less empowered we have a choice in this.

Is what we fear in alien contact a form of perverse recognition of what we are?

Are the chilling experiences of abductions a mirror of our own controlling and exploitative behavior? Do as I say. As I have said before, it was if a unrecognized force of nature was taking possession of our free will and then stepping back and saying, ‘well... how do you like it when the shoe is on the other foot?’ The clinical clean room setting. the blind drones, the sociopathic assurances, the physical and psychic violation of others… then to be discarded like a piece of senseless meat alongside the road. We would prefer all of this to go away so we can pretend this is not so. You think what you want, as for me - Message received, loud and clear.

Gosh, Why do the aliens not land? If given a choice, would you?

"These experiences illustrate the thesis that one can protect one's self by maintaining one's ignorance by belittling disturbing experiences. Or one can newly recapture sensitivity and be open minded (even painfully so) and discover new facts. Discovery, in my experience, requires disillusionment first, as well as later. One must be shaken in one's basic beliefs before the discovery can penetrate one's mind sufficiently above threshold to be detected.

“A certain willingness to face censure, to be a maverick? To question one's beliefs, to revise them, is obviously necessary. But what is not obvious is how to prepare one's own mind to receive the transmissions from the far side of the protective transparent wall separating each of us from the dark gulf of the unknown

“Maybe we must realize that we are still babies in the universe taking steps never before taken. Sometimes we reach out from our aloneness for someone else who may or may not exist. But at least we reach out, and it is gratifying to see our dolphins reach also, however primitively. They reach toward those of us who are willing to reach toward them."
-John Lilly

There are rare exceptions to this reign of "mental illness" wherein 'nature is intrinsically blind, without purpose, meaning, or value'; in fact, there have been several scientists, who to my despair have passed away leaving us stranded, feeling, as the also departed Loren Eisley observed; "Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war."

One who comes to mind is Gerald Hawkins, who, after studying crop circles as a mathematical model of communication, observed, "Natural science processes, left to their own devices, like whirlwinds, rutting hedgehogs, and bacteria have no relationship to the diatonic ratios. They (the diatonic ratios) are human-invented. They are the human response to sound. The only place I can find diatonic ratios in nature are bird calls and the song of the whale. I don’t think the birds made the circles, nor did the whales."

John Lilly took the challenge of interspecies communication seriously. Should there be sentient life other than ourselves either in the dust of stars or deep within the oceanic world, his work, regardless of whether this be true or not, has value. To those of us who look to the vast and seemingly improbable distances between ourselves and some faint glimmer of hope we may learn form a more intelligent species, Dr Lilly observed;

"They (cetaceans) have been on the planet now with brains our size or larger for 25 million years. We've only been here with our present brain size about two-tenths of a million years. So they've been here something on the order of 25 to 50 to 100 times the length of time we have. I'd just like to talk to such ancient beings..."

Typically, when we hear of evidential episodes wherein dolphins among themselves are able to communicate information we naturally make the hasty assumption based on our own biology is that the modality of language is verbal rather than imagery as we are biased toward the familiar.

"With proper techniques (hypnosis, drugs, etc.) we can program or compute an "acoustic space" into the "visual space." -JL

Think of two channels akin to stereophonic sound. One is speak-see image and the other is speak-transmit image.

"The dolphin receives almost as much information through his ear as we do from our eye... The two phonation apparatuses can be linked one to the other to give ‘stereo phonation.’ ...We have found that the dolphin has a third emitter, especially constructed for the production of his ultrasonic beam." -JL

Interestingly, it has been discovered recently that one of our own sensory organs evolved from an earlier, but as yet unclear divergence of a common mechanism of sensory sound which are still present in the structure evidenced in the gills of fish.


‘Now in this book there are a lot of stories about talking animals: talking snakes, and birds, and fish; and about people who try to communicate with them.

John Lilly, the guy who says he can talk to dolphins, said he was in an aquarium and he was talking to a big whale who was swimming around and around in his tank. And the whale kept asking him questions telepathically. And one of the questions the whale kept asking was: do all oceans have walls?

You know, I've always thought that one of the most serious defects of the human body was that you couldn't close your ears. You can't point them anywhere or close them, they just sort of hang there on the sides of your head. But an acupuncturist explained to me that the pressure points in the ears are very important because the whole body is represented right there in the ear. The ears, he said, are vestigial fetuses, little versions of yourself, one male and one female, and he showed me here's the lobe, that's the miniature upside down head, and this curve here is the spine, and right here are the little genitals, and that was when I went back to wearing hats.'

-Laurie Anderson 'John Lilly' from 'The Ugly One With The Jewels'

I convey the work of Dr Lilly in the context of alternate modes of communication as they may apply both to interspecies communication as well as our respective difficulties of translation.

Perhaps, under our noses, this is occurring in some manner, while we are far from developing a dialog. In the Newtonian sense, for the purpose of illustrating this situation, communication is like a ping pong game, back and forth, the ball of sound shuttles cojoined between the players.
Recently I returned to reflect on the passive "listening" concept behind SETI.

I thought to myself, if I want to play ping pong, how successful will I be in achieving my goal of having a game if I wait for the statistical probabilities resulting in these random factors; A. some person to come by B. A person who intuitively knows I want to play without my announcing this by making it known C. Knows ping pong.

Then consider I want to find a player on Alpha Centauri as I sit on my lawn chair. What if they don't like and\or cognize ping pong?

Hmmm...maybe I should begin actively pursuing making this known first locally.... if I am in a alien country like France, do I go out onto the roadway waving a ping pong mallet shouting ‘ping pong! ping pong!’? If I chose to pursue this, perhaps it would work better once I am released from the psychiatric facility. I might have saved myself a great deal of tragicomedy if I held up a picture of two people playing ping pong and pointed to myself.

Is there a common, universal language shared throughout our universe as well as in the ocean depths?
The reciprocal exchange of energy within our own solar system and beyond could be viewed from several perspectives.

One of which is that each planet orbiting around our sun as well as the aggregate system could be likened to that of a living creature of nature with a unique subset of ecology's and yet perhaps all share a common language much like that of the aforementioned dolphin, in that while it can be heard, it would be quite a challenge to transliterate.

Each planet, one might say, represents a unique evolutionary stage of development. These lifeforms we call the planets have a harmonic relationship in this exchange of energy.

In their orbital paths in relation both to one another and all in relation to the Sun, reflected energy in the form of light creates a dynamic symphony within a spectrum of living musical harmonics in this reciprocal dialog between them. Take a moment and let's overhear what they are conveying to one another courtesy of the NASA Inspire VLF receiver at Spaceweather.com before moving further and closer to the surface of our own planetary sphere.


Then we have the dual sonic waveforms propagated as a visualization in the language of the dolphins. Let's listen to this dialog as well and compare it to our earlier example in the interstellar VLF band.


One of the advantages of ultra-sonic sound - as opposed to the sound that we can hear - is that the tiny wavelengths of these high frequencies can penetrate into and reflect off of the smallest crevice and contour, echoing a sound profile of minute detail. These sounds can even be used to probe soft tissues, reflecting the differences between bone, flesh and blood. Our physicians use this feature to gently explore the contents of a mother's womb to determine the health and identity of her child.

Dr John Lilly studied dolphins to determine how they communicated the structure of their complex community to each other - how they were able to coordinate advanced hunting and play strategies, often a high speeds He spent 18 years performing repetitive routines with them; recording all of their sounds in an attempt to learn their vocabulary. Not once in that time did they repeat a sound phrase at least a phrase they were not asked to repeat. In other words, if you are transmitting images in real time they would not be repeated as there is no requirement to "spell out," as in this side scan sonar image.

We know now that not all communication requires a symbolic vocabulary - that many deeper messages are embedded in the tone of a voice or the turn of a phrase. But the degree of accuracy conveyed in dolphin communication indicates the possibility of an astounding form of communication - communication through sonic holograms.

Another advantage is the astonishing speed this modality demonstrates when we compare it to the written or spoken word. Consider the range that they are capable of communicating these images within and it makes remote viewing look like a near sighted gypsy reading tea leaves. Now we have to take into account memory, in other words, if you know the sound signature of an stereotyped image and transmit this image, you may find what Ms. Hawkins has discovered:

"Liz Hawkins, of the Whale Research Centre in Australia, spent three years listening to bottlenose dolphins living off the west coast of the country and recorded a total of 1,647 whistles from 51 different pods of dolphins. From the starting frequency of the sound, its duration and its end frequency, she identified 186 different whistle types, of which 20 were particularly common. She told New Scientist: "This communication is highly complex, and it is contextual, so in a sense it could be termed a language."

-London Daily Telegraph "Scientists Identify The Language of Dolphins"

We also know through the study of cymatics, the energy we cannot hear from a sensate platform can be translated into visual images as Galileo discovered;

"As I was scraping a brass plate with a sharp iron chisel in order to remove some spots from it and was running the chisel rather rapidly over it, I once or twice, during many strokes, heard the plate emit a rather strong and clear whistling sound: on looking at the plate more carefully, I noticed a long row of fine streaks parallel and equidistant from one another. Scraping with the chisel over and over again, I noticed that it was only when the plate emitted this hissing noise that any marks were left upon it; when the scraping was not accompanied by this sibilant note there was not the least trace of such marks."

Here is a cymatic "alphabet" that can be arranged using letters that are in essence, energy:

This observation, which was prepared by the witnesses took place on 5 November 1978 at 00:05 hours, local time on board (4 November 1978, 21:35 GMT)on board the MS Dione. The phenomenon took place in about 15 minutes, after which the wheels and spokes disappeared slowly. Note the scale of the hull outline to the diameter of the light observed.

What is interesting in these reports brings to mind use of a sonic detection with may cause such an pattern effect on the bio-illuminating lifeforms present in the sea. According to published reports, these were not seen until the passing of wood vessels and the introduction of metal hulls. Were the wooden hulls a factor as they were not detected?

We return once more to the images in the report of the good ship MS Dione and consider them perhaps in a different light.

If we look at a cymatic effect, the results are striking, even in a coffee cup.

Then again, when we look at the transliteration of energy=sound=image as in the aforementioned example of dolphin language, we seem to have the possibility of a commonality lurking in the background of a potential for interspecies communication, which the late Dr Gerald Hawkins made the focus of his studies using the mathematics of the Diatonic Scale of sound. In simpler terms we are in another related modality, sound as music as a visual image.

Diatonic Scale-In music theory, a diatonic scale (from the Greek
διατονικος, meaning "[progressing] through tones", also known as the heptatonia prima and set form 7-35) is a seven-note musical scale comprising five whole-tone and two half-tone steps, in which the half-steps are maximally separated. Thus between each of the two half-steps lie either two or three whole-steps, with the pattern repeating at the octave. The term diatonic originally referred to the diatonic genus, one of the three genera of the ancient Greeks.


And pray tell, what on earth is the three genera? It is a spectrum of energy.

Those various divisions are what determine the different genera (plural of genus - the actual Greek word is genos, but commentators writing in English generally use the Latin form). There were 3 basic genera: Diatonic (= 'thru tones'), Chromatic (= 'colored' or 'thru the shades'), and Enharmonic (= 'properly attuned').
So if energy translated in the language of sound creates three dimensional images in this phenomenon occurring in dolphins, as theorised by Dr Lilly, can we see it demonstrated to us directly rather than through the conceptual language of the written word? Whether we communicate through atmosphere or water, there is one universal tongue.... the image.

What is also interesting to turn over in our minds, is the relationship between biological evolution and the parallel path of evolving technology as an extension of the senses by which each species communicate to one another either in close range or at a distance. More specifically in relation to this concept are the interesting long human pathways of translation as compared to the dolphin, some of which are extremely subtle.

Human Path:

1 and 2. You want to communicate. Now before you even derive words to arrange your composition internally, Kirshnamurti made some compelling arguments that awareness or more accurately consciousness precedes the translation to thought so there may be two steps prior to the initiation of communication.

3. You convert thought to the movement of atmosphere through your lungs and tongue.

4. Intonation that we could consider as a carrier wave. It isn’t what you say it’s how you say it. This in of itself is music. I don't suggest this experiment with your significant other. Try listening to a conversation in musical terms. Don't listen to words alone. After awhile you will pick up on unintended communication as to a state, IE: Low modulation=low energy, etc.

5. Our vibratory pitches and modulation is converted to an electrical matrix as in a cell phone.

6. This is then transmitted by microwave.

7. The microwave transmission is received and relayed and then returned to electrical impulses.

8. The electrical impulse is converted to the appropriate range to move an atmosphere.

9. This sensory input is received by the ear and from the ear to the brain.

10. The mind translates the sounds into a common language as well as notes the modality.

We have not yet even begun to explore the differences in communication that are divided between knowledge and a state of being. Ideally these should match but in reality, it largely does not. I cannot not provide you with my experience, or a state of being, which places value and effective behavior into interpretation of this mix. Neither can you for me directly, in terms of constructing an effective and immediate efficiency of terms. To put it simply, knowledge is knowledge. If there is no match between players, then this also has to be translated.

Now consider that there are 6,700 differing spoken languages that are utilized on our planet.

The old "Take me to your leader" routine is reductionism at its finest

What if we "spoke" in images? When one considers the long evolutionary path of the dolphin to our own comparatively brief term, perhaps we should now consider telepathy in a new light, let alone the anecdotal accounts of extraterrestrial creatures using this process exclusively. It is difficult to discern the difference between our stereotyped anticipation foisted as a projection upon experience and what actually occurs.

My own experiences which another may claim to be an abduction, for me have been one of a dialog that I cannot make fit into a linear statement whether it arises from my inner pictorial metaphors animated by neurons or a superimposed transmission. All I can say is that these infrequent journeys into Oz are more provocative than definitive…

The Dream State And Synapses

Perhaps there is a form of "telepathy"
utilizing ultrasound as a pathway of simulating a visualization of reality, which may be a means to transplant seemingly experiential data by means of this interface, in order to either enlighten, confound, or by happenstance, confuse the human recipient by simulating a direct experience, which could also be used to misdirect those who seek clues in the storage of memory. When I use the word telepathy, I am aware that this is not telepathy in the strictest sense, but rather as a superimposition using biology to interface with a visualization.

If this is so, the reactions of abductees would be as real as if they occurred, and elicit the same physiological reactions as they are indeed memories but not the sort we simulate by our own volition. All of this is seemingly paradoxical and subject to ridicule, in terms of substitutions that ironically we utilize throughout our lives in the omniscient simulations of our senses. For example, the often reported experience of floating through walls seems patently ridiculous and subject to understandable skepticism, however, if the context of a dream has been superimposed within the frame work of a simulated experiential reality, this may be a clue that, yes, this occurs, but not in a strictly traditional, empirical context.

I would by no means call this a formal theory, but rather an intuitive speculation. Someone once gave me an enormous compliment in calling such strange concepts that emanate from my own ruminations, "respectable tin foil" which now seems fairly ironic, or perhaps accurate in light of this subject matter. I was so enamored by this moniker, I seriously considered changing the name of this blog by retitling it to reflect this description.

Regardless, it is beyond redundant to state that we all for a good portion of our lives are in a dream state, which is, for the most part a visual and auditory simulation based on what are close to "real time" simulations that our sensory apparatus produces, as we experience nothing directly in any real sense, but rather what the mind has configured as a coherent representation of information transposed by biochemical processes.
One particular portion of this process takes place in the brain's synapses which serve as gates in the flow of this data through what are called neurons. The function of a neuron is to receive input "information" from other neurons, to process that information, then to send "information" as output to other neurons (Synapses are connections between neurons through which "information" flows from one neuron to another). Hence, neurons process all of the "information" that flows within, to, or out of the central nervous system. Our dreams are no exception to this state of affairs. They are, if you will, a simulation of a simulation.
The 23.5 trillion synapses we possess incorporate gaps between them which is why I referred to them as gates within a neural net, in that this data jumps a gap. However in this complex system of processing signal data, there is a choice to be made by the synapses. What happens prior to that choice is what is of interest to us, keeping in mind we are focusing on dream states as a simulation process.

Those who have a background in quantum physics have noted that this presynaptic connection, to simplify this concept, can be in two states at once. In other words, it can be yes and no at the same time as a potential, rather than an immediate outcome. One could say that perhaps this gateway or synapse in this state which is a non state in a sense, provides an opening, a pause that may be considered in of itself an input if there were a technology to manipulate this state, in order to interface with this data stream. Let’s leave this concept and move further on to return to it later.

Cetacean Theory

In the last post, the role of cymatics in relation
to decoding Cetacean sound imaging was briefly covered. The role of sound in creating images was covered as well.

Here is the representation of transposing sound to images, it is a very minute fragment of a John Stuart composition, a full series of which can be found here:
If sound images are utilized by this species to produce internal images rather than being transposed through an intermediate medium such as an alphabet, a spoken language, or equally, the extra step we take in processing sound to words, words to thought, thought to semiotics, we have a very efficient system of communication between the members of this species, or more pointedly, one that resembles them, albeit with legs and arms, which also qualify them as non human. A similarity as apposed to an incomparable concept is a tricky balancing act when it comes to envisioning on typeface what my mind has scavenged.

If we use our imagination, one can envision that this corresponds to what our dreams are - visualizations of a simulation. It is very worthwhile, perhaps even necessary to follow this link to explore this facet of non human intelligence.


A key portion of this excellent essay is as follows;

"Dolphins perceive the world mainly through sound, just as humans are oriented to vision. Their vision is poorer than ours, but their hearing is much more acute. They need such a well-developed sense of hearing because they use a system of sonar navigation just as bats do. They emit clicks and whistles and the returning echoes form an image of their surroundings.

This sonar has some interesting side benefits; for instance, it allows the dolphins to "see" within each other's bodies. They might even be able to send each other the equivalent of 3-dimensional images. Imagine speaking a language in which a short phrase could contain a photographic image of person's face! The dolphin's speech and hearing both cover a much wider range than a human's. Their communication seems to extend from about 500 to 80,000 cycles per second. By contrast, human speech covers only the range from 100 to 5000 cps. 

Dolphins can hear sounds as high as 200,000 cps. They have several means of producing sound and can independently emit at least three different sounds at once. What this all adds up to is an extremely efficient means of communication. Lilly estimates that dolphins can take in 20 times as much information through their ears as humans can. So they have the physical capability, at least, to use languages much more sophisticated than our own."

This infers that SETI may be seeking apples from oranges by anticipating a semi rigid set of linear descriptions, whereas if sound as a direct visual versus spoken language is the case, by using multi-syllabic tones superimposed on one another, as well as the fact that no two images may be alike as a probability, and so perhaps transcription by a anthropomorphic biology based on comparatively repetitious patterning may be better served by a visual transcription by cymatic analysis seeking parallel tones simultaneously.

In simpler terms, an alien data stream is more likely to sound like gibberish as it is not a language by our own definition, if we listen for exactitudes of patterns in semi-rigid repetitions, we need only look at what we visualize every day and how little is repeated in exactly the same way. Perhaps they need a musicologist for visual sound images.

An Interface Between Non Human Intelligence and The Brain’s Simulations Through The Synapses
Imagine a humanoid with cetacean sensory applications -
evolving over a vast portion of time - much like many of our own species have, perhaps, this ability. It is perhaps reasonable to suggest it would have developed further along as well in terms of creating visual simulations through the manipulation of complex patterns of ultrasound, through cavitation or resonance. Again, this infers a reversal of land to sea to from sea to land, in a variation provided by a nonhuman evolution. Although we can imagine new concepts, it is difficult at times to avoid putting them in familiar contexts.

Here is where we return to the role of human synapses which also resonate. Could such a highly evolved nonhuman creature interface with the synaptic gates and thus transpose images which already exist within their form of sentience into our own simulations which are already occurring within a dream state by using ultrasound that is present in their own biology? If you want to wade through some of the material on synaptic resonance, simply run a search on these two words.

Creatures dependent on sound versus creatures dependent upon light to visualize a common reality may also be capable of creating one within another as a simulation. In our own crude manner we already go down a technological path to accomplish this. Imagine what a creature can do, using ourselves as an example, and what a much more efficient system can accomplish over thousands of years, versus a couple of decades of Newtonian noodling.

I seldom recommend books but if this topic or any of the others interest you, you may want to follow this link http://www.amazon.com/Physics-Consciousness-Quantum-Mind-Meaning/dp/0738204366

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  1. Perhaps when we as a human species evolve to a point of unity in our own communications with one another, then and only then will we become sensitive enough to transmit and receive universal communications with ET's. We must first complete kindergarten before we move on to the next level. We can't expect to receive a masters in universal communications when we're still stuck in pre-school. Today our communication skills have evolved to the point of self-destruction with the very real threat of destroying our own world through our lack of communication skills with our fellow human beings, so what do we expect when we refuse to solve our own problems, despite our ability to do so? We will not be welcome to communicate with ET until we unite for the betterment of ALL the world.

  2. Aye - and how will we even recognise 'other' consciousnesses while still self-divided by archaic racism and unipolar love?


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