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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Astrophysicist: Giant Spaceships are Orbiting Mars

Astrophysicist: Giant Spaceships are Orbiting Mars
Phobos is a spaceship, says famous scientist

Astrophysicist Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky calculated the orbital motion of Martian satellite Phobos and came to the jaw-dropping conclusion that the moon is artificial, hollow, and basically a titanic spaceship. The scientist is world renowned for penning the classic science book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe" with famous Cornell University professor, the late Carl Sagan of PBS and Voyager space probe fame…

Dr. Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky

Fear and Horror

Mars' two moons, Phobos and Deimos, translate
into "fear" and "horror." As Mars is named after the god of war, the names seem appropriate. Both satellites were discovered in 1877 by U.S. astronomer Asaph Hall who never guessed they were artificial.

Both moons are extremely odd, especially the tumbling moon of fear: Phobos. Shklovsky puzzled over them.

Phobos and Deimos.

Deeply troubling facts

Two facts deeply troubled Shklovsky.

First, both moons are too small. No other planet in the solar system has moons as tiny as the Martian moons. They're unique.

Second, their origin bothered him. Were they captured asteroids as others assumed? No, they could not be! Their orbital plane was all wrong. And they're too close to Mars. Much too close. Even more amazing--Phobos changes its speed from time to time.

Impossible, yet true!

Phobos is shaped like interstellar spaceship

Russian astronomer Dr. Cherman Struve spent months calculating the Martian moons' orbits with extreme accuracy early in the 20th Century. Yet, Shklovsky astutely noted, as the years progressed into decades the mystery moon's orbital velocity and position no longer matched its mathematically predicted position.

After lengthy study of the tidal, gravitic, and magnetic forces, Shklovsky came to the inescapable conclusion that no natural causes could account for the origins of the two odd moons or their bizarre behavior, particularly that exhibited by Phobos.

The orbit of that fantastic moon was so peculiar, so bizarre, that Phobos had to be a gigantic spaceship.

Every other possible cause was carefully considered and resignedly rejected. Either alternate explanations had no supporting proof or the math was wildly off.

So, Phobos had to be accelerating as it lost altitude, yet could the outer fringes of the thin Martian atmosphere be affecting it? Was the atmosphere actually causing a braking action like the deteriorating orbit of a slowing Earth satellite?

A hollowed out Martian moon

Phobos is a hollow, empty tin can

During an interview about the peculiarities surrounding Phobos, Shklovsky said, "In order to make this braking action so significant, and taking into account the extremely rarefied Martian atmosphere at this altitude, Phobos should have very small mass, that is, very low average density, approximately one thousand times smaller than the density of water."

A density that low, less than an Earth cloud, would have dispersed Phobos eons ago. That could not be the solution.
"But can a continuous solid have such low density, probably smaller than that of air?  Of course not!  There's only one way in which the requirements of coherence, constancy of shape of Phobos, and its extremely small average density can be reconciled. We must assume that Phobos is a hollow, empty body, resembling an empty tin can."

A tin can indeed! Like a spaceship is a tin can in the cosmos. For all intents and purposes, the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module was a tin can exceedingly smaller than Phobos, of course.

Computer modeling of weird 'moons'
"Well, can a natural celestial body be hollow?  Never!  Therefore, Phobos must have an artificial origin and be an artificial Martian satellite.  The peculiar properties of Deimos, though less pronounced than those of Phobos, also point toward an artificial origin."

Alien spaceships the size of small moons orbiting Mars? That makes the so-called "Face on Mars" look ridiculously feeble by comparison!

  Strange monolith on surface of Phobos

Yet, no less than the United States Naval Observatory weighed in on the Russian astrophysicist's amazing revelation, stating: Dr. Shklovsky quite correctly calculated that if the acceleration of Phobos is true, the Martian moon must be hollow, since it cannot have the weight of a natural body and behave in the prescribed manner.

Thus, even that august American institution conceded that mysterious alien ships might be orbiting Mars.. .the objects' strange origins and ultimate purposes completely unknown.

Speculations over what the giant artificial spaceships might be have ranged from massive Martian space observatories, to half-completed generational interstellar spaceships, or even gargantuan planet-killing space bombs left over from an interplanetary war waged millions of years ago.

If they are world-destroying bombs, hopefully they're duds...

Iosif Shklovsky

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky (Ио́сиф Самуи́лович Шкло́вский; sometimes transliterated Josif, Josif, Shklovskii, Shklovskij) (Hlukhiv, Russian Empire, July 1, 1916 – Moscow, March 3, 1985) was a Soviet astronomer and astrophysicist. He is remembered for work in theoretical astrophysics and other topics.
He won the Lenin Prize in 1960 and the Bruce Medal in 1972. Asteroid 2849 Shklovskij is named in his honor. He was a Corresponding Member of Soviet Academy of Sciences beginning in 1966.



Shklovsky was born in Hlukhiv, a city in the Ukrainian part of the Russian Empire. After graduating from the seven-year secondary school, he worked as a foreman on building Baikal Amur Mainline. In 1933 Shklovsky entered the Physico-Mathematical Faculty of the Moscow State University.
There he studied until 1938, when he took a Postgraduate Course at the Astrophysics Department of the Sternberg State Astronomical Institute and remained working in the Institute until the end of his life.
He specialized in theoretical astrophysics and radio astronomy, as well as the Sun's corona, supernovae, and cosmic rays and their origins. He showed, in 1946, that the radio-wave radiation from the Sun emanates from the ionized layers of its corona, and he developed a mathematical method for discriminating between thermal and nonthermal radio waves in the Milky Way. He is noted especially for his suggestion that the radiation from the Crab Nebula is due to synchrotron radiation, in which unusually energetic electrons twist through magnetic fields at speeds close to that of light. Shklovsky proposed that cosmic rays from supernova explosions within 300 light years of the sun could have been responsible for some of the mass extinctions of life on earth.
In 1959 Shklovsky examined the orbital motion of Mars's inner satellite Phobos. He concluded that its orbit was decaying, and noted that if this decay was attributed to friction with the Martian atmosphere, then the satellite must have an exceptionally low density. In this context he voiced a suggestion that Phobos might be hollow, and possibly of artificial origin. This interpretation has since been refuted by more detailed study, but the apparent suggestion of extraterrestrial involvement caught the public imagination, though there is some disagreement as to how seriously Shklovsky intended the idea to be taken. However, Shklovsky and Carl Sagan[1] argued for serious consideration of "paleocontact" with extraterrestrials in the early historical era, and for examination of myths and religious lore for evidence of such contact.
In 1967, before the discovery of pulsars, Shklovsky examined the X-ray and optical observations of Scorpius X-1 and correctly concluded that the radiation comes from an accreting neutron star.[2]
His memoir, Five Billion Vodka Bottles to the Moon: Tales of a Soviet Scientist, was published posthumously in 1991 by W.W. Norton & Co.



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