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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Free Energy System Charges Batteries with Batteries: Doug Konzen’s OverUnity Pulse Motor

Doug Konzen’s OverUnity Pulse Motor

Free Energy System Charges Batteries with Batteries

One motor takes in .63 watts DC and lights up two one watt AC light bulbs. That's all you need to know or see  - that this motor puts out more watts than what takes to run it. Under a single watt DC to run it; two watts AC output.
Last year, Doug demonstrated a new type of electric motor/alternator designed to be 10 times more efficient than a conventional electric motor alone.
This year he has come to the realization that some aspects of his motors can be found in the EV Gray motor. Many believe that zero point energy is involved, requiring a medium such as a battery to interface with conventional circuits. It makes sense in that the Bedini, Konzen, EV Gray, and Kipper motors all need batteries. Doug is making great progress on the pulse-motor — recent tests in El Paso, TX verified that it is an over unity device!

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  1. Please have Doug Konzen call my cell at 787-298-8760 about mass production. I understand the motor,


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