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Thursday 29 July 2010

Tesla Sees Evidence that Radio & Light Are Sound Waves

Tesla Sees Evidence that Radio & Light Are Sound Waves

An Inventor's Seasoned Ideas

By Orrin E. Dunlap, Jr.

Fruits of Seclusion

…The big, modern research laboratories
are but the incubators of ideas as [Tesla] has watched them function. Seldom, if ever, he explains, has an original idea of consequence been born in an elaborate laboratory. The egg of science is laid in the nest of solitude. True, it may later be incubated, hatched and nursed in the million dollar laboratory.

"It is providential that the youth or man of inventive mind is not 'blessed' with a million dollars," said Mr. Tesla. "He would find it difficult to think. The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. No big laboratory is needed in which to think. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind. Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born. That is why many of the earthly miracles have had their genesis in humble surroundings."

Radio experimenters of this age are following ancient theories, Mr. Tesla believes, and he warns that progress will be more rapid when they discard the old and adop the new ideas. His directions for getting on the right track of radio, television and sundry other branches of science follow:

"The fascinatiion of the electro-magnetic theory of light, advanced by Maxwell and subsequently experimentally investigated by Hertz, was so great that even now, although controverted, the scientific minds are under its sway. This theory supposed the existence of a medium which was solid, yet permitted bodies to pass through it without resistance; tenuous beyond conception, and yet, according to our conceptions of mechanical principles and ages of experience, such a medium was absolutely impossible. Nevertheless, light was considered essentialy a phenomenon bound up in that kind of a medium; namely, one capable of transmitting transverse vibrations.like a solid.

A Question Tesla Asked.

"It is true," said Mr. Tesla, "that many scientific minds
envisaged the theory of a gaseous ether, but it was rejected again and-again because in such a medium longitudinal waves would be propogated with infinite velocity. Lord Kelvin conceived the so-called contractile ether, possessing properties which would result in a finite velocity of longitudinal waves. In 1885, however, an academic dissertation was published by Prof. De Volson Wood, an American, at a Hoboken institution, which dealt with a gaseous ether in which the elasticity, density and specific heat were determined with rare academic elegance. But, so far, everything pertaining to the subject was purely theoretical."

What, then can light be if it is not a transverse vibration? That was the question he asked himself and set out to find the answer.

"I consider this extremely important," said Mr. Tesla. "Light cannot be anything else but a longitudinal disturbance in the ether, involving alternate compressions and rarefactions. In other words, light can be nothing else than a sound wave in the ether."

This appears clearly, Mr. Tesla explained, if it is first realized that, there being no Maxwellian ether, there can be no transverse oscillation in the medium. The Newtonian theory, he believes, is in error, because it fails entirely in not being able to explain how a small candle can project particles with the same speed as the blazing sun, which has an immensely higher temperature.

"We have made sure by experiment," said Mr. Tesla, "that light propagates with the same velocity irrespective of the character of the source. Such constancy of velocity can only be explained by assuming that it is dependent solely on the physical properties of the medium, especially density and elastic force.
Microwave Possibilities

Coming now to the wireless waves, it is still true
that they are of the same character as light waves, only they are not transversal but longitudinal. As a matter of fact, radio transmitters emit nothing else but sound waves in the ether, and if the experts will realize this they will find it very much easier to explain the curious observations made in the application of these waves.

"It being a fact that radio waves are essentially like sound waves in the air, it is evident that the shorter the waves the more penetrative they would be. In 1899 I produced electromagnetic waves from one to two millimeters long and observed their actions at a distance. There has been a great hope expressed by various workers that introduction of these waves will have a revolutionary effect, but I am not sharing the opinion. They will be used, of course, but to a very limited extent. It is manifest that applications of the very short waves will not produce any appreciable effect upon the wireless art.

"Errors" Retard Wireless Power

‘What about the possibilities of power transmission
by wireless' the inquirer asked.

Here again Mr. Tesla blames "a strange misconception of the experts" and "grievous errors" for retarding the idea. He believes that when it is accomplished, the power will travel on long waves. He said he could vouch that the scheme of wireless power transmission is entirely practical.

"The application of short waves for power purposes," said Mr. Tesla; "involves complicated and expensive apparatus for rectification or frequency transformation, which would make any serious attempt to carry out a project of this kind much more difficult from an economical point of view."

When will television come around the corner? he was asked.

"It ought to be with us soon, and some day it will be on a par of perfection with broadcasting of music." Then with a circular sweep of his arm and added, "There will be large pictures thrown on the wall."

- From The New York Times — April 8, 1934, Section X, p. 9, col. 1. via http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=126698407368633&id=115868628449039


Tesla 'Harnesses' Cosmic Energy

Inventor Announces Discovery of Power to Displace Fuel in Driving Machinery

Calls Sun Main Source

A principle by which power for driving the machinery
of the world may be de rived from the cosmic energy which operates the universe, has been discovered by Nikola Tesla, noted physicist and inventor of scientific devices, he announced today.

This principle, which taps a source of power described as "everywhere present in unlimited quantities" and which may be transmitted by wire or wireless from central plants to any part of the globe, will eliminate the need of coal, oil, gas or any other of the common fuels, he said.

Dr. Tesla in a statement today at his hotel indicated the time was not far dis­tant when the principle would be ready for practical commercial development.

Asked whether the sudden introduction of his principle would upset the present economic system, Dr. Tesla replied, "It is badly upset already." He added that now as never before was the time ripe for the development of new resources.

While in its present form the theory calls for the development of the energy in central plants requiring vast machinery, Dr. Tesla said he might be able to work out a plan for its use by individuals.

The central source of cosmic energy for the earth is the sun, Dr. Tesla said, but "night will not interrupt the flow of the new power supply."

From The Philadelphia Public Ledger — November 2, 1933 via http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=126977447340729&id=115868628449039

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  1. Tesla did not use laminated iron core transformers as they induced 'eddy currents' that were 'random noise' in electromagnetic propagation. Tesla wound his own version of a 'flat; transformer with an air core for wireless power transmission and 'electro-levitation'. He seemed to prefer 10 M~ for most of his work.

  2. Tesla did not use laminated iron core transformers as they induced 'eddy currents' that were 'random noise' in electromagnetic propagation. Tesla wound his own version of a 'flat; transformer with an air core for wireless power transmission and 'electro-levitation'. He seemed to prefer 10 M~ for most of his work.


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