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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Ocean Floor Rises by 13 Feet per Day Near Australia

Ocean Floor Rises by 13 Feet per Day Near Australia

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website [link to www.ndbc.noaa.gov] has a Tsunami station in event mode activated for Station 55023 - STB Coral Sea located at 14.803 S 153.585 E (14°48'9" S 153°35'6" E).

The tsunami station has been in event mode since large quakes occurred in the area for several days now. This is triggered by the buoy registering anomalies in the level of water column height above the sea floor.

If you do a data search for 2010 March 20th to 2010 April 13th you get this-

Over 100 meters or 328 feet less distance from buoy to sea floor in 24 days! That’s 13 feet per day since the quakes.

As you will see from the waves on the line graph it matches the tide lines perfectly

Coral Sea tide chart –

[link to www.tide-forecast.com]

So Station buoy 55023 is still on the surface. Its not the lunar cycles, checked that as well.

There also has been a very odd sea surface temperature in the same location

See link CSIRO web page
[link to www.marine.csiro.au]

Note the area in blue on the map on the left then see the unusually cold surface temperatures on the surface in the map on the right.

Seismic activity has also offers an insight as to what may be occurring

[link to aslwww.cr.usgs.gov]

Note the long time periods of S waves on this seismic station is the upward thrust of the ocean floor by 13 feet per day?

New Illuminati’:

Here's a possible xplanation, gleaned from Davis Wilcock @ Divine Cosmos - "...And if you can indeed knock out something as solid and resilient as a missile with this technology, what could you do to the weather? Or to seismic fault lines, if you bounced your beam off the ionosphere and then aimed it back down towards the ground on a triangulated point?
This is precisely what many insiders say HAARP is really being used for -- weather modification and 'natural' disasters. This research article is a preliminary step towards establishing such a connection, despite making some huge and unlikely leaps in logic by tying in worldwide events that HAARP may or may not have been responsible for.
One of the most interesting data points the above author found is this -- namely how some of the waves from HAARP in Alaska would converge on a "magnetic conjugate point" in the South Pacific Ocean:
[link to www-star.stanford.edu]
The program will study radio waves generated by the HAARP transmitter in Alaska.
We expect some waves to be ducted along the earth’s magnetic field lines – propagating out beyond five times the earth’s radius and returning to earth at a remote location in the South Pacific Ocean…. {the South Pacific is a hot bed of seismic activity}
These waves will propagate through several important physical layers beyond the earth’s atmosphere.
By operating a receiver at the magnetic conjugate point where the waves are most likely to return to earth, we will develop significant scientific understanding of those layers and the processes that affect them.
Therefore, it may well be possible to generate HAARP effects that could potentially be strong enough to knock out a Russian nuclear missile. These same waves could also potentially hit certain locations around the world -- including seismic fault lines -- by directing them at various magnetic conjugate points..."
From [link to divinecosmos.com]

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