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Tuesday 16 February 2010

You, too, can build this free-energy motor!

You, too, can build this free-energy motor!
Scalar scientist Tom Bearden says the Kawai over-unity engine can be built directly from the patent.
The patent is HERE
The diagrams are HERE

United States Patent 5,436,518
Kawai July 25, 1995

Tom Bearden describes his experience:
"Most Japanese are in fact peace-loving folks, the way you pointed out. The problem in the energy field seems to be that the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) is seizing and stopping all Japanese-developed overunity systems. There are at least three of these Japanese overunity systems that I'm aware of, being held off the market.
Control of one of the Japanese systems, the Kawai system, was seized right here in the U.S. in 1996, in my physical presence and the Board of Directors of our little company. We had reached an agreement with Kawai to market his engine worldwide, set up a development laboratory here in Huntsville for further developments, and get on with it. We reached that agreement on Thursday evening that week, after negotiations most of the week.
That night, a jet arrived post-haste from Los Angeles, with a special Japanese on board, and the next morning Kawai and party were in fear and trembling -- and just hung their heads in shame and great disgrace. One of the individuals accompanying the newcomer had the typical markings and tip of a finger missing. At that point, everything was finished. We shipped the two Kawai engines we had received out of here to Los Angeles. The Japanese party left, and that was that.
"The Kawai engine switches the magnetic flux path at the opportune moment, by a very clever mechanical arrangement augmented by photo-coupled EM switching, and eliminates most of the back mmf. This effectively doubles the COP of the magnetic motor to which it is adroitly applied. If the motor is, say, 0.4 (normal inefficient motor), you will get a COP = 0.8, but not overunity. But if you start with a high efficiency magnetic motor (as made by Hitachi and others) of, say, COP = 0.7 or 0.8, you will get a motor with COP = 1.4 or 1.6. The latter can then be close-looped to power itself and a load simultaneously. Kawai personally informed me that he already had a successful closed loop motor running and had filed another patent in Japan on it. "
Closed looping means the motor can just sit there powering itself, not needing any connection to anything or any fuel of any kind. A self powering motor.
If you look at the diagrams of the patent you will see that this would need precision equipment to build, but I hope someone tries it and succeeds. 

Teruo Kawai, "Motive Power Generating Device," U.S. Patent No. 5,436,518, Jul. 25, 1995.

Tom Bearden writes:

Some references in which I covered Kawai's work are:
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Extra Image - http://www.cheniere.org/techpapers/jap/fig9a.jpg

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