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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Still Wild Still Threatened

Still Wild Still Threatened

Help These Rainbow Peace Warriors Save the Planet


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In 2006, a group of grassroots environmental activists representing forests and communities in Southern Tasmania joined together in recognition of the continuing threat to Tasmania’s ancient forests. Since this time the Still Wild Still Threatened (SWST) campaign for Tasmania’s Southern Forests has garnered significant attention and dramatically raised the public profile of forests such as the Styx, Weld, and Upper Florentine. 

SWST advocates for the immediate formal protection of Tasmania’s precious Southern Forests using a combination of political and corporate lobbying, community education, research, exploration and frontline direct action. We also promote the creation of an equitable and environmentally sustainable forest industry in Tasmania. Protecting Tasmania's ancient forests: a real climate change solution. 


Still Wild Still Threatened released research results which show Tasmania's giant eucalypts are considerably older than was previously thought. Radiocarbon dating tests carried out on wood from a Styx Valley tree reveal an age of between 500 and 600 years old.

Styx Valleytimeline
Styx Valleytimeline

A forest campaigner taking a sample of wood from the ancient eucalypt.

Still Wild Still Threatened campaigns operate on a number of different levels, including non-violent direct action in the forests and in towns, community awareness raising on a local and global scale, research and data collection, lobbying key decision makers and coordinating festivals, arts projects and musical events.

This map shows all of the Southern Forests in Tasmania which are under threat or being clearfelled NOW. These are areas of unique old growth forests whose biodiversity of flora and fauna are irreplaceable. They are home to ancient tree species not found anywhere else, thousands of varieties of moss and fungi and threatened animal species like the Wedge Tailed Eagle and Tasmanian Devil. 

We only have the resources to focus on particular areas which have been chosen due to their higher conservation values. Still Wild Still Threatened focuses on the Upper Florentine Valley at the same time keeping tabs on the Styx Valley, Mt Mueller, The Wedge and Clear Hill which have been extensively logged already. While the Huon Valley Environment Centre campaigns for the protection of forests further south in the Weld Valley, the areas further south are being devastated with little resistance.

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Editor's Note: In early 2011 Gunns corporation admitted defeat and agreed to cease all logging in old growth primary  forest...

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