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Friday, 23 October 2009

Twitter: The CIA is following you.

Twitter: The CIA is following you.


Recently reported by Wired Magazine, the CIA has secured a stake in Visible Technologies, which is is social media monitoring & information software company. Visible is currently working with Microsoft as they are interested in the instant social media information related to the release of their new Windows 7 operating system.

This new technology would give the CIA easy streaming access to keywords & information found on blogs, twitter, amazon and soon to be facebook status updates. The CIA will claim publicly that they are planning to use this technology to observe foreigners that are not US citizens and likely claim that they are only looking at those who seek to incite violence through the social media website.

However, I would wager a bet that the CIA will do more. Just like we never thought the CIA would be involved with torture, or that when we allowed the Patriot Act to be passed, we didn’t think the governmental agencies would use it to spy on people having phone sex or normal everyday conversations with family members. 

Now, I have nothing to hide from the CIA, so I say bring them on. However, anyone who does not want the US government to spy on them is advised to either stop tweeting, blogging and facebooking or start utilizing the website’s privacy features that block outside access to your information. (This is also something you should do if you don’t want google, yahoo or Microsoft’s Bing search engines from reading your tweets and blogs.)

My challenge to the CIA is to actually find information that is credible, seek a warrant to search the content of the suspects computer & actually follow our federal laws laid out by the US Constitution. You have easily accessible information in front of you, do not go around the courts to get a “secret” warrant from a “secret” court because this violates my rights and anyone else’s rights.

For more information, check out Wired Magazine’s article here: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/10/exclusive-us-spies-buy-stake-in-twitter-blog-monitoring-firm/
See information on Visible Technologies here: http://www.visibletechnologies.com/
Democracy Now did an interview with the Wired writer which can be found here: http://www.democracynow.org/2009/10/22/cia_invests_in_software_firm_monitoring

Have fun reading my blog CIA. 

I am a dissident, I am for freedom & if you ever feel you want to suffocate my freedom – you will have to suffocate me because I will not be silent out of fear. I will not be silent when the truth is all I say. I will not be silenced by anyone. Freedom at all costs.

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