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Monday, 19 October 2009

Endless Crusade: Religion poisons everything, but war makes hell on Earth

Endless Crusade

Religion poisons everything, but war makes hell on Earth


The new millennial anti-Islamic crusade is progressing apace. Throughout carefully massaged histories written by victors, regional conflicts and major wars have usually been caused by off-the-shelf lies and unconvincing fabrications. This is nothing new; most conflicts are wrought for ‘reasons’ utterly different to those provided to gullible populations of sporty team players and nationalistic ignoramuses.

Everyone knows the one-sided war in Iraq (truly a massacre of innocents, using overwhelming asymmetrical force) was based on so-called ‘sexed up’ intelligence reports. Who did the sexing up – the bald faced lying – that made this all possible? It was lying lawyer/politicians that you probably voted for. Everyone knows the leaders of the ‘free world’ lied to their own citizens as thoroughly as they misled all the other peoples of Earth.

Anyone with half a brain could see what was happening prior to the year 2000, when US Republicans lied and cheated their way back into the White House while the world watched aghast. They’d earlier publicly promised they’d do whatever it took to regain the reins of power - just as, bold as brass in the knowledge that no-one would hold them to account for their crimes, they announced in early 2001 that they’d henceforth be altering intelligence reports. Which is the party that the military perpetually backs and fills and votes for, after all? Who butters the warmongers’ bread – and who recalls that since the 1980s the US economy has been designed to run on war? Without war not only would Amerika fail to dominate the rest of the world, but its economy would immediately collapse. Despite apparent recent changes in voter patterns and in the general zeitgeist, the Bush dynasty of Emperor Georges I and II ended the promise of US democracy and snuffed out the light of liberty. But the writing’s been on the wall for decades.

Credible threats have been thin on the ground since World War Two, and ever since that time most large scale wars and minor military incursions have been based on incredible threats and outright lies. Since the 1970s (at least) ‘intelligence’ has filled the news with subtle and unsubtle prods encouraging Western people to see a war against Islam as inevitable - even as desirable to superstitious fools who think of religions as football teams. The same malefactors have twisted the minds of gullible people in the Islamic world, turning them into a formfitting complement of purblind brutalising warriors.

Defacto crusades can be made to last forever, spilling profits into the coffers of corporate warmongers as swiftly as they spill the blood of innocents into oil-tarred sands. They certainly did so the last time around, when the feudal monarchies of the world conspired in an endless centuries-long struggle to conquer a distant ‘holy land’ and murder any who stood in their way. Those who forget the lessons of history…


Killers for Christ

Everyone knows the Iraq war was based on a lie, and yet the fighting goes on and on and on – longer now than all the bloody years of World War One or Two. Everyone with a memory should recall that hawkish US warmongers planned to invade Afghanistan long before the fabricated emergency of 9/11. They should realise that the ‘Patriot Act’ had been prepared long before that false flag attack, readied to turn the land of the free into a terrified homeland free of the brave and bereft of regard for truth or honour.

It’s obvious now that Weapons of Mass Destruction were always a lie. Many thousands stood in the streets and denounced the lie even before the Long War began. All those intelligent farsighted protesters were derided as ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘cowardly’ and the juggernaut war rolled over millions of innocent people – millions of deaths which fed the maw of bestial corporate clowns in the corridors of power.

A CIA front organisation called ‘al Qaeda’ was stitched up with a crime committed by smiling politicians and their shadowy puppetmasters. Where is this deadly group of terrorists today? Right where they always were – they only exist in the imaginary world of Misters Fixit, the gunman Cheney and brutal Rumsfeld; selling news for Mister Murdoch, NBC, ABC and all the rest of the pile of lowest common denominator crud-sellers, who can’t understand why people won’t believe their lies as readily as they once did.

Has anyone in Amerika – or all their ‘allies’ in crimes against the Afghan people – noticed that the war is no longer against the fictitious al Qaeda, but someone else entirely - the indigenous Taliban? How could this happen, without anyone seeming to notice? Hasn’t anyone read 1984? Hasn’t anyone heard of the historical Great Game, or noted contemporary movents of billionaire-owned gas and oil through vulnerable pipelines in these unstable territories?

And the corporate liars and soap-sellers of the co-opted and mediated mass media have the hide to deride the independent commentators of the Internet. Oil’s ain’t oils and power is power; it’s almost as simple as that.

Meanwhile, the real perps have got away with mass murder as usual! They’re still raking in billions and trillions, laughing all the way to the banks they own as they suck the world dry. Look at oil, at cars and tanks, at GMO foods, nuclear power and weaponry, insecticides, patented lifeforms, bullets and guns; their filthy hands desecrate everything they touch. All substantial manufacturers and miners are owned and/or controlled by the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, along with the Fortune 500 and any profitable company backed by self-blinding shareholders.

There’s no need to blame scapegoat Jews or the Sultan of Brunei - the pillars of your society are rotten to the core; all your heroes have feet of clay and foreign holiday homes stuffed with cash and servile slaves. They’re the same old barren-minded robber barons of yore, still dressing their corpulent corporate frames in silken cloth and gilded fripperies – and the peasants they own are still too stupid and preoccupied to notice they’re being fattened for slaughter. 

How could Amerikans – whose nation was forged in protest and revolt against distant murderers, tyrants who ruled with a sense of unending entitlement, stand by and allow this to happen to their country – and, because of this dereliction, to the entire world?


Long Time, Short Memory

All these events have been on the drawing board for a VERY LONG TIME. When I heard what was planned for the New Millennium back in the 1970s, the events of our era had already been plotted, believe it or not. Yet it seemed outlandish to expect educated populations to Fall for these age-old tricks, even if they’d still worked so well in the trumped-up Vietnamese phoney war. It seemed unlikely that an unending ‘crusading’ war wouldn’t be seen for what it was by the newly educated populations of wealthy nations – an endless money-making exercise in a new incarnation of the same old Royal Game.

It seemed unlikely that the world’s people would be blinded to the death of the planetary ecosystem and the rape of a dying world by the fog of manufactured wars; unlikely that they’d fail to see what was happening under their very noses, crimes committed by their own hands. Unlikely they’d allow the Nazis to take over again, or fail to recognise the same old wolves kitted out in the same old daggy wool.

It seemed foolish to believe that the broken-backed Nations of Islam could be conflated with a ‘credible threat’ that would ensure continual profits for power mongers – or that the ruined Temple of Solomon might eventually become an excuse to start World War Three and implement global control or genocidal policies of conquest; but believe it or not, this madness is still on the cards and the worst is probably yet to come, for the self-proclaimed King of the World desires to be crowned in an establishment befitting the ancient credentials of Rex Mundi.

I was obviously as naïve as all the war-loving dolts in Christendom and Islam.

If you keep people numb and dumb and ensure some or many fall through huge gaps in inadequate social safety nets as examples to the rest, the fearful mug punter will swallow pretty well anything – even tranquillising rat poison in their tapwater and biocides sprayed on their food. Anyone foolish enough to tell them they’re poisoning themselves and their kids will be derided or attacked. As we’ve seen throughout times past, most coopted football-worshipping proles will roll over and present their bellies or loins to grinning death’s head tyrants when real rightist Nazis take over their societies through guile and stealth. They’ll ignore what’s happening so long as it doesn’t happen to them (until it’s too late), blaming ‘socialists’ and ‘do-gooders’ for the demise of liberty while they cry out to unseeable sky gods to save them from themselves.

As I write, the second huge dust storm in as many weeks (supposedly a once-in-a-lifetime event) is coated my lungs with irreplaceable powdered soils, blown thousands of miles from a landscape desiccated by bare dirt farming and daft desperate cattle ranching on unsuitable land. The dust of ages flees to the seas and fertilises this surviving green fragment of a once global paradise, where I type on a solar-powered laptop. The radio news (this slice of paradise is thankfully too far out for TV) is full of meaningless daily financial weather reports and monetarist fluctuations while the real thing – the collapse of the world ecosystem - goes unreported; unprecedented earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, landslides, dust storms and even mass murder apparently pales to insignificance compared to a daily rote reading of uneconomical facts and temporary figures.

Even as I write, the apocalypse has already begun; the winds and tides will grow stronger and wilder and civilization will be swept away in a single human lifetime – and all people seem to want is someone (else) to blame for their predictable private woes. Unlikely as it seems, we can still turn it all around. But I’m just jaded enough to believe it probably won’t happen, because people are too selfish to give up a few minor luxuries, too greedy to stop working at soul-sucking jobs that destroy the planet.

They’d prefer their children die before their time, rather than plant a few trees and stand up to their boss, or stand in front of bulldozers that are killing the one true Mother of us all. They prefer to borrow irreplaceable time with plastic cards to buy useless crap from monstrous killers. They prefer to watch rigged corporate sport and dopey game shows, rather than stand up to be counted in the only struggle that really counts – the honourable quest to save the world, preserve the forests and animals and free the people from the unnecessary yokes of stock markets, murderous billionaires and the pervasive illusion of money.

Democracy has already been snuffed out, not just in Amerika but in most other nations and corporations. Time to resurrect it. That’s one real task facing us all, and a far easier job than the rehabilitation of the planet. How can the will of humankind be heard and acted upon in this Brave New Millennium? How can we salvage victory from the ashes of this woeful defeat of all that is good in our hearts and minds? How can we forget the religiously ingrained dreams of apocalyptic ruin and stupid mass death and replace these old superstitions with something more positive? How can we rise above the lies that our parents believed, and stuffed down our throats with fearful glances over hunched shoulders?

It’s the end of the world as we know it. We have to change our hearts or die. It’s as simple as that. It’s up to you. See you in paradise – a paradise on Earth! The other options aren’t worth considering, and besides; no-one will be allowed off the planet until they’ve cleaned up their mess!

- R. Ayana


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  1. you people kill me. true religion is to love your fellow man not kill him. a true christian helps his fellow man, improves his life and helps him by education to make wise choices for himself and his family. Ironically it is what I call the big three that will kill you if you do not believe as they do. The Jews are proving every day to be gentile is to have a death sentence on you if you do not keep their idea of faith. Muslims will kill you if you do not convert to their way of faith. And historically Catholics still consider anyone not a Catholic an heretic worthy of an iron cage over a slow fire. Should I leave out Episcopalians, Presbyterians or Lutherans who also have been bloody. Almost all 'Christian" groups would not recognize the Christ today. The only thing a true child of God is to kill are false ideas that injure man. Christ said it well, 'do good unto those' who despite-fully hurt you. It would do well for all men to read the King James Bible; all war would cease.

    1. Kill the infidel! Got damn, poster used Anonymous profile!


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