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Sunday 18 January 2009

Sightings: More Evidence of an Unearthly Cargo Cult

More Evidence of an Unearthly Cargo Cult


“…we are periodically 'flown by' to determine the 'growth effect' this accidental or 'on purpose' infusion of advanced technology has had on our species and our planet.”

Many witnesses of the Roswell incident spoke about a material resembling lead foil that wouldn't crease or dent, and that would return to its original shape. 

Imagine my surprise when I read the following article from the July 1997 edition of AMBASSADOR magazine--I don't remember exactly, but I think it was a Northwest flight and hence the Northwest Airlines in-flight magazine. 
"It's between 10 and 100 times stronger than steel with one-sixth the weight. It can crumple without breaking, then spring back to its original shape. Within a few years, it may be used to reinforce airplane wings and tether satellites to the Earth. No, it's not Superman's hair. It's the world's strongest fiber. 

"The carbon nanotube is thinner than a pencil lead and made entirely of interlinked graphite atoms.'This is the strongest material known,' reports Thomas Ebbesen, a professor of chemistry as Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France, and a pioneering expert on the filaments. Rice University physicist Peter Nordlander goes a step further, echoing the views of most researchers working on the tubes: 'This is quite probably the strongest material that can be made.' 

"The reason: Carbon atoms attach to other bits of matter using a covalent electrical bond, the strongest form of bond between atoms. The larger the distance between atoms, the weaker the links binding them together. Carbon's electrical strength and small size enable it to form a denser, stronger mesh of atomic bonds than any other material.  

"So far, researchers have been able to make tubes no longer than about 100 microns--a few hundredths of an inch...." 

....Nobel chemist Richard Smalley of Rice University envisions a carbon filament one millimeter in diameter anchoring a satellite stationed more than 22,000 miles above the globe. The cord ... would weigh about 20 tons, he calculates, and could easily support its own weight. 

"'Who knows what might be possible with nanotubes?' Ebbesen adds.'They're the ultimate fiber’." 

Is it just me, or does this have the appearance of a smoking gun? 

Responses to the above post from MGFF04A@prodigy.com:

From Anthony Nemelka

Exciting stuff, but wait till you read the sensational update by Ed Wang, forwarded by "Doc in Phoenix". I went to American Computer's site and the pages mentioned, and found some even more essential information, broadening the perspective on some of Philip Corso's disclosures in "The Day After Roswell". 

I have added one of the pages to Wang's post. The URL is:  http://www.American-Computer.com/roswell.htm 


I reviewed the ROSWELL materials on American Computer's website a second time, at:  http://www.American-Computer.com

I also called internally and spoke with American's VP of Research. He advised me that Air Force OSI was not particularly pleased with his release of that page or of the following page: http://www.American-Computer.com/roswell.htm 

I believe he was questioned about his security clearance by them. I understand they may be rather chagrined. I heard American's offices were broken in to after the article first appeared on the web. Interestingly, he also added the following, and I quote: 

"Ed -- really, as to the fragment of Silicon Carbide and Tungsten, with Arsenic doping, believed to be from the wreck, I really don't know, but if I were to speculate, and it has been speculated by others, that the Transistor might have evolved from testing a piece of it, discovering its 'Bipolarity' and 'Switching nature', and its ability to amplify, at Bell Labs... but most interestingly, perhaps an ElectroGravinomic Interference Drive..."  (those are his exact terms) "...could actually be the purpose of such a device - if one in fact exists... by running about 80 Million volts into a moving electromagnetic field, such a panel, composed of a sandwich like that, could oscillate and that might result in some pretty interesting side effects - I don't even think the Department of Defense may realize what the side effects are - I did early work on my own years ago, high energy physics research work, and once proposed this solution to the problem of defeating gravity, while making a sufficiently light and yet resistant panel that could overcome the friction due to atmospheric re-entry, to the DoD and NASA, but they just seemed not to be interested, back in 1972, those having been war years and all...

It's pretty technical what I was proposing - has a lot to do with areas of gravity research work I did that go quite a bit different path than Isaac Newtonian gravity 'beliefs' - but which are neither contradicted by, nor conflict with, Einstein or Hawking... " (to which he added:) 

"If such a component does exist from such a UFO wreck, maybe it's part of an interstellar drive, don't you think? Gravity Interference can also be used as a rather high energy propulsion system - but to explain why, would take an hour I don't have to spend on the phone with you... sorry to say." 

That's an exact quote. Interesting phone call. He's quite open about it. Mentioned that if someone was going to silence him, they could have done it 25 years ago when he was theorizing about the structure of empty space and gravity. Very interesting guy. I thought maybe that's why we haven't heard about all this during the past twenty five! 

Food for thought. 
-- Ed Wang 

The following is from American Computer http://www.American-Computer.com/roswell.htm 


Backgrounder and Recent Developments

RUMOR and CONVENTIONAL FOLK LORE have claimed that a UFO crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in September, 1947 near a Nuclear Research Center maintained by the US Air Force at its airbase in Roswell. Supposedly, authentic reports of the crash were suddenly covered up by the Air Force -- because the information unwisely released by base PR personnel, might constitute a threat to national security. 

Anecdotal reports have since claimed that Aliens, killed in the wreck, or afterward, were subsequently autopsied by the Surgeon General's office, and that the Surgeon General insisted that the autopsy be filmed. Supposedly: their bodies are now being stored by the US Army. 

Much more recently, stories have begun surfacing about what the Army or Air Force supposedly did with the downed alien spacecraft in September and October of 1947. Nuclear powered engines and advanced communications and computing devices, all of which were a hundred years beyond post-World War II technology, were taken from the alien wreck and purportedly made their way to The Bell System's "Bell Laboratories", then located in Murray Hill, New Jersey -- it has been alleged. 

There, they were studied, dissected, microanalyzed and pieces tested. One piece was supposedly found to have unique potential, an alien switching device composed of silicon and arsenic, arranged in a microscopic array much more complicated than even now have been assembled by Humankind, hundreds of years ahead. It became the priority focus object of Bell Labs' and The US Department of Defense's analysis and scientific research. 

It was discovered by the researchers that the unusual electronic alien device could act as both a high speed electronic switch and as an amplifier. They decided to call it the "Transfer Resistor", because it could be made to resist or accept power flow at much higher or lower currents than were applied to it, depending upon unique application of electron flows. 

Rumors have been flying in Ufology circles that, in 1948 and 1949, realizing that aliens might not take lightly to this research, fearing attack not from the Soviet Union -- but from aliens of unknown origin -- the U.S. Government hurriedly erected anti-missile batteries in the surrounding Watchung Mountains of New Jersey... near Bell Lab's Murray Hills facility, to protect it from space invasion!! It is not known if this is any indication that the Department of Defense accidentally shot down the space craft and feared a reprisal. 

The alleged space defense anti-missile batteries, along the Lookout Mountain Ridge north of Bell Labs, is now abandoned and partly overbuilt by a regional high school. On the "Lookout Mountain Nike Base" there were, supposedly, frequent "alien anti-invasion" readiness exercises and drills throughout the 50's, 60's and the early 70's. Notably, their frequency reportedly increased any time UFO sightings were reported to the US Air Force -- particularly in the New Jersey flight corridors, or so it has been alleged! 

According to one account: the alien silicon "amplifier/switch", evaluated in October and November of 1947, was discovered to have enormous implications. The alien device was allegedly a hundred years beyond the then simple "junction diodes" commonly in use at the time by military electronics. Yet it was reportedly determined at the time that simplified versions of the Alien devices could be manufactured by the effecting of several upgrades to existing technology. Then President Harry S. Truman ordered the devices "cloned" and a cover story manufactured. He was supposedly quoted as saying: "We can't keep so earthshaking a technological advance out of the hands of mankind. It just isn't right!" - with classic Harry S. Truman sobriety. 

So, according to the story leaked by a reliable source to ufology circles: in mid-December of 1947, to effect a plausible cover story, the DoD and Bell Labs purportedly manufactured a series of press releases, to whit: that after a "2 Year Long Extensive Research Effort" - discovery of the transistor had "at last" been accomplished, supposedly by clever Bell Labs researchers (Drs. Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain, at Bell Lab's Electronic Circuits Research Center, under the aegis of maverick Bell Labs Vice President John "Jack" Morton). Since that time, The Bell System, and Bell Labs, in the hands of successor company AT&T and its partly owned subsidiary, Lucent Technologies, have continued to maintain the ‘Transistor Story’ for all of posterity, while quietly covering up the real tracks that led the alien devices to Bell Labs. 

Ufology sources say, however, that the device in the famous "transfer resistor test rig" at Bell Labs was, in fact, an actual piece of the original alien integrated circuit array of transistor-like circuit pieces -- found in one of the alien communication devices at the crash site in Roswell, N.M. It has allegedly been reported that it took a year or more for Bell Labs to then figure out how to commercially produce the miracle devices. Reportedly, subsequent technology obtained over the course of the next 10 years by Bell Labs, from the pieces of the wreck delivered to them by the DoD, included the laser, enhanced solid state circuit components, large scale switching control systems and high definition imaging devices. 

However, some devices from the downed alien spacecraft, not fully understood to this day, allegedly include a high energy microwave amplifier that has the secondary effect of decomposing solid objects into their molecular components, a form of circuitry that runs on [something] other than electronic power: using particles thought to have very short half-lives in the natural universe (muons), and a huge induction generator-like coil system some 50 feet in diameter which appears to implement part of some aspect of the vehicle's ability to perform unique flying characteristics and aerobatics - some think it might be a gravity nullifying device. 

What do you think? Do YOU have any thing to add, such as an abduction experience, or a theory about alien visitations to our Planet? Did you work at Bell Labs during the 50's, 60's, 70's or in recent times, and notice anything unusual which might confirm or rebut these rumors? 

Add your comments below... and add your name to our Guest Mailing List. We will send you notification of new products as they are developed! And stay tuned, we update our Website, frequently… All submissions are evaluated for possible PUBLICATION on this site, so don't be afraid to EXPRESS YOURSELF !! 

(c) Copyright 1997 American Computer Company.


American Computer Indicates Its Info Backs Corso
The following is a statement from the President of American Computer Company. You may reproduce it in unmodified form and transmit it to whomever you would care to, so long as it remains unmodified:

"We have not reviewed the Col. Corso book so we have no way of verifying his statement. However, from anecdotal reports, we understand he may have briefly referred to transfers of pieces of the 'alleged' UFO to different research firms in the US in 1947. This would appear to corroborate the information independently provided us regarding Bell Labs 'alleged' 1947 adaptation of reputedly 'of alien origin' materials into the design of the transistor, first announced a number of months after the 'alleged' crash of a UFO in Roswell, NM." 

"Of course, as American Computer Company did not exist in its present form in 1947, we can neither confirm nor dispute the facts presented from these two entirely independent sources: ours and Col. Corso's." 

"It is not likely that for some months we will endeavor to read his book, so as to give the public time to decide whether or not we and Col. Corso are truly independent sources. However, note: until 'Jared Anderson', an independent UFO Investigator, called our firm a few days ago and told us about Col. Corso and the odd 'coincidence of facts' between American's UFO disclosure and Col. Corso's book, American Computer Company HAD NEVER HEARD OF COL. CORSO BEFORE to the best of my knowledge. We are a computer business and not ordinarily involved in nor even particularly interested in engaging in UFO Investigations, as it tends to distract us from the job of building and selling computers." 

"However, I do hope some day to meet Col. Corso and to read his book."

  From Bob Wolf

Hi all,

Col. Phillips Corso's book 'The Day after Roswell' speaks of the US Army feeding Bell Labs with alien technology, starting in 1947. If this is true, there must have been a very well established relationship between the US Army and Bell Labs, especially during the war years. 

Now I don't doubt that that was the case, considering that Bell Labs was big and a part of AT&T. But I don't understand why the US Army approached Bell Labs with most of the alien technology. Why not divide the alien technology pie equally among several big technological companies? 

Is there evidence that Bell Labs or AT&T were not only big defense contractors, but also outclassed most other industrial firm in defense contracts by a margin? 

Another question is: on what was the reputation of Bell Labs based before they invented the transistor? 

Maybe these are interesting research leads. 

Over the weekend, I called the President of American Computer Company at home and asked him your question. 

Aside from the fact that he was relaxing on one of the few days off he has had (he said) in months, he told me the following (actually, he faxed me the following): 

His statement: 

"Bob, Prior to 1947, Bell Laboratories and the manufacturing arm of the Bell System: Western Electric, were extensively involved in the development of communications used during World War II, on the battlefield, and had developed in 1936 a very primitive calculator, which Bell has characterized as a digital computer. It wasn't until Dr. Wang came along and commercialized the digital calculator, that it became the basis for today's programmable calculators…

Also, Bell Laboratories developed most of the technology used by the national and government/military telephone networks around during the century prior to 1947. Indubitably, Bell Labs had one of the most senior positions in the military research arena for a very long time and still does. Communications control devices are useful in controlling telephones, but are also useful in computers, and in controlling weapons, missiles, and etc. Case in point: the Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), commonly used as a targeting device today.

"However, 1947 appears to have been a BANNER year in Bell Labs history, representing an unprecedented departure from its previous focus on vacuum tubes and mechanical relays. Nearly all subsequent technological advances in communications, switching, audio, video, integrated circuitry and military components at Bell Labs leveraged, in some way, the advent of the transistor. Mr. John "Jack" Morton is the now nameless individual who headed up not only the transistor project, but drove many of the projects that derived from the transistor, as head of the Semiconductor Research and Development division of the Bell System, at Bell Labs, until his untimely death in the early ’70s.

"Many businesses, such as American Research and Development, American-Bell Computers, Digital Equipment Corporation, and others, emerged under the aegis of Bell Labs and the Bell System during those decades without the public ever really knowing they were commercial extensions of Bell System projects - as The Bell System was at the time not legally allowed to engage in such commercial ventures. And, while most have the perception that the Bell System and IBM are at each other’s throats, and fight like cats and dogs, I am of the personal opinion that any argument between them is more like the tempestuous and vigorous relationship that sometimes occurs between a husband and a wife. 

"Note, I am distinguishing between Bell Labs and today's "AT&T Corporation" which are not exactly the same thing. I am under the impression that Bell Labs was split into two parts, both of which were to engage in research; Bell Labs for the public, long distance and military sector, and BellCore Research, for the Regional Bell Operating Companies. I am not certain that the 'cloistered' relationship between Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and AT&T Labs, as it exists today, is in fact entirely legal. In fact, I am of the personal opinion that it is not, and today's AT&T may be very lucky that no one has challenged their position of exclusivity with Bell Labs, as I do not believe they are entirely entitled to it: the intellectual properties belonging to Bell Labs were paid for when Bell Labs was part of a public utility, The Bell System, and I am of the personal opinion, that Bell Labs intellectual properties belong TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, whose taxes and telephone payments paid for them, and that they do not belong to AT&T Corp - a commercial venture started to encapsulate the long distance commerce of the Bell System in competition with whosoever could enter the long distance arena. It appears as if AT&T is deriving substantial profits from what may be an undeserved and allegedly improperly-privileged position. 

"But, then again, I could be entirely wrong. If it turns out that Col. Corso's story, on the one hand, and the story American Computer Company published about Roswell on its website… are true -- then that would add a very strange, in fact bizarre, twist to the entire affair, wouldn't it?"

End of his statement…


Update II

The statement below was originally posted by Bob Wolf who is acting on behalf of American Computer Co. to ensure that the data that circulates is accurate as they see it. It contains a verbatim statement from the anonymous source inside ACC that is making the claims about Bell Labs.

In response to James Easton's anecdotal and investigative efforts to describe the history of Bell Labs and Transistor related projects from the historical texts, posted to "updates", I did some additional research and was put in touch with the "person" who provided American Computer Company with the story found at: 
http://www.american-computer.com (opening banner) and http://www.american-computer.com/roswell.htm (details) 

Case in point, straight from the source at ACC who researched it (again, in response to the letter below, I called ACC's head who put me in touch with the guy…) and lived it! 

Here it is, world, for everyone to hear, from the horse's mouth… 'His statement' (slightly expurgated - he talks very quickly - I tried to keep him from going into too much detail so I could fit it into a reasonable letter): 

"Bell Laboratories published all the historical material James Easton found, AFTER the fact of the technology transfer to Bell Labs from the Roswell site by a team which may have involved Col. Corso, in 1948 and 1949. The histories you read today are all a smokescreen fabrication designed to hide the real history. Do not expect Bell Labs to sit tight on this, they may even sue me for revealing this: but the fact is, there is NO INFORMATION ABOUT TRANSISTOR RESEARCH actually available nor that is bona fide nor provided by Bell Labs PRIOR TO July-August-September of 1947. It didn't exist, because the materials concepts used by Bell and the associated research resulting in the fabrication of the transistor came from the Roswell, New Mexico crash site of the "extraterrestrial craft" discovered jointly by the Air Force and Army there in mid 1947. The "craft" [actually two craft, see below - Ed] accidentally revealed to the public and then retracted, by a public relations spokesperson at that testing base. Anything about the 1946/47 or ’48 period or after at Bell Labs about the transistor is pure smoke. Here’s what really happened. Col. Corso should be proud that he took the stand he did." 

[Bob's added note: today I learned from the person that there has been a long standing dispute inside of AT&T, Bell Labs, AT&T Labs and now, Lucent, about the representations regarding the transistor (1948), the IC (1974), the DSP (1967), the Modem (1958), and that all four kinds of device may have been present in the technology transferred to 'the Labs' in 1947. There are notes at the labs about research that was cloaked behind a cover up story called "black hole machine" designs at the Labs from 1947 to 1975 after the untimely death of John "Jack" Morton", the implications of which are that the technology transferred to the labs may even have influenced computer design advances as components were reverse engineered and it was determined how 'alien computing devices' worked. The UNIX operating system, even the Bell Labs forerunners of the PDP-1 (The 1B), the PDP11 and the M-6800 (The 2B), the M-68000 (The 3B), the RISC-SPARC (The 4B) and variations, may all have been caseworks developed from knowledge reverse engineered out of an alien computer so complex that only parts of it are fully understood today, except, according to him, by one living human being (remaining nameless), resulting in our comparatively primitive simulations of the working environments found on the 'alien computing devices'. He equated the alien computational systems as being 'about 24th Century Human' in advanced design - thus far the US Government has only determined that one living person is capable of understanding them, and he's reportedly something of an eccentric and unwilling to work on them. I note that 'the source' defined a 'shuttle bus' of technology interchange that has operated between Bell Labs, IBM Research, Unisys, Digital Equipment, Fairchild, Intel, and others that would, upon isolation of a new concept in the 'alien computing artifacts' result in a pell-mell dash to bring to market the new idea from these companies, a 'shuttle bus' that's been in full sway since the early 60's. Back to the 'anonymous source':] 

"My information come indirectly from people I worked with who were involved in the alleged research in 1947 and after. They were all sworn to secrecy, and one of them, who shall remain nameless, who started to get a bit loose lipped, suddenly was found dead in the 70's.

"They indicated that Bell Labs diodes (germanium) were rather primitive current- wave polarity filtering devices in June of 1947, and, while there have been some theoretical physicists in the world who had theorized about materials which could act like vacuum tubes in switching currents on, off and to different levels, in September of 1947 the Department of the Army directed Bell, under contract at the time to pursue radar research into objects of extraterrestrial origin, known today as Roswell Extraterrestrial Landers Number 1 and 2 (there were two devices, by the way, REL#1 and REL#2), openly giving Bell the opportunity to derive a commercial advance or advances from research into the nature of devices found on the RELs. 

"Bell agreed and took the pieces of material to the Murray Hill facility into a laboratory. There, under top secret protocol, they took apart a photonic transducer, and an electronic device, leaving other parts of the crafts intact, discovering several microscopic fragments in the dissections that resembled devices that had been theorized by scientists, but which Bell was unable to manufacture as it had no idea how to compose them. Using materials similar in nature to what the spectrographic department determined was a polysilicon, arsenic and boron material, they were able to first devise an amplifying effect within weeks of the research, and using a variety of methods, they tried to recreate the same materials and apply various electrical currents to them. 

"Please note that the earthshaking nature of the discovery was not missed by Bell Labs execs and attorneys: they reported that their findings by Radar Microscopy of the objects given them by the Department of the Army was inconclusive, to the Army. But, in point of fact, their research into these 'extraterrestrial' objects was FAR FROM INCONCLUSIVE - and, well, basically, the War Department/Department of the Army was hoodwinked by Bell. Attorneys of the Lab, about seven months later, filed patents in the names of field lab scientists who were sworn to secrecy, in middle 1948, and, amid it all, the transistor was born and Bell proceeded to play out a long term exercise in secret profiteering that is unparalleled in human history! It plays out like a Star Trek movie. 

"All subsequent accounts of the invention were stylized publicity accounts designed to create the impression of Bell Labs’ research superiority. In 1973 or ’74, during a strategic investigation into the murder of John Morton, head of these projects at Bell Labs Semiconductors, the Offices of Army and Air Force Strategic Investigations discovered the leak of the materials of extraterrestrial origin by Bell Labs and the false reports filed by Bell in 1947 and 1948. A long term investigation of Bell Labs’ improper handling of strategic military materials was begun, under the codename Project Starpoint. Statutes of limitations and denials by Bell Labs officials prevented prosecution, and with breakup of the Bell System already underway, it became impossible for the Army and Air Force to do anything but wince at the whole affair. 

"Starpoint's intent was to determine the extent of the damage to public affairs in the United States and elsewhere, by Bell Labs and The Bell System's release of materials into the Commercial mainstream, that it obtained from the materials of extraterrestrial origin that belonged to the Department of the Army. For the intervening 25 years, neither the Air Force nor the Army had been aware of exactly what Bell Labs did with the classified materials conveyed to it, except that Bell claimed they had obtained no meaningful results when they tested it. The army - fearful of the side effects of it being known that the army couldn't make heads or tails of the 'extraterrestrial craft' - decided to bury the whole event. Some have suggested that Bell Labs was 'in cahoots' with some at the Army or Air Force, but that remains unproven, except as set forward, below. 

"Even so, RCA Semiconductors, back during the first antitrust suit against the Bell System, filed a challenge of the patents filed in the names of Shockley, Bardeen, et al., by Bell Labs attorneys and referred to the nature of the materials conveyed to Bell by the Army. RCA presented substantial evidence that this was the source of the transistor, that it in fact was a 'weapon' - without fully identifying its extraterrestrial origins. RCA had a considerable reason for wanting to challenge Bell, as RCA had been the epitome of Vacuum Tube and Picture Tube technology and had 'independently obtained' information about how to manufacture the alien derived 'Bell Transistor' - not wanting to be left out of the economic gain of this leap forward into solid state electronics. The challenge they filed was disputed by Bell attorneys, claiming Bell had obtained the material from common academic sources who had investigated a meteorite... and that during tests, the materials had demonstrated unique electrical characteristics which suggested they would be suitable for theoretical research proposals that had suggested this 'all along' in decades earlier. This is the closest anyone, until Col. Corso and the OSI, got to proving the unthinkable thing Bell Labs had done. I know, as I was someone who two of the principal officials 'in the know' took the time to relate the information to as part of our mutual efforts to gird AT&T for the impending break up of the Bell System in the 70's. This is not to say that the historians are wrong - they are just reporting the information as Bell Labs wants or wanted them to. They are just gullible or, perhaps, easily bought. 

"In fact, the Bell System enlisted local military influences and those in Norad, to provide it additional defenses in the Murray Hill area, because in fact Bell Labs believed that some of the pieces it had received were homing beacons in nature, operating at extreme mm wavelengths and extremely high power, and are still reportedly operating to this date, despite being cased in thick concrete and lead containers beneath Bell Labs Lyncroft/Holmdel, NJ facility. Bell hired crucial military and commercial players in the vicinity of the project involving the craft, and paid them to organize businesses such as American Research and Development, and others, in essence buying them off. Note that aircraft, computing, plastics and other companies were organized and developed by the ARD and other firms created by Bell during that time period, and some of them were invested in by Bell in other 'alien technologies'. Some of the insiders in these businesses, despite having been paid off, broke the silence over the years, leaking information into the public sector for almost 5 decades that a space craft had landed in 1947 at Roswell, almost out of feelings of guilt, I suspect. I, for one, am proud of Col. Corso and his book; it breaks a silence that has been unbearable for one and all close to the Bell Labs coverup since its inception. And the deaths of one or more which might be linked to the enormous greed surrounding the affair, is in and of itself an even more horrific matter! Bell Labs was far from the only company to receive the 'gifts' - the records of the Labs I worked at contained notations about advanced materials, advanced chemical formulae, even advanced biological notions that the craft may have somehow contained.

"It is now no longer felt by Bell that the 'extraterrestrial' objects and their origins, and the fact of their being in the possession of humanity, pose any threat to humanity, as we'd have heard from the aliens in question long before now, and so the massive defensive preparations have been abandoned. Note, however, that at least one of the craft still exists, is in cold storage, and is fully functional, albeit not fully understood even to this day. Attempts to fly it have suffered from lack of understanding of its control surfaces and drive. Some have suggested that we are periodically 'flown by' to determine the 'growth effect' this accidental or 'on purpose' infusion of advanced technology has had on our species and our planet. 

End of the 'anonymous source's "follow up" statement

My thanks to American Computer for putting me in touch with this particular guy, who is a consultant residing in the Fort Monmouth, NJ area, today, where he is an expert on national electronic space command matters for the Department of the Air Force at various AFBs. I understand that the Air Force is fully aware of these matters, but disdains to discuss them itself, except that it has hired him, so it must appreciate his opinions. 

By the way, it cost $5,000,000+ for Bell to set up the equipment needed to analyze the materials transmitted to it in 1947 by the Army and the Air Force, the source said, just in case anyone is curious. 

He suggested investigators should go back further than 1948 to the year of the event and find any journals referring to the work. He suggests that the in- house journals at Bell Labs in 1947 aren't very helpful - he read through them himself in 1969 and 1970 during conferences with John Morton and others at Bell Labs when he worked there. The papers that were published are remarkable in that they appear to describe leaps of success without the usual 10 years of research and scads of interns and industry tests that were typical of Bell Labs research in the era. 

He wants you to dig deeper - and consult with Colonel Corso, whom he felt may actually HAVE been one of the 'trap door spooks' - the nameless Army and Air Force guys who arranged for the RELs to be transferred to Bell and elsewhere, hidden behind smoke, bubble gum, band aids and a lot of [dis]information. 

So those of you interested should know their position, American Computer Company, itself told me to say: "American Computer is unable to confirm nor deny or dispute any of the facts presented by the source of the story about the Roswell, NM 'space craft' or Bell Laboratories, and is soliciting the opinion of the public so that any facts in the public sector and the public opinion, will become known." 

They also said they disagree with the histories cited by James Easton; not that Mr. Easton is incorrect, but that the histories he cites 'appear to gloss over what happened in a stylized story telling fashion that is, at once, entertaining, and which is the way, we believe, Bell Labs would want us all to believe it happened, but which may be very far from the actual truth. We do not dispute that Shockley, Bardeen, Noyce or others received the in personem credit for these patents and were placed by the Bell System into their respective positions, its just that we have found the facts presented us by [the consultant] compelling enough to publish his opinion, and seek the opinion of others, like yours, which we welcome.' 

'May something surface from the past to dispel any myths. And, if there is a craft somewhere in hiding… in the profound wisdom of our military's leaders in the Defense Department, may they now find themselves strongly enough motivated to reveal it's existence and that of "Skystation", in all of their glory, for the American public and the world public now have a right to know!' 

- Bob Wolf

Extracted (and slightly edited) from the Jeff Rense site:

images - http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa20/Lexion07/cargo-cult1.jpg

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