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Monday 12 January 2009

Apprising the Uprising: The Heat is On

Apprising the Uprising
The Heat is On

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The word ‘uprising’ can mean many different things, depending on context and mood – but all are related to the notion of ascension. Everyone senses the change on the wind and is subject to the same impulsions toward survival. The contradictory urges to fight or flight are swelling in everyone’s hindbrain as we all attempt to distract ourselves from what we know in our heart of hearts.

The word ‘revolution’ can likewise refer to many different things, from the rotation of a satellite around its parent to the overturning of a fossilised and outmoded regime. Amidst the impending rush of what we’re facing, humankind needs to do more than simply turn prayer wheels or replace one bad face or party with another. If we’re to live long and prosper in the days that are to come we’ll first need to raise our awareness of the true state of our surroundings.

Many people who are already fully aware that we all face great and unprecedented changes will find it easy to slip back into the routines of denial. Many who imagine that they are heavily indebted to some fictitious entity for some made-up sum of non-existent money will probably succumb to worse than denial in the coming times. Many will crave escape from the illusory deep pits of their despair as they knuckle down under the downcast thumbs of their oppressors - not realizing that the emperor wears no clothes and that they retain the power to walk away, free and clear, before the castle gate actually closes.

After a lifetime of denial spent in relative comfort - with access to virtually anything a domesticated primate could reasonably desire - many people in the ‘developed’ world are perfectly equipped to enact pointless routines in the names of ‘growth’ and ‘productivity’. They’re perfectly capable of feathering their own nests with plastic trinkets and polyester rags as they supersize themselves into ill-fitting early graves. Most consumers have no idea how to do anything but consume, and their scholarly masters have ensured they remain unschooled in the tenets of true freedom or independence.

While the richest populations in Earth’s long history have access to luxuries beyond the overweening imaginations of most of the kings and queens of the past, they choose to wallow before idiot boxes while idly munching on profitable malnourishing poisons. We all end up living the reality we create for ourselves, and we all choose our futures by decided what we invest our time into in the here and now. It takes several years for a tree to bear fruit and we all reap what we sow.

Yet while it can take a lifetime for the seeds of enlightenment to sprout in even the most fertile soil, people can easily open their eyes to the truth in a trice! When the excrement hits the overworked air conditioner the under-challenged armchair passive-aggressives of the corpulent corporate cultures will look to those from ‘backward’ regions - where self-sufficiency is the norm - for advice. The poor people who have been ripped off by ugly-minded, insecure, fat living-room tyrants for generations are unlikely to do much but throw another boulder onto the Titanic, and ensure it sinks a little faster into the cold abyss with its dangerous freight of useless flatulent control freaks.

As the iceberg approaches many passengers will rise up from steerage and attempt to wrest the steering wheel from the regimental loons who are heading for the icy rocks; the smarter members of the crew will beat them to it. By the time the peasants see doom looming over them and begin to scale the ramparts the best they’ll be able to hope for is a catastrophic sideswipe rather than the total extinction of a direct hit. When the ship hits the fan it will be far too late to ask for anyone’s help – everyone will be swimming through the brine as quickly as they can.

Far better to rise up from the waters of collective forgetfulness today than to sink into the morass of denial and self-extinction; the truth will free those who open their eyes and hearts. The path for would-be survivalists is simple dichotomy – those who’d like their children to have a pleasant future need to become boisterously active Chicken Littles (who warn the rest of the flock despite the belittling glares they receive) - and spendthrift, creative and generous Little Red Hens (who do the day-to-day work and play required to keep everyone alive and happy). No-one will tolerate little red roosters crowing their little alpha-male hearts out from their rooftop any longer; they make ideal long-range targets. It takes an entire village to adequately raise a child, and a child can only be as sane and well equipped as the adults that surround them from birth.

Even the fastest-growing vegetables take a couple of months to produce anything you can actually eat – if you know what you’re doing and have seed, soil, sun and water when the tap stops flowing and the emptied supermarkets are burning. It doesn’t matter if the crash happens next week or next decade - the world has already burned through the fat it stored up for the coming years of long-foretold famine; there are no grain mountains any more and as all wise rulers know, any civilization is only three missed meals away from anarchy.

Radishes will produce food in a couple of weeks and a small stash of sprouting seeds like hemp or alfalfa can keep you alive for those first few months - but most chronically carnivorous people have opted for whatever dead meat is close at hand in past catastrophes and famines. Weaning oneself from the imaginary ‘need’ for meat is a good idea for all sorts of unforeseen reasons. Growing food is particularly vulnerable to famished predatory hominids – even those who have no idea what a naturally occurring vegetable or fruit looks like. Much of the decimated landscapes our parents bequeathed to us are still surprisingly filled with potential nourishment – but millions of mouths can turn them all to deserts as quickly as ravaging hordes of locusts.

Time to wake up, friends. If you’re not friendly to the idea of a fireman screaming ‘fire’ – if you become angrily disturbed by the sound of a legion of Paul Reveres galloping down your street, or a stranger trying to give you some friendly advice - then please stay asleep while the flames of revolution lick toward your comfy cosy nook. Something is rolling towards us all from the uncompromising horizon we’ve constructed around ourselves – something that will overturn every comforting notion and each tiredly tried-and-true idea. Humpty Dumpy will not be reassembled by all the king’s men, and they’ll probably all end up eating their horses when their fugitive liege-lord absconds with the food. As Chief Seattle prophesied; when the last tree has been cut down and the last stream has been poisoned, ‘civilized’ people will discover that they can’t eat money.

Reality is as fluid as the consciousness it’s made from. Personally, I loathe prophets of doom and am loth to come on like one; the universe remains malleable until we fix it between the parallax sights of our combining consciousness, and Schrödinger’s cat wears nothing more than a Cheshire grin until we open the gift-wrapped box of the present and peek inside. All prophets and prognostications lay the groundwork which creates ever more fertile soil that nourishes their predictions toward fruition. All prophecies are self-fulfilling - or at very least shift otherwise uncertain outcomes because of the feedback loops they create through time.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could simply tell you what’s going to happen - and if the naïve industrial-era models of a clockwork universe were correct? I think not - each person must be free to create their own hopeful dream that seeds a bright future. Materialistic prognostications based on masses, vectors and velocities – including the orbits of planets and asteroids and the fluctuations of stars - are bound to be as incorrect as mystic visions of the species that humans may one day evolve into.

Despite all the ancient carvings and manuscripts in the world, ‘no man may know the day of my coming’ – as the Lord of Fear whose Day is Doom (JHVH) tells us in the babbling bible; ‘my time has been foreshortened’, he tells us in a codified reference inserted by astronomically aware priests. They tried to inform their descendants that the rupturing forces of the approaching aeon will refuse to conform to the timetables generated by those who survived past catastrophes (and probably diverge from the cycles displayed in the evidence of geology and paleontology). Ancient ‘religious’ texts are full of astronomically based references encoded by ancient ‘prophets’ – many of whom were actually geometrically-inclined mathematicians and astronomers who survived the decimating forces they witnessed. They could ‘foretell’ what the planetary ‘gods’ were going to do by plotting the courses of their interactions.

As the librarian priests of Sais on the Nile Delta told wise Solon of Athens - when he asked them to settle a wager about the Great Flood - the peoples of the world have been struck down from ultra-civilized heights to the primitive forgetfulness of primal desperation many times in the past. Sometimes the doom has come from the abysmal oceans and at other times flame has rained down from the heavens.  Humans have been so badly trashed by past changes that they’ve lost any links with the remoter histories of their tribes, and have happily swallowed the misleading assurances of ivory-tower clowns who assure them that the solar system’s current stable state will last forever.

Forecasts are easy to make, if unwise. It’s easy to say this much; if you think we’re merely entering the latest round in a series of repetitively normal boom-and-bust cycles, you’re dead wrong. The world is about to change beyond all recognition – and if we’re careful, wise and friendly with each other we may not only be able to salvage some useful tidbits from the ruins, but actually create much fairer societies and much freer people in the aeon that’s about to dawn. The immediate changes you’re already experiencing are but a foretaste of that which is yet to come. Don’t bother to twiddle the remote control to get better reception; turn off the boob-tube and tune into your self and your friends, your family and lovers. If we work together our species may actually survive the economic, political, military, social, geological and stellar changes that are about to pour down on us all - and sweep away the so-called New World Order along with the Old Feudal Paradigm.

Mention Ascension?

 It's A Beautiful World by newilluminati.

Those who crave ‘ascension’ into another plane of existence or a ‘higher’ dimensional state would do well to consider that the easiest and most likely route to entering other dimensions is the tried-and-true portal of death. Without incredible good luck and/or many years of careful meditative and yogic practice, there’s no reason to imagine that one may be lifted bodily in a new-age version of the mis-spoke ‘rapture’ that entrances those in the millennial thrall of christinanity. If you partake of the White Powder Gold of the Gods without years of preliminary purification it will simply reinforce your worse traits instead of uplifting you. Higher states of awareness and being are always available here and now to those who are willing to do The Work and transform themselves, and no external nostrums or deities are necessary; thou art god.

Believing that another dimension is where you belong, or that the Fisher of Men will scoop a few lucky souls up in his net is no different from hoping a flying saucer will come down to rescue you; an unguarded infant may as easily be picked up by a predator as by a parent. As Charles Fort suggested, to some gods ‘we are property’ – and a glance at the wide-ranging variance within human culinary and ethical habits will inform you that ‘gods’ and ‘spacemen’ have varying tastes and cuisines.

The Earth Mother is a grave gravity well of souls; she has a womb that’s far easy to enter than it is to escape. A larval human has to gestate and evolve before they can ascend through the several layers that guard the Great Mother’s rotundity. Reincarnation is a reality which transforms death into an illusion; beware the wish to ask for a ‘fresh start’, ‘second chance’ or ‘clean slate’, because your wish will ensure that you’ll die – and forget your past in your next life. Worse luck for those who create the self-fulfilling forecast that ‘life’s a bitch and then you die’ – you actually get to live through it all again! Most people choose not to remember certain features of their life and lives, and forget the rest into the bargain.

All your experiences are accessible if you want to regain your long memory enough. This entire little diatribe poured through my being while I walked up and down a mountain today, and I remembered to tell myself to remember it – otherwise it wouldn’t be boring through your awareness right now. Saying ‘don’t forget’ to yourself (or others) won’t work, by the way; the affirmation must be positive to be efficacious. Re-member!

Most people would like to believe they’re part of an elite that will be saved and lifted from the ravening maelstrom by a compassionate parental figure. The disease isn’t confined to religiosity-bound fundamentalists or UFO worshipping ingénues, but is built into our primate personalities along with the ever-present fear of falling from the Tree of Life. The sense of entitlement arises from wellsprings of love – from the self-sacrifice of parents who love their children enough to give birth to them and protect them through naive infancy – spending the irreplaceable coin of time to simply be with their priceless babies and children, and to always be there to pick them up when they fall.

Hidden Currents

 imbolc fire by newilluminati.

Humankind lives at the nexus of a myriad non-human agendas and motives. Unseen tides shape history with competing waves whose delineaments are formed by the interplay of various agencies. We carry the blood, genes and dreams of far more pasts, presents and futures than we can possibly imagine and are the crossover points of often competing species and ideas. Modern humans have been interfered with and molested on a multitude of levels and carry often conflicting destinies from more than one source.  Our motives are as mixed as our heritage; many who seek the Uplift of either enlightenment or rescue are following the repetitive migratory urges of forgotten ancestors, who survived against all odds to plant their seeds in the accepting fertile soil of Gaia’s garden.

‘Native’ people have a very different perspective, and can’t wait for the wondrous day when all the ‘space people’ go back where they belong and leave them all in peace. In truth, we are all nomad and settler, native and visitor, just as we all carry the genetic memories of the conquerors and the conquered who ultimately absorbed them. We all have a choice where and what we want to be, and it would be wise to consider your options before committing yourself to an avoidable ‘destiny’ that becomes inevitable due to the increasing density of repetitive thought.

Believe me (or not, if you prefer), there are much worse places than planet Earth; this bejeweled and beguiling sphere is still a garden paradise - particularly when compared with most of the more readily accessible alternatives. Moreover, the destiny of Gaia is far greater than that of the chrome-domed lodgers to whom she affords the temporary shelter of her capacious bosom.

A revolution is coming, and its course is more easily predictable than its aftermath. Rampaging mobs will soon batter at the doors of the loathsome slimeballs who’ve screwed them over so royally – because too many people will see terror in their children’s and partners’ eyes at once, and be only too aware that they’ve been treated like fools. Three missed daily meals…

If you want to focus on what’s really important forget the bright thrill of fear; breathe deep into your belly and fill the front of your body with breath to retrain your reactions. Let fears and anxieties slip into the earth whenever they assail you, instead of ‘getting your back up’ and raising your hackles - unless you need a kick of adrenaline to run like blazes. Fear, terror and insecurity are what got us into this mess in the first place. A sense of empowerment is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and one that’s far more rewarding than the fear and hatred our stupid oppressors have used to lay the world so low. When the time comes, find a way to ride the spinning wheel without succumbing to fear and hatred. If you end up rebelling, aim for hard targets wherever possible – not soft ones like living human bodies, but critical choke-points that will strangle the communications and energy supplies of inhumane oppressors.

Evolution is always preferable to revolution, and violent confrontation won’t raise the energy to a new spiraling groove – it will simply confirm the age-old rutted tracks of the past. You need to stay attuned to hear the new music that’s shaping the coming era, and emotional reaction will always blind you to your truer passions. Better to forget all that old-time crap and get together with people who are actually doing something positive. The best way to change the old world is to let its toxic fruits wither on the vine and stop feeding it with your time and attention.

The only way we’ll get a fresh start in a new world is to create one, here and now. That will be a far more constructive, fun and satisfying direction to take – unless you end up living at the beach. Coastlines are NOT a good place to put down roots, or even to lay your head at night. Not any more. And after the first wave has come and gone don’t breathe too easily or emit a sigh of relief; just as things begin to recover from the chaos the second one will arrive, and it’ll be bigger and... I’ll stop there. You get the general drift; but incredible winds and storms will also scour exposed highlands clear of life, by the way.

If you’ve read this far, the very best of good luck to you; may your heart open as widely as your mind when you’re living on a renewed earth under a differently tilted heaven. May you know the wisdom of the ages – that love is all that matters and matter is made of ideas and emotions, and steered by your dreams and passions. You are god(dess), whole and divine – a deity with no need for a parochial pat on the head from anyone.

Don’t trust any god or goddess who wants to pretend they’re your benefactor or parent; there’s a war in heaven and eternal peace is only found within. And for those who want to ascend – you have to learn to do it yourself! Learning to still your mind and emotions and finding your centre(s) are good places to start - or to end. When you view the universe from the centre of the inner cyclone and open all your senses and supersenses to the wondrous wide world, the Way will open before you. And by the way – humans can levitate without the use of any external device or substance.

Meanwhile, the current crop is growing ripe on planet dirt – readying itself for harvest. Whose interests does overpopulation serve, do you think? It certainly doesn’t serve humankind’s. Just like the kings, pharaohs, popes and emperors of yore, all autocratic masters who view humans as property prefer to keep their ugly expressions hidden from those they so easily deceive. No single race or creed is any more culpable than any other, but some families have further to fall than others. They’d best ensure everyone has an adequate safety net, and that they’ve put enough lifeboats on the Titanic – no bunker will protect them from themselves and each other.

Most of the Old Illuminati feel quite comfortable with the notion of riding out the forces that will likely literally decimate the human population; reducing the global population to their target of half a billion domesticated primates has been an intergenerational goal. The First Families consider humans to be barely suitable slaves and minions, yet they require a certain number of subordinates to manage their planetary estate (and to lord it over); it’s hard to say if the destruction will stop at the mental line they’ve drawn n the sand. They could easily wind up alone, with no-one to order around inside their bunkers and hideaways but each other – and surely they don’t what that to happen!

Better if all the Great Mother’s children learned to get along and play fair, don’t you think? Let’s live the way we really actually want to today, now - do whatever we like, if it be pleasurable and good for all. Jump off the rat-wheel today – right now – with a happy smile on your face, knowing that it’s possible to beat the system after all. Jump before you’re pushed – you’ll land on both feet, and you’ll be so glad you did!

We have a lot of fun work and creative play to do if we’re to have a great future – and after all, who on Earth would be happy to settle for less?

- R. Ayana

“It’s the end of the world as we know it –and I feel fine!”

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day that you’ll join us and the world can live as one…”
-  Imagine, by John Lennon

“No-one gets to leave until you’ve all cleaned up the mess you’ve made!”
- The Great Mother

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PS - Personally, I’ve never bought the idea of life insurance, or any other kind. I’ve usually lived from day to day and week to week and the universe has always provided precisely what I needed. For twenty years I’ve lived in a little wooden shack by a spring-fed stream in a primordial but heavily damaged rainforest that I’m replanting and nurturing, without more electricity than that provided by a large car battery. I have a fireplace and plenty of wood drops from the trees all the time; around these parts you do the forest a service by clearing up some of the fire-hazard litter, while leaving most of it to rot and build soil. The apparent lack of power is actually empowering – but naturally, I don’t fit into human society very well and more. I look pretty much the way you might expect a Her(m)etic hermit who lives all alone in the bush to look.
Living in paradise has a price; it took years of blockading, flora and fauna surveys and forest actions to stop the logging of the last primordial seed banks and watersheds – years of camping in remote rainforest ‘wilderness’ that no Eurosurper had ever tried to live in for long. If the Earth-rapists had been allowed to proceed unchallenged there’d be no drinkable water in the stream and the local climate would have desiccated; as things stand, the platypus, fish and turtles are very happy, and so am I.
Strange to relate, the land around these parts doesn’t long tolerate the excesses of feudally minded petit-tyrant aristocrats. Those who see trees as resources and consider themselves lord of their little patch of land and king of their castle belabour under an enduring curse that inexorably drives them away if they refuse to change their ways.
Maintaining an ecosystem requires far more than simply planting trees – which we all need to be doing, for the sake of our bodies and souls and the life of the planet, wherever we are. Here’s a hint – you can’t plant too many non-combustible fruit and nut trees; avoid the more pyrotechnic conifers and gums, and plant plenty of local strains of all kinds of plants. If you want to eat meat, raise the animal and kill it yourself; but I wouldn’t recommend it. Animals are far more useful for the other services they provide.
I’m not silly enough to be living where snow falls or on top of a windblown mountain or trying to make a go of it in an arid desert – but even living in those forbidding climes is a far healthier way of life than cocooning oneself in the misleading certitudes provided by the satiation of every material desire, in a womb-like bliss of contented comfort. I have nothing against enjoying such wonderful hedonism – but only for short bursts at a time; I’ve grown out of the need for perpetual indulgence in too much of a good thing, but hey, I know you need to get it while you can, friend. I just like to maintain a more highly tuned tone of mind and body these days; besides, there are too many ways to forget yourself when you’re living alone in rugged bushland, and the consequences can be calamitous if you don’t keep the essentials together.
Leaving the dubious benefits of poisonous technologies and cultures behind is a weaning process. It takes lots of willpower and/or plenty of time to overcome your addictions; give yourself plenty of time. Start to remove yourself from the ones you want to escape from right now – or tomorrow at the latest; take a look around you and find out who you really love and what’s really important to you. We all require far less to be happy than we imagine, and life on earth is a continual joy as well as an ongoing education. It’s not wise to simply drop all your crutches without first finding more nourishing, balancing and healthy pastimes to replace them with. A friend, relative or lover doesn’t qualify as a suitable replacement for addictions – but you’re fortunate if you’re surrounded by their love, too. Hopefully you’ll already have or find someone to share creation with, who you’ll be inspired by and inspiring to for a satisfyingly long time. How long is ‘long’ to an immortal?
It’s a good time to change yourself, and for us all to change the world – for the better. With apologies to the immoral immortal bard - all the world’s a stage we go through. A worthy question to consider is; What would I be doing right now if I were an immortal? Because whether you know it or not, you are – right now!
It’s a funny old world, but I love it. 

tree eyes by newilluminati. 

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