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Tuesday 16 September 2008

Ripped Off by Inbred Inhumans (Again)

Ripped Off by Inbred Inhumans (Again)
 How Far Has (Humanity or) Democracy Fallen?

What a bunch of bozos humans are. All over the world people die every day for want of readily available goods and services. Food rots because greedy people don’t profit enough from selling it, while millions starve and generations of malnourished children become the moronic cattle and corporate factory cannon fodder of tomorrow.
   Most countries are slightly updated tribal cultures comprised of purblind feuding groups, ruled over by brutal strongmen, congresses of clowns, lying truth-tamers, high-wire corporate flyers, ringmasters of spin, uneconomic illusionists, bearded so-called ladies, obesely fat men and other equally gruesome insecure power freaks. They pretend to provide their audience with bread and circuses while they hypnotise the audience into doing all the real work.
   These control freaks manage to convince everyone else to pay them more than they pay themselves – and then rip everyone off and screw their children while they plan their next luxurious holiday or profitable war! Recognise any faces you know among the mugshots? Chances are you voted for them – if you’re lucky enough to vote.
  Many nations are controlled by dynastically minded inbreeds who believe everyone aside from their vanishingly small genetic group is subhuman. In many cultures certain families manage to get away with claiming divine right to rule - by virtue of falsified lineages leading back unto the imaginary friends of their superstitious ancestors. 

Every tribe and country is stricken by the same problem – they’re run by groups who think they have the right to control everyone else’s lives and micromanage everyone’s hopes, dreams, abilities and destines.
  It’s easy to remain in power if you successfully convince a population to enrich themselves and broaden their minds by watching derivative soap operas, surreality programs and mindless sport. You can easily fool a population of ill-educated morons all of the time. They’ll chant ‘God Save the Queen’ while the king gleefully sings ‘God Enslaves the People’.  It’s easy to rip everyone off by distracting the short-sighted, short-lived homo simians with beer and skittles while you make backroom deals and pass money under tables; there’s no real skill or art to it.
 While people attack their neighbours over falsified crimes, xenophobic racist marauders keep their eyes on the real prize – the real estate of Planet Earth, along with its biological and mineral wealth, and the untold gullibility of its self-enslaving allegedly conscious primates.

  Without these ego-masturbating jerks in charge we’d all be living on a paradise planet right now. Letting bullies have their way - and allowing others to think and make decisions for you - means that we’re all going to a climactic climatic hell together on the same exciting rollercoaster ride. Well, not quite all; the obsessive control freaks we encourage to rule over us earnestly believe that they’ll have a seat in the bunker when the excrement hits the planetary air conditioner.
 But true justice knows no limits - as Ben Elton has so ruthlessly pointed out in his satirical masterwork Stark, who’d want to be trapped in a living hell with them?   People in democratic nations most certainly deserve the governments they get – but how many countries are truly democracies? How many nations are ruled by dynastic self-styled elites, whatever the apparent political persuasion of their constitutions? How many poor people do you see in any chamber of any house of governance? How can you expect justice, fairness and equality to prevail if you allow yourself to be ruled over by those who will kill to hold onto the high ground - the tiny capstone summit of a huge pyramid scam, where it’s ‘first in best dressed’ and to hell with the rest? How many children of politicians sit on hand-carved velvet chairs that they’re keeping warm for their own spoiled stupid children? Can you honestly tell me it doesn’t happen in your country? 
  It could be worse. You could live in Amerika, for instance, where the elephant in everyone’s lounge room is so large that everyone thinks it’s a typically obese representative of the Republican Party making a house call. The transparent pachyderm in front of the idiot boxes of all US citizens is the utterly fraudulent electoral system they’ve allowed themselves to be saddled with.
   The recent and current levels of US electoral fraud mean that no president or government has a mandate to rule! 
 No president has been justly elected in the good old (boys’) United States of Amerika since before the regime of Ronald Reagan’s militant industrialist puppeteers. Unless and until a brave leader finally roots out those responsible for this nefarious state of affairs they remain wide open to the justifiable charge that they’re merely unrepresentative corporate/gangster-funded swill.

   Until the US government brings back properly scrutinised paper ballots – or better still finds a way to create and maintain honest computer systems whose software is open to scrutiny (unlike those in use now, which the ruling party has ruled off limits to investigation) - all presidents are illegal residents in the White Man’s House. All branches of the government are entirely illegitimate – just like the still unratified and illegal US income tax laws that the ‘leaders’ won’t tell the ‘citizens’ about.
  Of course, things could be worse; you could live in a country like Russia – but at least everyone there admits they live in a gangster-run kleptocracy (except for Vlad the Impaler and his cronies, naturally). Or a ‘country’ like the Philippines or West Papua. Or anywhere in the Middle East or pan-Saharan Africa.  At moments like this it’s important to remember that money doesn’t exist; money and economies are corporate illusions and figments of your imagination – unlike me.
 Unlike the tree I’m sitting under. Unlike the clean air I breathe and the pristine water flowing past in the rainforest stream, and the incredibly mixed bloods flowing through my veins and yours.   Turn on. Tune in. Opt out!   The world is only as clean as your bloodstream and as clear as your mind – and vice versa.  Together we can create a much better Millennium than the one our well-intentioned damaged parents bequeathed to us!  
- R.A.
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