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Monday 8 September 2008

Gravity Control: Introduction to Project Unity

Gravity Control
  Introduction to Project Unity

Gravity Control has received many submissions regarding antigravity over the years, but none compares with the submission of one W. David Barclay. Read how his theory transcends all rocket and combustion science taking us to the new level of a field within a field that causes abrasion, interaction and resistance to create fuel-less propulsion and achieve antigravity.
 As we continue to pursue this most amazing and wonderful subject, we are now exposed to Project Unity.
  We have embraced Project Unity because after years of research it would appear that if gravity control isn't a project waiting in the wings of government, it is the obvious next step for man as we contemplate our dwindling oil supply and try to reach for the stars.. The thousand year old technology of rockets has taken us to the moon. And perhaps, Mars. But this kind of push propulsion energy and the current understanding of technology is in for a big shake up. The new science, as partially explained by Wilbert B. Smith has nothing to do with rocket technology. It's more in line with the works of Keely, Tesla, Kozyrev and currently Alex Frolov.
  Gravity control is a matter of time. The fact that some of the new science contradicts current thinking should not come as a surprise. Newton's Laws will be challenged as surely as his students were heard to say, this is hard. For those capable of understanding Project Unity is its own reward and with it comes the challenge to help shape the things to come.
  Against a background of mainstream science, W. David Barclay offers new genius with a theory so profound as to be capable of moving our entire civilization forward. If there is a spark of a new idea and it catches fire we are all privileged to witness the beginning of a new era, Project Unity   




Field Frequency Modulator (FFM)
The FFM System is capable of providing gravity control (or antigravity), as well as providing a continuous supply of cheap clean electrical power to any location on the planet, whereby assuring a sustainable future economy.

  What is the FFM System? 
 The FFM System is a four phase electromagnetic array, capable of sustaining a unified field system existing relative to the field in which it is situated. This provides for a differential in dynamic potential between the FFM System and the field of frequency in which it is situated.
  In other words, the idea is to create a relative unified field of frequency, (the FFM System), within another unified field of frequency, (the Earth’s field), whereby utilizing the differential existing between the two systems to provide an electric potential.
  This effectively creates a differential in electrical charge between the FFM System and the surrounding environment, which can be transferred to electrical generators and delivered through the existing electrical system.    The beauty of the FFM System is its natural simplicity, as it requires no fuel supply of any kind, in the form of liquids, solids or gases. The FFM System functions on the basis of the existing continuance of field frequency associated with any unified field system, but unlike many other experimental systems the FFM System allows for the controlled modulation of the underlying energy potential.
  In other words, the FFM System provides a controlled flow of energy, which can be increased or decreased by the simple turning of a dial.
  The various applications to which the FFM System can be applied have not at this time been fully explored, but it can be clearly stated that no aspect of human activity would remain unaffected by the versatility of this advanced science and technology.
  The most obvious application of gravity control is in the area of aerospace research and development, with the focus on advanced systems of transportation and communication.  The controlled modulation of the underlying energy potential would also be applicable to human health, increased production of food crops and a sustainable source of energy.    The FFM System brings an end to our dependency on a non-renewable supply of oil, coal and natural gas.  As the FFM System would be located locally, in respect to being located close to each and every community on the planet, there would be no need for high voltage transmission cables stretching from coast to coast and or north to south. Therefore wide spread disruption of power due to seasonal storms and hazards would become a thing of the past.
  In terms of economic benefit, the FFM System could supply low cost efficient electrical power to any geographic location on the planet.
  Project Unity defines the function of a four phase modulator, in relation to the controlled modulation of the underlying force of field, whereby allowing for much research and development to be carried out over the coming years.    It can be assured that all those personally involved with the development of the FFM System will find the process to be an exciting and rewarding experience, as our goal is to provide the world with the first completely fuel free energy system. Not even water is used in the process.
  The diagrams show the basic design of the FFM System.  The Four Phase Modulator can be described as an electromagnetic drive unit, consisting of four tiered rings of magnetic discs, whereby each magnetic disc is mounted on an electrically driven control arm, which can lift and or lower the magnetic disc or turn the disc from side to side.  The calibrated and synchronized lifting and or lowering of the discs allows for the vertical focus of field in an up or down direction, while the turning from side to side allows for the horizontal focus of field in any direction relative to the vertical plain. 

Diagram # 1 shows a plain view of a disc shaped craft with the Four Phase Modulator situated in the center.   


Diagram # 2 shows a section view of a disc shaped craft with the four tiered levels of the Four Phase Modulator situated in the bottom half of the craft. Much like an inverted pyramid turned inside out to form a cone, with the smallest ring at the bottom and the largest ring at the top.


Diagram #3 (a) shows a side elevation of one magnetic disc mounted on a control arm, whereby the magnetic disc can be turned 180 degrees to the left or 180 degrees to the right relative to the vertical plain. Diagram #3 (b) also shows a front elevation of the same operation. 
Diagram #4 shows a side elevation of one magnetic disc mounted on a control arm, whereby the magnetic disc can be lifted and lowered 90 degrees up or down relative to the horizontal plain.  Project Unity allows for gravity control, in that the ratio of energy per unit of mass is modulated by a simple four phase electromagnetic modulator, in relation to a unified field of frequency remaining relative to the system of reference.  And in that the Four Phase Modulator affects the field dynamics of the craft in relation to gravity and electromagnetism, the proportionally dynamic electromagnetic response is sufficient to operate all onboard electronics. Therefore the system is self sufficient in respect to all energy requirements necessary to sustain the craft’s operation.
  The dynamic principles which allow for the design and construction of this system have been thoroughly researched and studied over a period of more than 40 years. Therefore I am confident that the Field Frequency Modulator will provide for a variety of practical and efficient applications, not the least of which is Project Unity.   



Antigravity and gravity control are considered to be the same thing, but there is a difference.

Antigravity has been proven many times by people such as John Hutchison where they video taped the event (see Hutchison Effect). John Searle accomplished antigravity in the 70's and says that BBC cameras were there to film the event. The late Thomas Townsend Brown performed antigravity experiments in the forties till the eighties and it is said he died of ozone poisoning.

Today's antigravity experiments include Evgeny Podkletnov who works for Boeing's Project Grasp under their Phantomworks umbrella. All of these scientists have demonstrated antigravity and all have failed to understand just what is happening.

At American Antigravity they have been experimenting with balsawood triangles covered with foil called lifters. They, too, exhibit antigravity tendencies but again, there is no control.

The only known scientists who have accomplished antigravity and gravity control are John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Viktor Grebennikov but sadly these scientists are all voices from the past. The current crop of scientists are demonstrating antigravity but no control of gravity. This will change.

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