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ORMES: Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements 3


Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy

 Has the Philosopher's Stone Been Found?


Part 3 – Questions & Answers

Audience Question:      I'd like to know if you are consuming the substance yourself, right now.

David Hudson:     Because I was the discoverer I felt that I should take the material first. I started fasting and we didn't know how much to take. I was taking the gold in very low amounts. On about the third day my wife became aware I was taking it and she just went ballistic. Ah, you have to meet my wife, she's a very special lady, but she had been reading all the alchemical texts from St. Germain and all about people's hair falling out, their teeth falling out, their skin peeling off - and she just said, "You will not take this material without my permission". And out of respect to my wife I stopped taking the material; she literally made me eat to break the fast. 

Since that time we have five people who are taking it in high amounts. They are people who basically had no wife or children and no prior commitments and therefore were not afraid of it. But no I have not taken it - just very, very low amounts. 

Questioner:           Well can't you take her with you?

D.H.:            She's not ready yet. She's getting pretty close; she's watched this progress and she's much more comfortable with it. You have to understand I live in a very small agricultural community and I cannot say anything about this to anybody in my community. It just goes over their heads completely. 

And so I was really pleased when I went to Global Sciences in the Spring of last year and spoke for the first time… I spoke in the Fall once again to Global Sciences on this side of the country. I've been over to Hawaii and am now speaking here [in Texas]. I only have so much material being produced. Most of it's going for medical studies and philosophical studies and there isn't that much available. You know, we're not charging for it for most people; it's being given for free. There isn't enough that I can play with it, just do what I want with it... 

Questioner:           I'm also interested in the lighter side of sex. You were talking about how when he became a light being he was actually having sex with light beings...

DH:  …The literature says that when a person becomes the whole light being they become an androgynous being, because when you're immortal you don't have to have children. And so sex as most men know it is no longer important. It comes down to true and total love with all mankind. That is more than enough for most people's inclinations, I believe, at that point. I'll tell you in a month or so how it is, but right now that's what it appears like. Any other questions? 

Questioner:           How long has the longest [treated] person been on it? 

DH:  The first person to take it is eight and a half months right now. 

Q:      Do they continue to take it everyday? 

DH:  No, they took it for the 40 days - it's actually 30 days of taking it. At the end of that they stopped. It's called the Semen of the God in Heaven. Once you sleep with a guy and the semen's in you and you're pregnant, that's it, you're on your way fella and there's no turning back. You're going to have this baby in 9 months, so just brace yourself, here it comes. This is why I don't want someone to get on this path and then say, "I change my mind" - because you can't undo this; once it's done it's done. 

Q:      Can't you have a divorce? 

DH:  I don't know how. 

Questioner:           You mentioned that some of these other products had this iridium and other [substances] in it. Is there some relationship between this product that you have and these other products. 

DH:  Oh, certainly, I alluded to in the presentation. These elements are not rare. Diamonds are rare; carbon is everywhere, but diamond and carbon are the same element. You know our analytical method looks for metals, not for elements. And so the metals are rare because the conditions to make them metallic were very unusual, but the elements are everywhere. I say everywhere; they should be located everywhere. 

If you talk to a nuclear physicist he can tell you exactly how much of which elements should be here on Earth after the big bang, the Creation - and for some reason they don't know where the rhodium and iridium are. They just don't find them here on Earth. They assume it's out there in space someplace, in some meteorite, and they find this unusual amount of iridium at about 65 million years ago - well the geology that this material is in is exactly 65 million years old. And, coincidentally, it agrees with the volcanic activity about 65 million years ago. These elements are quite plentiful, particularly in volcanic areas or volcanic soil. 

I will mention when we analyse carrot juice, we find there's a high amount of rhodium in it. I've heard of people drinking macro amounts of carrot juice and curing cancer; well rhodium is the cancer cure. The Acemannan is 90 percent rhodium - the product that's made here in Texas. I believe Mr. McDaniels; I plug his product because it's probably the best source of rhodium you can buy, and if you have cancer you need rhodium in your body. It's the cancer cure. And one of the best natural sources that we know of right now is the Acemannan - other than our material which is pure rhodium, but I can't administer for cancer. 

Questioner:           What plans could you talk about for the next year? 
DH:  I've expended 5.3 million dollars out of my pocket thus far on the project. I've done everything financially I can do at this time. On December 31st I shut down my farming operation. 

I am operating under faith that there is someone out there who will understand this. I'm looking for the money to build a production plant - to do exactly what I'm doing in the laboratories but on a larger scale. We're going to process one ton a day of the ore, which will give us about one million five hundred thousand dollars worth of precious elements per day at current metal prices. It takes about a half an ounce or we're figuring about $500 worth of precious elements to cure AIDS. Our cost will be about $10,000 a day - or about $3.50 for enough to cure [a case of] AIDS. 

Questioner:           What's the cost of the plant? 

DH:  I've got all the budget and everything worked up. If someone's interested I can show it to them; it's a business plan. I've turned down the money from two different sources that have offered it already, but they were Boards of Directors and they were totally profit oriented, and that's not how this is going to be done. Well, you can't… If Mother Theresa presents herself and she's given everything she owns to the poor and she says, "I need it", you gotta give it to her. She has no money, you still have to give it to her. 

So if someone says, "Nope, we're going to make the highest and greatest amount of money we can out of it" - no. If you want to think about it as just a business plan, you can put the stuff into fuel cell electrodes and you can deliver it to the Japanese - tell them that you they’re partners. You're going to furnish electrodes for their fuel cells. You don't sell precious metals, you sell electricity - and you still own the precious metals. 

Every day you're making a million and a half dollars worth of precious elements and they're going into fuel cells. In a year's time you've made 500 million dollars worth of precious elements and you are now making the income every day, off those precious elements - which should be around 20-25 percent income off of the sale of the electricity. And you still own the precious elements. 

After ten years you own more precious elements than anybody else in the world. You become the international bankers that are totally, 100 percent precious metal backed, and you have the income. It's not sitting at some bank, it's sitting out there in the world working for a living. 

That's the worst case scenario. 

Now the best case scenario is what it does. You know, we have given this to HIV patients who could not even speak. They were days away from death. They were being fed by IVs. And four or five weeks later they were feeding themselves, getting dressed on their own and attending family weddings, and flying on airplanes across the United States. There's no better feeling. There's no better feeling than to help these people that have no hope. 

And I can give you the names of the people you can call in the Phoenix area who are on this stuff right now, and they'll tell you, "We're alive today because of this material". You can call them up and talk to them personally. I just can't put it on tape, that's all. Any other questions? 

Questioner:           I'm sure you probably have all the volunteers you can use?

DH:  How about 8,732? 

Questioner:           When is this substance going to be available for folks like us? 

DH:  It's going to take about a year and a half from the time that I get the funding, and I thought I would have the funding before now. I have probably eight different people who have the money, who said they want to do it; but no one's written the check yet. I make about 2,000 milligrams every two days in the laboratory right now, but more importantly I'm out telling people about it. I'm going to speak in Florida, I'm going to be up in New England, I'm going to be in the Midwest, and I've been up in Seattle, and it's going to be just seeding information. And then that's about enough. I'll depend on you to tell your friends about it. 

When it's available you'll know about it, I guarantee you'll hear about it. It's going to be heavy. 

Questioner:           You're looking for just one investor? 

DH:  I'm looking to deal with private individuals, not corporations. 

Questioner:           So it could be like more than one individual? 

DH:  Certainly. It's just I have to meet them and be comfortable and they know what they're getting involved in, before I can accept their money.

Questioner:           You said the gentleman that was taking this was basically healthy, and had taken it for what, 30 or 40 days. And then he heard the sounds and things like that - apparently could know about people that were coming before they arrived. The people that were ill and took it and then became well - did they have the same experiences as the healthy man who took it?

DH:  Okay, the question was, "Do the people who take it for medicinal purposes have the same things happen to them as the people who took it for philosophical reasons?" First of all, the fellow who took it for philosophical reasons fasted for forty days and took 500 mg. per day; the people who took it for medicine took 50 mg. a day. So there's a big [difference]... 

Questioner:           They didn't have any of the side benefits? 

DH:  They didn't. No-one has commented on the sound; however it is coincidental that the lady who had the stage four cancer is now a Sikh, wears the white robes and everything. The two AIDS patients say that they have never been religious, but they just feel more at one with their Creator; they feel like there's a oneness. 

And I've never spread this information. They don't know anything about the other people. It's curious, what they are telling me. It is changing the way they see themselves in the life process. 

Q:      Are you going to write a book? 

DH:  Yes… It took a while for all the legal processes to occur… It's basically my quest for the Holy Grail and my achievement of it. In the last chapter there’s a man taking it in high amounts. It's the Celestine prophecy except it's not fiction. 

Questioner:           I think it's nothing short of a miracle that the medical profession wants to work with you. I'm amazed that the pharmaceutical cartels don't have you on their hit lists - and how you are going to deal with that? 

DH:  That's a good question. I don't understand why so many people have so many problems because I've never been confronted, or never had any problems with anyone to date - other than the military. The military wanted to know about the superconductivity and all. 

I am not charging money for it, as long as it's being administered for philosophical reasons. Understand this is the Manna - this is something other people haven't figured out yet, but this is the Manna. And what judge and jury, what administrator in the government would dare take the Manna from a church? Now I know they will try, but we do have this basic concept of separation of church and state, and this isn't peyote, this is the Manna. And this is a Christian nation as a whole, you know, it's generally a Christian nation. To take the Manna from someone for philosophical reasons, to take it away from you - I just don't think they’ve got ‘you know what’ enough to do that. 

Questioner: In your presence is my alchemical mentor, my instructor; I'm an apprentice alchemist and Hans is sitting back there with some of my fellow students. The subject that's on my mind is the sound in the head or above the head that they're experiencing. When I was rather young, in my twenties, on several occasions I heard what's called the ‘music of the spheres’, which the founder of the Sufi order, Haza Renya Kahn, relates somehow to the "Na da". And I don't know exactly how that sound relates to the "music of the spheres", which I have heard... 

DH:  It is the same sound. 

Q:      That sound is with me continuously and I once asked a swami what it was and he defined it as the "Nada", and I suspected that it related to the Kundalini, but I don't know that much about the Kundalini.

DH:  How many of you are aware of "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch"? Look on page 497 in the "Keys of Enoch", written in 1975. Before nuclear physicists knew any of this, he said that scientists will learn how the nucleus can change its symmetry, which is what this does - how the electron orbits reconfigure themselves and the electron-positron pairs will form, which are light. 

Here a professor or of ancient languages is writing that this discovery would be made ten years before it was discovered by science. He also talks on page 486 about the high frequency sound - that will be the frequency over which the paranormal gifts will be granted to mankind. And of course all through the book he talks about the ore ion energy, the gold atom energy, the highest light energy. Go back and read the "Keys of Enoch" now and see if it doesn't mean a whole lot more to you.; "The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch", by John Hurtack. It's a large white, hard-bound book that says "Yahweh" on the front of it; Y-H-W-H. 

Questioner:           You mentioned that there are people that are in jail now that had been talking about the platinum group elements; were any of those people sincere and is there any action that you might be able to take to help them?

DH:  I don't consider them frauds the way most people do. I think that most of the people were sincere in that they believed the elements really were there. I believe they were sincere in representing they were there raising money. The mistake that most of them made is they represented they would recover the elements and have a business in a couple of years, and they weren't in a position where they really could make those representations. It took me eighteen years and 5.3 million dollars and I don't have all the answers yet. 

We're on the learning curve right now. We're learning every day. For the average person - if you want to get involved in this subject, I tell you, brace yourself, you've got a long, hard, tedious journey. My wife gets upset because I go and talk to people; she says, "You're laying all this out for people", but it's like me writing a book on playing concert piano. You could read a book on playing concert piano, but that doesn't mean you sit down and play the concert piano. It would take years and years and years of practice. And as simple as this might sound on paper, there's still an awful lot of art involved. And so I feel comfortable talking to people about it; even though I'm telling you everything about it, there's still a lot of work involved in it.

Q:      There's something that happened here recently that I wanted to bring to your attention. We're taking a course in sacred geometry where we're studying the ancient pyramids, and what the king's chamber was actually used for in the Great Pyramid - which I'm sure you're aware of because it was where the Rite of Passage was administered. We have some friends that wrote the book The Pyramid Energy - Marion and Dean Hardy - and they're in the Socratronics Association... 

DH:  She was in Phoenix about three days ago with me. 

Q:      Well we called Marion and Dean and said, ‘Since you have this 24 foot square pyramid out in your back yard, why don't you take a piece of pure gold and hang it at the king's chamber exact location in your pyramid and see what happens to the gold. Dean said, ‘Well we're not using the pyramid right now for anything’, so they took a glass of distilled water and hung a little piece of gold - they actually took a gold Krugerrand coin and hung it over the glass of distilled water and left it for three days, and when Dean went back out there it had this honey dew on the Krugerrand. So he dunked the Krugerrand in the glass of distilled water and drank it. Well he actually overdosed on it as you well know. It gave him a thorough cleansing, but Dean says now he feels like he's about eighteen years old. And they're actually treating some people, friends of theirs who are ill, and they're having good results from it. I'm sure that they may have related this to you. 

DH:  That's what she shared with me also… I don't know if you read about when they opened the Great Pyramid, but they found the king's chamber totally empty except for this white powder all over the chamber… I think the material that was being used in there was spilled. The Great Pyramid is quite a scientific mystery to most people - why it was built, why it's the way it is. But the white powder - I would give anything to have just a few milligrams of the white powder that actually came out of the Great Pyramid. Because it will analyse to be alumina or silica; it's the only thing it will analyse to be, and so you'll assume there's nothing to it and you just dispose of it. But it's not alumina or silica… 

Q:      It's really your Manna. 

DH:  I think so. Anyway, that's my opinion. I haven't got any to analyse it but I can tell you that the Vibuti, the Sai Baba manifest, in fact is iridium in the high-spin state. That we have analysed, and he does ingest this material. Iridium polymerizes with hydrochloric acid - in the stomach you have hydrochloric acid and so when you take high amounts into your stomach and then regurgitate this, they call this plastic looking material Lingam. The word Lingam actually means semen. Well he regurgitates this Lingam and they worship it as the holy material, and he literally eats it in macro amounts. His body is totally saturated, and they claim he can bio-locate. Coincidentally...

The thing that I try to impress on people is when you are in this enlightened state, you no longer have to read books; you no longer have to study because you just know things. And there's no scientific explanation how you can know these things. You just know things. Sacred geometry will be totally and completely obvious to us, what it means, how it functions, when you are in this state. We're wrestling with it, trying to understand it, trying to figure it out, but when you're in this state it's all obvious. It's just simple as it can be. 

Q:      In terms of the pitch of that note that their hearing through the Chad or the Bod or whatever word you want to call it, have you documented that pitch? 

DH:  No we haven't, and the reason for that is the frequency actually is resonating at the Planckian vibration frequency. The brain perceives it as a high pitch sound, but it really isn't a high pitch sound; it's only that the brain perceives it as a high pitch sound. Now, can that sound be inputted into the person and conversely affect this material? I don't know. There's been some people working with sound and sound energies who are playing with this right now, but what I am working on is consuming all of my time... 

But what's going on right now, if this guy reaches a state where he can levitate and bio-locate? I don't mean be in two or three places at one time; I mean disappear here and reappear over here. This is going to be heavy duty - because that means anyone can do it. It doesn't require faith, it doesn't require belief, it's just a procedural thing you have to go through. 

And if this occurs, maybe it's going to take me another month or two or three or four or five before we get there. But it's going to be serious, because that means anyone can do it with that amount of material. And this man had no philosophical beliefs or anything, he just wanted the truth, he just wanted to know what was happening. So, it's going to be heavy. 

Q:      I was wondering, when the gentleman mentioned about the pyramid,  if you took that white powder and put it in the king's chamber - has anybody done that yet, and do think it would make it anymore purified or not? 

DH:  You know that the Great had an overlay of the white limestone, and was painted in rainbow colours as they went up the side. But the capstone of the Great Pyramid was gold glass - was a superconductor. The Great Pyramid was actually dug down and built on solid bedrock because the Earth vibrates the Om vibration - the low frequency vibration - then transfers up through the pyramid into the superconducting material and it’s the vibration that charges the superconductor. And I believe that when the gold glass capstone was on the Great Pyramid, it glowed at night. Can you imagine what a sight it had to be to be coming across the desert and see this huge white, rainbow coloured pyramid with this huge glow of light on the top of it? 

Understand that there is no distance through the zero point energy, and that when the pharaoh or the high priest became the light being they became the son of god. You know, you are ‘born again as the son of god’, which is what the pharaoh claimed to be - a son of god. This is literally the communication device, this is the way that you're able to project your thoughts through this huge superconducting pyramid - you are within that field and can project your thoughts using that, which makes you much more powerful than you would be as an individual. 

The whole concept of the way the society was in Old Kingdom Egypt and the way it operated - when you literally have a king that is like a god, who knows all lies, all truths, who knows everything - this is completely different from anything we've ever known. 

Questioner:           I found a few things very fascinating when you and I were having our conversation. One was about the fact that there was a Meissner field that enabled the priest to approach the Ark of the Covenant without being killed. Could you tell us a little about that and also about the air lift of the Black Jesus and what you think that was about? 

DH:  Well, ah, I felt I talked enough about science, so I didn't want to go anymore in that way, I wanted to get to the philosophy because that's what everyone wanted to hear anyway. You have to talk about the science so that the reality of it is all there. But understand that superconductivity is not electricity - superconductivity is like a world of it's own. A material that is a superconductor contains one vibrational frequency within the superconductor. One vibrational frequency - a lot like a laser. This light flows perpetually within the system. Nowhere in the system is there any voltage. 

So you can't hook up a wire here and a wire here to the superconductor and get current to flow in and out, because to get current to get off of the wire you've got to have a voltage to get current; you got to have a little voltage and yet by definition a superconductor won't allow any voltage. So the material's a perfect insulator, not a superconductor. But if you resonance frequency tune the wire so that the electrons vibrate at the same frequency as the superconductor, then the electrons will flow on as light, as electron pairs. They will pair up and flow on, because they're seeking the path of least resistance which is the superconductor. 

So it is different than an ordinary conductor and shouldn't be thought of as electricity; it's light. All right, now, the amazing thing is, if you resonance frequency tune this conductor to the frequency of the superconductor then energy starts flowing on, but it's flowing on as light. Any amount of light can exist in the same space-time. Only so much electricity can flow on the conductor, but light can flow on forever. And so it just flows on and flows on... Now around the superconductor it forms a Meissner field. The Meissner field has no north or south pole, it's just a field - it's unique in that it has no north or south pole. The largeness of that magnetic field is proportional to the amount of light that is flowing within the superconductor. 

In the Ark of the Covenant was the pot of the Manna, and the stone through which god spoke to Moses. Now when Moses was up on Mount Sinai he was smelting the Manna to the gold glass. Why do I say that? In old kingdom Egypt these were called bushes, not eyelashes [touching his eyes]. These were bushes - check you're Egyptian literature. The burning bush was the enlightened Third Eye. 

And so when Moses looked upon the burning bush on Mount Sinai, it was just a mistranslation - it was his third eye that was open and god communicated to him through the stone. God didn't write on the stone - if he wrote on the stone why would he put it in a box, seal it up and then let no one look at it? If god wrote on it he would put it up on the wall where everybody could read it. In The Sign of the Seal you read that on the holiest day in Old Kingdom Egypt, they carried around an Ark on two poles, and in the Ark was a stone. Coincidentally, what was in the Ark of the Covenant? A stone. The pot of Manna and the stone - the gold glass. 

I'm saying that around the Ark of the Covenant was the Meissner field. Now, the strange thing about a Meissner field is other Meissner fields that oscillate at the same frequency can enter that field and not perturb it. And so if you are a high priest, a Melchizedek priest, and you eat this Bread of the Presence of God every week you are a light being, and you can enter into that field and approach the Ark of the Covenant and not perturb it because you're in resonance with it. But if you're an ordinary soldier or a person who thinks bad things, they have to tie a rope around your legs because as you approach it, it may have a flux collapse. Now if you can imagine several hundred thousand amps and now you have volts - it's like a bolt of lightning. It is energy that is of unbelievable magnitude. 

So as long as there are no volts you could touch it, you could feel it - it's hundreds of thousands of amps, but no tickle, no tingle, because there's no volts. As long as you're in resonance with it you can approach it, you could touch it, you could hold it, you could feel it - nothing. But if you're not in resonance with it, you enter the field, you perturb the resonance and it's a flux collapse - and now you've got voltage and it'll kill you. 

Remember they said in the Bible that the Ark of the Covenant actually levitated and floated along and actually carried some of the people who were carrying it. The only thing that can do that's a superconductor. 

A True Story.

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