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Friday 29 August 2008

Deny the Weaponmaker’s Credo

Deny the Weaponmaker’s Credo

  The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be

“Life – which you so nobly serve – comes from destruction, disorder and chaos. Now take this empty glass; here it is, simple, serene – boring. But if it is destroyed…” The weapon dealer dropped the glass of water on the floor and continued as he glanced at a busy bevy of mobile gadgets that appeared as if by magic, “…look at all these little things, so busy now, notice how each one is useful. What a lovely ballet ensues – so full of form and colour.” The little mechanisms clean up the mess, brushing away the shards and mopping up the water before another device provides the smiling salesman with a freshly filled glass.
             “Now think about all those people that created them – technicians, engineers, hundreds of people who will be able to feed their children tonight, so those children can grow up big and strong and have teeny weeny children of their own and so on and so forth, thus adding to the great chain of life.  “You see… by creating a little destruction, I’m effectively encouraging life…”
  - Zorg the weapon broker, in The Fifth Element by Luc Besant    
Some people will try to convince you that free markets can be trusted to deliver the greater good to the greatest number. Many will tell you that governments have no business interfering with business and any intervention in corporate matters is self-defeating, narrow-minded protectionism.
  What a load of bullshit. Markets aren’t free and the playing fields are about as level as the mountains of the Moon.
   If modern governments can’t curb thugs, thieves and bullies and protect their citizens from the heavy hand of intrinsically competitive and soulless corporations, then why bother to vote or huddle under the holey umbrella of their useless ‘protection’? All governments evolved from the rudimentary beginnings of systematised protection rackets, in which bullies enforced their lore and orders at the point of a hunter’s sharpened stick, with or without the assent of their stone-throwing tribe. Now that the human tribe is finally learning to stand up on its hind legs again and beginning to grow restless, the predatory hunters are becoming nervous.
  Security is still the only irrational rationale for the continuing existence of protectionist nation states in the new millennium – but who do we really need protection from? Is our world at the mercy of rapacious nations, hungry populations, feuding tribes and incompatible creeds – or are we manipulated by invested interests that make use of age old squabbles and stupid rivalries to further their own racist control freak agendas?
   Come on – wake up and smell the burning oil and gas. A mere handful of competing groups of well-heeled gangsters runs the world. As in most cultures throughout history, those we need protection from the most are faceless but dynastically-minded authoritarian thugs who perpetuate their misery-making empires by terrorising everyone else. They’re the ones who really decide where their modern corporate military front-men generals will next release their bulletproof-armored pawns.
   These monopolist pillar-pariahs of society somehow think they can continue to shift the heavy load of their accrued karma onto everyone else’s hardworking backs. They fervently believe they can continue to get out of jail for free until well after the fat lady sings - when their bullshit hits the windmill and falls in everyone’s water supply, and they can retire to well-fortified, thoroughly stocked happy country manors and bunkers, maintained by servile lackeys and locked-in servants.
  Their governmental underlings – those glorious ‘leaders’ whose smiling faces are so painfully familiar to us all - come in a distant third in the culpability stakes, well behind greedy industrialists and the paranoid military. Even when presidents and ministers appear to be the ones who are wielding sharp nuclear-tipped sticks and irradiated bullets, those sticks and stones are truly the weaponry of others - who are even now preparing to once more dangle their mercenary wares over our heads like a radioactive Sword of Damocles, demanding obedience from a new generation of the duly terrified reactionary mob.
  Many individuals and even whole entire nations are wising up; GOD is a small group of families involved in Guns, Oil and Steel. The weapon smiths are the bankers are the fossil fuel monopoly are the chemical manufactures are the bomb makers are the private jail operators are the nuclear power producers. They’re the offspring of Rex Mundi, the self-styled kings of the earth, the dividers and conquerors of yore - makers of weak ends and wreckers of Monday freedom, who have made unwilling robotic nine-to-five slaves of the inventive children of creative freeborn Humanity.
  Wake up. It’s all a lie. You’re all the offspring of tribal natives who were pulled from their ancestral homes by their long flowing hair, and almost everyone is a survival-oriented slave to a conquering empire; but all empires fade, and sometimes they all disappear at once. Almost everything you’re told by pontificating pundits, convincing teachers and well-read experts is wrong; no matter how artfully contrived their models are, most of our learned tutors’ premises are fundamentally askew and there’s no security in an intrinsically corrupt edifice.
   Everything any public authority can tell you about economics, history, agriculture, the nature of time, light or gravity, human longevity and healing capacity, the structure or age of the universe, the true availability and abundance of energy supplies, your innate psychic abilities, ecological sustainability or the existence of other life in the multiverse, is based on utterly false premises, misleading data and outdated dogmas.
   Their classically derived information is good as far as it goes, but in the light of what we really know today – the true information emerging at the cutting edge of unfettered research – that’s not very far. All our vast tree of knowledge is still but a sapling, and many of its branches will one day be shaded out by more overarching concepts. Most of what we teach our children is about as accurate in its portrayal of the universe around them as the quaint beliefs of the medieval era.
  Ever since science and medicine became just another couple of profitable businesses our advancement has been thoroughly vetted and controlled. We’ve been going around in wobbly circles for half a century, trapped on a treadmill of Cold War concepts and ideas. More advances have been made in the last decade than in all the millennia since the world last tilted twenty degrees, almost fourteen thousand years ago. You probably won’t know how or why it’s possible to derive energy and fuel for free, or that most of our past is invisible to the eyes of cultures mired in the superstitious notion that human civilization and highly developed cultures are a solely modern occurrence.
     Not only are those who ignore the lessons of history oft condemned to repeat them, but our history is far older and more intricate than textbook-quoting archaeologists and historians can possibly realise. Despite all the obvious clues handed on silver platters to supposedly fearless and open-eyed researchers for centuries, the narrow scope of academic pursuits and the funding structures that effectively control all knowledge force those in ivory towers to toe the line if they want to be published – and thereby survive, or as some prefer to put it, contribute.
   The protection racket extends into every nook and cranny of the pyramidal human hive, but heavy-handed threats are rarely required - there’s no censor like a self-censoring student or researcher who knows how to tell their teacher or boss what they want to hear.
  Our civilizations are far too hierarchical and top-heavy to make the dissemination of the truth possible; it isn’t in the perceived interests of those on the top to tell anyone under them what’s really going on, any more than it’s wise for a slave to tell their master what they really get up to when the overlord’s back is turned – or for a low-paid technician to swiftly inform the upstairs office when they’ve just dropped a stick of plutonium in the acid bath.
  Chances are you’re living a lie in an illusory concrete matrix poured over the living flesh of a vast telepathic global deity; chances are the stars aren’t nuclear furnaces but vast agglomerations of energy pouring into our realm from deeper, higher implicate dimensions; chances are you’re an immortal entity living in an intricately conceived fantasy that’s maintained by the interweaving dreams of billions of half-awake minds - but even an utterly socialised insect can escape the hive, or even help to change its hell-bent direction.
   Space and time are not what we think they are, and the nature of your consciousness is the true unrevealed mystery of the ages. Take the time to take a look.
  The future is writ on water; anything is possible. Many governments are already managing to reign in corporate excess and those who would engage in outdated shows of military muscle. The population of the world is far more free, better nourished and educated than it has been for many generations. We may not have quite realised it yet, but we can do whatever we want.
  History isn’t over, and the world won’t go out with a man-made bang. Global suicide isn’t that easy and you don’t go anywhere – you simply have to start all over again.
   Creating the closest possible semblance to paradise on planet Earth - for every mother-loving individualistic one of our vast sprawling tribe - is a far more challenging and rewarding pursuit than perpetuating the gangster elite’s stranglehold, by continuing to work for them and do their bidding. Becoming the evolutionary you always knew you wanted to be is a great artistic endeavour, a noble calling and a vocation of which to be proud; your grandchildren will admire you if you make room for them - instead of cursing you for your purblind selfish greed. What are you doing tomorrow?  
What are you doing right now?

   -         R. Ayana
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