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Monday 10 September 2007

Buyer Beware: Plump Greedy Shoppers Consume Entire Planet

Buyer Beware
 Plump Greedy Shoppers Consume Entire Planet

We all know times are changing, that familiar things are slowly being cut out from under us and that the future isn’t what it used to be. A couple of generations ago our current dilemmas – living poised on the brink of climate catastrophe, our debilitating exposure to chemicals and pollution overload, near-complete destruction of our forests and fish, the inexorable disappearance of fresh, clean water and the extinction of a multitude of species, ongoing rises in cancer rates and other debilitating diseases caused by toxic lifestyles, among a host of other nightmares – were problems for the future to deal with.  

Hippies and greenies warned everyone about these obvious looming hassles (and many more you may not have noticed yet) and actively explored alternative solutions; straight people kept supporting the domineering paradigm, working for the Beast so they could could go on living lifestyles that were actually global deathstyles. They knew they could go laughing to their graves and leave the mess for their grandchildren to suffer over or clean up.

            No longer. Now we all know where we stand - whether in self-blinded denial or an understanding that we are literally creating our own reality. We’re eating and drinking each other’s poisons, piss and shit on a spaceship with a huge but limited life support system – a system that we’re cannibalizing, like a strange bunch of primitive cargo-cultists, to make toys, trinkets and other entertainment devices.

            We’re all know it’s a good idea to cut our consumption of energy and fuel for a number of great reasons, and that cutting back on poisonous fossil fuel use is a smart move – regardless of which side you may take in arguments involving peak oil, climate change or others topics requiring careful analysis and interpretation. We’re all greenies now - or we’re irresponsible infants. Technological fixes rarely solve anything in our post-modern Millennial world; they’re designed to make money and usually cause even greater problems. For instance, we aren’t told that all those subsidised low-wattage, lousy spectrum light bulbs are actually very bad for our health – that they cause melanomas and other cancers, for instance. We don’t realise that the filters on cigarettes are carcinogenic. We don’t understand that ‘air conditioning’ makes us sick or that additives that replaced lead in petrol are totally poisonous. We aren’t aware that the very atmosphere of most urban centres is so pernicious that it’s unwise to drink water captured from its air in rainwater tanks.

We think that by spending more we can have food and water with less poison in it. We keep on polluting more, year by year, in pursuit of an easier life. We try to treat the symptoms while ignoring the disease and true cause. The cause is simple – insecurity. Fear and insecurity – the ‘need’ to be loved and admired – that’s all there is behind the hollowness, the conspicuous consumption commonly known as ‘shopping’, ‘consumerism’ and ‘progress’. These dumb time-fillers exist to fill the void of pointless modern workaholic lives, to give false meaning to people who have forgotten the point of living. Buying crap to make us feel like we’re loved and being a creative, interesting people. That’s the reason the planet’s going to hell. Sad, isn’t it? And this ‘need’ to buy things is killing the planet faster than anything else.

            In case you needed proof, a recent Australian study shows that while just 20% of all greenhouse pollution comes from our use of gas, coal, oil, electricity and firewood, about 58% comes from our consumption. Food is responsible for around 28% of greenhouse emissions - and a multitude of gee-gaws and a few essentials make up the other 30%. Most of the food component of greenhouse emissions is due to meat consumption - cattle and dairy farms. The biggest single thing we can all do to stop crapping all over the planet is to stop eating meat – which is easy, because, unlike water and air, we don’t need meat to live. We can easily do without it and be far healthier as a result. It’s a very expensive luxury, and a toxic one. And despite the lies told by industry apologists and advertisers, you certainly don’t need it at all.

            We could continue consuming at our current astronomical rates if we had leaders with brains and gumption who could hook our power systems up to clean energy sources and enforce best practice in agriculture, forestry, mining and industry. Then we could all have a great time, living aimless lives of pointless luxury forever. Or we can become a responsibly adult species at last and clean up our own mess while finding ways to do the job without making another horrible mess.Most of us are unaware that a vast number of free energy alternatives already exist – not as urban myths, as you’ve been led to believe, but as easily understood and replicated technologies and you can build or buy many of them yourself (see for instance http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20energy ). Strangely, they remain undeveloped and in many cases are suppressed, sometimes by the murder of the inventor. I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes.  


You can develop a healthy new life in a number of ways. The solution is simple – simplify, stop buying things, don’t work for fuckwits whose products or services make it all worse - and stop filling the emotional void with tinselly crap.Now that governments actually call their citizens ‘consumers’ the joke has gone a little too far – even ignoring, for the moment, the fact that most of these so-called ‘consumers’ actually produce things. Being called a ‘consumer’ takes away your human rights; it’s one step from being called ‘expendable’. It’s not the same as being a ‘citizen’. Stop paying the rich to poison you and your family. Buying something you don’t need is a social and environmental crime. Tell your friends and family not to buy crap for you on birthdays, father’s and mother’s days and other times of pointless mercenary hemorrhage. Have a party together instead. Buy second hand, if you must buy at all – there will still be plenty of people who buy new things, because another sucker (consumer) is born every minute. When the main stream is headed for a waterfall it’s a good idea to swim out of the undertow as if your life depends on it and explore the fringe currents. The hippies always extolled the benefits of independent self-sufficiency, too – and the wisdom of moving back to the land to create your own reality and to plant more trees. It only works if you leave ALL the poisonous crap behind in the cities and towns, where it belongs, and learn to heal the Earth if you’re to heal yourself. You can’t just buy your way out – if you try you’ll bring the worst nightmares with you. Almost everything on sale anywhere in ‘developed’ countries is useless, toxic crap. It’s not the stuff you’d take with you if the water was rising around your home, for instance. 

           Well guess what – it is.

“We are born of a tree scarred with the graffiti of our love.”
- R. Ayana-    


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