"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Saturday 9 December 2006

While You're Waking Up

While You're Waking Up

If you're waking up to what's really happening in the world - for instance, how (in)vested interests suit themselves while making money and power from destroying our planet and its priceless life-forms - then no doubt you're getting into recycling, saving water and power and doing your bit to slow our inexorable extinction. These are good first steps, a sign that the global hypnotic ‘war, terrorism and development' propaganda doesn't quite hold you in its thrall.

          The next steps are challenging. Do you work for a company or group that's actively healing and repairing  the planet - or actively destroying it? Are you a student learning how to rape the world faster - or how to stop the slime from doing so? If you're not actually doing something radically positive you're almost certainly engaged in polluting, despoiling, downgrading or destroying creation.

          If you're awake, it's now your responsibility. You need to climb out of the toxic, illusory comfort zone that is the chancrous city hive and witness what's happening in the real world for yourself. Don't believe what anyone (including me) tells you about how everything's getting better and how farmers and industrialists are better people now and have your interests at heart - go where the trees are being cut down and pulped or where minerals are mined or animals are caged and see the rotten roots of this military/industrial civilization for yourself. After all - you're eating its fruits.

          Who knows? You may even decide to do something about it. It's obvious that hardly anyone else is and that those who are doing something positive need your help.

          If, on the other hand, you're really trapped in a cage of your own devising and can't get out there to help - because you're studying or have a mortgage or real, more positive responsibilities - then the very best thing you can do to radically and instantly reduce the size of your ecological footprint by an order of magnitude you can stop eating dead animals - stop killing conscious living beings for food by not eating meat - including fish and fowl. Meat farming destroys the planet faster than any other human activity except war; forests and entire ecosystems are disappearing every day to feed monoculture cattle. Rivers are destroyed, land turns to desert and more real, actual food is used to fatten cattle than is needed to feed all the world's teeming hungry and starving, many times over.

          More than 60% of wild fish caught in what remains of the world's decimated ocean ecosystems are fed to fast-growing carnivorous fish on poisoned and poisonous ‘aquaculture farms'. All this so-called food is toxic and reduces a healthy person's lifespan. All the poisons pumped into soil and water and animal feeds and sprayed and painted directly onto the animals go directly to the top of the food chain - into YOU. Is it strange that you now have a ‘better' than 50% chance of experiencing cancer? Even though they rhyme, ‘eat' and ‘meat' are not synonymous.

          The only pitifully laughable part is that you don't need to eat meat to thrive and survive! Humans with a varied diet are actually more healthy without it. And if you don't actually need to eat dead animals then it becomes hard to say why the pointless suffering of all those animals (and humans) occurs at all - except for whim. How many obese vegetarians do you know?

          Meat is industrialised blood-money for the laziest, most destructive land-rapists around; that's all it really is, all it's really for. And the destruction of the land and waters it's caused has helped create the climate catastrophe we're all now beginning to experience.

          Becoming a vegetarian - which is for many a slow weaning process - is the best way to start to heal the planet and yourself and to end the needless, pointed suffering and torture of poor, innocent creatures that die for no other ‘reason' than insensitive gluttony.

          Our feudal military/industrial mindset is the problem. There's more than enough of everything to go around, if we share and live wisely with the world. Time to live solutions yourself. There are no leaders who can take us there - the belief in benevolent leaders is a childish illusion. They don't exist. There's only you - and us.

          Wake up! Or alternately - enjoy TV.

- R.Ayana

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