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Friday 1 December 2006

TOROIDAL COILS: Stan Deyo - Antigravity Stream of Consciousness

Stan Deyo: Antigravity Stream of Consciousness
Written By Stan Deyo, May 2005 (Compiled by Tim Ventura) 

torusbeads.jpg image by SnowLabs 

I was shown the toroidal field coils of the joint scientific group that discovered it back in the late fifties. They used flat wire in their two coils. They were positioned differently to the Telos experiment though.

The inductor core was square-sectioned and hollow.... the coils were coaxial and only one turn deep. The first coil was wound with a right twist while the other coil was wound with a left twist. The result formed an "X" pattern where the two coils overlaid. The inductor core had an air gap in it.

Two other flat wire coils were placed at opposite sides of the main coils and then bent over the toroid to form the field navigation mechanism. All power was pulsed DC and the 30 foot diameter coils made a field reach out about 800 feet in diameter.

As for the Lazarus project, I am aware of the research although I can't recall hearing the project name. The energy source was from infrared frequencies which were converted to electric charge using a triboluminescent oxide that reacts in the infrared range. This substance releases electrons when exposed to the infrared range of radiation. It is a way to convert nuclear energies (spin, translation and radiation) directly into moving electrons.

Space/time can be altered by putting mass inside a dynamic EM field created by two pulsed, DC, toroidal coils which act as a "flux capacitor" (Faraday's dream). A charge capacitor by definition can be static (qq'/s); however as flux is a function of current which is moving or dynamic charge, the flux capacitor has to be a dynamic circuit which stores the energy (qq's/t). To do this, the current must be added into a chase-tail circuit whereby the layers of the field stack one upon the other to form a field in motion. The currents flow in one direction in each coil but are separated by a timing/vector factor so that they do not interfere with each other. The coils are wrapped of flat bar about 6 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick. they are then wrapped at ninety angles to each other and the current is pulsed first one then the other. The timing of the pulses allows the current to create an apparently perfect inductor with zero resistance (although it is not truly zero since it does radiate energy).

Inside this field in a small craft of about 30-feet diameter, one will experience a peculiar distortion of space/time. This occurs when the field inside the craft is "pumped up" so that the energy density of the space inside the field is much greater than that of normal space here on the Earth's surface. The higher the energy density the more time is dilated so that time in the field occurs at a slower rate to that outside the field. If the energy density is lowered then the converse is true.

An hour in the field of higher density might be a few days outside the field. This is because time is measured as a ratio of lengths. Time has no real dimension when comparing energy density states. It becomes relativistic... a ratio. We compare distances travelled (whether linear, curved or angular) to establish "time" units. A second can be related to distances travelled by a pendulum, a vibrating crystal or even a decaying atomic structure - but they are all relative distances when one compares them as time. When your watch crystal has vibrated "n" times it has covered "x" distance. While it has covered that distance something else has covered another distance (whether it be as atomic structures spinning or in the movement of larger or macro-atomic structures). If one says he has travelled 1 mile in 1 second then he is comparing the change of his energy state and position to the distance the crystal has vibrated while he travelled..... Time is a pure ratio of lengths in the relativistic mass-length-time (mlt) system. 

One can theoretically transcend the "light barrier" by using asymmetric propulsion concepts. The barrier only exists (like the sound barrier) when one uses symmetric or Newtonian propulsion systems to "push" through an environment.

The linear form of the Michelson-Morley experiment was performed many times and in the later tests a rotational version of the experiment proved the existence of an aether 'fluid'. I explain the error in the linear version of their experiment in my book, "The Cosmic Conspiracy." It was a simple mistake. However, until one learns the concept of asymmetric acceleration through a fluid or a field, one cannot hope to engineer a hyper-light velocity system.

Lorentz and Fitzgerald created a transform factor after wrongly interpreting the results of the linear Michelson-Morley experiment. Their transform was to bring the apparently observed limit velocity into the Newtonian world. Einstein used their transform to derive E=MC2. This can be shown using basic algebra as I have done in an appendix to my aforementioned book. Using this transform creates an artificial barrier ahead of any object shoving its way through a mass. They did not allow for asymmetric propulsion...

To travel faster than the speed of sound in our atmosphere without creating a sonic boom, one only needs to propel one's craft creating a reduced pressure zone ahead of the craft so that it never pushes the air ahead of it. As hard as this is to believe, the bumblebee, one species of the salmon and a human playing with a garden hose in wet sand or a bucket of water all use asymmetric propulsion. It is totally opposite to all standard thrust-reaction methods of propulsion. It generates motion by entrainment. Where one uses a continuous column of energy pushed in the opposite direction to the intended direction of travel, asymmetric propulsion uses a pulsed thin film pushed ahead in the intended direction of travel. Where one shoves its way ahead, the other is accepted into a lower pressure area....

Think about this... if one pulses a thin film of energy ahead and then accepts a portion of the wake of that pulse into the side of the craft so that its energy can supplement the energy of the next pulse, then one can achieve huge speeds with increasingly less energy required from the prime mover of the craft. It is a totally radical approach to propulsion but it works better than Roddenberry could have hoped for... The field does create a warp around the craft and it does allow for speeds way beyond "C".... way beyond.

In one of his UFO research books, Major Keyhoe mentioned the name of a mystery man in the government who seemed to be in the middle of all the US testing of the "new" antigravity" craft. Major Keyhoe overheard the man's last name as, "Lorenzo".

For years people have assumed there was a mystery man named "Lorenzo".... but those of us inside the propulsion program have laughed at this misconception. You see, the name Keyhoe overhead was not "Lorenzo". It was "Lorentz-O". That is what the original dynamic plasma saucercraft made by Americans was named. This is because the hot, air plasma that moved out, around and back through the saucercraft was accelerated by the Lorentz Force generated by current in the toroidal field coils. The Lorentz-O was the charged, doughnut-shaped, plasma flow around the craft that looked like a glowing smoke ring.

You can see the Lorentz Force in action using a glass of salt water, a copper or aluminum strip bent into a cylinder, a nail and a DC current source of 20 amps or so (like an electric arc welder) and a strong permanent magnet. Place the cylinder of metal in the glass of salt water. Connect one side of the DC source to this cylinder. Place the strong magnet near the side of the glass but not in the water. Connect the nail to the other lead.

CAUTION: the water will heat up rapidly. It will start to ionize and spin bubbles relative to the magnet. This is a crude low-temperature plasma experiment - but it will produce hot water almost explosively and should be executed with great care.

I used a large speaker magnet with a hole in it. I then used a quartz tube which fit through the hole. This was as close as I could make the example to the original design of the plasma-dynamic saucer craft that our group developed in the black project. With this configuration the water will spin around inside the tube like a hot tornado. 

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