"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Monday 13 March 2006

Mystery Train of Thought

Mystery Train of Thought




The world is rolling along an unknowable course and humanity may appear to be careening in a direction which may seem inexplicable - unless we take a global view This may involve stepping out of our own sense of time and place and transcending our own judgements and judgement. After all, we’re all creating our perceived and actual reality.


         Reality is no more or less hard-wired than the human mind. Wishing and prayer, the focusing of will or awareness by our conscious intent, weighs the scales in the favour of Life – and ourselves, if we remember to include ourselves in our best wishes.


         This is not mere conjecture, but is backed up by decades of studies. A number of easily replicable experiments have repeatedly shown that consciousness affects chance, and life improves the chances for its own survival. One long study, so far culminating in the Global Consciousness Project[i] conducted from Princeton University, has shown not only that humans alter the nature of apparent random chaos, but that pulses of change occur globally at times when ‘historical events’ – nodal moments focusing global intent and appearing to alter the flow of innumerable lives. These pulses are global changes in the nature of ‘randomness’, as determined by a global network of random number-crunching computers. 


         One of their goals is ‘to learn the sources of structure and understand mechanism’ while another is to ‘ to see interconnection as real & creative mind as magical’.

         A staple of the new quantum fractal paradigm, which describes the universe as one of an infinite number of holograms in an 11-dimensional hyperspace, is that there are literally an infinite number of possibilities before us, an infinite number of universes in which we do and become an uncountable myriad of things.

We have only to be here now and rise out of the barbaric and reactive default settings programmed into us by our family, religion and culture to have the ability to choose our own destiny. The first step is the will to do it. The second is to be aware we are programmed – and that all we think we know about the world is only barely functional conjecture.[ii]
          Synchronicity and a deep belief in and knowledge of our own best intentions will guide us toward positive futures. Each night, if and when we reach that depth of sleep beyond REM, beyond dreaming, when all mental and physical processes appear to shut down, we reach a resonant cavity from which we emerge into a changed universe.

          Most days the changes are relatively small and go unnoticed. Or if we do notice that some small thing is different, we’ll almost instantly relegate the alteration to a mistake on our part and put it out of our minds. But sometimes, particularly at times when life itself is threatened, the changes can be greater. Sometimes these changes can occur when we are awake.

          For this reason, it’s not only true that the future is written on water – the past is written on water as well, and is just as subject to apparently ‘random forces’ actually driven by the individual and collective mind and will – ‘spirit’ if you like.

          Why, then, have we ‘been given rein’ to alter the planet in such a drastic manner? If we are not simply material robots conducting predetermined orbits, held to our own programming, then we are as good as lost. Fortunately, this is not the case. Matter, as we now all know (after having tortured and burned many wise people who were ‘ahead of their time’) is made of energy. Quantum physics shows us that this energy is focused by mind. At the core of all things a unity exists that generates vibrating emanation to these other three interpenetrating forms of reality.

          Humans are time-focused beings more fully embedded in the illusion of the passage of time than many other beings, including many animals. Their holographic minds are particularly well suited to apprehending and consciously (or ‘sub’consciously) altering the course of reality. The human race helps to steer the plant-net on a course that leads to the greatest diversity and happiest life for all who dwell in this branch of the Tree of Life. It’s necessary we cultivate tolerance, compassion, humility and love if our first steps in consciously directing our destiny are to meet success.
          As individuals we are already intimately linked with a numberless number of worlds and possibilities. We each consciously steer our own trajectory by first opening up to the possibility that our deepest beliefs literally create our world. 

Then we can analyse the thought-streams flowing through our mind and see where these programs are coming from – and keep or discard them by an act of awareness. Meditating – being aware of and stilling all thoughts – for a few minutes a day (particularly on waking) will transform you and your ability to transform the world into an even better one.

          This is the tip of the iceberg.

          Thou art god. Everyone is everyone. Do as ye would be done by.

          After a time of relentless self-examination it’s time to relax and experience more hedonistic pursuits. Like now – stop reading and experience the multi-sensory mysterious multiverse NOW. That's what eye am doing, anyway...


- R. Ayana

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