"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday 9 March 2006

Flux: Non-Terrestrial Heritage

Flux – Non-Terrestrial Heritage



This week Russia announced its intention to mine Helium-3 on the moon and Richard Branson announced the inception of Virgin Galactic - sub-orbital tourist flights within two years. Humanity is feeling the outward urge once again.


               The essence is forever in flux, while remaining itself. The modern form of the word ‘Mars’ is a good example of this changeless change. The planet was denoted by the consonants M*R before Babylon and has borne this signifier in many tongues, including the Sanskrit of the Vedas. Many modern languages still have these same consonants in its name and in related terms for concepts such as the month of March, (Mardi) when Aries the spring ram is aligned with the Solar radiance – the time of year when armies historically march in the northern hemisphere.

           The vowels in a word are its flowing spirit and naturally more variable through cultures and time than the consonants. In many old written languages the vowels aren’t recorded at all, but inferred. 

           The word ‘Mars’ is not just a name for the planet, even though it has remained the same since the time when the solar system was organised differently from today. The word also carries a ‘hologrammatic’ memory - as do all words in all tongues - that defines its meaning and nature. It carries a memory of its original nature, before humanity came to regard it as a planet of war ane woe, a time when that fluid-sheathed planet shared the solar system with two other orbs which carried the menstruum of biological life – water. 

           In human superconscious memory it is also a signifier of the flux of life and consciousness that transcends and intertwines the planets, including the one that was once where the best-known asteroid belt is now.  Human ancestors saw that originally fluid glowing pearl of a planet destroy and transform the nature and life of Ares/Mars and decimate the life-forms of Earth. The waters of life change form perpetually while remaining unchanged in essence.

           Named ‘Marduk’ by some of those ancestors, the rogue planet’s orbit is now stabilised after being seen to ‘battle’ in the heavens with Mars. But who among you today could believe the planet Venus has been in its current orbit for less than 3,000 years? It requires a revolution in thought and perception to see what has been swept under the carpet by the collectively willed amnesia of humanity.

           Tales of Lemuria – Mu – and the pyramidal Mount Meru are memories of a time when there were colonies on the Earth. The Aramaic (Rama) culture which swept down the Indus Valley from the highlands - that survived the great trauma and floods of those memorable but forgotten eras - spread out and established themselves during and after one of these nearer passages of Marduk/Venus past Earth. The same is true of dominant cultures to all sides of the Himalayan redoubt, the great bulwark against the waters of forgetfulness.

           These surviving civilizations carried and transmitted direct strains of memory of the truth that are with us today, hiding in plain site as facets of these civilizations – all recovering remnants of the great antediluvian global order that our ancestors created and lost.

           Memories are interwoven with the standing, stranding waves of genetic information which we encode and modify in our existence here.

           We are all the grandchildren of the Maruts, those beings of renown recalled and acclaimed by some as the Sons of God. While you cannot really know something when it is gone, all things are recoverable in one form or another. The potential of humanity is breathtaking. Rise to it with compassion and this paradise can be renewed.

- R. Ayana

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