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Friday 17 February 2006

Raelian Rauli & Ram

Raelian Rauli & Ram

rauli_tech: have you seen "Crop Circles: Search for the truth"? 

newilluminati: not that particular doco,no - but others. the mechanism for describing these intricate but schoolbook-level designs is the salient point. 

newilluminati: have you seen the 'alien figure' lithographic-style design? 

rauli_tech: The Elohim make most of them to get people thinking. 

rauli_tech: yes i have 

newilluminati: the ascii code in the plate is very innertesting 

rauli_tech: i believe it is a fake because the 'disc' can be decoded into a silly message and is defective because of its poor quality. 

newilluminati: ah, but it's been glyphed using the same technology 

newilluminati: and the message is actually a warning to beware what you are led to believe.... interesting, huh? 

rauli_tech: yes i got that.  but i still believe the elohim are true and important.  'let us make man in our image, after our likeness'  therefore, only humans can have created us.  these greys if they are real are just drones genetically engineered biological robots. 

newilluminati: eye agree wholeheartedly - incapable of self-reproduction 

rauli_tech: and this nonsense of using humans to perpetuate themselves because of 'genetic entropy' 

rauli_tech: if the DNA is in correct shape and function it will spawn a healthy being. 

rauli_tech: if you can fly space faster than light you can record a genome letter for letter and reproduce it in a lab. 

rauli_tech: therefore genetic deterioration is eliminated. 

rauli_tech: when i said correct shape i meant the code is intact without malfunctioning code. 

newilluminati: ah, but a living womb is still required. it's not widely known that purely decanted babies are without gender - sexless 

rauli_tech: the elohim bypass this, they build a body layer for layer using nanobots.
rauli_tech: and before they used artificial electronically controlled wombs. 

newilluminati: yes - after a period of attachment to a placenta 

rauli_tech: a session of the elohim building a new body from DNA in bones in a valley is described in the bible. 
newilluminati: a well-known 'section' indeed

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rauli_tech: but i cant prove all this. 

rauli_tech: but am prepared to work for the elohim and towards the embassy so everyone can see them for themselves. 

newilluminati: we are allowed no such thing as proof - merely evidence. 

rauli_tech: and if they do not arrive after fullfilling the elohims requirements, then i will be a laughing stock along with the rest of the Raelians.  but at least it would be one option eliminated 

newilluminati: Well - there are divisions of intent within any group - and a no-show would eliminate no options definitively. Not even a non-interference policy. 

newilluminati: must go for a while - keep up the Great Work! 

rauli_tech: yer thanks

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