"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Wednesday 1 February 2006

Isis Unveiled

Isis Unveiled

 ‘The powerful current of magnetism… emanates from Ideas as well as from physical bodies. By this we are surrounded, and finally prevented through moral cowardice – fear of public opinion – from stepping out of it… accepting the conclusion by the free action of their own judgment…

            Aether – the Eternal Idea pervading the Universe, or the Will which becomes Force and creates and Organises Matter… 

            The Will – the First of All Powers. Faith must confirm the Imagination, for faith establishes the Will. Determined imagination is a beginning of all magical operations. Because we do not perfectly imagine and believe, the result is that the Arts are uncertain, while they might be perfectly certain…

            The opposing power alone of unbelief and scepticism, if projected in a current of equal force, can check the other, and sometimes completely neutralise it. 

            The visible effects of matter are nothing but the effects of a force, and in order to form a clear conception of matter, one must first form one of force…’

H. P. Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled 1877

 If we truly live in a magical universe in which aether (spirit), mind, energy and matter are involved in a co-creation (of which we are holographic parts and whole), how would such a universe work? If magic were real, how would it function? These questions are the bridge to a belief in magic. That’s a first necessary step for the creation and manifestation of our super-senses and ‘psi’ abilities. We must develop these as individuals and in groups if we are to evolve beyond the primitive, barbaric and superstitious cultures of the early third millennium. 

            If the world is mindstuff that we are continually manifesting already, how are we doing it?
             If our beliefs and thoughts shape ‘reality’, what creation would you prefer to live in and through?
            If we can create the best of possible worlds, do we dare to dream of Paradise, here and now? Enlightenment is always right here, and only a breath away from where you are. Take a deep breath and dare to dream of a world where everyone can experience paradise, right here. If it’s not for everyone, it isn’t paradise. 
            Guess what? We already live in paradise. It’s only a breath away from mundane perception, hypnotised by matter, hormones and cult(ural) ideas and images. This IS the best of all possible worlds. Awareness is always here and now, like life itself.

            You are alive NOW. There’s no time but the present. Dream. Breath. Focus. Make the best of it!

-          R.Ayana

 PS – someone hacked into this computer yesterday and erased much of the operating system. Eye believed the impossible - that the beast would reboot anyway, without any files to make it possible. It did. Handy having an Infinite Improbability Drive (Eye I.D.). Hie there!           

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