"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Wednesday 9 November 2005

Veins of the Goddess

Veins of the Goddess


Our rivers once ran cool and deep, shaded and nurtured by millennial forests and filled with myriad life forms. Each giant forest tree was a world in itself. They entered and left the earth, sea and sky in a vast cycle of the ever-mutable menstruum of life itself, pervading the planet and even escaping into the space surrounding the water-coated orb. The liquid membrane, huge and fragile, interpenetrating matter – the veil of Isis veiled.

            Now humans have largely forgotten their heritage as the prime mates of Gaia/Geb, thumb-wielding, brain-bowed beasts ennobled by a deep understanding of their world and matrix, the many-stranded web of life. Now they’ve torn the veil, ripped the weave in attempts to know the nature of nature itself. They strip away Her hair, Her skin, the elements themselves, to become little gods of knowledge and death, to overcome their illusory fears of ends, beginnings and changes as their bold, fearful leaders and priests enact catastrophe, their followers fertilising the deserts they create with their own flesh, blood and ashes.

            Today almost all the rivers are ruined, polluted drains. The waters are warm and as shallow as the gene pool that surrounds them.

            Yet it’s not too late to turn it all around, to survive and thrive if we ally ourselves with our true friends – plants, animals, soil and water. Nature is our only ally, our womb, performance stage and graffiti-graven grave. Nature R us.

Nature exists even in the loud, frenzied, polluted tumours that are today’s cities, where most primates live. In the hearts of the people and all around, nature and consciousness pour into and through the matter of the world, streaming through the shared consciousness of all living beings.

            If what you do – your work or play – plunders the planet, then do something else – or nothing at all – today. And tomorrow. Look around you, now, with a sense of immanence and you’ll find a new reality waiting for you. Enter it with hope and you’ll find that the world is MINDSTUFF that’s shaped by your hopes (or fears, if you prefer) – and that your true family, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and stars, are always looking out for you. If you use your imagination you will surprise yourself.

            You can still live in paradise on Earth, by healing yourself, those around you and the planet, with a word, a touch, a deed.

            All you need do is be aware of everything you eat, drink, think, say and do.

Be Here Now. It’s the best and only place to be.

Turn On, Tune In, Opt Out


PS – this time of year eye share my house with pythons, marsupial rats, possums, mice, frogs, insect-eating bats, lizards, ants and a host of other living beings. It's a very friendly menagerie, balancing itself in a little ecosystem that we share.

Dare to share today!



-         By R. Ayana

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