"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday 25 November 2005

The Great Sellout

The Great Sellout


They all dreamed of being heroes, of righting injustices and protecting the weak, of making a difference. As they grew and became adulterated most put aside their own dreams for the more mundane visions and diversions of work, family, pleasure, security.

A vanishingly small number continued to pursue their dreams along roads less traveled, vistas unseen by most - except through the lensed windows of their screens.

In past times of Bohemians, Beatnicks and Hippies a tiny, bold minority lived their philosophy and shared their dreams. They were inevitably surrounded and smothered by coy fashion fascists mimicking their ethic of a living creative alternative to the prevailing hell-bent careening career system run by bland headless dinosaurs. Berets, long hair, blue jeans and beards became mere tickets to the oldest ride, the race for more interesting genes.


Saturn Returns

The hippies said "never trust anyone over thirty". As their first grey hairs appear and people experience the 'mortality flash' that perhaps they're not immortal after all, many people in the prime of their lives abandon their ethics and sell out - embracing immorality over immortality.

For most, the sell-out is driven by the belief/fear that 'one day I'll be old - and alone'. For almost all it's the fear of death - and dying alone - that prompts them to 'look out for number ONE' and divide themselves from their peers, friends and lovers. Fear of the illusion of death and illusion of aloneness make the illusions real, even in this wholographic reality where all separation is illusory. It's magic! The original meaning of 'devil' is division, after all. Divide and conquer.

It's not too late to cross the Great Illusory Divides between human and nature, male and female. If enough of us wake from the mindless mindset of the box to stand up and change things in our bodies, our homes and our bodies politic.

It's time for all those who once dreamed of making a difference to actually do it! You, your friends, family and planet can work together, rechanneling life itself to make that difference - if you start now, while starting to think about it. What would you change if you could - and why? But think fast. There's a storm on the horizon and the hatches of possibility are being battened down right now. Freedom is fading for most - tyranny is rising. We must rise above it.

As the old saying goes, 'We must hang together or we'll surely hang separately'.

So many people read these thoughts and reply to me along the lines of - "I used to be like you but then I woke up and joined the zombie conga line." If only they could be creative enough to think of some excuse for destroying the planet and dumbing down their children!


- R. Ayana

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