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Friday 2 September 2005

Unstable Solar System

Unstable Solar System

The solar system is unstable - and unfinished.



More than half a century ago a man called Immanuel Velikovsky unfolded a major premise - way ahead of its time - that the solar system was not the perfect example of clockwork stability then touted by astronomers. Only the Jupiter impacts by the ‘String of Pearls’ comets late last century made the 'uniformitarian' concept of a static solar system, in which all major debris had been 'swept up' long ago, untenable to the conservative astronomical establishment.

Originally involved in historical and calendrical research, Velikovsky's work is an excellent example of cross-disciplinary thinking and research, which was thoroughly vilified at the time. Reputable scientists actually attempted to have his first published work - Worlds In Collision - banned. Always a good sign. They succeeded in having his publisher drop the book (even though it was at the top of the best-seller list) under threat of having their textbook division boycotted by the establishment.

Of course, hardly any of his detractors have actually READ his work or explored its ramifications. And of course, to say that Venus has only been in its current orbit for less than 3,000 years was an obvious route to public ridicule; nonetheless, his predictions of later findings regarding Venus and other planets, including Mars - total heresy in their day - are accurate, unlike those of his all-knowing conservative contemporaries.
Is this a fair, scientific test of a theory?

Similarly, findings from the earth satellite network seem to indicate something along the lines of a 22mm per year expansion of the globe IS OCCURRING.

The question; is this due to the fact that infall greatly exceeds outgasing? Or not?

Our moon - Luna - is a very interesting case, unique in the solar system. 1/400th of the distance from the Earth to the Sun separates Luna and Earth - yet eclipses are perfect, the Moon precisely occluding the Sun, unlike any other known planetary satellite. Luna's size makes the Earth/Moon system appear to be more of a binary than a primary/satellite arrangement and Luna is too large in relation to Earth to have formed from Earth debris in a Laplacian fashion. The surface rocks retrieved and brought back by Apollo astronauts arguably show the origin of the surface to be much older than that of Earth.
The gravitational lock which has one face of Luna always facing the primary is also noteworthy.

A series of major (and usually ignored) mysteries - right in front of us.
The solar system is assumed to have been relatively stable for 3 billion years. This is NOT the case.

Perhaps you're not old enough to remember that all the cutting-edge scientific concepts of the past few centuries are now not merely old-fashioned, but utterly wrong? It is in anomalies that we discover new paradigms. Ignore them at your peril, as the current paradigm is always wrong.

-         R. Ayana

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