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Monday, 12 September 2005

Da Victor Code: Planning the New World Religion

Da Victor Code
Planning the New World Religion

Ram Pyramid by R. Ayana

For those who have read the erudite‘ Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ or even Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ , it’s worth noting  that these are not actually accurate renditions describing a 'spiritually advanced' bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene lurking dormant within humanity, waiting to awake. These tales are based on carefully crafted and planted 'evidence' and are part of an ongoing plan to create a 'new world' religion, a new lie for the new millennium, once all the dust has settled from the mutual destruction of the dominant Middle Western cultural myths  - Islime and Christinanity.

We have been led to BELIEVE in an 'inevitable' war between these two regional lies for a millennium - since the Crusaders were last kicked out of that corrupted ‘holy’ wasteland - so full of holes after thousands of years of torment. Television shoes and other manifestations of popular culture have been actively promoting the 'prophecies of Nostradamus' and other 'evidence' of the coming war between crescent and cross for a generation, unquestioningly pushing the propaganda line that this conflict is not only unavoidable but necessary, even desirable.

At one level below this surface lies social preparation for the struggle for the oilfields, long predicted by political and economic pundits to begin in the first decade of the Third Millennium - NOW. But on a level below this, ludicrous as it may seem, the ‘Divine Plan’ is to create a new regional lie (religion) for men AND women around a new, bright Temple to be (re)constructed in Jerusalem - a new fable to keep a new era of unprecedentedly educated fools amused and amazed.

It is belief that keeps the population's eyes on the prize - and the prize is not material wealth or sectional security, as most believe. To a people living in perpetual fear of death the prize is immortality. What else can humans do but fear the unknown? What better to offer them than a lifeline to heaven - after you've told them the angel of death'll get 'em?

The new 'pie in the sky' is as bad as the old; it's a spinning disc hovering over our heads, apparently promising salvation from what we've done to the Earth; but make no mistake - no-one gets out until the mess is cleaned up!

A real, useful religion would teach people that we already ARE immortal, here and now, and that death is an illusion - and show us how to know this for ourselves, rather than having to rely on any paedophile priesthood or a word from anyone else. The evidence is here for all to see. What we're getting instead is hysteria and pointless fear, blinding us to the reality of the unquenchable power of our own indomitable wills and the karma and dharma of all our actions, thoughts and words.

What, after all, is fear of terrorism but the fear of fear itself? (But then, what would eye know? Eye only come from an unbroken line of a few thousand years of high priests who see that the last walk is always alone and that you are your own best and worst  judge, when all's said and done). As Julian Lennon wrote, “What will I think of me the day that I die? Salt water gets in my eye..." For a really long-term perspective on truth ask the aboriginal people of the world. They've seen it all before.

A lie based on the union of male and female is seductively superior to the current patriarchal paradigm. But the truth that we - she and he - ARE living deities is better and truer. Best of all is preparation for the evercoming child who dawns each day anew. Let's create the best for ourselves, here and now - we are the children of the future.

"A religion is a region with a li(e) in it"

-         R. Ayana, 2005

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