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Thursday 10 November 2016

NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof of Climate Engineering

NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof of Climate Engineering

RF (HAARP) transmissions over the Prince Edward Islands can be seen in the image above.

geoengineeringwatch-org-102As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo images shown below were captured from NASA satellite sources, they are truly alarming. These images provide shocking and undeniable proof of the ongoing global climate engineering/geoengineering/solar radiation management assault on our planet and its life support systems.

Highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals (that are systematically sprayed into our atmosphere from jet aircraft as part of the geoengineering/SRM programs) are manipulated with extremely powerful radio frequency signals. These signals are transmitted from countless locations around the globe from various types of transmission platforms (ionosphere heater installations like HAARP, SBX radar, NEXRAD, etc.). The impact of the microwave transmissions on cloud formations is profound and highly visible (square cloud formations are created under some scenarios). 

In the series of NASA satellite images below, many variances of radio frequency cloud impacts can be observed. The degree to which the ongoing climate engineering/climate/intervention/weather warfare is disrupting Earth's atmosphere and life support systems is already beyond catastrophic and happening all over the globe.

Click to enlarge any of the images below


Off of east coast of Australia


West coast of Africa


California coast


Off Africa's west coast


Off Africa's west coast


Off Africa's west coast


South of Spain in the Alboran Sea


Off Africa's west coast


Off Africa's west coast


The northwest coast of Australia


Off Africa's west coast


Off Africa's west coast


Eastern Pacific ocean west of Baja California


The Southern Ocean near Antarctica

Hurricane suppression/manipulation is one aspect/agenda of the climate engineers. 85% of the hurricanes that impact the US originate from Africa. Low pressure systems migrate toward the west, off of Africa's coast. A great deal of climate engineering/intervention takes place in this region, thus a number of the satellite images shown in this post were captured there. In the attempt to mask the climate intervention activity, the cyclone suppression occurring off the coast of Africa is officially blamed on "dust". Of course there is no acknowledgement of the ongoing climate engineering atrocities. The quote below is an excerpt from a FOX news article.

Right now, much of the Gulf of Mexico and parts of the Caribbean have slightly warmer than normal ocean temperatures which would normally aid in tropical development. But there is so much dust and dry air in the atmosphere that storms are getting choked off before they even get started.


Though some may feel that cyclone suppression is beneficial, such interference with Earth's natural rhythms and systems has a long list of catastrophic downstream effects. Available data indicates that in other scenarios the climate engineers are actually augmenting and steering cyclones to serve their own agenda. "Hurricane Matthew" may be an example of weather warfare on an unimaginable scale. Is hurricane Matthew being heavily manipulated and steered by the climate engineers? The evidence continues to stack up. 

Below is a satellite photo clearly showing atmospheric "waves" surrounding hurricane Matthew. SpaceWeather.com has labeled these as "gravity waves", but is that what these visible "waves" actually are? The satellite photos already shown in this post inarguably reveal heavy atmospheric manipulation from extremely powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions and atmospheric aerosols. These transmissions leave a signature pattern on high level cloud formations that are saturated with electrically conductive heavy metal nanoparticles which are dispersed from jet aircraft as part of the ongoing climate engineering insanity.

Does the photo above really show "gravity waves" surrounding hurricane Matthew? Or does it show the signiture pattern of extremely powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions interacting with aircraft dispersed atmospheric aerosols? Both of these elements are a core part of climate and storm manipulation and steering. Photo: SpaceWeather.com

The global power structure long ago made the choice to subject our planet (and the entire web of life that it supports, including the human race) to an unimaginably massive and destructive climate intervention/weather warfare assault. This decision was made without the knowledge or consent of global populations. If we stand by and allow the decimation from the climate engineers continues to stack up.

All available data indicates that geoengineers have been actively suppressing cyclones in the Atlantic basin for at least a decade. Was Hurricane Matthew’s unexpected 90-degree northward turn a natural occurrence? Or was this course alteration the result of geoengineering, ionosphere heaters, and atmospheric aerosol spraying?

As the photograph above clearly shows, radio frequency transmissions have a profound effect on clouds that have been aerosolized by the spraying of toxic electrically conductive heavy metals.

RF (HAARP) transmissions over the Prince Edward Islands can be seen in the image above.

Above: Massive aerosol operations off the west coast of the North American continent.

Such heavy spraying (above) is used in conjunction with RF transmissions to manipulate weather patterns; bizarre cloud configurations commonly occur due to the radio frequency bombardment of the atmosphere for climate modification purposes.

The image shown below left is from the Eastern Pacific, June 26, 2015. The 90 degree angle cut into the aerosolized cloud cover is a signature of RF influence. The image below right shows bizarre cloud formations in the Lake Superior/Arrowhead region of N. Minnesota.


After over 65 years of climate “intervention”, very real damage has been done to the Earth’s life support systems (along with countless other forms of anthropogenic destruction to the biosphere). Climate engineers are now appear to be attempting to use the very same intervention methods which caused the damage in the first place, to mitigate the harm already done. There is no sanity in this equation.

The visible RF influence in the noctilucent cloud image below indicates probable evidence of project “LUCY” and project “ALAMO” at work. The ongoing radio frequency saturation in our atmosphere is extremely harmful to living organisms, including us.


The 2-minute video below is an excellent capture of RF manipulation on weather systems. It is shocking, and well worth the time to view.

The planet’s climate system is unraveling by the day as geoengineers try frantically to control it with ever more desperate and destructive measures — which were a primary cause of the climate disintegration in the first place. The global power structure long ago made the choice to subject our planet (and the entire web of life that it supports, including the human race) to an unimaginably massive and destructive climate intervention/weather warfare assault. This decision was made without the knowledge or consent of global populations.

If we stand by and allow the decimation from the climate engineering insanity to continue, very soon Earth’s life support systems will be beyond any recovery. This is not speculation, but a mathematical certainty.

Please help us with the most critical battle to expose and halt the climate intervention/weather warfare assault. Make your voice heard.


About the author:

dane wigington

Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He currently owns a 1,600-acre ‘wildlife preserve’ next to Lake Shasta in Northern California, and his personal off-grid residence was featured in a cover article on the renewable energy magazine, Home Power.

Dane initially focused his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying in his area. He also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and researching into geoengineering about a decade ago.

Today Dane is the lead researcher for geoengineeringwatch.org, investigating all levels of geoengineering from stratospheric aerosol spraying (SAG) to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his acclaimed production of “What In The World Are They Spraying?” and has spoken extensively in a wide range of forums to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level.

For more information, visit GeoengineeringWatch on Facebook and GeoengineeringWatch.org (where this article first appeared.)

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  1. Photographic imaging proves nothing, for all photos can be and often are manipulated, photoshopped etc.... And remember this, anytime you receive any form of political information over any major media network or educational facility, take the opposite stance of what their selling and you'll be that much closer to the facts. ie.. If they say Nuclear bombs are irradiating the planet, then they probably aren't. If they say the weather is being manipulated on large scale then they probably aren't manipulating it at all. If they say that your net worth as a human must be determined by the amount of funny money that you possess, take the opposite stance and you'll become sane again.

  2. The science of geoengineering originated from the goal of using weather to control the battlefield, post WW2. Do you think the science has advanced during the past 70 years? Artificial "cloud seeding" articles can even be found in mainstream media. China used cloud seeding to prevent rain at their Olympic games. However the more nefarious and deep state geoengineering activity is denied by state officials. Is the drought in California natural, or part of Agenda 35 under the auspices of Agenda 21? The goal is to move people into huge mega-cities and deny the right to own private property. I read recently that the independent farmers in CA are being driven out of business, and rural road funding is dwindling across the US. How far as a people have we fallen? There were no mentions in the presidential debates regarding geoengieering, GMO's, Fukushima, the ongoing leakage of nuclear plants, the dangers of EMF's or radiation through smart phones, smart meters, vaccines, let alone Agenda 21. Do you see now why the criminal Gore and his "green millionaires" of the NWO created meme of "climate change" are concealed efforts for the technocrats of the NWO to install Agenda 35/21? Chemtrails prevent heat from escaping at night.Al Gore was a big supporter of NAFTA trade deal. NAFTA set the precedence for giving corporations the right to sue sovereign nations. If passed the TPP trade deal will solidify the practice. Gore is a lawyer, so unless he was negligently incompetent, he knew or should have known what the NAFTA trade deal would accomplish. Like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore works for the globalist technocrats. Or a stupid fool wanting to line his pockets, as many of them are. I am disgusted with scientists in general. What good is brilliance of specific knowledge in a specific field, when one is unable to observe the bigger picture and connect the dots? Are they so cowardly and egoistic about their prestigious positions, they cannot speak out against crimes against the planet and all its living species? How could a scientist not know this shite is occuring? Isn't the first step in the scientific method....observation? How could they observe the long streaks of white plumes making Xs across the sky, right above their heads?

    1. Your ignorance astounds me, FYM = Close your mind.... You haven't the slightest clue what a Technocrat is or isn't. Are you Patrick Wood? For your information. The socially accepted definition of the word, Technocracy: The word is derived from the Greek root and can be divided in two parts, Techno "skill", "art" and Cracy, "government," hence Technocracy is defined as a government of skill and function by Technocrats or technical experts. They function in the non-political realm, so you can forget all about your agenda 21 BS and your disinformation campaign. Technocracy the organization, is non-political non-for profit, non-sectarian, reality based research and educational oriented. They want to free up energy for everyone's great benefit... You don't know, admit it and get a clue.

  3. Really, science isn't the problem, closed minded one... The problem is political-price system interference getting in the way of reality based solutions to our most complex problems. What corrupts science in today's world? MONEY and fictionally based politics (all politics). Genuine Technocrats want all that corruption out of the way of their ability to solve problems.... It's really rather simple... Who the hell redefined Technocrat? You seem to be religious FYM, I assure you that if your Jesus were alive today, he would be a Technocrat!

    1. Egotism and greed are the major corruptors of scientists - but the 'price system' has little to do with it. Corrupt forms of human nature existed long before any monetaryb system. 'Genuine technocrats' don't actually exist in terms of political entities, but there are a number of wannabe 'technocratic' groups claiming things would be different if THEY were in power - and unfortunately most of them want to throw out the baby of democratic repesentation with the bilgewater of the rest of domesticated primate politics.

      Their attitude, while understandable, is naive and disingenuous elitism and power mongering. But then, they OBVIOUSLY know EVERYTHING more clearly than everyone else, don't they - after all, they keep telling everyone who'll listen that they know how to fix everything without raising actual solutions for debate.

      Let's just trust them with everything and abrogate all our power to them, eh?

    2. "democratic representation?" What democratic representation are you referring to, Illuminator... The highest forms of political governance are not democratic, despite the propaganda that you believe.... Plutocracy maybe is more accurate but I like my new word best, it perfectly describes what we've accepted... A government of, for, and by a bunch of entertaining clowns (clowncracy). Yep, politicos don't produce one unit of anything of use in our lives other than ideological and psychological divisiveness between various groups of sheeple through our collective willingness to be entertained by them. Entertaining clowns inform the, delusionator.... Yes, under the current scarcity based monetary system, scientists are easily corrupted but I certainly don't think that would be the case if everything was FREE. Who the hell would corrupt a scientist if everything was assured to us from the cradle to the grave without having to sell unnecessary crap? And who the hell is naive? Who still thinks a politico can solve a reality based problem? LOL.... Again, take the corrupted political-price system out of the reality based science of KNOW HOW and watch as your idea of power mongering melts away from the fantasies of lost men... And who said anything about fixing everything? I would we could solve roughly 95% of our most complex social, energy and environmental problems if we simply awoke to REALITY and ignore the myths of money and politics... Do existing solutions exist to hunger, to supplying the world with free and clean energy resources, to the crime problems? To the pollution problems? To the greed problem? To the hoarding problem? To the war problem? To the propaganda problem? Use your brain, Illuminator.

  4. And do you want just one practical solution? Fuck, how many times do I have to say this... In one year, we produced roughly 1.85 billion metric tons of wheat alone. Do we have the technological know how to produce more than enough food for EVERYONE? God damn right we do, so knowing this one FACT alone. Why do you suppose our current know how and or ability to solve the hunger problem in the world is not applied to the many thousands of children who starve to death each day? Is it because of the MONEY issue? Damn right it is, MONEY and politics interferes with current technological know how. How many more obvious solutions do you need, Illuminator? Can you THINK in terms of reality based solutions or are you just too damn concerned with your abstract fallacy of democracy to see reality?

  5. The Illuminator wrote- "Their attitude, while understandable, is naive and disingenuous elitism and power mongering." Power mongering? How can Technocrats be power mongering when all they want to do is FREE up POWER for everyone's benefit. And I've personally never heard anyone who actually knew what a technocrat is, refer to them as being naive.... That makes me laugh my ass off.

    1. For evidence see this post - for instance. A misuse of technology brought to you by technocrats.


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