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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Is LENR [cold fusion] the solution to all our energy problems?

Is LENR [cold fusion] the solution to all our energy problems?


by AlainCo
(Roughly Translated from Norwegian)

Can two guys in a small office in smoke be sitting on the solution to the climate crisis? The merger of ultra dense hydrogen will give us cars and drones with unlimited range. Houses can be unplugged easily. Or is it just wishful thinking?

In an industrial building wreathed in smoke that no one in the Norwegian public has heard about, barely either in academia, sits PhD student Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, bent over a small reactor of thick metal. Even before the grant research began, he measured up to 20 times as much energy coming out of the reactor as what he put in.

Was it cold fusion he witnessed? Aftenposten wrote last summer about the research in this field, which is not accepted in scientific company. But now the American Physicist's Association, which until now has been dismissive, has begun to publish works of scientists who believe the effect is real.

Cold fusion (which also goes under the name LENR for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) does reportedly mythic things when hydrogen (in the form of deuterium) is energized in one form or another. Hydrogen atoms merge with each other and simultaneously release an enormous amount of energy.

The energy released is far, far greater than that applied. It's like fire in the fireplace, really, except that nuclear fusion emits a million times more energy than the chemical process of combustion.

Unlike combustion cold fusion
does not quickly run out of fuel. As with many other cold fusion researchers, Zeiner-Gundersen has measured an energy production that is so high that it is impossible to completely explain it as another chemical reaction.

Will change all energy

The so-called Coloumb barrier between two cores suggests that what we see here is not possible. That I acknowledge. But I note that it still happens. Therefore we have focused on finding bugs in our own methods, through probably 1,000 days of tests. The result varies, but we note that the reaction takes place. I'm guessing that within three years, we'll be thinking completely differently about energy than today. Perhaps 5-10 years we see this used in aerospace, for the propulsion of vehicles, boats and aircraft.
- Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen.

Researchers who have been doing this for decades claim that it will be possible to create an energy that is so enormously powerful and so cheap that we will be able to provide enough energy to power a city - a year of fusion energy from a glass of water - without harmful radiation or emissions. Such energy would be so strong that it can be economically far more affordable to pull harmful CO2 back from the atmosphere, or make saltwater into freshwater. It will simply be the solution to all our energy problems.

But LENR researchers have difficulty getting published material into reputable scientific journals. They acknowledge as well that they lack a credible theory behind the experimental results they get in the lab. Nuclear fusion will in fact not be possible without massive energy levels that simply can not be produced at any laboratory table, according to physicists working at CERN.

The results that have come since the summer are still more remarkable and carry a much higher degree of scientific credibility than before. Meanwhile,  one Norwegian physicist who will comment on the case that even the new and solid scientific findings published possibly due to a new energy source.

Impossible to explain which chemical reaction

Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen takes a genuine PhD degree perspective to so-called Rydbergmaterie at the University of Iceland. Rydbergmaterie is probably a precursor to cold fusion, according Zeiner-Gundersen. So also believes his supervisor in Iceland, Svein Olafsson. He is a professor of solid state nuclear physics and has since 2014 made efforts which also confirms cold fusion. Olafsson has been chairman of the Icelandic physicist Association for several years and has also done experiments at Isolde laboratory.

CERN, happily picks up the phone when Aftenposten rings.

- "For me LENR effect is an experimental reality. I have studied some of the 500 - 1000 articles published in the field since 1989. We can already say that we have discovered such enormous energy that this source within 5-10 years will transform all energy. But it will take time before the world understands it. You could compare it to when the Wright brothers first flew. They flew in 1903. But it was not until 1908 that they broke through. People did not believe it before they even saw it. When such a breakthrough occurs in the public consciousness, there will be enormous resources to the field."

400 scientists worldwide believe in it

Until now there have been very few academics like Olafsson, who endorses cold fusion. LENR is taught in at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but at the start of the course students are warned that their choice of study might harm their career.

One of the reasons that Olafsson now may speak so cocksure about something which
most physicists perceived as impossible, is that he is not alone anymore. For example, the physicist Robert Duncan, like the American Physicist's Association itself made an independent examination of the phenomenon, and is convinced.

- 'We are now an informal network of some 400 physicists worldwide who work with matter and look at cold fusion as real', says Olafsson.

Another reason why he feels confident is researcher Leif Holmlid. He is professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Gothenburg and has a long career both helped assess potential laureates of the Nobel Committee, and has published over 200 scientific articles. Unlike
most LENR researchers, the work of both Olafsson and Holmlid is published in the prestigious journals of the American Physical Society, with its 50,000 members the largest organization of physicists. There can be no more "mainstream" than that.

Holmlid would still rather not be called a LENR researcher or be associated with the concept of cold fusion. He got startling results
published in Autumn from the pursuit of a new energy source in one of the journals of the American Physical Society, AIP Advances. Svein Olafsson characterizes Holmlid as follows:

- "Until now, cold fusion research groped blindly, because we have not had any credible theory about what's going on. But with Holmlid's work we have a path that we can start walking. I would not be surprised if Holmlid ends with getting the Nobel Prize for what he now found out," says Olafsson.


Impossible according to the current laws of physics

There are several things that make physicists disregard cold fusion in general. Fundamental physical laws dictate two things: One is that any merger process must emit radiation, and the second is that the so-called Coloumb barrier must be exceeded to initiate fusion.

The Coloumb barrier is a nuclear force pushing nuclei apart. Traditional theory suggests that one must up the energy levels to millions of degrees to start a process that will allow nuclei to collide, merge and release large amounts of energy through fusion.

Cold fusion researchers have for years claimed that they can initiate a merger process with some equipment on a desk. This the established scientific community has refused to accept since 1989. T
he American Physical Society declared by a show of hands at a press conference that cold fusion could not have taken place since it was measuring neutrons, only four weeks after the news of a new energy source had gone worldwide.

The physicists then knew nothing about the extreme fabric of ultra dense deuterium, which Holmlid later detected. This is admittedly not
fully experimentally verified.

According to Holmlid it nevertheless has a local density which makes it weigh a mind-boggling 130 tons per. liter. If you had a milk carton with ultra dense deuterium in the refrigerator, the carton would pit a hole through your house immediately.

The substance is 1,000 times denser than the supposed solar core. The quantities used in the experiments are fortunately only ultra thin flakes and therefore not dangerously heavy. This material contains the secret that makes cold fusion possible, according to Holmlid.

- "I think it's ultra dense deuterium that can explain all the results from experiments with cold fusion," he said.

It is worth noting that virtually all LENR experiments use just deuterium, which are packed
in different ways as closely as possible into a metal and then energized.

The tests vary from time to time

In ultra dense deuterium are the core particles according to Holmlid’s theory, so dense that the Coloumb barrier is no longer an insurmountable obstacle. With just a little extra energy begins nuclei to fuse and emit extremely high energy.

This theory may also explain why it is so difficult to repeat LENR experiments with similar results. The tests can be hard to repeat, and over 100 such repetitions have been
published since 1989, but the amount of energy that comes out is highly variable from time to time.

The reason is, according to Holmlid, that the merger takes place in the microscopic fracture zones within the solid metal substances the deuterium is loaded in. Since it is impossible to create the interior of a metal sample 100 percent identically from time to time, it may cause violent fluctuations in the effects of attempts to experiment, depending on exactly how the metal is composed.

When Holmlid initiated the process of laser pulse on ultra dense deuterium
one or other form of energetic particles (radiation) always came out. But what kind? The researchers looked and looked for different types with different detectors. After much ado, they found eventually that laser pulsing of ultra dense matter emits so-called muons, contrary to assumptions.

Olafsson was accepted to give a talk about the experiment for the American Physical Society in April.

One of the problems with both Holmlid's attempts and cold fusion research is that experiments only produce very little radiation. It's no wonder that
most physicists do not believe that it can produce fusion at room temperatures, because all fusion according to the laws of nature MUST produce radioactive radiation. Another article by Holmlid and Olafsson found that even with no laser pulse a weak radiation arises similar to that detected in the second cold fusion experiments. Olafsson thinks that ultra dense deuterium may have two different methods to conduct a nuclear process.

Revives research from the 50s

The interesting thing with the discovery of muons is that these are extremely rare particles. They can be used to conduct so-called muon-catalyzed fusion, which was discovered in the '50s. The method has never received special attention because muons are far too costly to produce.

Now Holmlid has discovered a rich source of the extremely coveted particles. The next step now is to use them to drive a fusion reactor. Thus he has already signed a contract with the so-called incubator at the University of Gothenburg to realize industrially.

The idea is to replace the dirty boiler in existing coal power plants with a pure fusion reactor, which is also much cheaper to operate because it almost does not need fuel. From the beginning they will be more economical with such a merger than to burn coal, thinks Holmlid. He believes that all the necessary scientific findings are now done. The professor thinks in just 2-3 years we could see a completely finished, new energy ready for full-scale commercialization.

Unfortunately it emits radiation.Next step, says Holmlid, will be to achieve myonindusertfusjon, which will
almost not emit radiation. Muons are so weak that they are stopped by a few centimeters of concrete or steel. In addition a muon is negatively charged. That means they can be used to produce electricity directly, without producing steam first.

How about a fusion power plant in the basement?


Holmlid envisions that it should be possible to build small fusion power plant the size of a small refrigerator. Such home power plants could produce 15 kilowatts. This is about what you need to supply your home with electricity.The device need not be larger, such that it can be placed under the hood of an electric car instead of batteries. The price, according tp Holmlid depends on the laser technology chosen, but probably will be at some ten thousand crowns. Regardless one will be quickly recover your investment, for someone who has a house typically has 20,000 kroner in annual energy costs.

To cover a small country's energy consumption in a year, estimates Holmlid that there will be enough with about 100 kg deuterium. 100 kg of deuterium costs at current rates no more than 700,000 crowns. No good news for a country that lives off oil. But for the world as a whole would think something like that to be an absolutely insane energy revolution.

The big question then becomes: Is this too good to be true? Holmlid has published the findings publicly, and
he can therefore not take a patent on the basic process anymore. He has the right; the world is just realising a solution to the whole problem of climate change, which many consider to be humanity's greatest problem. When something sounds to be too good to be true, it often is.

- "Ultra Dense deuterium is not experimentally proven fully and there is no scientific groups who have tried to repeat your experiments?

- "Unfortunately, the biggest problem in this field lack of interest. I will help anyone who will try to replicate what I've done. Unfortunately it is not so very easy. But I hope someone tries. It would make everything much easier for me."

Wanted King

The findings of Holmlid and Olafsson, and also earlier findings on cold fusion field, are seen as credible among mainstream physicists. Physics Professor Dieter Röhrich at the University of Bergen has seen some of Svein Olafsson and Leif Holmlid latest publications for Aftenposten and also had a two-hour videoconference with them to clear up any confusion.Nevertheless, he is still very critical.

He acknowledges that any radiation from the experiments would be a sensational discovery, but is far from convinced.

- "Many claim that they have discovered radiation are presented in the articles, but no irrefutable evidence presented. To measure an unknown radiation source is complicated, and I do not see that they have managed to do it," he says.

- But the material is the accepted by the prestigious American Physical Society and was peer reviewed by them?

- "Peers are not infallible, and they can not - and should not - check everything. It does not have to be about a scam that I mean either. Most likely, the results caused by wishful thinking. It's easy to get caught in their own world and not see the mistakes you make. That is why we in CERN has several experiments that largely does the same. A minimum is that experiments must be so nondescript that they can be repeated. But I do not even understand what they want to measure - muons, electrons, gamma radiation or neutrons", says Röhrich. He acknowledges myonkatalysert fusion is possible, but notes that the muon lifetime is so short that the technology is unlikely to make practical application.

Yet he is not entirely dismissive to further explore the findings.

Svein Olafsson has been watching criticism from Röhrich.

- "I understand actually criticism from Röhrich well. We had a good discussion, and I agree that probably 95 percent of everything that has been done within the cold fusion field is experimental error. Most have only using luck managed to produce energy. But the last 5 percent is scientifically published. Röhrich do not know cold fusion literature and have not had time to go through all these experiments. Therefore he shows a healthy skepticism which I respect," says Olafsson.

New battle for heavy water

Svein Holmlid chemist and nuclear is not his specialty. Olafsson, who is a physicist, points out however that Holmlid is at home because his first discovery in 2008 was done with standard experimental methods of physical chemistry, and had nothing with nuclear making.

- "Holmlid's experiments are structured so that any minimal sign of radioactivity is a simple, beautiful, strong and irrefutable evidence that get immediate consequences for the mystery cold fusion. Such fusion is observed in over 100 published articles since 1989. But radioactivity can be turn on and off in a controlled manner, is not possible by any known theory," he says.

He points out that he does not claim to have resolved the matter and found the answer.

- "But we claim that we have found requires explanation. In order to progress, we need lots of additional research and help from other groups.Three scientists can not do this job alone", emphasizes Sveinn Olafsson.

Various groups arguing thus the reality. Where does oil nation Norway up in this? It may be worth recalling that the more popular name of deuterium is heavy water. Are we seeing a new battle for heavy water?

Let's head back to smoke, there's father Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen watching her son's PhD degree. M.Sc. Day Zeiner-Gundersen has two doctorates, is chairman of small Norse AS and sets with the money and the laboratory that makes it possible for his son to carry out research funded by industry. Today has followed the LENR field since 2001.

Sindres father Day Zeiner-Gundersen has two doctorates and has been anxiously engaged in cold fusion for many years already.

- "Norse AS've seen enough that we now know that LENR gives a real effect. But one should be very careful with quick conclusions since possible sources of error are numerous.There is surprisingly little LENR research in Norway, a discipline that several players around the world are researching. Very much of the research we are doing in this country has a little too much with a "snuggle research." Maybe petroleum crisis will get Norway to wake? We certainly can not continue as we have done. At 50 years, we have people contaminated as much as throughout human history. Future challenges in energy must be resolved by examining several options, including the controversial," says Dag Zeiner-Gundersen.

Are you interested in this technology can save the world father disaster?Aftenposten has written several cases concerning various aspects of cold fusion:


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From Aftenposten, a mainstream newspaper in Norway; publishing article on LENR, interviewing a PhD student Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, who present an experimental device. The work by Svein Olafsson (Sindre's supervisor in Iceland) and Leif Holmlid is reminded.
Another very similar article is published on April 4th.

Cold Fusion Is News Again, but the Search for the Energy Holy Grail Ain't Over
The often-ostracised research is getting a resurgence of attention

Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion

Cold fusion has historically received more attention from screenwriters than journalists. Recently, though, the media has started getting into the game. There are the breathless (for Scandinavia anyway) stories about the new research coming out of Norway. There is the pretty epic thinkpiece in Aeon. There is the reaction to that thinkpiece in Popular Mechanics. And there is just a ton of easily dismissed nonsense out of India. The stories all make internal sense, but the broader narrative is hard to follow. What do we talk about when we talk about cold fusion?

The first thing to understand is that cold fusion is more than a MacGuffin; it’s a controversial scientific area of study. Simply put, cold fusion refers to the ability to reproduce nuclear reactions that normally occur in extremely hot places — for instance, the sun — at lukewarm, earthly temperatures. In theory, cold fusion could provide endless amounts of clean electricity, liberating us from our dependence on other, smog-creating and Penguin-coating sources. But theory and reality are two different things. Though some scientists say cold fusion has been possible since Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons demonstrated it with palladium deuteride in 1989, most claim that the demonstration wasn’t scaleable and that a truly functional system has never been created. Many scientists are plainly contemptuous of the idea.

Even among the core group of palladium deuteride enthusiasts, there are plenty of skeptics who don’t believe in the technologies long term relevance. These people argue that pursuing a holy grail of clean energy is foolish. The abbreviated version of that argument goes like this: Palladium deuteride doesn’t produce energy at a high enough rate and is thus only good for laboratory experiments.

The conversation really only gets interesting when nickel hydrogen shows up. Nickel hydrogen, the thinking goes, could produce energy at a significantly higher rate. But there is no scientific consensus that this is possible. The only man on the planet totally sure that this can be done is Andrea Rossi, an Italian scientist who claims to have managed the trick.

“This big question is, ‘Can you trust him?” says Edmund Storms, a nuclear chemist with a background in radiochemistry and nuclear physics. “His claims are not based upon good science, and many attempts to replicate [results he claims to have achieved] have failed, so we’re in a sort of awkward position on the path toward possible application. But the basic phenomenon is, I think, well-supported with palladium deuteride.” Rossi could not be reached for this article.

Storms, who has authored several books on cold fusion, explains that Rossi is a big part of why cold fusion (many scientists find low-energy nuclear reactions, LENR, a more credible term) is getting some attention again. There is a “for better or worse” caveat.

The interest in the field is starting to percolate into the mainstream, but it’s still a hard nut to crack,” says Storms. “When people have success in this field, they tend to keep it secret because that’s their intellectual property and they want to patent it. So you only hear about the failure. In my case, I publish everything I discover because i think it’s too soon to try to use any of this commercially.”

Storms adds that most journals don’t want to publish articles on cold fusion for fear of looking foolish. The main exception is the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, but that’s not considered “conventional.” Storms believes many scientists, fearing for their reputations, are simply refusing to consider cold fusion because it’s an inconvenient possibility, if not a very convenient truth.

Jean-Paul Biberian, author of Fusion in All Its Forms: Cold Fusion, ITER, Alchemy, Biological Transmutations, basically agrees with storms, adding that having worked in the field since 1993 he remains unsold on Rossi’s claims.

“We have no idea,” Biberian says of Rossi’s work. “He just talks and we have no solid data. Rossi started in 2011, so five years later we’re still in the same mystery. Other people are trying to follow in the tracks of Rossi but haven’t been able to reproduce [the results he claims to have achieved]. No one can duplicate what he says.”

Dr Jean-Paul Biberian Comes To the Lab

When pressed about whether or not he believes in Rossi’s work, Biberian laughed. “This is the most difficult question.” Rossi has said that after a month of analysis the state of his nickel powder has been altered, shifting from natural nickel isotopes - 58, 60, 61, and 64 - to almost entirely Ni-62. He claims a similar result with lithium. “If this is true, then [a nuclear phenomenon] must have happened, unless he’s a magician.” Then again, his results could simply be fraudulent, as many believe they must be.

Like Storms, Biberian stressed that palladium deuteride cold fusion has been proven again and again, but that nickel hydrogen cold fusion — the one with commercial potential — remains a question mark. On the plus side, he says that “palladium deuteride” results are improving. Unfortunately, the people conducting that research are scientists more than engineers, and thus not particularly concerned with practical applications. It’s the practical application, after all, that has made cold fusion the bogeyman of the science world.

“There’s promising work in Japan with nanoparticles now,” Biberian adds. “With palladium, nickel, and copper, and they’re getting good results, so maybe the future is more in the alloys than in the pure metals.” Biberian believes we will one day see cold fusion on an industrial level, but that we don’t understand it well enough yet to predict when that could be.

Most scientists still shun the idea of cold fusion, palladium- and nickel-based alike. The recent research from Norway might help to change that, but it’s almost guaranteed to be a slow process.

“Everyone’s been taught it’s impossible,” Storms says. In a sense, that’s where the conversation begins and ends.

Photos via Wired UK

Kastalia Medrano grew up in Littleton, Colorado, and holds a journalism degree from the University of Southern California. She spent the past year and a half backpacking around the world and recently moved to New York in an effort to be a little less feral. Her RTs = unwavering personal convictions.

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