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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Jesus Myth

  The Jesus Myth (via Stellar House)
by Barbara G. Walker Excerpted from: Man Made God Thanks to centuries of the most insistent and aggressive indoctrination campaign the world has ever seen, the biography of Jesus is more familiar to more people than any other. Socrates, Charlemagne,…



From Stellar Publishing @ http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/jesusmyth.html

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  1. Try pisca theologian and hermetic philosophy. The gospels are an account of the life of Adam kadmon. The divine man as he progresses through the zodiacal cycle. 3 gospels begin in Aries and one at the nativity in Capricorn I believe. The evil king hunting babies is chronos. Its all there and very enlightening in the field of astro theology

    1. A fascinating thesis - thanks for reminding us. And of course see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/skeptic-mangles-zeitgeist-and-religious.html

  2. Jesus is as you like him to be...

    Today there are so many interpretations of the first Christian eclectic texts, but the Gospels are the most interesting writings of all for history of Christianity and Christian theology. All writers are "anonymous," you cannot really know who is who, expect identify the style and influences via the philological analysis, archaeology, and comparative religious studies. My questions to the author's are the following: the four Gospels are not the only stories of Jesus, don't we have a critical amount of Gospels available today that are not a part of the cannon? How does the author explain the differences between non-canonical and canonical Gospels? Is the story of Jesus original or just a religious story re-write? This is the interesting question. In literature lots of authors used pre-texts to re-write the stories, like W. Shakespeare. So, what is so appealing about analyzing the canonized New Testament texts and the four Gospels? They are chosen and accepted as the cannon because they connect Jesus with Elijah, the prophets, the Jewish heritage, Adam [kadmon], Moses, and David. Gospel of Matthew specifically insists on the Jesus’ Jewish linage connections from the beginning to the end. Gospel of Mark focuses tremendously on Jesus suffering and sacrifice, and presents critically the Rabbinic Judaism and Jerusalem. Gospel of John offers Jesus that is more mystical and appeals to Gnostic ideas. The most interesting study of the canon Gospels is that each of writers project different political theology of what is the Kingdom of God as a salvation future goal to religious followers. Mark presents that the end of time is coming right now (even this generation will experience the end), Luke and Mathew see not fixed point of end of time and the Kingdom of God is interpreted as the cosmic event, and John leaves a possibility for Kingdom of God being a state of mind that will correspond with the cosmic end of time. All of the Gospels in the cannon project some sort of political theology that is one of the major inventions of Jewish tradition--the intervention of the Divine in the human history. Taking this into consideration, Jesus i.e. Christianity emerges after the canonization process as the new tradition that shows all pluralistic influences, but offers a religion of salvation. I disagree that Christianity just repeats former religious mystical or symbolic forms. Christianity emerges from syncretism, strong Jewish influence, and cross-cultural connections. Early Christian writings are like the first example of the post-modern mannerism style where is difficult to see the linear built up. Christianity today is the most pluralistic religions of all regarding interpretations of the New Testament or the Bible, and historical connections makes even more interesting new interpretations. My view on Christianity is that offers such an open-ended text that there is no limit to interpretations. Jesus is as you like him to be.

    1. Thanks. In a nutshell, the whole issue is a thoroughly blown-up storm in a tiny teacup. See Skeptic mangles Zeitgeist and Religious History @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/skeptic-mangles-zeitgeist-and-religious.html - and always remember, religion is a region with a li(e) in it. It's a terrible feeling when you finally realise you've been conned along with all the other domesticated primates in your tribe. Many remain in denial rather than face the truth that REALLY sets them free. YOU ARE GOD!

  3. I Will Stake My Life On Jesus. I Have Read All The Other Publications And Saw All The Movies On ThE Internet, And It Makes Me Believe Even More. People Are Given Free Will And That Is What makes All Of This So wonderful. Your Faith And Belief Will Determine Your Destination. Jesus Is My Lord And Died For My Sins.

  4. Doesn't that make him a torture victim and you an accomplice? High time people took responsibility for their own actions.


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