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Friday, 21 December 2012

Mind Over Matter: The primacy of Consciousness

Mind Over Matter
The primacy of Consciousness

The Primacy of Consciousness: Mind over Matter

“Matter is derived from mind, not mind from matter.”
 -Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation

More and more, scientists are catching up with ancient mystics regarding the primacy of consciousness, the fact that consciousness is an a priori facet of reality, and not some emergent property of materiality. One of the fathers of modern brain research, Wilder Penfield wrote The Mystery of Mind in which he argues his opinion as a neurosurgeon that consciousness does not have its source in the brain.

The prestigious VISION 97 award-winning psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof M.D., Ph.D. also agrees that consciousness is a primary, non-local phenomenon that precedes and transcends time and space:

“Over three decades of systematic studies of the human consciousness have led me to conclusions that many traditional psychiatrists and psychologists might find implausible if not downright incredible. I now firmly believe that consciousness is more than an accidental by-product of the neurophysiological and biochemical processes taking place in the human brain. I see consciousness and the human psyche as expressions and reflections of a cosmic intelligence that permeates the entire universe and all of existence. We are not just highly evolved animals with biological computers embedded inside our skulls; we are also fields of consciousness without limits, transcending time, space, matter, and linear causality.” 

-Stanislav Grof, “The Holotropic Mind” (17-18)

The idea that consciousness mysteriously arises from the nervous system or brain functioning is proven erroneous by the plethora of organisms which exhibit clear signs of consciousness without having a brain or nervous system. Plants, bacteria, single-cell and many multi-cellular organisms all seem quite conscious without these. Are we to believe these life-forms are insentient just because they don’t have a brain or nerves?

“While new technologies are enabling scientists to understand more and more of the mechanics of how mind is expressed through the brain, after many years of research this still sheds no light on their central quest – one that we believe is fruitless because the premise on which it is based is wrong. We agree with transpersonal psychologist Stanislav Grof, who, for more than 50 years, has studied human consciousness. Grof has compared the effort of trying to discover how mind arises from the brain to an engineer trying to understand the content of a television program solely by watching what components light up in the interior of the TV set. If someone sought to do such a thing, we’d laugh, yet this is the approach that mainstream science has taken and insisted is correct, despite no evidence to support it and a great deal that contradicts it.”

-Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan, “Cosmos” (76-77)

“New scientific findings are beginning to support beliefs of cultures thousands of years old, showing that our individual psyches are, in the last analysis, a manifestation of cosmic consciousness and intelligence that flows through all of existence. We never completely lose contact with this cosmic consciousness because we are never fully separated from it.”

 -Stanislav Grof, “The Holotropic Mind” (195-6)

There are documented cases of hydrocephalus, otherwise known as “water in the brain,” where people have lived perfectly normal lives with almost no cerebral cortex or neocortex whatsoever. This is quite significant considering that classical science has always assumed the neocortex to be the supposed “center of consciousness.” British neurologist John Lorber recorded one case in which a young man’s hydrocephalus was so extreme that his brain was virtually nonexistent. Inside his skull was just a thin layer of brain cells surrounding a mass of cerebrospinal fluid. Amazingly, everything else about the young man was normal; he was even an honor student. If consciousness arises from brain functioning, how is this possible?

“The underlying assumption of the current meta-paradigm is that matter is insentient. The alternative is that the faculty of consciousness is a fundamental quality of nature. Consciousness does not arise from some particular arrangement of nerve cells or processes going on between them, or from any other physical features; it is always present. If the faculty of consciousness is always present, then the relationship between consciousness and nervous systems needs to be rethought. Rather than creating consciousness, nervous systems may be amplifiers of consciousness, increasing the richness and quality of experience.”

 -Peter Russell, “From Science to God”

Peter Russell asks us to consider a couple simple thought experiments to prove to ourselves the non-locality of consciousness beyond space and time. When asked to locate their consciousness most people sense it to be somewhere in their heads. Since our brains are in our heads, and the brain is often associated with consciousness, many people assume their consciousness is located in the middle of their heads, but actually the apparent location of ones consciousness has nothing to do with the placement of ones brain, and rather depends on the placement of sense organs.

Since your primary senses (eyes and ears) are in your head, the central point of your perception, the place from which you seem to be experiencing the world is somewhere behind your eyes and between your ears (in your head). However, the fact that your brain is also in your head is merely coincidence as shown by the following thought experiment: Imagine that your eyes and ears were somehow transplanted to your knees so you now observed the world from this new vantage point. Now if asked to locate your consciousness where would you point? If your eyes and ears were on your knees, would you still experience your “self” to be in your head?


“I don’t think consciousness is in the brain. The brain receives consciousness. Consciousness is probably a non-local function of the space-time continuum and every individual brain is an individual receiver. Just like the world is full of television signals and each television set is a receiver.

“The delusion that you are in your body is a primitive, savage kind of logic, taking the data of perception at face value, similar to the delusion that Johnny Carson is inside your television set. Johnny Carson is not in your television set. Johnny Carson is in Hollywood. Your television set just receives Johnny Carson’s signals. And consciousness is not in the brain, the brain just receives signals from the vast undifferentiated ocean of consciousness that makes up the space-time continuum.”

-Robert Anton Wilson

“The faculty of consciousness can be likened to the light from a video projector. The projector shines light on to a screen, modifying the light so as to produce any one of an infinity of images. These images are like the perceptions, sensations, dreams, memories, thoughts, and feelings that we experience – what I call the ‘contents of consciousness.’ The light itself, without which no images would be possible, corresponds to the faculty of consciousness. We know all the images on the screen are composed of this light, but we are not usually aware of the light itself; our attention is caught up in the images that appear and the stories they tell.

“In much the same way, we know we are conscious, but we are usually aware only of the many different perceptions, thoughts and feelings that appear in the mind. We are seldom aware of consciousness itself.”

 -Peter Russell, “From Science to God”

 In deep meditation, during spontaneous OBE, or under the effects of entheogens many people temporarily transcend their contents of consciousness completely and achieve a lucid state of awareness that is purely the faculty of consciousness. In this state there is no space and time, just the infinite here and now, no “me” and “not me” division, just one universal awareness. Such experiences are referred to as “mystical” and deemed “unscientific” because they are subjective and unrepeatable under laboratory conditions, but for those who experience such transcendental states, this first-hand gnosis provides them with an intuitive knowingness of the primacy of consciousness beyond all space, time, and matter.

“The Eastern mystics link the notions of both space and time to particular states of consciousness. Being able to go beyond the ordinary state through meditation, they have realized that the conventional notions of space and time are not the ultimate truth. The refined notions of space and time resulting from their mystical experiences appear to be in many ways similar to the notions of modern physics, as exemplified by the theory of relativity.”

-Fritjof Capra, “The Tao of Physics” (164)

“In short, the impression that your consciousness is located in space is an illusion. Everything you experience is a construct within consciousness. Your sense of being a unique self is merely another construct of the mind. Quite naturally, you place this image of your self at the center of your picture of the world, giving you the sense of being in the world. But the truth is just the opposite. It is all within you. You have no location in space. Space is in you.”

 -Peter Russell, “From Science to God”

The World Grid and the Whirled Mind


By R. Ayana

As above, so below. Just as every person is a being composed  of energy shaped into what we perceive as matter, the planet Earth is a sphere of energy spiralling through fields of timespace. That matter is indisputably energy becomes obvious when observing the energetic Sun, but all planets, moons, asteroids and comets are also comprised of energy arranged in standing wave patterns.

It was Nikola Tesla’s recognition of the true nature of material existence that made his extraordinary technological feats and propositions possible. The world can be conceived as a spinning sphere of electrical energy – actually a vibrant core of pure energy crusted with a rind and rime of what our senses construe as matter.

Everything we can be or see are shadows of far more complex underlying and overarching dimensions in a breathtakingly intricate greater reality. Becoming aware of these levels is an ability that’s well within the reach of human abilities. Almost all are born with intrinsic means to apprehend less visible realms of indivisible reality.  We are all naturally psychic at birth (and earlier), yet these abilities atrophy with disuse and outright suppression.

Humankind is actually less evolved than it’s been in times past – a wounded immortal afflicted by amnesia and delusions of helplessness – yet we abide at the dawn of an age of great healing, when it becomes possible to regain all we’ve lost. We’ve suffered a blow to the collective mind and barely survived cosmic catastrophes in times of great trial and extraordinary global destruction - a heritage that’s been largely expunged from memories and histories. Now we begin to awaken from a deep healing sleep. The journey into restoration is similar for individuals and the entire species as a whole. As above, so below.

Most people lose touch with their higher faculties and fundamental sensibilities by adulthood. Many have their intuitive perceptions beaten out of them at an earlier age. Almost all are forced to pluck out the eye that offends the most fearful and temporally powerful members of human communities - maiming themselves to fit outdated, purblind rules wrought to remake women and men into thoughtless cogs in the insensate juggernauts of industry.  Those who think they rule the rest believe in a dusty reality. They strive to eliminate magic and wonder so that wondrous children can be turned into unthinking wage serfs.

The Third Eye of transluminal perception is ultimately powerful as well as perceptive. The Ajna chakra that dwells in the brow arises in a vortex from the cosmic wellspring at the centre of brain and skull. It’s just one step from the Crown of Creation – of godhood itself. The simplest sound can open the Third Eye - the syllable ‘Om’, intoned in a pitch that vibrates in the brow. The transcendent vision is available to all. There are no secrets and there is no spoon.

The light that shines from the brow is our penultimate heritage. It must be dimmed before a being can be assimilated into the machinery of destruction – the in dust reality of mundane burghers possessed by fundamentally feudal insensibilities.  The awakened being has the power to transform the living clay of the world and their very existence threatens the fossilised strictures of power structures that control freaks always cling to.

The familiar faces of so-called ‘leaders’ are masks worn by puppets controlled from behind the scenes. Their true masters rarely show their faces. Those enthroned above our would-be rulers, ensconced at the summit of the pyramidal structures of power, are not only aware of the true nature of reality but actively use and pursue higher faculties and abilities in service to one primary aim – to ensure they continue to control everything and everyone within the binding, blinding bounds of all they survey. Rulers are the most insecure men and women of all. They can’t let go, relax and float downstream. They are welded to illusions of plans and schemes.

Aware and awakened beings are notoriously difficult to control. Reality bends and warps around their will in eddies that circle the hocus pocus locus of their dreaming. Yet there are tired and tested methods that ensure this isn’t a problem for dynastic control freaks. They’re possessed by a differing order of powerful will and with enough focused energy and an age of time the very wheelwork of Gaia can be harnessed to their advantage.

The great sphere of the planet is crisscrossed by lines of force that adhere to the geometry of three dimensions. These shapes simultaneously mirror the patterns of higher order ‘hyperspace’ geometries [see TimeSpace]. Lines of energy follow paths of least resistance – the leyline network recognised and used by antediluvian civilisations, the dragon lines of the Gael and the Orient; the Songlines of nomadic aboriginal people.

The planet flows through a vibrating sea of energy. This bathes us in frequencies and wavelengths that define the courses of energies flowing across and through the Earth. Lines of least resistance form an intricately interconnected series of grids that map hyperspatial geometries onto and into the globe of the planet. They’re the acupuncture meridians of Gaia, and nodal points are strung along them as acupuncture points on the human body. As above, so below.

photoThese nodal points are sacred sites and places of power that can be used for great good or ill. The fortuitous locations and arrangements of most temples and shrines, churches and mosques from antiquity to the present time indicates at least one of two things – 1) that gifted dowsers have always been with us, working at the behest of secretive conspiratorial master architects, and/or 2) that the works of humankind are parts of a greater plan serving the planet and/or other agencies – again, for good or for ill, in terms of the best interests of human beings and the myriad lifeforms that dwell in the wonderfully wild garden of Gaia.

In either case, the sanctuaries of world religions are constructed on primordial bastions of concentrated energy. There are those who know how to use or misuse these sites (and all the trappings of blinded faith – magical implements like altars, chalices, incense, books, bells and candles) in ways and purposes for which they’re intended. Just as the vast majority of people will never read or comprehend these little words, or read this far, almost all those in charge of sacred sites have no idea how to use them. They’re custodians, holding the sites in trust for others – just like all the smiling politicians and stern public servants in the secular world.

Where three or more gather in focus together our wills can combine to accomplish great ends. The whologram is greater than the sum of its parts. The massed and focused energies of congregations of living, breathing, wilful beings can be harnessed to feed the leyline/songline grid with specific patterns of sound, thought, motion and emotion – songs and dances, prayers and hopes that can be used as fuel to heal the world, or to further other agendas. The most cleverly constructed places of worship channel energy into the Earth and unto the sky, and even filter and focus it toward specific ends.

Controlling humankind is the main game around town. Most religions are in charge of edifices designed to subtly influence and control the minds of people in the lands they directly influence. At certain times and in the right hands, the grid network can be induced to resonate with extraordinary power. Sometimes, when the entire system is poised for impending change at times of cosmic confluence, the grid can be used to reset the mind of humankind – and even to alter human nature en masse.


The Magnetic Moment

“No man may know the day of my coming; I come like a thief in the night.” So says a ‘lord’ in the babbling Old Testament. ‘The Day of the Lord’ is the day of destruction, when the Earth is repaved in conflagrations and stars shift to new posts in heaven. At moments like these and at other nodal points in the spiral of timespace, when the magnetic field of the planet shifts and realigns, the entire world can be remade in manifold ways.

Certain places and edifices are finely tuned instruments whose potential can only be fulfilled by master conductors of energy - musicians/magicians prepared to emerge from the wings on cue to wield their baton/wand and remake the illusion of the world, and to repattern the human worldview. Those neophytes and supplicants who randomly pray or silently meditate in ‘spiritual centres’ can only feed psychic batteries that these priests and mages tap and channel.

At times in prehistory a singular consciousness controlled the entire old network of planetary influence from several plexuses at once – an extraordinary being possessed of transdimensional perceptions, who controlled the mass of humankind and instituted the hive-like pyramidal structures that have patterned almost all ‘civilised’ and domesticated human societies  unto today. Many of the monuments that channelled this network were ultimately destroyed or submerged beneath the seas in a series of catastrophes that only culminated less than 3,000 years ago, when the ‘terrestrial’ inner planets of the solar system took up their current stations.

Those who inhabit the summit of power at the capstone of the societal pyramid are the very last to countenance change, unless it directly benefits them. Most real or fundamental change brings with it unpredictable and unforseen complications that can only threaten their towers of power. Change is anathema to most control freaks - yet when the magnetic field shifts they have little choice but to go with the flow, and attempt to ensure the next age to come in the wake of that shift will faithfully follow the pattern of their plan.

Nowadays there are several competing centres of power, all poised to attempt to wrest control of the planetary web at the Magnetic Moment, when momentum stops and Mind becomes silent. When everything pauses the code of the world is freed from its tethers and can be rewritten by those in control of the instruments of power. At this point in history the vocalists ready to sing their song are more cacophony than choir, possessed of as many differing agendas as a hydra has heads.

What can emerge from this discord? Will the harp they all attempt to simultaneously strum accidentally strike the right chord – the one that frees us all from their thrall?

To prepare for the Moment, examine and (dis)still your mind. With practice you can learn what it’s like in the moment of change, when the world turns around your silent centre. If enough of us focus on one thing when that time comes, all the plans of puppet masters will be for naught. If enough of us are prepared to dare to dream of paradise for all we can remake the world into something blessed. We can remake the world with dreams we all truly cherish in our combined heart of hearts. We can fulfil human destiny and remake Paradise on Earth.

No doubt all of this is difficult to credit for many or most. Those couched in the comforting illusions of permanence fostered by antiquated and carefully channelled academic and education systems may well ignore these little words entirely. The mindfield of the current paradigm is always self-reinforcing and filters out dangerous ideas, dreams and memories that are automatically proscribed for reasons of social stability.

No confirmation or conformation is required. You are free – and you are god(dess)!

See you in the Magnetic Moment – Happy New Aeon!


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