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Monday, 16 July 2012

Money is Not Needed with Energy Abundance

Money is Not Needed with Energy Abundance

Electrogravitics – A Simplified Description

By Amaterasu Solar

In order to understand the very basis of money, it is best to contemplate how it developed in the first place.

Once society developed past the clan stage, when barter, trade and so forth arose, it became the practice to place value on the products of human energy expended. If one used one's energy to build a bow, go out hunting, kill an animal, process the carcass, and transport the meat back to be traded or bartered for, this gave that meat value. The bow components were free, as was the animal. The same was true for the farmer, who expended meaningful energy in tilling, sowing, tending, harvesting, and, if need be, transporting what that farmer produced. The produce had value. Even the gatherer expended meaningful energy in seeking things to gather, then transporting the find back to be used as "money" for other things. The miner expended the meaningful energy to find the (free) ore, hew it out of the earth, and transport it.

From these beginnings, the practice of using coin and other objects arose to represent this meaningful energy expended when transporting large amounts of goods, as well using to acquire something another had but not having the specific thing the other wanted. And from this, humans went on to bills when coins and jewels and other objects became too cumbersome. And, lately, we have added electronic funds, as even bills are cumbersome in million unit, billion unit and trillion unit transactions. But the foundation of all these monetary units is the meaningful energy expended, whether human or resource-based (oil, coal, nuclear, etc.) energy.

Given this, it becomes clear that an addition of abundant energy -- in the form of overunity ("free energy") and robotics (to replace human energy in necessary work nobody wants to do), the need for money in any form -- barter, trade, work exchange, coin, bills, electronic funds -- becomes unnecessary.
If one removes the cost of the energy -- human and external -- all down the line, what is left is freely given by this planet we inhabit.

Now, of course, many would say, "But there is no 'overunity' to be had!" And in that, they would be incorrect. There have been many solutions to energy production and distribution which have been avidly suppressed and hidden by the power elite. They are fully aware that by adding energy which is free, their power over others, in the form of money, will dissipate, leaving each to control oneself but no others.

Though there are examples of things such as cars that run on water, extracting energy from the planet's magnetic field, and so on that have had patents bought and buried, or threats to lives (of the inventors themselves as well as their families), to actual murders, I know of one such technology that not only offers overunity, but also gravity control. And, unlike most of these other examples, is negentropic (negative entropy) in its function. Cooling is seen in this technology, as opposed to heating.

That science/technology is electrogravitics.

Back in the 1950s, electrogravitics, with the Biefeld-Brown Effect as its foundation, was being pursued at all the major aerospace companies: Lockheed, Boeing, Convair, Lear and many others were excitedly exploring what electrogravitics had to offer. Sometime, around 1959 or early 1960, this work became highly classified and, though ostensibly for its "weaponization" concerns, the true reason it became highly classified was because of its overunity capabilities. The power elite grasped that that was the biggest threat to their continued control.

As a source of energy, electrogravitics is ideal. From it, We can have energy that is free of pollution, is easily constructed, and does not contribute to the entropy of the universe. Because it is so ideal, and because the power elite seem bent on Naziesque control of the planet -- with "Patriot" Acts, NDAA's, TSA's, and other fascist enactments -- it is vital that the awareness of such technology spread to the tipping point.

If we can achieve that, Humanity will demand this tech and free itself from:
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Slavery (outright or wage slavery)
  • War (most wars are incited to ensure profit for the war suppliers and "infrastructure rebuilders")
  • The control of the many by the few
  • The love of money (the root of all evil)
  • The need to pay for education (going deeply into debt or forgoing education)
  • Products made to fail so as to ensure future sales
  • Hidden cures (cures are not a money-maker in the long run; sick People keep paying)
  • Spam
  • Aggressive advertising
  •  Focus on the material
  • Politics for Self- or special-interest
  • GMO for control of food
  • Water control
  • Hydrofracking, rain forest clearing, oil drilling, coal mining
  • Corporations
  • Corporate "farmers" paid to NOT produce food (so as to keep the prices inflated through supply and demand)
  • Doctors who are more interested in money than patients
  • Bankers
  • Insurance
  • Internet takeover
  • "Voting" machines with proprietary software (why would a simple vote-counting program need to be proprietary? Why do we accept such things?)
  • Waste (presently supermarkets alone throw out hundreds of thousands of tons of food a month, distributing by profit and not need; other waste such as packaging can virtually be eliminated, products will not be made to break so as to ensure future sales)
There's more, but as one can see, just this list is an elimination of most of the problems we presently are beset with.

Electrogravitics – A Simplified Description


Electrogravitics. This technology was being developed and tested in all major aerospace companies in the 1950s.  Martin, Convair, Lear, Sperry, Raytheon, and many others all were eagerly studying electrogravitics.  But in 1959 or early 1960, the technology became highly classified and the path to energy abundance was stymied.  Here is a basic description of electrogravitics:

First, One has to understand that the model offered by Einstein is flawed . . . there are other models.

The model, which I say is a far better one than relativity, is subquantum kinetics (SQK). Its developer, Dr. Paul A. LaViolette (an interesting character, to say the least), started with chemical kinetics (as above, so below?) and came up with SQK after becoming very concerned by its gravitational predictions. He had not heard of the Biefeld-Brown Effect, nor the work of T. Townsend Brown. He struggled with these predictions until he encountered Brown's work, discovering that SQK predicted exactly what Brown was showing experimentally.

Why is SQK better than relativity?

It takes no element on faith: Einstein's relativity is based on the faith that matter somehow "bends" space-time. Nowhere does he explain (or even try to) how or why this might be. One just has to take it on faith.

It explains things without the need for "renormalization;" relativity ends in infinities without this mathematical fudge.

It integrates EM with gravity. Einstein himself died still trying to do so.
And it still predicts things like the lensing of light, the apparent time dilation, and all other predictions of relativity, plus more -- all of which are testable (string theory is 100% untestable).

In fact, many of the mysteries of Einsteinian mathematics are predicted in SQK.

I recommend reading a book called Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Dr. LaViolette, for more on the Biefeld-Brown Effect, Brown's work, electrogravitics, SQK, and more.

In SQK, positively charged particles have a positive gravity potential "well."  (Positive particles have positive gravity.) Negatively charged particles have a negative gravity potential "hill."  (Negative particles have negative gravity.)  The positive particle's "well" is just the smallest fraction bigger than the negative "hill," accounting for the apparent weakness of gravity, where essentially even amounts of positively charged and negatively charged particles make up common matter, and in quantities as big as the earth, say, offer a slight "well" overall, thus explaining why we are aware of gravity at all.

 Thomas Townsend Brown

The Biefeld-Brown Effect was discovered when it was noted that a dielectric with electrodes attached at either end would apparently lose weight when charged if the positive pole was pointed upwards on a scale, and apparently gain weight when reversed, when placed on a scale.  It was soon discovered that it was not a weight loss, but a movement in the direction of the positive pole.  Higher voltage increased this effect.

Further study showed that the higher the K of the dielectric, the more pronounced the movements became.  Asymmetrical electrodes contribute to the increase of the effect, as well.  Also, a non-linear dielectric produced greater movement than a linear one.  With high K, non-linear dielectrics, a substantial force could be observed, even to the point of levitation with a local gravity field induced.

If, say, four devices were placed on a cross, each oriented 90° to the center and pointing in the same direction relative to that center, and a shaft was set at center and into a generator, when small amounts of energy are used at high voltage on the units, the resulting rotation will induce a greater output at the generator than the input to the units.  Overunity (as energy is drawn from the zero point field) is achieved. 

To the end of achieving the tipping point of awareness, I am offering a petition to the US Military (which presently controls the science of electrogravitics) to release this information. I offer it here in the hopes that you sign -- and not only that, spread the awareness of what I have presented and of the petition itself.  More info on how I know about electrogravitics and its capabilities is at the petition site:


From http://www.activistpost.com/2012/03/money-is-not-needed-with-energy.html and http://www.activistpost.com/2012/04/electrogravitics-simplified-description.html

For more information about electrogravitics see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/electrogravitics

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  1. You will get nothing from the military industrial complex except war materials, and lying war information. The best bet is to completely ignore them. They will not release existing electrogravitic energy propulsion devices. Our best bet is to go around these interference elements. Spend your time organizing engineers and technical experts who have the know how to FREE UP existing free energy technologies and or resources. Explain to them that their incentive won't be MONEY, it will be the love they have for their shared knowledge as they go about solving reality based problems for the betterment of ALL.... The problem is that we're entrenched into the PRICE SYSTEM and these engineers and technical experts are stressed out just trying to eek out a living, their unions have been destroyed by powerful big corporate interests and their political cronies. So, just like the rest of us, they're prisoners to the system of money. If they spend too much time working on solving reality based problems without receiving a price for their labor then they'll go broke and lose their homes and they'll be ostracized. The current mythical price system has everyone by the balls and or tits. This is a problem. We have entire agencies that are set up to monitor you and I. Every word on this site gets recorded, every word at every University throughout the world is being monitored. We are living in a TOTAL CONTROL SOCIETY. The price system is set up to protect itself and it won't go down without first destroying ourselves and our natural world. These are the facts. If we find a way to wiggle free for a moment then the sirens sound and the so called powers that be create another 10,000 laws to restrict our freedom as it automatically throws good people in prison or they're simply executed. Yes, everyone knows that FREE ENERGY means free people, but I'm afraid that the system won't allow free energy to BE! Some great minds have been placed off of the pyramid of madness, in which a hierarchy of fools (war monkey's) are rewarded for suppressing the very technology that would automatically free them from their own delusions of grandeur.

    1. Well said Agent R.A. - let's hope everything here is being recorded and preserved in secure vaults! The 'intelligence' agencies certainly have a need to know, dullards that they are.
      Be not discouraged! Slavery was once considered normal, inescapable and natural justice...


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