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Friday, 16 March 2007

Recovering His Story

Recovering His Story

A key to understanding Sirian (and other extraterrestrial) interventionion in domesticated primate cultures and their impact on terrestrial humanity is to realise that space travel is an inadequate term to convey what’s involved. 

The reality of the propagation of consciousness across vast distances is very different to most 21st century imagery of interstellar travel. This dialog is obviously likely to be taken for a diatribe or mediocre ‘space opera’ science fiction and you’re free to consign it to the realm of fable, instead of the category of ‘stranger than fiction’.

             The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) of the Time Lords is a more appropriate visualisation of travel through times and space, with consciousness itself at the root of all connexions. Much ‘travel’ requires no physical transport whatsoever. Remote perception, well known to most cultures, is a gateway to higher realms of psychic development, or material manipulation open to those who succumb to the illusory temptation of control.  

The venerable Mahayana Buddhist tradition tells of beings that came here from a system within what moderns call the Orion constellation, but states that they came from another universe or dimension. Humanity, its various descendants and precursors, and a plenitude of conscious travellers move through an infinitude of alternate realities. This raises the chance of interaction between ‘aliens’ and Earth (thought to be vanishingly small by generations of limited statists statisticians) to a certainty. Chance herself man be altered and negated by the hopes, fears and will of conscious beings.            Versions of humanity are everywhere and everywhen and travel between the planes of possibility becomes probable at certain levels of awareness and progress. The human genie has always been outside this particular bottle. The human genome expresses itself with extreme variation under differing conditions of development. 

            Those of Sirius were remnants of a great and ancient lineage, inhabiting a dying planet with a decayed ecosystem in an unstable solar system. They were extremely long-lived, with millennia of free time to explore their cosmos and consciousness. They interacted with early humanity, seeing themselves as enlightened surgeons who had the insight-given right to excise certain traits and infuse others into the hominid stock they encountered here. They used primal humans as ‘waldos’ – remote extensions of their will – as mobile vessels for their own awareness, which altered the bodily bioplasm of the hominids they inhabited over generations. The hominids who heard and acted on the will of these ‘gods’ or ‘spirits’ came to resemble their inhabiting inhibitors, and their Overlord operators were altered by the interaction as well. Thus, nomadic humans began to settle and ultimately became the sedentary homo sapiens sapiens of today. 

             To ensure their control over societies the Sirians created patriotic patriarchal dynasties to hitherto matriarchal societies in which all power and control devolved from the primary waldos – the deified Kings of the emerging antediluvian civilization. A succession of bodies was arranged so that the operator could easily transit to a known vessel and continue the industrious work when the remote failed (died or developed ‘wild’ willed traits). Royal incest was incepted, fixing the receptive traits of the ‘rulers’, who also had the ‘right’ to impregnate any woman they chose, spreading the strain of those more susceptible to external control and obedience through the entire population. The Overlords came to regard the subjects of their experiment as cattle at best (a suitable and useful gene pool), or vermin in their warrens at worst, fit only for slavery or extermination. 

            They created a world wide pyramidal power structure and civilization that lasted a hundred thousand years, primarily around the easily inhabited equatorial belt during the last couple of glaciations. Their truly global reign only ended with the catastrophes that ushered in the present interglacial Holocene era, melting the ice caps and tilting the globe twenty degrees. Evidence of their works is still to be found all over the Earth, though much is now submerged or barely recognisable and covered by time’s waters of forgetfulness. Miraculously, some of their centres and dynasties survived in a much reduced state; for instance, in the Himalaya and Central America and parts of North Africa. 

            Continual interaction with indigenous humans and the uncontrollable field of the Earth itself gradually and inexorably altered the Sirian overlords, diluting their effect and changing their own static structure – particularly after their Sirian home suddenly and catastrophically declined as well, along with their other bases and operators within this solar system. They had developed extremely high levels of technology on Earth, with a global communication and power system and forms of interplanetary travel, spreading their waldos through this material cosm. Some of these altered hominid strains changed even more radically over millennia of living on other spheres under this Sun and were known as the giants or titian-hued Titans, used as local ‘govenors’ when direct Imperial control of the teeming multitudes (who inhabited this world before the cataclysms) became untenable. Those who remained here slowly changed to match the local conditions and interbred with the locals when the nascent terraformed biosphere of Mars was destroyed.

Most of these governors were Areans – the descendants of humans who had been transferred to Mars in earlier epochs, living beneath the surface and engaging in works of industry and conscious psychic development. Your history is more interesting than most would believe. To most readers, this discourse may be merely a diverting fable or a diabolical device. Judge for yourself.


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