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Monday 27 August 2007

The Divine Cosmos: A Breathtaking New View of Reality

The Divine Cosmos
A Breathtaking New View of Reality

~ by David Wilcock ~

THE ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATION OF OUR ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM is now underway, and we are already feeling the effects – which the US Environmental Protection Agency admitted in a front-page New York Times article in 2002, (which Bush later dubbed “an act of the bureaucracy”) but is attempting to blame on global warming. This is by far the most facile and under-informed opinion about what is going on, though human pollution is certainly causing considerable damage to the Earth’s biosphere. 

In this book, we go miles beyond either of our previous two books in the Convergence series… The Shift of the Ages and The Science of Oneness. If you liked these books… just wait. When we wrote these books, we had not yet discovered the entirely new world of Russian physics… and once we found it, ALL the pieces fit together. We now present a completely Unified model, showing how the same energetic fields are at work on all levels of size, from the quantum to intergalactic. This proves that the Universe is holographic and / or fractal in its very nature.

This model has never existed in such a complete form in any of our recent history, at least overtly. Many annoying paradoxes of science have now been resolved into one single, stable multi-dimensional cosmology – which has dazzling implications for our immediate future.   The information contained within this book has waited long enough. It keeps banging on the door, because it wants a hot meal and a warm place to sleep in your mind. Start learning what a part of you already knows… come and discover The Divine Cosmos.


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Supplemental:     The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar

Critical Update:    “Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow” series by Richard C. Hoagland and David Wilcock.  Substantially increases the body of data, directly from NASA and other official sources, that interplanetary climate change is a reality. Notice how much more hard NASA data there is in Parts 2 and 3 of this paper than in Chapter 8 of Divine Cosmos, and see all the new geometric connections that we discovered as well. 

David did most of this new research in the winter-spring season of 2004. If the case wasn’t already strong enough, just look at it now. Given proper attention, this information could literally change the world. If you have trouble with the scientific discussion at the beginning of Part 2, just skim ahead to where it starts talking about the Sun.

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