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Saturday 2 July 2011

Tracking Progress & Destiny: Life on a Pebble in the Sands of Time

Tracking Progress & Destiny

Life on a Pebble in the Sands of Time


“Dad – isn’t it strange how we’ve come from horses and carts to this in only – what – a century?” Beamish nodded toward the compact notebook computer balanced before him on a battered old wooden chest. Shadowed moonlight poured into the small pentagonal hardwood cabin through the high waving branches of flooded gums while a Greater Barred Frog cried ‘WOP!’ in the creek below.

“Have you ever heard the truism that says, ‘You don’t get steam engines until it’s steam engine time’ ?” I asked in reply. His eyebrow raised, Spock-like, while I continued. “It’s a phrase that can be read in a number of ways…”

Is this jerky upward progression – from a barbaric feudal world run by superstitious racist despots to this modern agglomeration of apparently democratic states – an accidental yet logical outcome of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, as many historians and social scientists aver? Is it a result of Adam Smith’s ‘hidden hand’ enforcing efficiencies in markets and societies through random reactions – statistical survival of the fittest techniques, via mythic Adam and Eve’s infamous proclivity for chaotic and wilful behaviour? 

Or could humankind’s technological progress be fixed to the tracks of a thoroughly planned route, rather than being an ad hoc series of randomly discovered steps in a tangled tango of historical survivors? 

Perceiving reality is like looking through a glass onion. Surface explanations suffice to deflect most people from examining deeper layers of meaning and intent. Yet the very existence of layered shields of misinformation and disinformation indicates that something lies hidden beneath the surface tissues of lies.

I’ll tell you what I told Beamish Boy; none of this extraordinary acceleration is an accident. There are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of by workmanlike minds trapped on workaday treadmills. There are greater aspirations and dangers to be faced if we’re to perceive a truer rendering of our past and present. Modern humankind is a wounded, blinded, crippled species with little idea of our true history, potential and abilities.

Wartime competitiveness is an often cited explanation for the logarithmic advances of the last centuries. This observation casts light on the restraining forces of competing corporations that hold change in check in peaceable times to retain monopoly control over every facet of civilised life- only allowing rapid progress to occur when their own industrial or financial power bases are threatened. But it’s an insufficient explanation for the extraordinary explosion of changes we’ve experienced on planet Earth in recent decades. 

The wartime explanation is indeed apt, in a far less obvious way. There was and is a war in heaven and the events and causes that lie at the roots of our civilisation are beyond the horizon of our mundane perceptions. Human technological progress has been deliberately accelerated and channelled into specific directions for at least three hundred years. 

For millennia the world was throttled by the hands of glorified kings, queens and emperors, who hearkened to notions of divinely exalted bloodlines as justification for their elite positions at the summit of clannish domesticated primate totems. Seeking more power through spending vast sums they didn’t have – yet could procure from thin air with surprising ease – these short sighted rulers relinquished control to the keepers of gold, whose interest was purely interest. 


The last century has seen a maelstrom of shockingly rapid changes; from horses and carts, blackboard and chalk, colonial empires, universal racism, sexism and stultifying religion to this.

Many seekers today believe that money makes the world go round – that financial interests rule the lives of all and that the ultimate puppeteers are banksters who hold membership in an overarching secret society. Yet the entirely imaginary forces of money and monetarism are merely particularly effective tools for controlling the wills and minds of others. The entire economic shebang is just another layer of the glass onion, operated by those whose final shield is Intelligence (of the three lettered kind). Higher consciousness lies at the core, masked by levels of corruption, deception and pretty wallpaper.

Those who believe they control the world and everyone in it are wrong.

The world is run by magic, and the primal magic trick of all is misdirection.

Whether the Earth is the true original home of all humankind or merely a lost colony of infragalactic humans who supplanted indigenous hominids – or both – we are manipulated by forces from beyond the globe of this watery planet. We reside in a cozened culture dish, breeding in the global womb and blessed with the ignorance of our imagined isolation.

Nothing will make sense unless we hearken to what Charles Fort stated almost a century ago; ‘We are property’, or certainly viewed as such by beings who dwell beyond terrestrial ken.

Humankind is a genie that’s already well and truly escaped the space-time Klein bottle. We exist throughout much of the multiverse. This makes most material aspirations utterly pointless – but neither evolution nor volition are done with us yet. We have a long way to go and many petals to unfold.

I’ll not stretch credibility further by pointing out that our solar system seethes with sentient life we cannot or will not recognise, or by stating that much is more advanced than Earthly life, or that some of it is human. I’ll not bend your ear with tales of governments that have outgrown their terrestrial nations or of private consortiums that are already spreading through space and time.

Instead I’ll ask you to look at your life, and see what you do with your time. Are you living now in the immortal present, or working toward a mythic tomorrow? Are you dancing now, or trapped on a treadmill in hopes that something more pleasant and freer will become available at some future time? Are you in control of your mind and emotions or jerking at the strings of seen, unseen and obscene puppeteers and fishers of men?

Examining your true self is the only way to begin to learn what’s really going on. When you can tell the truth bullshit won’t stick to you.

Turn on. Tune in. Opt out in the knowledge that there is something out there – in here – to opt into. There are an infinite number of possible worlds and you get to choose which one you live in, every day. You are an immortal being with extraordinary potential whose destiny is yet uncharted. Abandon all faith in the fantasies of yore and step into a blessedly unknown future. 

The known one sucks bigtime, and the only way out is in.

by R. Ayana


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