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Thursday 3 June 2010

Time as a Lens: Speculations on self-referencing non-local awareness

Time as a Lens
Speculations on self-referencing
non-local awareness

 3shape by you. 

Consciousness is non-local. We can view objects and occurrences remotely, using cameras and other equipment. We can also use consciousness itself to remotely view points from other perspectives (to learn about remote viewing see the Farsight Institute’s material, for instance).

Heisenberg 'proved' that an act of conscious observation alters that which is observed. We change reality by experiencing it. We also alter the consciousness of beings which we observe.

...We Are the Stuff of Which Dreams Are Made...

Hologram Multiverse TXT by centraxis.

Many native peoples have been ascribed the belief that to record their image "steals their soul".

It is a commonplace of sympathetic magic belief systems that to view someone's photograph or image provides a current conscious link to them.

At the moment an image which 'will' be viewed or heard in the 'future' is recorded, the consciousness of that future audience impinges upon that moment, directly interfacing/interlacing with the minds of those present. 
The more future viewers of a work, the more conscious perspectives intersect at the moment of its inception. If a recording or creative work is to be successful in its transmission – i.e. experienced by a wide audience during or subsequent to its creation - then 'the muse' will be with the artist and the work will appear to produce itself, or by an act of inspiration characterised by lucid ease of creation.

The consciousness of the audience - and creator - is the muse. The artist is an instrument of the audience. Time is no barrier, but a medium.

The Egyptian Pharaohs refused to have their countenances (or those of their families) accurately portrayed - with the exception of one notable heretic whose name and visage we almost erased from history before being recovered. Islam and other beliefs dislike portraying even the human form.

Each time we 'remember' the past a part of us is present there. We affect that moment and have 'already' done so. A memory - or imprint - to which we repeatedly return has 'fixed' itself in our awareness. It is overlain with the multiple impressions communing with that moment throughout the 'future'. The focus of these 'future (often more evolved, aware, wiser) selves' alters the original moment of imprinting radically, cross-linking it through timespace. We are self-referencing in time.

Major experiences which we survive will be undergone in a field of intense focus of consciousness, which alters the possibilities - and probabilities - within the moment of imprinting.

When you were young(er) you may have experienced a life-altering event that impressed itself into your memory. At the time this was taking place you may have had the impression that you were encompassed by something 'larger' than yourself. Perhaps you experienced a 'guide' or even 'god' or 'higher being' that seemed to be present, directing, steering or preserving you. This ‘was’ you in the 'future' - in fact, it was all the evolving layers of you who ever returned in their memory to relive that peak experience, overlaying all their alternative perceptions upon the original moment of the creation’s momentum.

The impression of peak experience is created not only by the experience itself but also by the focused concentration of consciousness from different timespace vectors.

Consciousness is non-local. Beings are self-created by focused will, self-referencing in timespace. Separation in time or space is an illusion based on evolution and life suspended in the waters of a gravity well. There are no external limits to awareness. 'Memory' is seeing through the fluid material of reality.

Consciousness is non-local.

Thou art God.
- R.Ayana
 Dream Greater Dreams by centraxis.

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  1. I was the one who had no faith in the beliefs of others because there was no reason, so I asked myself the questions and lived like a fool who traveled backwards in time then learned by experience. What can I say? The universe is a belief that excludes the possibility of reason then the act of observing changed the thing itself because belief is God, and anything negative to their positive is against it because they never see the reason, so they stick The Good Book up your ass and see you have a bad attitude.

    Everyone else gave up their reason for belief and secured their active mind to experience the bliss because someone else is going to save them and they don't need to know anything, then they learned the ignorance of positive entropy that created the universe and ascended with faith that their belief was the reason God created the universe, so the blissful ignorant practice faith in themselves and have opinions on everything because God is the majority of fools, then I can't know anything because they can't see the reason and the physical universe does not exist because there is no reason to look. I can't explain it, but if they stick The Good Book up their ass they can see what I do because the problem is in their lens, and their universe doesn't have negative entropy. I never win a debate because I have a ninth grade education and never learned the words and they know it all, but when they hold something in their other hand I teach them a lesson because they don't know what their other hand is doing.

    Positive entropy is sense perception in the left side of their head as a lens that creates the universe with the consciousness of their position in space divided by time in a universe that has no causality, but the reason they know everything proves they know nothing because their belief is the proof there is nothing in the universe but their ego, and I can't know anything because reason is a signal with an independent and autonomous information content from the other side of the head, where the negative entropy of a unified field is a line that connects the dots to draw the picture is the negative curvature of time in the lens that experiences precognition, and reason with a joined resonance is man with The Ark of The Covenant who has position and momentum to create a future. Positive entropy is why a cow sees the slaughter and has a pole change when they get there to see the reason, because their reason is how they feel about what happens, and the virtual cows can't see reason to create a future because their belief in the sense perception of their ego apes the intellect and excludes the possibility of reason from the other axis of a unified field in the other side of their head.

    more of this comment under On Truth and Reality

    1. It's a matter of putting ones self in the perspective of another and seeing the world through the resultant mirror maze. Wise to place one's point of perception in the several centres of one's own body first - starting with the centre of the head and the centre of the bowl of the belly, breathing slowly with an upright spine.

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