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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tiwi Islands Logging Fiasco

 Tiwi Islands Logging Fiasco

Tiwi's logging fiasco - The Wilderness Society

The Tiwi Islands are a tropical paradise, but their forests and wildlife are being destroyed for woodchips.

Located 80 kilometres north of Darwin (in the far north of Australia), the Tiwi Islands include two main islands, Melville and Bathurst. They are a highly unique area of biodiversity refuge - attributable to the high annual rainfall and isolation from the mainland. They contain some of the healthiest and most intact tropical savannahs left on the planet.

Yet to date, 30,000 hectares of beautiful Tiwi forests and woodlands have been cleared, burned, and replaced by single-species plantations grown for export as woodchips.

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Worse still, a further 50-70,000 hectares of these unique tropical forests may be cleared as part of a proposed, but not approved, Stage 2.

If Stage 2 of this project proceeds, up to a further 13 million tonnes of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions could be released into the atmosphere.

Right now, a Senate inquiry into logging and land clearing on the Tiwi Islands is taking place. 

By signing this online petition, you are sending a clear message to the Senate inquiry not to proceed with Stage 2 of this ill-considered project.

Rupert Quinlan and Amelia Young
The Wilderness Society Inc

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