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Thursday 18 June 2009

ID Cards: How Not to Sell Them to the Public

ID Cards – How Not to Sell Them to the Public
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Over at the UK Home Office website, they’re trying to sellthe idea of why we, as UK citizens, need ID cards. It’s all crap of course, but the really worrying aspect about this whole dangerous idea is to be found on the how the data will be used page.

Let me translate a few passages from the governmentspeak found there:

“Your identity information will be stored in a secure database called the national identity register.” (We will store all your personal data on a supercomputer network, where we will have all the juice on you, and of course we won’t lose any of it on CDs or flash hard drives left on trains…..oops!)
“Government agencies and private businesses will be able to check the information held on the national identity register, in order to help them establish the identity of their customers and staff.  For example, you may be asked to prove your identity when opening a bank account or registering with a doctor.” (We know you already have passports, driving licences etc, which you can already use to open a bank account or for registering with a doctor, but we want to centralise all the juice we have on you, so we can monitor you at all times, everywhere, in one place, with less hassle for our snooping, faceless staff)

But the most chilling is this little gem:              
“Information held in this database will be strictly limited, and only Parliament will be able to change the type of data stored there.” (We, the totally trustworthy and unsullied British Parliament, can change what we hold on you at any time we want to, if we want to)

So, there you have it, do you really want this bunch of spivs, fraudsters and conmen having this kind of power over you – people who can’t be trusted to spend their expenses correctly when other people and businesses are folding under the pressure of this recession? If they want to change the data they hold on you they can and will, period. This is an affront to individual liberty, and needs to be opposed


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