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Friday 20 March 2009

NAZI UFOs Part 1: Field Propulsion Saucers


Part 1 - Field Propulsion Saucers

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The existence of World War Two German field propulsion flying saucers is a topic which is denied by virtually every reputable authority in aviation history. It is also denied by many researchers studying German saucers. The problem is that in the years immediately following the Second World War the earth's skies suddenly began to be populated by flying craft which did some remarkable things. 

They flew at unheard of speeds. They made very sharp turns, seemingly non-aerodynamic turns, even at this extreme speed. They lacked the glowing tail of jets or rockets but they glowed or gave off light at night from their periphery or from the whole craft. They were silent or almost silent. Sometimes they gave off sounds that an electric generator or motor might make. Sometimes vehicles with electrically based ignition systems ceased to operate in the presence of these saucers. No government claimed these flying craft, yet they were seen all over the world.

The press and popular culture attributed these unusual craft to an extraterrestrial source. Yet, after over fifty years, no real proof for this assertion has ever come forth. Let's come back down to earth. By all accounts these saucers were solid and material in nature. Perhaps it is time to attribute their origin to a solid, material source.

It seems only proper to begin searching for an explanation for field propulsion saucers with the very sources which we now know built conventional flying saucers, the Germans of the Third Reich. The earliest reference to a field propulsion saucer being a German invention is from a 1960 book by Michael X in which it is described as a "flying egg" (1). Michael X., under the name Michael X. Barton, is also the author who, in 1968, wrote The German Saucer Story. In the second book he returns to the theme again (2). This time he cites a source. His primary informant, Hermann Klaas, describes twelve secret weapons to Barton.

They are:
1. The flying disc
2. A tank made entirely of one piece of metal
3. The sound wave weapon
4. A laser beam weapon
5. A flaming artificial cloud
6. A robot bomb
7. A charged cloud weapon
8. An armor piercing projectile
9. The electromagnetic KM-2 rocket
10. A paralyzing ray
11. Electronic ball lighting
12. The flying bottle, tube, sphere, etc.

Thirty-two years later we certainly know that some of these weapons did exist. It has been confirmed that the Germans were working on weapons numbered 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8 for instance. It has been confirmed that the Germans were working on x-ray or gamma ray weapons as well as another type, possible laser weapons. It has been confirmed that the Germans were working on a gaseous cloud as a means of combating enemy bombers. So in view of this track record, his claim of research on a "flying bottle" should be given serious consideration.

But what is the specific evidence which would cause us to believe that the Germans were working on a field propulsion saucer? As one paws through the literature on German saucers, some evidence is encountered which could indicate field propulsion vehicles. There are the still pictures which will be discussed later on.Here, we will focus on just three pieces of evidence, that of an eyewitness, a German pilot, who saw such things on the ground, a Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee report and an F.B.I. report. The F.B.I. report was taken years after the war but for reasons which will be discussed, there is reason to conclude this report has merit.

German Eye Witnesses

The first report comes to us courtesy of researcher Horst Schuppmann. A friend of Mr. Schuppmann's interviewed an eyewitness to German saucers during the Second World War. This report first appeared in the 1998 Geheimtechnologien.Wunderwaffen Und Irdischen Facetten Des UFO-Phaenomens by Karl-Heinz Zunneck (3).

The subject of this interview was a German pilot who flew many missions in a JU-52, taking off and touching down in rough, presumably outlying airfields. The Junkers JU-52 was an aircraft used by the Luftwaffe for many roles and could be described as a mainstay or a workhorse. It was a transport airplane, a troop carrier and even had been used as a bomber. It resembled and was used in a similar way to the American Douglas Dakota or DC-3.The main difference between the two aircraft was that the JU-52 had three engines as opposed to the Dakota's two and the JU-52lacked a traditional airframe, instead deriving structural strength from a unique corrugated metal shell, which also made the appearance of the JU-52 distinctive.

The sighting in question was reported to the author, Mr. Zunneck, by Horst Schuppmann whose friend knew the pilot of the JU-52 in question. The date was July, 1944. Accompanying the pilot on this three and one-half hour flight was a co-pilot, a mechanic,and the radio man. The airplane took off from Brest-Deblin and flew on a westerly course to Lublin. The flight was unfolding smoothly which was somewhat abnormal for the particular time and stage of the war. Over Stettin Lagoon preparations were made to land. A large white cross was sighted which was the marker for their goal, a meadow landing strip. The aircraft descended, landed normally and rolled toward a group of bushes which would hide the aircraft from view.
Then things took a decided turn to the abnormal. Harsh orders were received that the pilot, co-pilot and mechanic were not to exit the airplane. Suddenly, the radio man had vanished. The others waited an hour in vain for his return. Finally, the pilot decided to get out of the airplane and find his missing crewman,without orders, and on his own.

On the airfield itself nobody was to be seen. There was only one building visible which was a lonely hanger. The pilot, ever concerned with maintaining cover, headed straight for this hanger. Upon arrival he opened an narrow, high sliding door and entered, hoping to receive some information. No person was to be seen but what the pilot did see bewildered him so that the image was deeply ingrained in his mind.
There in the hanger stood three or four very large, round, dark dish shaped metal constructions on telescope-like leg stands. The objects were about 6 meters off the ground and the objects themselves were 12 to 15 meters in diameter. The pilot compared the shape of the objects to a giant soup dish or soup plate.

Suddenly, out of the half darkness a military guard emerged. The guard let the pilot know that he was in an area which was strictly off limits. In fact, the pilot was told, on no uncertain terms, to disappear immediately or this would be his last day on earth.

This day had started as a routine flight connecting two outlying airfields. This pilot had no expectations of seeing something so unusual that he barley had context in which to place it. Further, even as his mind was transfixed and in a process of trying to give understanding to what he was seeing, he was suddenly. jolted out of this tableau by a guard threatening his very life and ordering him to leave.

Of course the question of what those objects in the hanger really were comes back to this pilot even after almost 55 years. The pilot personally attributes it to the so called "Magnetscheibe", literally, "magnet-disk". According to the pilot rumors of these objects circulated in pilot circles since the summer of 1944 (4).

Two things can definitely be said of this sighting. First, it can be said is that this sighting seems to be of the smaller type of German field propulsion saucer as opposed to a larger version.Second, these saucers can definitely be ascribed to belonging to and in the possession of German military forces during the Second World War. At no time in this report has the word "alien" or"extraterrestrial" ever been mentioned or even considered.

Beyond that it can be said that the pilot personally believed these to be of the "Magnetscheibe" type, that is to say not powered by chemical combustion. There reasons to believe this is correct. These saucers were found on a remote and rather primitive airfield. They were in the only building present. This means that they did not need an extensive support system.

The chemically powered jet or rocket engines needed an extensive field support structure. They needed to be refueled after every flight. The two liquid fuels used by the Me-163 rocket-fighter, for instance, ignited immediately when they came into contact with each other with explosive intensity. The fuel tanks had to be washed out after each flight and separate ground crews were responsible for each type of liquid fuel. It is noteworthy that no such support ground support structure or personnel was in evidence on this occasion. All that was observed was a large structure filled with saucers and a guard. The ground support necessary for launch of these craft must have been minimal and argues for the field propulsion hypothesis.

Of course the weakness in this report is the lack of the name ofthe pilot. Even if this report is taken at a minimal level of credulity, it constitutes a rumor of German involvement with field propulsion vehicles.

The reader will recall that the research paradigm being followed is that once mention was made by a German source of a particular thing, then (and only then) corroborating information should besought from U.S. governmental agencies using FOIA.

A Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Report

Since we have a German claiming field propulsion saucers we can now follow our research paradigm and search governmental records for corroboration. The Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee reports are a series of reports compiled by agents of the United States and Great Britain. Most were written immediately after the field work was done. The agents targeted specific things such as sites, people, specific technology or other aspects of specific interest. The agents then wrote a summary report which is what is entered into the record.

As with almost all summary reports at this level, the implications of what is being described are lacking. These reports do not set the particular technology into any context. That is, these reports doe not say how a specific technology under study was to be applied in the future in some, if not most, cases. Behind these reports must be a body of information and at least a few individuals intimately familiar with the technology in question. They were familiar with the technology and the context to which it was useful. If another government operative was interested in that topic or its implications, and if his security clearance sufficed, he would be shown the underlying material and presumably be directed to the particular individual who was its residing expert. Only slowly, if at all, was this secret science leaked or given to American industry and then only with an appropriate cover-story, one which may even supply a pseudo-inventor of that technology. This is conspiracy at its finest.

This deception is beyond the scope of this book but what is important for us now is that sometimes a mistake or slip-up was made in writing or censoring these reports and hints of things of stupendous technological worth actually surfaces. Such is the case with Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Report number 146 regarding Dr. Georg Otto Erb and his work which is reproduced here.

Nazi UFOS -How They Fly
Exposing The German Tesla Anti-Gravity & Free Energy Program

Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Report #46 Dr. Georg Otto Erb

Dr. Erb was on the cutting edge of several technologies according to this report. None of these technologies was especially exciting in 1946, however. Jets, rockets and atomic energy where the hot-ticket items of the time. Nobody cared about new sources of electrical energy. The USA had plenty of electricity and plenty of oil to generate more. It was also known by then that atomic power could be applied to generate even more electricity.Nobody cared about Dr. Erb's experiments listed under item (iii)"Apparatus for conversion of residual heat into electrical energy" or item (viii) "Electrical sources of energy of various kinds" or even item (ix) "Apparatus for turning the energy of the sun's rays into electrical energy". Since nobody cared about these things, there was really no reason not to list them in the summary report. Their significance would only be realized a generation later during the "energy crisis" of the mid-1970s and by then it was too late to censor the report. One can only wonder where this research would have led if it funding had continued over the next thirty years. Or did it continue in secret?

Of course by now many readers will have already read and grasped the significance of number (x) "Rearward impulse propulsion for vehs and aircraft".

Given the nature of Dr. Erb's other work, it is a safe bet that this "impulse propulsion" was not of the jet or rocket nature. In fact there remains little doubt that this propulsion was, in fact, field propulsion. Dr.Erb was experimenting on means to apply forward motion using rearward impulse propulsion to aircraft and "vehs" (vehicles). If this is not the smoking gun for German experiments in field propulsion saucers, it is at least a hint that there is a gun.

The Smoking Gun: An F.B.I. Report

That’s right, Fox Mulder was not the first F.B.I. agent to believe in UFOs. The files in question are F.B.I. file numbers 62-83894-383, 62-838994-384 and 62-83894-385. Their date is 11/7/57 to 11/8/57. They deal with a Polish immigrant, then living in the United States, who reported his wartime experience to the Bureau hoping it might throw some light on UFO sightings seen in Texas at about this time.

F.B.I. Reports On A German Field Propulsion Saucer F.B.I.

The time of the sighting was in 1944,
the place was Gut Alt Golssen, approximately 30 miles east of Berlin. The informant, whose name has been deleted, states that while he was a prisoner of war working for the Germans, a flying object arose nearby from behind an enclosure hidden from view by a 50 foot high tarpaulin-type wall. It rose about 500 feet then moved away horizontally. The only noise the object made was a high-pitched whine. The object was described as being 75 to 100 feet in diameter and 14 feet high. It was composed of a dark gray stationary top and bottom sections five to six feet high with a rapidly moving center section producing only a blur and extending the circumference of the vehicle. Notably, the engine of their farm tractor stalled during this event and the SS guards told the driver not to attempt a restart until the whine could no longer be heard.

Because of what I believe is their importance, these files have been reproduced here in their entirety. One of the most compelling reasons for taking this report so seriously is that the government of the United States of America took this report so seriously. It is hard to believe that an agency such as the F.B.I. would take and retain reports of flying saucers which had no special meaning for them. Add to this the fact that this report was over ten years old at the time it was taken and that it concerns a report originating in another country.

The F.B.I. operates within the USA and usually does not concern itself with foreign matters unless they have meaning for the internal security of the United States. Could the reason that this report was taken and retained for so many years be that it did, in fact, have meaning for the internal security of the United States? Did it have something to do with the flying saucers seen over Texas at the time which also stopped motor vehicles?

As an alternative to the security issues, could there have been another reason that the F.B.I. was so interested in flying saucers? Did the F.B.I. desperately want information on UFOs which was held by the military and other branches of the intelligence community which was not shared with the F.B.I.? It has been rumored that J. Edgar Hoover, head of the F.B.I. at the time, was very interested in learning these secrets but was held "out of the loop". It could be that the F.B.I. was already aware of German saucers through security clearances done on German scientists coming to the USA under Operation Paperclip? The ego of J. Edgar Hoover may have been a factor in the Bureau's guest to learn more on this subject. Hoover may have wanted to be on an equal footing with other intelligence chiefs.

For whatever reason, something in these reports resonated with the F.B.I. The report was taken seriously, investigated and kept. This fact alone speaks volumes for the existence of UFOs in general and German saucers in particular.

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