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Friday 20 February 2009

Truly MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction

Truly MAD

Self-Immolation by you.

Nuclear weapons were never built to work in a ‘real’ war. Do you think the Illuminati are that stupid? After Nixon, even the little red button was hastily disconnected from anything of consequence; Ford never noticed, Carter never objected and Reagan thought it was all a big joke. CIA head King George Bush the First already had access to far more destructive technologies, when the cold old Soviet Union was ultimately proved to be a hollow helpless shell of its formerly scary self.

This author has done enough research to know that:

1) The liquid propellant boosters of many ICBMs rusted in their silos; they had to be continually topped up with corrosive liquids, and couldn’t be guaranteed to reach their destinations. More than a third would never be able to take off, and were in danger of exploding in the silo if launched.

2) The missile guidance systems failed in a third of tests – the missiles couldn’t even find their targets.

3) The arming mechanisms – the detonators – failed in a third of tests; the bombs wouldn’t go off even if they reached their targets.
(These figures relate to ‘cutting edge’ US equipment in the so-called Cold War; soviet missiles were even less reliable.)

4) In a ‘real’ nuclear war, a few strategically placed stratospheric nuclear blasts would send the enemy back into the Stone Age with massive electromagnetic pulses – that would destroy and immobilise any surface equipment containing transistors, chips or any electronic components, including nuclear weapons and missiles themselves; ‘hardened’ equipment was hardly foolproof.

All this became widely known after the ‘Starfish Prime’ nuclear tests in 1961, when EMP effects were first demonstrated; nuclear explosions in space were subsequently ‘banned’ by the 1962 treaty, but the Soviets were caught placing bombs in orbit in 1967. In the ’70s the Western press marveled at the fact that Russian jets and tanks still operated using valves, not transistors; it wasn’t until a decade later that the public was told why – and of course, everyone promptly forgot, and most failed to see the implications...

5) The US stopped publicising its (regularly failing) missile tests in the mid-70s, after which time they were conducted in secrecy. Subsequently, the ‘success’ rates for tests suddenly went sky high – unlike the rockets themselves.

6) Even if the defensive nuclear shields of interceptor missiles had actually worked to stop incoming ICBMs, all life on Earth would have been killed by the plutonium debris filling the atmosphere and raining down from the sky. For this reason, no nuclear ‘umbrella’ can ever work.

7) As revealed after the end of the non-war that held the entire world hostage (and turned the superpowers into belligerent corporation-armed camps), the US arming codes in each silo – a six digit number intended as a failsafe code to ensure no servicemen set the rockets flying themselves – were all set to ‘000000’. Make of it what you will.


Let’s not even consider the fact that achieving critical mass actually depends on far more factors than are currently recognised - that nuclear bombs can only detonate at certain places on the globe, at certain times; this may seem rather far fetched for those who’ve been inculcated with the partial ‘science’ of the 20th century, but a little research will prove that the public has been subjected to an extraordinary hoax for generations. *

State nuclear terrorism was a rubber Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the public (or proletariat) for decades. It served to keep everyone manacled to their yokes in fundamentally feudal, wage-slave societies – when everyone could have been freed from the subservience of millennia, and we could all have experienced new, healthier ways of living at long last. Like the kings and queens of yore, modern rulers and governments would never allow ‘their’ people to be truly free. What use could utopia or paradise on Earth possibly have for rulers?

The real danger from nuclear weapons is their unending toxic radioactivity – millions of people have died and are dying because of the horrendous pollution launched into the atmosphere and soil by the weapon makers and their cronies, launched into the lungs and guts of all humankind, and every other living creature on Earth. Did you ever wonder why cancer rates have gone through the roof since WW2? Nuclear power is toxic; anyone who says enriched uranium or plutonium is safe to use is truly mad, and should be kept away from potentially dangerous equipment. All nuclear technology creates diabolical dilemmas that are worse than any (other) war crime. If we let the fools use it they’ll only keep putting rad waste into ‘conventional’ weapons – and everyday domestic products. Unfortunately, this isn’t science fiction; car bodies and eating utensils contain radioactive waste.

Communism was never the formidable juggernaut or world-dominating force that the fat rich world’s arms producers and oil men had propagandised for decades. Russia has long been a broken-down nation of drunken gangsters, but a so-called ‘credible’ enemy is always required by the moneymakers and power brokers.

The next straw man was Islam, and the West fell for the ‘terrorism’ ruse hook, line and sinker; waging war on an adjective has proven to be a very profitable enterprise, but China is probably too smart to fall for the same old game.

Behold the New World odour. Capitalism and communism both stink to high heaven; like all religions, they’re simply means to an end for the gangster elites that laugh at the folly of the average working man and woman - who blithely help to keep the criminals enthroned by working their lives away for them.

Turn on. Tune in. OPT OUT!

Let’s leave the rich, their money-grubbing enterprises  and their toadying, co-opted governments to rot on the vine, along with the poisonous fruits of their so-called civilization. We can create a far better world without them. Behold – a new aeon beckons!

 3Phase3 by you.

- R.Ayana

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* See the works of Bruce Cathie, for instance
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