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Monday, 17 November 2008

The Comet Venus

The Comet Venus
Hidden Histories of our Unstable Solar System

During the centuries when Venus was a comet, it had a tail. What could give Venus the appearance of a star throwing out smoke?

The Vedas said that the star Venus looks like fire with smoke. The star had a tail, dark in the daytime and luminous at night. This luminous tail, which Venus had in earlier centuries, is mentioned in the Talmud: `Fire' was hanging down from the planet Venus. Described by the Chaldeans the planet Venus `was said to have a beard. "Beard" is used in modern astronomy in the description of comets.

The Mexicans called a comet `a star that smoked. What was the illusion of the ancient Toltecs and Mayas? What was the phenomenon and what was its cause? A train, large enough to be visible from the earth and giving the impression of smoke and fire, hung from the planet Venus. Venus, with its glowing train, was a very brilliant body; therefore not strange that the Chaldeans described it as a `bright torch of heaven. Illuminates like the sun,' and compared with the light of the rising Sun.

At present, the light of Venus is less than one millionth of the light of the sun. `A stupendous prodigy in the sky,' the Chaldeans called it. The Hebrews similarly described the planet: `The brilliant light of Venus blazes from one end of the cosmos to the other end. The Chinese astronomical text refers to the past when `Venus was visible in full daylight and, while moving across the sky, rivaled the sun in brightness.

Venus (Ishtar) `who is clothed with fire and bears aloft a crown of awful splendour.' The Egyptians described Venus (Sekhmet) : `A circling star which scatters its fame in fire . . . a flame of fire in her tempest.' They also called it by the name of Twntemocque, or `the mane.' The Arabs called Ishtar (Venus) by the name Zebbaj or `one with hair,' as did the Babylonians .

`Sometimes there are hairs attached to the planets,' wrote Pliny. Hair or coma is a characteristic of comets, and in fact `comet' is derived from the Greek word for `hair.' The Peruvian name 'Chaska' (wavy-haired). is still the name for Venus, though at present the Morning Star is definitely a planet and has no tail attached to it.

The coma of Venus changed its form with the position of the planet. When the planet Venus approaches the earth now, it is only partly illuminated, a portion of the disc being in shadow; it has phases like the moon. At this time, being closer to the earth, it is most brilliant. When Venus had a coma, the horns of its crescent must have been extended by the illuminated portions of the coma. It had two long appendages and looked like a bull's head.

Rabbinical authorities say that `the devotion of Israel to this worship of the bull is in part explained by the circumstance that, while passing through the Red Sea, they beheld the celestial Throne, and most distinctly of the four creatures about the Throne, they saw the ox.

The Egyptians similarly, pictured the planet and worshipped it in the effigy of a bull. The cult of a bull sprang up also in Mycenaean Greece. A' golden cow head with a star on its brow was found in Mycenae, on the Greek mainland. The people of far away Samoa, primitive tribes that depend on oral tradition as they have no art of writing, repeat to this day: `The planet Venus became wild and horns grew out of her head.''

The long horns of Venus could have been seen without the aid of a telescopic lens. These horns were illuminated portions of the coma of Venus, which stretched towards the earth. These horns could also have extended towards the sun as Venus approached the solar orb, since comets were repeatedly observed with projections in the direction of the sun, while the tails of the comets are regularly directed away from the sun. When Venus approached close to one of the planets, its horns grew longer: this is the phenomenon the astrologers of Babylon observed and described when Venus neared Mars.

Velikovsky’s Venus
Immanuel Velikovsky reasoned out much of the historical reality which has been so effectively occluded from our collective memory.

The mechanisms by which Humankind remain in amnesia are manifold; witness the so-called skepticism of those confronted with undeniable data concerning. They denounce everything Velikovsky postulated, ranging from the known and verifiable consistent cooling of Venus - we've been able to observe the planet's upper atmospheric temperatures cooling for a century – and its ‘plastic crust’, to the irrefutable double-dating of historical events.

Even when carbon dating of organic objects and artefacts has 'proven' them to be totally out of synch with the conformist models, outdated and false histories are still taught in schools. Most of these outworn viewpoints were first formulated more than a century ago, when little actual data had been collated and men's minds were projecting their expectations and dogmas, rather than creating scientific theories based on observations. Nonetheless, physical data and testimonial evidence that conflicts with theory is still regularly thrown out or ignored as aberrant or contaminated. This has continued for decades.

Ridiculous as it seems to our 'modern' minds, the planet Venus has only occupied its current orbit for around three millennia. The new planet – ‘Venus’ means ‘she arrives’ in Latin, after all - was not ejected from Jupiter (as postulated by Velikovsky), but passed through the fringe of its outer atmosphere in a cosmic near-miss; this is one of the only semi-errors that Velikovsky made in his interpretation of all the evidence available more than half a century ago. Venus' origins are quite unique, but its near-collisions with other planets and the end result of its wandering passage through the solar system – its current orbit - is identical under either scenario.

There are many reasons for the suppression of the truth underlying the responses to Velikovsky's various works; not the least has been the ingrained dogmas of various religions. Many belief systems have ironically and often unwittingly passed on seminal truths to the new millennium through the fossilised records of ancient observations they have maintained, often disguised as religious visions or portents of the gods.
It's important to recall that the ancients viewed the planets as gods - and the ancient Hebrews, Chinese and Chaldeans were no different in this respect, and all bear near-identical testimonies of the events that shook the world within their sacred texts, as do many other tribes and nations. Many would prefer that we all believe in an anthropomorphic old man in the clouds, than recognise Jah or Venus for what they were - and are.

So-called open minded skeptics would do well to reanalyze the data that purports to show that Einstein's theories are correct, including the now discredited Michaelson-Morley experiment and the observations of bodies passing close to the sun; it's interesting to note that atomic clocks and the world satellite networks are NOT synchronised using relativity theory, but Newtonian physics.

- by R. Ayana

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